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How to Mind Map A Mind map is a diagram used to represent words and ideas arranged around a central key word or idea. It is used to plan, organize, solve problems, and make decisions. Mind maps let you have freedom with your thoughts. It stimulates the brain to imagine and visualize. Images and associations are the key concepts of a mind map. Association means you relate one image to another image or an idea to another idea. The images and ideas can be associated indeďŹ nitely. Therefore you can say that our imagination is unlimited. The important thing is to practice this technique. The more you practice this you will get the hang of it and understand the beneďŹ ts. Another important thing is to have fun. When your are having fun, your imagination and ideas will ow easier. Just keep on associating words and images and you will be surprised at how creative you can be. 1. Pick a central theme 2. Draw branches away from the center. Each branch will have an association (key word or key image) 3. That branch will be associated to another branch, each with its own association. 4. Try to use color and images because your mind will remember it better. 5. Have fun! If you are not having fun doing this, you are doing something wrong.

diagram represent arranged central key word or idea plan, organize, solve problem make decisions visualize association relate indefinitely unlimited get the hang of benefits flow easier branches

略図、図表 表す、示す 整える、並べる 中心になる言葉、アイディア 計画、整理する、問題を解決する 決める 思い描く つながり、関連性 つなげる いつまでも、無制限に 限りない、制限の無い のこつ ためになる 簡単に出る 枝


Create a mind map about What you love Your future Your schedule Books you have read Don t forget to share it with your class!

P3 How to mind map  

How to mind map.

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