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The Best Waterproof Video Cameras ____________________________________________________ By Harris Stevie -

Waterproof Video Cameras or waterproof camcorders can help you capture all of life's fun and exciting moments in the water. Image being able take a video under water without your video camera being destroyed in the process, now that is amazing. There are a wide range of water proof cameras on the market today with brands like Sanyo Xacti, and many more. Finding the underwater camcorder that is right for you can be a little difficult if you do not know what to look for. So what you should look for before buying a waterproof camcorder? Well I will give you a list of things you should pay attention to before you buy any type of waterproof video camera.

What Is digital video cameras Camcorder resolution: you should find out what type of resolution your Waterproof camcorder has weather Standard Definition (SD) or High Definition. For a better quality video a camcorder that captures HD video is the better choice.

Optical Zoom: a camcorder with more optical zoom (30x optical zoom ) takes a better quality video from farther away than a camcorder with less optical zoom (10x optical zoom) just to give you an example. Waterproof depth: How deep your waterproof camcorder can go. You should always check this before you purchase your camcorder to see if the depth on it suites the activities you want to do with it.

Media Type/storage: This is the type of storage of video on your water proof camcorder. Here are the main types MiniDV Tape this is the old fashion way of storing video data. The quality is pretty good but it takes a while to transfer it from the tape to your computer. Hard Drive Storage this type can record many hours of video footage and you do not have to worry about changing tape, memory card or DVD when the drive is full.

The drive can be erased and reused easily but the disadvantage is this type of storage makes the waterproof camcorder a little heavier and more sensitive to shock but this is still a great type. Flash Memory is the type of the future. This type is cheaper (more storage (GB) for your money), uses less power than the other types, it is small and takes less space. It is also good for taking pictures. Battery life: the length of time your camcorder will work without having to be recharge. You do not want a camcorder that dies regularly in the middle of capturing great, once in a life time film. Simplicity: You also do not want a camcorder that is complicated to operate. You want to be able to capture all your important shots in an instant. You do not want to be fiddling around to find the right settings and when you finally got them your shot is gone.

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