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Getting Angry at Someone I m fed up with you!


I m really upset!


I m mad at you!


He gets on my nerves!


It s none of your business


What are you talking about!


You don t make sense!


Have it your own way!


You just hurt me!


What do you want me to do!


Don t take it out on me!


Basic 2

Situation Amy! come here quickly! Why didn t you wash the dishes like I told you to! I m r_ _ _ _ _ u _ _ _ _! Jack! Why do you have to play your stereo so loudly! Why can t you turn it down! I m f _ _ u _ w _ _ _ your music! Why do you have to do everything so slowly. You g_ _ o_ my nerves! Your father comes home and something did not go well at the office. He takes out a sake bottle and drinks heavily. He calls you and tells you to sit down. He starts lecturing you. You say to him. Don t t_ _ _ it o_ _ on me Someone you just met asks you personal questions continuously. You get tired of the questions and tell him It s none of your b _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Your husband tells you to sit down and he tells you seriously that he would like to put all of your savings on the horse race. You say, What are you t_ _ _ _ _ _ about?! You don t m _ _ _ s _ _ _ _! Your friend shouted at you angrily and what she said really hurt your feelings. You say, You just h _ _ _ me! You are driving the car and there s a lot of traffic and you are stuck in traffic but your friend tells you to go faster. You tell your friend, what do you w _ _ _ m _ to do? Your children came in quietly into the house. It was 3:00 am. You say, I m r_ _ _ _y m _ _ at you The teacher says please listen carefully but the class does not pay attention to the teacher and keeps on talking. The teacher says angrily, have it y _ _ _ own w_ _

Make your own Story. Try to give details. 自分の「腹が立った」ときのストーリーを教えて下さい What are you talking about?! You don t make any sense?! 何か意味が分からなく、理不尽なことに対して怒った時のストーリーを話してみてください EX. I went to a restaurant with my girlfriend. I was charged 100 thousand yen (10万)for dinner for two at a restaurant. You said what are you talking about?! It does not make sense!

He gets on my nerves!  何かイラッとすることを話しなさい。 EX. My neighbor is a teenager that loves heavy metal. He plays music loudly every night. He gets on my nerves! I m really upset! I m fed up! なにか腹が立つこと、またうんざりした事を話しなさい EX. My boss is so mean (意地悪)I m fed up with him! I don t want to work here anymore!

Grammar point


形容詞+ -ly =副詞 形容詞はbe動詞の後につく She is quiet. Be careful! It was a bad game He is angry

副詞は動詞の後につく She speaks quietly Listen carefully! The team played badly He shouts angrily

形容詞と副詞が同じもの    hard fast late early 形容詞 My job is hard Kevin is a fast runner The student is late

副詞 I work hard Kevin runs fast The student came late

形容詞と副詞の形が違うもの    good ---> well 形容詞 Your English is good It was a good game

副詞 You speak English well The team played well

1. Don t eat so quick / quickly. It s not good for you (Answer: quickly) 2. Why are you angry / angrily? 3. Can you speak slowly, please? 4. Come on, Dave! Why are you always so slow / slowly 5. Bill is a very careful / carefully driver. 6. Tracy is studying hard / hardly for her exams. 7. Where s Diane? She was here, but she left sudden / suddenly. 8. Please be quiet / quietly. I m studying 9. Some companies pay their worker very bad / badly 10. That jacket looks nice / nicely. Are you going to buy it

B2 Feeling upset  

feeling upset adverb