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Comparing things and places

Basic 1

Grammar point 比較級 =何かを比べるとき 比較級とは二つのものを比べて、『∼より∼だ』という文です。 例:Samsung is cheaper than the I-Phone   SamsungのほうがI-Phoneより安い 比較するには、語尾に-erまたは(長い単語/2音節以上)前に more をつけます。 例:I-phone is more expensive I-phone のほうが高い

I-Phone Memory: 32G Price: ¥40,000 Features: 24 new features Warranty: 1 year Weight: 135 grams Screen size: 3.5 inches Battery: Up to 16 hours Camera: 5.0 megapixel

比較級を使った質問の仕方 Which+名詞 =「どちらの∼が∼ですか?」 Which phone is cheaper? どちらの電話がより安いですか? Which one is cheaper? という聞き方もある One =数えられる名詞の代用後として使います 答え方 例 Which one (=phone) is cheaper?    Samsung is / the bottom one(=phone) is Which one (=phone) has more memory? I-Phone does / the top one (=phone) does

Samsung Memory: 16G Price: ¥35,000 Features: 30 new features Warranty: 3 years Weight: 80 grams Screen size: 2 inches Battery: Up to 24 hours Camera: 3.0 megapixel

has more memory has less memory cheaper more expensive has more features less features

語の形そのものをまったく別なつづりに変化する比較級 good - better    (best 最上級) bad - worse  (worst最上級) many / much - more  (most最上級) little - less   (least最上級) Practice Try to compare the two phones using the prompts below 下記の言葉を使って二つの電話を比較してみましょう 例-example Q. Which one has more features (機能)? A. Samsung does. / the bottom one does

has longer warranty has shorter memory lighter heavier has a bigger screen size has a smaller screen size

has has has has

longer battery shorter battery more megapixel less megapixel





A/B --> Box A is smaller than Box B C/B --> Box C is bigger than Box B D --> *Box D is the biggest      最上級には必ずtheがつきます  そして語尾に-estをつけます

Practice C --->____________________ D/C --->____________________ B/C --->____________________ A/B --->_____________________ D --->____________________ C/D -->_____________________

1. Shin s car isn t very big. He wants a bigger one. 2. You re not very tall. Your brother is___________________ 3. Los Angeles isn t very big. France is___________________ 4. I m not very interested in science. I m__________________in English 5. My cair isn t very comfortable. Your chair is____________________ 6. It was a very happy day. It was_____________________________ of my life (最上級) 7. It s a very good movie. It s the _____________________________I ve ever seen  (最上級) 8. It was a very bad mistake. It was___________________________I ve ever made  (最上級) 9. It s a very pretty city. It s ______________________________ I ve ever seen. (最上級) Reading Comparative (比較級) Movie theater or home theater? For me, movie theater is more exciting than a home theater. But I don t have a chance to go to movies often. I go every 3 months(3ヶ月ごとに). I wish I can go more often. I like movie theaters better because the screen is bigger and the sound is better. I like to eat carmel popcorn while I watch a movie.

Make your own Story Hollywood movies or Japanese movies? Western food or Japanese food? Chunichi Dragons or Yomiuri Giants? Yoshigyu or MacDonalds?

Reading Superlatives (最上級) The happiest day of my life is when I had my first child. He was born on August 13th 1976. He is now 36 years old. He works for Toyota and he has his own family (彼自身の). I am very happy for him(彼が幸せで、自分も嬉しい). He will have his first child so I m really excited! I will be a grandfather!!

Make your own Story The happiest day of my life. The saddest day of my life. They best movie I ve ever seen They prettiest place I ve ever seen.

B1 Comparing things and places  

comparing things

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