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Miki s Journal

part 2

For all Project 3 levels Guess what happened to me today! I m so pissed off because I got in a fight with my teacher. My math teacher said that getting into a good university is really important. He made it sound like it s the end of your life, if you don t go to an university. I know university education is important but I hated the way he said it so I decided to pick a fight with him. teacher, how come many of the really successful people in our society like Matsushita Kounosuke and Tanaka Kakue has never set foot inside formal education? He looked at me as if he wanted to tear my head off! Because Miki, they are geniuses. So are you saying that we are not so smart like them? We should all think that we are average? In an angry voice he said, Miki, are you a genius?! Of course I am. Actually we all are, in our own ways! When I said that one girl who I ve never heard her speak, applauded so loud and fast that she looked like one of those monkey dolls with cymbals. But she just applauded and didn t say anything. I think she didn t intend to do what she just did. It was just a reaction to what I said. Her face turned bright red and she looked down at her table. The whole class erupted into laughter. The teacher told me to sit down and the bell rang. You can say that the teacher was saved by the bell because I was just getting warmed up.

But on my way out, he gave me a dirty look so I stuck my tongue out at him. I ve been thinking a lot about what education is. I know that high school education is bunch of crap. I feel that whatever we learn here has basically no practical use in real life. But I do want to go to a university because I m just curious if there are people there that will be interesting. I know that university abroad is higher in quality and there are a lot of interesting people but I also know that my parents can t afford it. I can just imagine what Mr. Barcode would say if I told him I wanted to study abroad. But I have not given up on my dream yet about going abroad. I really don t want to spend rest of my life in Mie as an ordinary girl. I mean, I will never fit in anyway. People will not accept me for the way I am, like my stepfather or Mr. barcode. What I am scared of is to live my whole life in silence and not having a voice. Speaking of not having a voice, that girl who applauded approached me after class and whispered her name to me as if it is some big secret. Her name is Kayo but I really want to call her clapper. She made an impression on me when she clapped her hands in class. I like her because she is different like me.

pissed off got in a fight get into make it sound like pick a fight set foot formal education tear my head off average in our own ways applauded monkey dolls with cymbals intend to reaction erupted into laughter bell rang getting warmed up dirty look stuck my tongue out bunch of crap no practical use in real life curious can t afford it ordinary girl fit in accept me What I am scared of not having a voice  speaking of approach whispered clap made an impression

むかつく 喧嘩する に入る と言う感じを与える 喧嘩を売る 足を踏み入れる 正式な教育 怒鳴り倒す 普通 自分らしさで 拍手をする シンバルを持ったサル するつもり 反応する どっと笑う ベルが鳴る 温まって来たところ 怒った顔つき 舌を出す くだらないもの (スラング) 実用性がない 現実の世界では 好奇心をそそる 払えない 普通の女の子 溶け込む 受け入れる 何が怖いかというと 声がない ーー>個性がない ∼と言えば 近づく事 ささやく 手をたたく 心に焼き付ける

Questions When you were a teenager did you have a dream? What was it? Why did you have that dream? If you are different in high school, how will you be treated? How were you different in high school? Did you fit in? What do you think about the current educational system? What do you think about the education in university? If you can go back in time and become a teenager again, what would you do different?

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P3 Miki 2  

A story of Miki