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My Neighborhood New Phrases

central part of Nagoya eastern part of Nagoya


southern part of Nagoya


northern part of Nagoya



south / east / west / north of Nagoya

名古屋より南 / 東 / 西/ 北







open spaces



red light district

Grammar Point


western part of Nagoya


現代的な ぼろぼろの

近い 風俗街

Northern / Southern / Eastern / Western その地域の中での場所を表す Northern part of Nagoya. 名古屋市内の北部分

North / South / East / West その地域の外を表す North of Nagoya 名古屋より北


My Neighborhood


Listening HW Questions ① What does Lev think about Shin’s neighborhood? _____________________________________________________________( O / X ). ② What kind of business are Shin’s neighbors in? _____________________________________________________________( O / X ). ③ What is Lev worried about living on the ground floor (first floor)? _____________________________________________________________( O / X ).

Base Question

① Where do you live? どこに住んでいますか? I live in _________________________.

Foundation Questions

② Where is ____________________? ∼はどこですか?

□ It’s in ________________________________________ of Nagoya. central part of Nagoya / eastern part of Nagoya / western part of Nagoya / southern part of Nagoya / northern part of Nagoya

□ It’s ________________________ Nagoya north of Nagoya / south of Nagoya / east of Nagoya / west of Nagoya

③ How long have you lived in _______________________? どのくらい∼に住んでいますか? I have lived in _____________ (for / since)_______________.


My Neighborhood


④ What’s your neighborhood like? 近所はどんな感じですか?

□ It’s a nice residential area. There are a lot of ______________________.

houses / families living there / parks □ It’s (near / in) the city centre. There are a lot of ____________________. offices / stores / buildings □ It’s a country side. There is/ are a lot of _________________________. nature / rice fields / open spaces

⑤ Do you live in a house or an apartment? (Who do you live with?) 一軒家かアパートどっちに住んでいますか? I live in a _____________________ (with _________ / by myself.) AND

□ It’s a ___________ bedroom ____________________.

(studio 1 / 2/ 3 / 4)

(apartment / house)

□It is _______________________. kind of / pretty / really + shabby / modern / old / new

⑥ Is your ______________ convenient? (apartment / house) ∼は便利なロケーションですか? (Yes) □ there (is / are) _________________________ nearby. (store / convenience store / post office/a bus stop/ a train station /a subway station)

(No) □ there is nothing nearby. It’s not very convenient. 3

Where I Live


⑦ What are your neighbors like? 近所の人はどんな感じですか?

□ □ □ □

My neighbors are really friendly. My neighbors are noisy. My neighbors are annoying. My neighbors are nice but I don’t know them well.

⑧ If you had a chance to move, where would you like to live? もし引っ越すチャンスがあったら、どこに住みたいですか? If had a chance to move......... □ I would like to live in (a house / an apartment) in ________________. Even if I had a chance to move....... □ I would not want to live in any other place!

Answers Only ① I live in _________________________________.


② It’s in the _________________________________________ Nagoya. ③ I have _________________________(for / since)____________________. ④ It’s ______________. There are a lot of _______________.(neighborhood like?) ⑤ I live in_______________ (with________ / by myself) and it’s a ___bedroom____________. It is ___________________. ⑥ There ( is / are)_______________________________________.(convenient?) ⑦ My neighbors are __________________________________________. ⑧ (Even) If I had a chance to move,_________________________________. 4

My Neighborhood


Answers Only ① I live in _________________________________. ② Its in the _________________________________________ Nagoya. ③ I have _________________________(for / since)____________________. ④ It’s ______________________. There are a lot of _____________________. ⑤ I live in_______________ (with________ / by myself) and it’s a ___bedroom____________. It is ___________________. ⑥ There ( is / are)_______________________________________. ⑦ My neighbors ______________________________________________. ⑧ I ___________________________________________________________.

Questions Only ① Where / live ? ② Where?


③ How long / lived?

∼はどこですか? どのくらい∼に住んでいますか?

④ What / neighborhood like ?


⑤ Do / house or apartment ?


⑥ Is / convenient ?


⑦ What / neighbors like ?


⑧ If / chance /where / live ?




My Neighborhood

I live in Shinsakae. It’s in the central part of Nagoya. I

Reading 1


think it is the slum of Nagoya but I like it because it’s near the city center. It’s walking distance to Sakae so it’s very convenient.

I have lived in Shinsakae for over 10 years. I live in an apartment by myself. It’s a 2 bedroom apartment with a pretty large living room. My building is pretty shabby outside but inside it is pretty nice. When my friends come over, they really like it but they think it’s really dirty and they tell me to clean up. I have lived in my apartment since I came to Japan. There are 3 convenience stores and 2 large supermarkets nearby. My neighbors are nice but some of them work in the red light district of Nagoya. They don’t bother me and I think they are peaceful people. I would always like to live in the center of the city so my

Reading 2

apartment now is perfect for me. If my neighborhood was a little bit nicer, I would never think about moving.

I live in Atsuta ward and I have lived there since last year. Atsuta is in the central part of Nagoya city. It’s a nice residential area. There are a lot of families living in the area. Near my home, most of the buildings are houses though there are plenty of apartments as well. There are also many small parks in my neighborhood. I usually see a lot of young mothers with their children playing at the parks. Atsuta shrine, which is one of the most important shrines in Japan is a five minute walk from where I live. I sometimes go there to take photos. I live in a apartment, though in Japan its called a mansion. Its a pretty new building, only 2 years old. I live with my wife and son on the first floor. Our apartment is a 3 bedroom apartment with a very large balcony. We bought it new last year when we got back from Guam. I really love my apartment so I am very lucky to find a place where I enjoy living. I have a nice view of a garden with trees and plants from my living room. I also got back into gardening since we moved in and now have maple trees and other plants growing in our balcony. It feels great to be surrounded by trees and plants. It’s also very conveniently located with a bus stop, a train station and the subway all within a 5 minute walking distance. There are also plenty of shops nearby when we need to go shopping. I don’t know many of our neighbors yet, but they all seem to be friendly and nice. One thing I have noticed is that our building is like a baby factory as most of our neighbors are around our age with small children. there are so many kids in our building!


My Neighborhood



Reading HW Questions

Reading 1 What does he think about Shinsakae? _____________________________________________________________( O / X ) How big is his apartment? _______________________________________________________________( O / X ) How are his neighbors? _______________________________________________________________( O / X ) Reading 2 What’s his neighborhood like ? _______________________________________________________________( O / X ) How big is his apartment? _______________________________________________________________( O / X ) What’s the view like? _______________________________________________________________( O / X )


My Neighborhood


Your Words... 書き込みOK!

Please write a sentence using the words below neighborhood ___________________________________________________________________ (1/2/3)

shabby ___________________________________________________________________ (1/2/3)

nearby ___________________________________________________________________ (1/2/3)

Please write your own story about a where you live ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ 8

Level 3 My Neighborhood  

Level 3 My Neighborhood

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