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Eco Friendly New Phrases


cutting back








the paper






心配をしている 安全


make the adjustment


worth it





green my environment




fallen behind

waste disposal awareness


produce subsidies


energy efficient


農産物 助成金 効率の良い

Grammar Point

Be willing to と want to 違い 「自ら進んでやらないけど、頼まれたら、それをするのは全然かまわないよ」 ★I want to... 自分は喜んですること、したいこと。 I want to earn more money. 「もっとお金を稼ぎたい」 ★I am willing to... 構わない。 I am willing to work on weekends. 「週末に働いていも構わないですよ」

Eco Friendly


Listening HW

Listening HW Questions ① How does Lev save electricity? ________________________________________________________________. ② What kind of eco friendly products did Chris buy recently? ________________________________________________________________. ③ What is Chris willing to do to be more eco friendly? ________________________________________________________________.

Base Question

① What do you do to be eco friendly? 環境を守るために何をしていますか? I started...

□ recycling more. □ carpooling / riding my bicycle / using public transportation □ cutting back on my (water use / electricity use). □ installing new energy saving appliances. □ reusing my bath water. □ buying eco friendly products.

Eco Friendly Foundation Questions


② What made you start it? なぜ始めましたか? Because...

□ I was inspired by a documentary. □ I read about it in (the paper /a magazine). □ I attended an environmental fair. □ I worry about the safety of my food. □ I can earn eco points. □ I can save money. □ my friends told me about it. □ I’m very concerned about the environment. ③ Was it difficult? 難しかったですか? Being eco friendly...

□ took time to make the adjustment, but it was worth it. □ was expensive at first but it is worth it. □ was quite easy and worth it! □ requires a little time and effort but it’s worth it.

④ What else are you willing to do to be eco friendly? それ以外に環境のた為に何ができますか? I am willing to...

□ cleanup the litter in my neighborhood. □ ride my bike as much as possible. □ plant trees and green my environment. □ donate and volunteer my time to help. □ use more organic stuff.

Eco Friendly


⑤ Is Japan an eco friendly country? 日本は環境に優しい国だと思いますか? (Yes), I think Japan...

□ can be a leader and an example for environmental concerns. □ is very energy efficient and eco friendly. (No), I think Japan...

□ is not doing enough for environmental concerns. □ has fallen behind other nations in environmental concerns.

⑥ What else can Japan do to be more eco friendly? 日本がよりいい環境の為に取り組める事は何ですか? I wish Japan would...

□ research and produce eco friendly (products / cars / solar panels). □ improve waste disposal systems. □ spread environmental awareness. □ support more organic produce. □ have more government subsidies for eco friendly products.


Answers Only ① I started ______________________________________________________. ② Because ______________________________________________________. ③ Being eco friendly_________________________________________worth it. ④ I’m willing to __________________________________________________. ⑤ I think Japan __________________________________________________. ⑥ I wish Japan would _____________________________________________.

Eco Friendly


Answers Only ① I started ______________________________________________________. ② Because ______________________________________________________. ③ Being eco friendly_________________________________________worth it. ④ I’m willing to __________________________________________________. ⑤ I think Japan __________________________________________________. ⑥ I wish Japan would _____________________________________________.

Questions Only ① What / do/ eco friendly? 環境を守るために何をしていますか? ② What made / start it? なぜ始めましたか? ③ Difficult? 難しかったですか? ④ What else / willing / to be eco friendly? それ以外に環境のた為に何ができますか? ⑤ Is / Japan / eco friendly country?

日本は環境に優しい国だと思いますか? ⑥ What else / Japan / more eco friendly?


Extra Questions What are some eco products that you use now? Do you know a good place to buy eco friendly products? What’s the latest eco product you have seen? What’s something new you would like to do to help the environment? Do you ever talk about the environment and eco friendly ideas with your friends? Do you believe in global warming? How do you feel? Do you think we can avoid global warming with new technologies?

Eco Friendly Reading 1


I think I have been pretty eco friendly since I was in junior high school. Growing up in Oklahoma, a rural farming state, there are a lot of farms and cattle ranches. I grew up being taught to keep the

land and water clean because that is where my food comes from. When I moved to Japan, I was shocked about being in a big city. I had never seen so many cars and buses. The sky was always smoggy and I could not see the stars. It made me feel quite sad. So, I am very concerned for the environment. It is quite easy and worth it to help in any way I can. I try to ride my bike as much as possible and I also try to by organic stuff. I am happy to see my neighborhood watch help clean up the litter in my neighborhood. In some ways I think Japan can be a leader and an example for environmental concerns by researching and producing eco friendly products as well as spread environmental awareness to the people of Japan. But in many ways I think Japan has fallen behind other countries in its care for the environment because of its slowness in adapting to changes and letting go of outdated and antiquated way of doing things in government and business.

Reading 2









I started buying eco friendly products because I am very concerned about the environment and also to cut back on my electricity use to save money. Since we moved in to our new apartment we have been very particular when buying new furniture. We made sure our fridge, washing machine, lights etc. are all energy efficient. Being eco friendly can be difficult in the beginning and in my case it was pretty expensive at first, but it does pay off with the energy you save, so it is definitely worth it. You help the environment and the family budget! In fact our apartment building is very green, surrounded by many trees which is why we chose to live there. I’m really interested in gardening so I am willing to help green my environment and plant some trees if possible. And since we had our baby, we have been more conscious about using organic stuff. I’ve also started riding my bike everyday to work. I think Japan is very energy efficient and the appliances used here are very eco friendly compared to most other countries. On the other hand, in some cases like preserving nature I feel Japan has fallen behind other developed countries. I wish Japan would spread environmental awareness more.

particular conscious



family budget






Eco Friendly Reading HW

Reading 1 What kind of ranches are there in Oklahoma?

Lesson 書き込みOK!

_________________________________________________________________ Why does Chris think Japan has fallen behind other countries? _________________________________________________________________ Reading 2 Why did Lev and his family choose to live in that apartment? _________________________________________________________________ What have they done since they have had the baby? _________________________________________________________________

Your Words... 書き込みOK!

Please write a sentence using the words below cutting back _________________________________________________________________ (1/2/3)

worth it _________________________________________________________________ (1/2/3)

awareness _________________________________________________________________ (1/2/3)

Eco Friendly 書き込みOK!


Please write your own thoughts about being eco friendly

_________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________

Level 5 Eco Friendly  

Level 5 Eco Friendly

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