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HRM 319 Week 5 Assignment Future Trends of HRIS Presentation Click Here to Buy the Tutorial

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Format an 8 to 10 slide Microsoft速 PowerPoint速 presentation to discuss future HRIS trends. Make sure you include the following points in the presentation:

How will the environmental forces (technological, global, economic, social, etc.) affect and lead changes in the HRIS field in the next 10 to 20 years? How will changes in staffing, training, performance management, and legal compliance affect HRIS? Analyze implications of HRIS confidentiality and data security risks in terms of procedural, technical, and physical controls.

Submit your eye-catching PowerPoint® presentation with speaker’s notes for each slide. Show what you would say if you were delivering a 10-minute presentation, generally limiting the amount of text to seven lines per slide. Practice the time if necessary to ensure you have provided enough information. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines for PowerPoint®. Post to the Assignment Tab.

Hrm 319 week 5 assignment future trends of hris presentation  

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