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Intro Issue 6 The vision

Dec ‘12

14 The team 20 Bethany 24 Ciera 28 Sarah 32 Mackenzie 36 The future 2

We believe in authenticity. Surrendering your dreams. Being

intentional. Encouraging leaders.

Ephesians 4:1 As a prisoner for the Lord, then, I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received.

Be unique. Pressing into never ending Love. Travel. Adventure. Experience.

Songs of Solomon 2:2. Like a lily among the thorns is my daughter amongst the maidens.

Redefining life.

Set Apart.

There are no limitations.

Psalm 119:135

Make your face shine upon your servant and teach me your decrees.

Let go of who you once where, the chains are broken, we have been set free. You have but one light to burn, be more than a passing

flicker in the spiritual realm.

Laughter. Art. Friendship. Heart to heart talks. Dreaming.

Revived. Walking worthy of your calling. Refreshed. Pure. Holy. Clear. Broken but pieced back together by the King of Kings.

Stretching yourself. Letting go.

Let your flame ignite.

Shine. Reach. Design. Create. Soar. Take Risks. Leap. Seek. Find. Desire. Nautical. Life. Jesus Christ. Live. Free.

Life is Short. Align your heart with Jesus. Soar above expectations. Entrepreneurs. It is time for a change, our King is alive.

Renewed. Doing the impossible. Crazy. Different. Fully surrendered lives.

Possibilities are endless.






Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the LORD that will stand. // Proverbs 19:21



e make plans, and sometimes they fail, and other times we make plans and they succeed. Yet, the Lord’s purposes prevail in both of those circumstances. For the longest time, God has given me a heart for encouraging and inspiring other young women who have a heart like mine. Whose utmost desire was to be in an intimate relationship with Christ that made their hearts satisfied + joyous, and weren’t just entrepreneurs, but entrepreneurship was their calling. They are different, they are highly driven + ambitious and will do anything to get what they want. They aren’t going to follow the pattern, but change the game. Be innovators, creatives, and big dreamers. These ladies are the up and comers, the movers and shakers. But right

now, they’re just starting, they’re learning how to live a beautiful life, and soar above mediocrity. Just like me. They’re preparing in numerous ways, from cultivating a deep intimacy with Christ (the foundation of their life and their very beings), learning in school and outside of school, sharpening their skills, and figuring out how they’re going to live this one precious life they’ve been given. These young women want to see their generation come alive in God. Who is the source of true joy. They want their lives to shine with His glory and make others know that there is something truly different about them. Christ’s power is in them through the Holy Spirit. Their dream is to see their school, city, state, world set on fire for God.

Even if that doesn’t happen in this side of eternity, they’ll still spread God’s power as far as they can to as many people as they can. These women don’t take mediocrity or complacency. They despise the itch to just be normal and fit in. They know they were made to stand out and be bold. You see, I’ve always been career and future driven (sometimes unhealthily), mature beyond my years, and haven’t had any desire to fit in and be popular and play that whole game. I’ve just always been….different. As 2012 began, God laid on my heart to start taking action on my dreams. I could do some of my dreams now, as a teenager. So in


2012 I started thinking about how I would reach out, find, and inspire other girls like me. It was evident that I needed a better name than my previous blog and a new and bigger brand to do this. So I brought one of my ideas for the future into life now: Shine & Soar. Shine Christ and soar above mediocrity. An idea for a life movement, a vision of what a beautiful life is. A venture about being the innovators and leaders of our generation. This is a magazine for the up and comers, the movers and shakers, and the dreamers and doers. A place for us all to talk about living life, a personal relationship with Jesus, and doing entrepreneurship. We’re the next generation, how are we going to make our impact? Let’s change the game.


this is our heart, our vision



And I will show you a still more excellent way. // 1 Corinthians 12:31



he team was the second part of my plan. Not until September did I realize that I couldn’t lead this vision into where it needed to go without other girls with a vision as as well. I was so blessed + excited to be able to go to Elizabeth Ann King’ + Pursuit 31s Shine Retreat in August. All nine attendee’s were amazing women with each having a beautiful heart for Christ and I was so grateful to be among them. The five women that helped out and led the retreat were simply awesome as well :) On September 17th, I sent out an email to these Mackenzie Kern,



Ciera Chante, and Sarah Delanie, knowing that they were walking out their calling as entrepreneurs. Needless to say they had the same vision on their hearts to encourage other ladies who were just like us.

Our united vision, heart, and dreams all give testimony to the providence of God in bringing us together. I love doing life with these girls and they absolutely bless me.

Then in late September, we planned a trip to Ft. Worth, TX to surprise Sarah for her sweet 16 and spend a couple of days hanging out and working on the magazine in November. Those 6 days were sweet and absolutely precious. We had late night talks about the future, God, and life, talks about branding and photography, many laughs + random adventures.

Mackenzie Kern is the Assistant Publisher + Editor, Ciera Chante is the Creative Director, and Sarah Delanie is the Executive Editor, and I am the Editor-in-Chief/Publisher. Together, we balance each other out and bring in strengths that continually show and amaze me. Are you ready for a magazine with these girls at the helm? Good :)


YOU ARE AN advent


AN explorer. turer.


WE ARE... 16

Teenagers Daughters of




Excited beyond beliefBoldness Powered by Starbucks

Pure craziness

Creatives Doers


Entrepreneurs Grateful

Dreamers In love with life SO ready for this new’s going to be

Just like you




I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in me and i in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing. // John 15:5 19




mazement. That’s all that I can say about this journey. I’m utterly amazed at where God has brought us throught these short 5 months. And where He’s brought me. As I’m looking back at all my pictures of this year, I’m blown away. Blown away at God bringing me from a blog lurker and acne filled self-portrait taker to a photographer, intern, and designer with dear friends in the photography industry. One of the biggest things for me for this year was to DO...I had been researching, blog stalking, and dreaming way to long. I needed to work and accomplish things. Oh boy did that happen in 2012 (yet not enough....I think that is always how it is).

each have the same vision for the future of our generation and our industries. Our utmost dream is to see those visions come true. I am a true born and raise Minnesota girl and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I live in Minneapolis and love it so much. Yet, I’m a traveler. Airports, airplanes, and traveling make me excited beyond belief! New cities, new people, new feelings. I’m hopelessly addicted to Caramel Coolers from Caribou (my team doesn’t get what they’re missing out on!) and Refreshers from Starbucks. Inspiration boards are my favorite way to keep inspired. Having my favorite images and designs tangible is indescriable.

I couldn’t be more excited to be able to learn and grow there in all things color, type, InDesign, and paper. All these things and who I am is all God’s. I’m truly not anything special, it’s God’s work in me. His love + mercy on me humble me in their amount. Only in His arms do I find true peace + contentment.

I still can’t believe I’m writing this and launching this magazine into your hands! Wow.

Bethany Aleshire Photography + Design is my place to do work I love. It’s just in the beginning stages, but I can’t wait to see where it leads. One of my deep desires is to get into commercial & fashion photography, besides portraits & weddings. With my design work, I’m letting myself explore and see who I want to be as a designer before deciding to specialize.

My life’s purpose (besides glorifying God in everything I do) is to embolden others. I hope & pray that is what this magazine and blog accomplish for you. That it would make you inspired, challenged, and refreshed. That it would help you realize the high calling God has called you to as a daughter of the Most High. Rise up to that calling.

First off, I’m the Editor-in-Chief & Publisher of Shine & Soar and I’m so blessed to lead and be a part of this team. These girls are my heart. Their love, support, and encouragement in Christ is mind blowing. We

I’m super blessed to be able to do college as a Junior in High school. I attend a local community and technical college and am in their print graphic design program. I just finished my first semester there and

Don’t underestimate the power a year makes. It’s New Year’s Eve and I’m not sure how this all happened, I just know that God was behind it all.

God has given me big dreams and the ambition to do them for His glory. He’s blessed me with a different spirit and a desire to be different for His name. I want to see the nations praise His name and for people to know the void in our hearts that intimacy with Him fills.

We are expectant, ready, and excited for 2013, especially with this magazine in it. We hope you join us on this crazy wonderful adventure! xoxox Bethany



I must be a mermaid...I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living. -Anais Nin



Ciera Chante

“A woman of noble beauty is gracious, forgiving, tender- hearted & compassionate, she keeps no records of wrongs” - Leslie Ludy


o be apart of a team of girls with hearts that are completely aligned with Jesus Christ is quite a blessing in my eyes. We strive to be something more than ourselves, we seek after the kingdom of God and we pray that we elevate Him in all that we do. God has brought me from a place of complete and utter confusion as to where my future is headed and brought me to a place of contentment and awe of how he was been so faithful through it all. I still can not comprehend how I got here & am thrilled for what is to come in the future! I am the eyes behind “Ciera Chante Photography” and I love to capture beautiful, raw & real moments in life.

I love tan, teal and all things pearls! Every girl should own a pair of pearl earrings. If I meet you and you have on pearl earrings, we will be best friends, I promise! I am the secretary for my mothers embroidery business “A Personal Touch” and I am beyond blessed to work with such an incredible woman, who has had such an influence in my life. In a nutshell I love to cook, photograph, all things pearly, travel, nutella, { i mean who doesn’t? } I can’t hulahoop, I love to smile, seek Gods face, read & collect vintage cameras {nerd alert}! I am 19 years old, live in Fort Worth, Tx. and no, I do not own a pair of cowgirls boots or a cow-

girl hat, weird I know. I graduated in June 2012 after being homeschooled for 7 years and I adored every minute of it. I am currently branching out into graphic design and exploring all the different directions that could take me. I love creating designs that grab your eye and draw you in for more. I think I am most excited about reaching out & inspiring girls, who are just a little bit lost as to where God is calling them in life. I know exactly what it’s like to not know where you belong or what your placement in this world is, but let me tell you, God’s plans are much greater than our own, in fact they supersede all my feeble and useless dreams. I dream of being able to become an international photographer along with continuing in my support with this magazine. Who knows, Lord willing maybe we can all end up living together in a cute urban little apartment that I can decorate in all pearls { just so you know I haven’t asked the girls about the pearl part }. Traveling is a big dream of mine, I would love to one day see the world and open my eyes to a whole new light of life. I am stoked to see where God takes this magazine and am expectant for the future, I am ready to grow, seek, find, love, laugh and take on any struggles that come our way, because our God is sufficient enough for us. Love \\\ Ciera Chante


“A woman of noble beauty is gracious, forgiving, tenderhearted & compassionate, she keeps no records of wrongs� - Leslie Ludy 26




“But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called today, so that none of you may be hardened by sin’s deceitfulness.” Hebrews 3:13


his is for the girl who is looking for something more, who knows there is something more and who strives for something more. Dear, I have been there. You know there is something more than what this world has to offer and you want to attain it more than anything in this world, but you have no clue where to start. Welcome to the beginning, this is a place where Jesus is alive and living and He desires you. He desires your heart, your life, your strength, your will, your everything. We are in a position to change this world and to dream dreams that are bigger than our wildest imagination. Jesus is calling us, He is summoning us into His presence to take part in His sufferings, but also in His glory! Jesus is waiting on you, are you ready to take the plunge with us? I am beyond excited to be apart of this magazine and I am completely expectant of what Jesus is going to do through all of this! I love to write, blog, photograph, travel, dance, drink iced green tea lattes, meet with friends in Starbucks, rainy days, rest in the presence

of Jesus, seeking His face, love, laugh and make memories! I am so blessed to be apart of a team of girls that strive to do big things for the kingdom of Jesus. The way Jesus has orchestrated our friendships alone is mind blowing and I can not wait to do life with them! I am the girl behind the camera of “Sarah Delanie Photography” and I have a huge passion to “Redefine Beauty One Portrait At A Time.” I believe that beauty goes far deeper than material things, but is something that oozes out of the pores of one who is fully surrendered to Jesus Christ and radiates with His love. I have a heart for travel and have been blessed to have traveled several places around the world with my rad family! Hong Kong, France, Germany, Italy, Canada, & Spain are just a few of the beautiful cultures I have had the privilege of submersing myself in! Jesus is so crafty in his creation and it blows my mind that He loves each and everyone of us zealously and abundantly. Dreaming big is something I am fond of. I don’t mean dreaming my own “big” dreams, cause I must

admit, my dreams are awfully pitiful. I love dreaming big for Jesus and then watching Him take these “unheard of” dreams and bring them to life! Really, its phenomenal. I hope one day to travel, speak, and encourage young girls to chase after Jesus and make Him their everything. I am an ordinary girl, just like you. I’ve messed up and I’ve gone astray. I’ve been confused, but sought after Jesus and found redemption. I know it is easy to read something like this and think, “ Oh well, she has got all her stuff together.” Let me tell you, I so don’t! I am walking through this journey of life with you. You are my sister and I love you. I want to encourage you and I want to know you. We are going to spend eternity together for crying out loud! Please, if only for me, do not look at this magazine as something that is unattainable and crazy, but join us on this adventure of life and seek God with us, lets grow together, love together, & dream together. xoxo Sarah Delanie



For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone. -Audrey Hepburn 31



ey! I’m Mackenzie the Assistant Publisher and Editor at Shine & Soar, and Greenville, North Carolina based designer and owner behind Mackenzie Kern Jewelry & Photography. A little bit about me... There are few things in life that I love more than a good love story. I’ve lived all across the country, but we are actually preparing for a move to Minnesota this coming summer! I adore Starbucks (You know your addicted when you think having a Starbucks gold card is a bigger achievement than a black belt in karate). I live to serve Jesus whole heartedly, and I love that we’ve set the same basis for S&S. I love fashion and interior design. Travel is my passion, and New York City and Nashville are my favorite places to be! Our dreams, desires, and talents are an incredible gift, and a direct reflection of Christs amazing grace and love for all of us. We have all been given unique gifts that are meant to glorify God and be shared with this world. Our deepest desire is to encourage young women to glorify Christ in every aspect of their lives, and to realize that they

are beautiful, treasured, and precious in Gods eyes... Our gifts, our businesses, and our dreams are merely tools that we’ve been given to make a difference in peoples lives. We want to empower and encourage young entrepreneurs to take their God-given talents, capitalize on what makes them different, and use that in their business to make a difference in this world. Our hope is to create a community of young leaders and entrepreneurs who can love and encourage each other, and simply do life together. Therefore, since we have such a hope, we are very bold. // 2 Corinthians 3:12 We launched on New Years Eve, which means, this is the perfect time to start afresh. You are beautiful, you are precious, and the King of the universe loves you! You, my dear, have been hand made and chosen, and that is undeniable. Don’t fear being different from the world, because you were created for just that. So, as we embark on this adventure, this is the advice I have for you…dream and plan. Tear down the fear that stops you from being bold, and be hopeful for the future He has given

you. Close the doors of the past and move forward, because God has more up the pike for you. Don’t play small, and don’t fear the unknown. Don’t stumble over what is in the past, and never, ever second guess who you were created to be and where your talent lies. There is no room for settling, because you have been created for greatness! So, be bold. Be bold, because you’ve been given a unique gift, and because you are treasured by the King. God has blessed us with a vision for Shine & Soar, and I’m so grateful to be a part of this! I believe Christ has specifically placed each and every one of us together, and I know he has you here, right now, for a specific reason as well. We are striving to glorify Christ with every article and every blog post we share, because that is what this life is about. We are so excited to share some incredible things with y’all and cannot wait to embark on this journey! Cheers! MACKENZIE


Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God. - Corrie T 34

Ten Boom 35

Four girls, each chasing a dream.


hat’s all it took for Jesus to intricately weave each and everyone one of our lives together to create something that would shake up all that we know to be ordinary. Little did we know what was to come of this little idea of “Shine and Soar Magazine”. Launch day has arrived, the website is up and excitement fills the air. Blood, sweat and tears, along with trials and triumphs suddenly fade into the distance as we look at what the future holds for Shine and Soar Magazine. The desire of our heart is for Shine and Soar Magazine to be a creative outlet for you. You are the next generation of creative entrepreneurs, you are called to walk worthy of your calling, you are called to do great things for the glory of



God, you are being called to step up to the plate. This magazine is for the girls who strive to be setapart from this world, press deep into the presence of the Lord and strive to bring ultimate glory to His Kingdom. Our time on this earth is fading quickly, we aren’t even guaranteed tomorrow. Its time for us to take a leap of faith, do the “unheard of”, fight for justice and magnify the power the Jesus Christ! Our issues will be seasonally published, leaving the desire for the fresh, reviving presence of Spring to grace it’s way into our next full issue. The theme of our first full issue is New Beginnings and we can’t wait to share what the meaning of that to us and to YOU. We are looking for your story, we want to help you get out there. We want you to be apart of this fresh, new

idea and show the world that we as young people our empowered by the King of Kings to do awesome things. We were designed to lead, encourage and ignite a fire deep into the world through our gifts and talents. It’s time for us to join together and begin something “unheard of” in order for Jesus to Shine and Soar in this broken world.

On our website there is a designated page for contributors and submissions called “Contribute” and we need your support and want this to be a launching pad for you in your business. Whether you are a photographer, chef, world traveler, singer, dancer, graphic designer, interior designer, marketing expert, journalist or maybe just a dreamer seeking to act on your God given passion, send us your story. Send us YOU, your images, your

UTURE trials and triumph, your tears and lessons learned because we are here to lift each other up and change the world. Some articles will be published in the magazine and others on the weekly active blog. We are more than excited to hear your stories, showcase your God given talents and praise and glorify Jesus all the while! The Shine and Soar Team desires to one day, Lord willing, hold retreats and intensives to unite us sisters and encourage each other to go out and do hard things. We believe that you have a beautiful story that is being hand written by the King of Kings and we want to walk with you and encourage you to live it out! Life is a journey, why settle for ordinary when you where meant to be extraordinary? We believe in what Jesus can and will

do in your life, we believe that you are capable to walk worthy of your calling, we believe that you where meant to be authentic and we believe that you have a purpose to fulfill that only you can fulfill it. In case you have not figured it out, we really believe in you. Really. Our big dream is to one day become a beautifully printed magazine that will spread worldwide, changing and encouraging lives. We realize this might appear to be a massive risk, but more importantly we realize that our risks seem very small when compared to Jesus. He has already conquered it all, so what do we have left to fear? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. So as 2013 starts, start it off right.

Be that in prayer, celebrating with friends, or home alone watching the ball drop. There is no big difference once 2013 begins, only your mindset towards it. Claim it as your year to start, to love harder, to flourish, to walk in your calling, to be bold. Just know that you CAN do it. You are stronger than you think you are. Claim it as YOUR year to shine God’s light into this dark world. We’ll be here to encourage, challenge, and inspire you throughout this year. We can’t wait! xoxo The Shine & Soar Team

Cheers to a new year + new adventures!


Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart. // Psalm 37:4 38






Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the LORD your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you. Deuteronomy 31:6

Intro Issue  

The Intro Issue of Shine & Soar Magazine.

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