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Modern Technology for a Runway Sweeping. (RS08R) Runway Sweeper, manufactured as Vacuum-Suction type, is suitable for sweeping various area of airport(e. g. apron, taxiway, runway, etc). All operation devices are mounted on the chassis of commercial truck and comprised of vacuum suction device, sweeping device, water spray device, etc. Control panel Operating all functions are set up in driver’s seat. It can work with high speed more than 20 km/h considering the busy traffic and safety in airport.


Specification of Model RS08R 1. Dimension (without option) a) Gross Vehicle Weight b) Payload c) Hopper Capacity 2. Driving Equipment a) Chassis b) Engine Output c) Displacement d) Max. Speed 3. Aux. Engine a) Type b) Max. Output c) Max. Torque d) Displacement 4. Sweeping System a) Side Brush b) Roller Brush c) Suction Hood

18,200 kg 3,120 kg 6M

8.5 ton Cargo Chassis 225 hp / 2,200 rpm 11,149 cc 100 km/h

Diesel Turbo 300 hp / 1,800 rpm 98 kg.m / 1,400 rpm 11,149 cc

2 ea / 900 mm X 250 mm 1 ea / 400 mm X 2,200 mm 1 ea / 2,290 mm

5. Performance a) Max. Sweeping Width b) Max. Working Speed c) Water Tank Capacity d) Fuel Tank Capacity e) Dumping Angle 6. Blower a) Air Flowing Capacity b) Vacuum Rating C) Impeller 7. Option a) Front Magnetic Bar b) Rear Suction Hose c) Side Air Blow d) Automatic Transmission e) Large Capacity Hopper Capacity Water Tank Capacity

Mentioned specification above can be changed to improve its performance without a previous notice.

3,450 mm 40 km/h 1,000 liter 400 liter 50 °

567 M /min -1,000 M / aq Stainless Steel

8M 1,800 liter

RS08R RS08R Option

Front Magnetic Bar

Rear Suction Hose

Side Air Blow

Automatic Transmission

Modern Technology for a Runway Sweeping. (RS08R)

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