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Start event of Syrian Civil War 6 March, 2018

One Syria town destroyed by bomb.

I was walking through a small town, my hometown Daraa, which is destroyed. Every house seems like a deserted house. There were wrecks everywhere. And I found one brown house where I lived. The house was bombed and broken down. I reminisced my father and friends who isn't alive know. After few second one shout broke my reminisced in reminiscence but I ran toward the direction where I heard shout without any hesitating or dawdle. One man seems like a rebel army was shouting for help under a big wreck. Without any hesitating, I called other colleagues and tried to lift the wreck. Five colleagues arrived and we lifted the wreck together and we saved the man. After we pulled out the man we rode a bus going back to our headquarters with the mas we saved to treat his leg. After we rode a bus he started the talk. "Thank you for a rescue. And are you guys White Helmets?" He asked to us after he realize we are wearing white helmets. "Of course, we are the White Helmets," we answered. He relieved and introduced himself. "My name is Mouawiya Syansneh and I am revel army."

"Mouawiya Syansneh! It's me, Muhamad!" I shouted to him and rapture. "Muhamad? You are the White Helmets?" "It's a long story…." I started a long story how I became a White Helmets. February , 2011 It was a perfect, animate and blessed day. I woke up early without any sleepiness, I brightly greeted to my father and leave home without eating lunch. When I entered the school my best friend, Mouawiya Syansneh, my best friend, was running toward me. "Muhamad did you heard that news?" He asked it with very distracted voice. "What news?" I asked him. "The revolution in Tunisia and Egypt all achieved. So, the thing I want to say is you should stay after the school, we have something to do."

After school when I stayed at school Mouawiya was waiting me with other friends. "Mouawia, Khatib, Dahab, Lamsa! What are you guys doing now?" I asked them. We were so different but we best friends because we had one common thing, dreaming about new world, democratic world. World we vote the president and the president debates with nation. Because the Assad was getting more violence and the economy was getting worse, our hope was getting stronger. Mouawiya answered my question. "Let's spray slogan of revolution at school wall. Maybe it can contribute the revolution is Syria." "That’s a good idea. I will go on first," I agreed his idea and started to spray slogans first. Kind of 'Times up Assad' or 'Tunisia, Egypt, next is Syria'. We dreamed and talk about new world for everyone, the real democracy world. I couldn't even imagine what will our cat cause and returned back to home without any anxiety. But after few days the police descended in our house. "Who is Muhamad?" They shouted. "I am Muhamad, and why are you…"

I tried to ask but they suppressed me. And when my father tried to stop them he was jostled and fainted because he crushed his head to wall. When I arrived at the police station they asked me some question about the reason why we sprayed the slogan and about the group behind us. After that I was arrested in jail. It was a terrible time. They kept asking the question, shouting to us to tell the truth, torturing and blowing. When I saw a mirror, every part of my body had a scar and bleeding from scar. My body was emaciated from malnutrition, and my body was almost purple because of bruises.

March11, 2011

The Syrian citizens protesting for the kids release

After a long time, they kicked me out of the jail and the thing I saw was an amount of people protesting. "Let the kids release", "Free for the kids" Almost every citizen was protesting for our release, that’s the reason why the police released us. But when they saw how we were the protest get heated even more. I was so tired but when I saw my friend Mouawiya, Dahab and Khatib walked toward me I feel relieved, they were also being hurt all over and crying. "You guys are all fine‌. but where is Lamsa?" Silence reigned through us. "Muhamad, Lamsa... died in jail," at that time I was fainted. March 15, 2011 I waked up with fear about another day of torturing but realized I was out. Everything was confusing inside my head. But when I saw Mouawiya's haggard face everything went clear and remembered what happened. My friend Dahab explain briefly. When me and my friends were first arrested out parents protested about that decision. But the police didn't aloud our release and dismissed them. Our parents didn’t give up and the protest got bigger because more and more neighbors and citizens participated the protest. When the police released us, the protesters

got angrier and turned more extreme because they found out that Lamsa was dead and we were torturing. The protest became much more extreme and the police shot the protesters. The protesters lost the control and fight against them with full of anger. The situation changed rapidly, protest to revolution. And it is getting bigger today. Mouawiya, Khatib and started the talk in serious mood. "Muhamad, what will you do after?" "What? I can't understand what you are talking about." "I'm saying we decided to join revel army. This thing is started because of us. I feel a sense of responsibility. And also, I want to revenge to Assad for…. Lamsa." "……. I'm going to join the rebel army with you guys. Let's show Assad what we can do. He shouldn't let Lamsa die in the jail." We stamped out the house to join the rebel army but after second we realized that we don't know where the headquarters of revel army is. But when we arrived at the place where the protest was started we could find a rebel army we could talk to. "We want to join the rebel army. Where should we go to join?" "You guys are so young, but if you really want to join it follow me.” When we followed him, there was a lot of tent and peoples. "Are these tents all you have? No other structures?" "Of course, this is all we have now," the man wearing a military uniform answered my question. He seems like a general of this rebel army. "Lot of revel army are taking place in Syria and but we are one of them. Not too big, but we are the biggest group of rebel armies, enough to fight Many peoples came to join Free Syrian Army against Assad." He gave us weapon without any test and show us how to use it. We thought we are going to fight against government army in second but we had do train our self.

April 1, 2011 That day was the first day we were in the real fight. The first time I shot someone by gun and killed him. Shooting and killing wasn't the thing I can fill satisfactory about fighting against Assad, it was just disgusting. But the next day, and the next day, and the next month and the next year. I kept fighting as revel army, kept killing the government soldiers. October 18, 2015 Situation was getting worse. We had to fight against government army and ISIS. We lost a lot of area we had before by ISIS. They were getting bigger almost as government army. And the worst part was Russia joined the war. They fought for Assad and their air strike was a worst think we could imagine. The bomb was now falling from the sky. I heard Obama will maybe help us but not as a real attack. I heard they won’t join the war. Because the situation was getting worse other units needed more soldiers so me and my friends were assigned in different unit. They leaved to another city which larger fight was continuing. I felt something disappeared from my heart. I thought I was losing my humanity and emotion. I lived a day and day more like a machine. Every day was a rote. Wake up, wear the uniform and shoot the soldiers from government. I started another day by killing the soldiers. We finished the fight and returned to our unit. We didn't have enough transportation to ride so we walked through the town. Everything was same until we find out one plane was flying toward us. We didn't understand the situation before something was falling from the plane. One citizen shout "Bomb is falling, everybody run away from here!" But there was no time to escape and I lost conscious after I heard large sound. When I opened my eyes, I was under the wreck. It was dark, stuffy and dirty. I couldn't even move a little bit because wreck was pressing down my leg. After the hour passed I felt a fear of death. A feel the emotion of fear, and it was terrible. Thinking of dying under the wreck, alone. I shouted and shouted for help, I saw a light from outside when my vocal cords were almost ripped. "Are you okay? Wait a minute. I will call peoples to lift this huge wreck".

When I heard that voice, I tears of relief. After few minutes, the wreck was lifted and I could see who rescued me. There were 8 guys wearing a helmet, smiling to me. I wasn't injured except I was so tired because of hunger. The handed me some breads. It was hard and rough but for me it was best bread I ever eaten before. They introduced themselves as a White Helmet. They said the White Helmets are the group of normal person saving and rescuing the victims. And when I heard the explanation of White Helmets I strengthen my thought to join the White Helmets. I returned back to headquarter of rebel army and told general of my unit I will quit the army. He was angry at me at the first time but when I told him I will join the White Helmet he blessed my safety and let me go. I ran straight to the White Helmets headquarter. They handed me the symbol of White Helmets, a white helmet. When I wear the helmet, I thought something inside me was waking. Maybe it was a humanity or emotion. It gave me the feeling I am alive. I didn't wait for the order and enter to the bombsite to rescue the victims. 6 March, 2018 I ended my story and left my friend Mouawiya at the headquarter of White Helmets for a treatment. I return back to the bombsite because there are still lot of victims waiting for rescue. Rescuing is getting dangerous since the government started to use the chemical weapon to Syrian Civil War is falling to chaos because of Russia and U.S citizens, the war was getting intensified because of Russia and U.S, more and more different revel army was fighting each other. I wish the victory for Free Syrian Army but it isn't the big problem to me because I believe the spring will come to Syria like Tunisia or Egypt. This faith became a start of Syrian Civil War so I still believe this faith will change the Syria.

After a short thinking, I bombsite without any Finding for another victim

entered to the hesitating. to rescue.

The man one of the White Helmets are saving the young victim from the bomb site

One story started Syrian Civil War  

What event was the start of the Syrian Civil War, why did the war started by few teenager boys

One story started Syrian Civil War  

What event was the start of the Syrian Civil War, why did the war started by few teenager boys