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ワクワク感 I’m so excited! Dialog A) Guess what?! (ちょっと聞いてよ) Iʼm getting together with my friends from high school. (高校時代の友達と集 まるんだ) B) You are?! (そうなの?!) A) yeah! I canʼt wait for Saturday to come.  (土曜日が待ち遠しい)

A) Guess what?! Iʼll go on a date with Stacey!  (ステーシーとデートをするよ!) B) You will?! (本当?!) A) Yeah! I was too excited to sleep last night.  (昨日は興奮して眠れなかったよ)


興味や驚きを表すときに、You are? / You will? / You did?などを使います。 「まじで?!」「そうなの?!」「本当?!」という意味があります。 Guess what? I won the first prize in the photo contest! You did?! Yeah? Iʼm on top of the world. Practice Iʼm traveling to Africa this summer!


夏にアフリカ旅行するんだ! I bought a new computer! 新しいパソコンを買ったよ!


I go to a new health club !


新しいジムに通いだしたの! I learned a new word in English!


英語で新しい言葉を学んだよ! I ran into my old high school friend in Sakae ---栄えで高校時代の友達と偶然に出会った

New Phrases




I was too excited to sleep last night.


Iʼm really thrilled.


Iʼm fired up



My heart is beating fast.


I canʼt concentrate on my work


Iʼm excited and nervous


I canʼt wait

Iʼm looking forward to it

Iʼm on top of the world

Situation Iʼm going drinking with my coworkers after work


My boyfriend asked me to marry him



I will attend a fancy party this Saturday.


Iʼm getting together with my high school friends     高校時代の友達と集まるんだ Iʼm going on a date with Stacey


I go to a new health club now


I just bought a new car


Iʼll start a new job from next month


Iʼm going to a concert next week


Make a Dialog using the keywords coworkers marry fancy party high school friends stacey

health club new car new job concert

Example 例 A) Iʼm going drinking with my coworkers after work! B) You are?! A) Yeah, Iʼm really excited. I canʼt concentrate on my work.

Reading --

What I am looking forward to (私が楽しみにしていること)

This year I will go to Stingʼs concert. Maybe some of you donʼt know who sting is. He is an English singer. Heʼs a fabulous singer! I canʼt wait to go to his concert. I have two of his CDʼs and I have listened to it many many times. He never gets boring. My favorite song is “shape of my hear”. It was used as a soundtrack for a movie called “LEON” (English title The Professional). That movie is also a fabulous movie. I recommend you watch it! Writing --- What are you looking forward to? Write about what you are looking forward to doing? What are you excited about? 何を楽しみにしていますか?また今ワクワクしていることは何ですか?書き出してみてください。

Excited / ワクワク感  

ワクワク感表す英語 あいづちの仕方