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My Job History Chris Dearing

It all started with the end of the

I thought I was able to get out of this

internet bubble economy. I was working

high stress work when I was transferred to

for the biggest internet provider company

the billing department. However, the billing

in the US: AOL. AOL provides internet

was just as stressful as the technical

access to many people in America. My

support. People will call in to ask why their

job was first working in the technical

bills were so high. I would often just reply,

center. People would call to ask

because you used it, ma am

Some people

questions about how to set up their

will call just to ask about the 0.25 cents on

computers so they could have internet

their bill. It s pretty amazing how cheap

access. It was pretty easy for people

some people can be. After billing I was

who knew computers but back then

moved to the cancellation department.

computers were new technology for a lot

People called to cancel their service with

of people. You were supposed to put a

AOL. They were usually really angry about

CD-ROM in to install the software but

something so that s why they called to

many people did not even know how to

cancel. My job was to try to stop them from

insert a CD into a computer. The

cancelling their account. If I was able to save

computers at that time had a CD tray that

the account I got an extra $3.00 for every

will come out of the computer and you

customer I saved. This again was pretty

were supposed to put the Disk on top of

stressful. After 3 years of talking to people

the tray but for some reason people

on the other end of the phone, I just got fed

thought that tray was a cup holder.

up with my job. I needed a drastic change in

As you can imagine, it was extremely difficult to teach people who

my life. I started to look for other career opportunities.

think that disk tray is a cup holder. Not

I ve always wanted to travel so I first

only was it difficult, I had to teach people

did some research on Europe. I especially

in less than 7 minutes. That was the

wanted to go to Germany. However, to go

company rule. This really stressed me out

to Europe you needed a visa. The only jobs

because it was almost impossible to work

that were available were teaching jobs but

with someone who thinks the disk tray is a

Europe required you to have some sort of

cup holder. The reason I could work for a

license. I looked for Asian countries and the

company that gave me a lot of stress was

country that I felt I could manage to live was

because the benefits were good and I had


company stock that grew in wealth every

got a job at Nova and got ready to leave my


hometown in a month. I was ready for the

After deciding to get out of AOL, I

change in my life.

provides technical center set up back then were supposed to insert tray cup holder less than stress me out benefits stock get out of transferred billing department just as stressful cancellation department account fed up with drastic change career opportunities available required some sort of manage to deciding get out of got ready

Questions What s the worst job you ve had? What didn t you like about it? What did you learn from it? Did it teach you something about yourself? What s the best job you ve had? Why do you like that?

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P3 My job history 2  

Chris dearing's story

P3 My job history 2  

Chris dearing's story