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Miki s Journal

part 1

For all Project 3 levels My name is Miki. I was born and raised in Mie, Japan. I m now 16 years old.


thing that bugs me the most now is my step father. He constantly gets on my back criticizing me for every little thing I do. I think he cares about me but he s just annoying as hell. My real father died when I was 3 years old so I have no memory of him. I have never given it much thought about what he was like or what life would have been like if he had still been alive.


sometimes feel lonely when I see my friends with their real fathers. But most of my friends can t stand their dads anyway and they would not be caught dead hanging out with their dads. So I think I m not missing out much when it comes to hanging out with one s father. I really like my privacy. I m so happy that I have my own room where I can keep to myself. I usually read and think in my room. I love to look at pictures of world heritages and imagine myself there. I like to think about what life was like back then. What were their biggest problems? What were their biggest joy? I wonder if anyone back then were in the same situation I was in. My whole life is ahead of me and I m really excited how my life will turn out. At the same time, I have doubts about myself and what I should be doing. A lot of people say that I am stubborn and I don t act like a girl but what does it mean to act like a girl?? Do they mean to act cute and be obedient? No way!!!

Not over

my dead body!! One time my step father s coworker was over for dinner and they were talking about politics. They said that the

problems in Japan all started with Koizumi. I completely disagreed with him and told him that what s happening in Japan now is not due to Koizumi but it is because the world changed.

He had no

idea what I was talking about. What a schmuck! I bet he has a brain size of a peanut. What he said to me next really got on my nerves. He said kawaikunai onnnanoko . The literal translation of that will be not a cute girl . First of all, I m not a girl, I m already 16 so I am a lady and second, I think I am not bad looking. I m not hot stu but hey, I can make guys pay attention to me. What this old fart really wanted to say was that my personality is not feminine.

Well, sorry

I do not please you Mr. barcode head is what I really wanted to say but I bit my tongue. Sometimes in Japan you have to be a dumb girl to be seen as a good woman. It makes me want to puke! Anyway, enough about Mr. barcode. I just recently read a really good book. But I will tell you about that in my next journal. This is my journal so I m going to tell you my inner most secrets and feelings. Again, my name is Miki and I m 16 and I m ready to take on the world!

born and raised bugs me step father constantly get on my back criticizing me cares about me annoying as hell given it much thought about

生まれ育ち うっとうしい 義理の父 常に ガミガミ言う 私を批判する 気にかけてくれてる 超うっとうしい ∼についてはあまり考えていない

would have been


can t stand caught dead


hanging out with missing out

一緒にいる 見逃す

keep to myself back then I wonder ahead of me turn out stubborn act like a girl? obedient not over my dead body completely disagreed with him due to schmuck I bet got on my nerve literal translation hot stuff pay attention old fart feminine bit my tongue dumb girl puke inner most secrets take on the world


自分一人でいる その当時は 「どうなんだろう」と疑問に思う 先にある 結果的に 頑固 子供のように振る舞う 従順な 死んでもやらない 完全に彼と意見がことなる ∼によって 嫌なやつ、馬鹿者 きっと∼だ。∼に違いない いらいらさせる 文字通りの直訳 色女 気を留める じじい 女性的 言わない様にする アホな女 吐く 心の奥にある秘密 世界を舞台に勝負だ!

Questions When you were a teenager what were you like? What were your thoughts? What interested you? What made you sick? What were your biggest problems and concerns? How did your teenage years shape who you are now?

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For both red and blue project 3