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食べ物を表す  Describing Food New phrases smells / looks / tastes +形容詞 It smells terrific It smells terrible It looks delicious It looks mouth-watering It tastes salty It tastes spicy It tastes sour It tastes sweet

最高の匂い 最悪の匂い 美味しそう 食欲をそそる 塩辛い 辛い 酸っぱい 甘い

料理の盛りつけ、見た目 It s made from rice It s served with potato It comes with potato It is served in bonito soup Nabe Unagi is served over rice It is topped with bonito flakes It is filled with sweet beans It is dipped in sauce It comes in red, green, orange, and yellow

smells / tastes / looks + like + 名詞 ・ 文 It smells like coffee コーヒーの様な匂い It tastes like chicken 鶏の様な味 It looks like it is burned 焦げている様に見える

感触 It s It s It s It s

soft hard chewy crunchy

柔らかい 固い 歯ごたえがある 腰のある ザクザク、パリパリという歯ざわり

米からできている ポテトが横についてくる ポテトが横についてくる かつおのダシ鍋に入ってくる ご飯の上にうなぎがのってくる 上にかつおぶしがのっている あんこが入っている ソースをつける 赤、緑、オレンジ、黄色がある(選ぶことができる)

調理法 It is grilled It is skewered It is baked It is steamed It is simmered It is sauteed It is stir fried It is fried It is boiled It is grated It is glazed with sweet sauce Soy sauce is poured over it

網焼きの 串に刺してある オーブンで焼かれている 蒸してある ぐつぐつ煮る 軽くいためる 強火でいためる あげる ゆでる すりおろす 甘いソースが塗られてる 醤油がかかっている

Practice --- Guess the food 食べ物を当ててみましょう 1.

This is made from sweet rice and it s really delicious. We always eat this to celebrate the new year. It is very chewy. It is sometimes served in bonito broth. Or it is dipped in soy sauce.

2. It is deep friend pork and it is served on rice. The friend pork is usually dipped in sweet miso.

3. It is really hard and crunchy. It is made from rice. It is a type of snack and it is usually glazed with sweet soy sauce. 4. It is served in bonito broth. There are chewy noodles inside the broth and it is often topped with Tempura. You slurp it! 5. It is glazed with sweet sauce and it is skewered. 6. Turkey served with mash potato and gravy. 7. It looks like blocks of cheese and it is served either hot or cold. It is topped with bonito flakes and ginger. Soy sauce is poured over it. Sometimes there s grated Japanese radish 8. It comes in beautiful colors and it comes in many flavors. Grape, lemon, orange, mixed fruit, cherry and mango. It s soft and cool and it s sweet and kids just love it. 9. In Korea, it is eaten a lot. It s like a salad and it is served with most meals. There are actually about 180 different kinds of this. But most are made with cabbage. It s very hot and spicy. And it s nice and crunchy 10. It is really smelly. It is sticky and it is served over rice in the morning. Soy sauce and hot mustard is poured over it and mixed before eaten.

Here are the answers . Now describe them without looking at the writing above. 上記を見ずに下記の食べ物を説明してみましょう 1. Mochi 2. Tonkatsu 3. Senbei 4. Udon 5. Dango 6. Thanksgiving dinner 7. Tofu 8. Jello 9. Kimuchi 10. Natto

Try to describe some food that you like 自分の好きな食べ物を説明してみましょう

Describing food  

Describing different types of food

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