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s another year comes to an end, the E-Club Committee wishes you the best for the Christmas Season and a bountiful New Year. As we look forward to New Ventures, New Fun and lots more Laughs for 2014!!!! Take a look back at some of our eventful moments and events for 2013...

NOT YET A MEMBER… HERE’S HOW TO BECOME APART OF THE FUN... If you are not already a member of the JBDC Entertainment Club, here’s the 1-2-3 on how to be…. •

Holla at any committee member with an email and let us know you’re interested

Drop a monthly tab of $250 (done through salary deduction)

Enjoy what’s in-store for you as a member

What’s in it for you? •

Being a part of the fun side of the JBDC family

Special Discounts or free entry to e-club events....(beach trips, bingo, games evenings, movie days, parties, treats etc)

Occasional special treats to soothe the mind, body and soul...









Christmas on a BUDGET First things first

Set the season’s financial limits with a Christmas budget. To create a Christmas budget, you’ll need to ….

List categories

To begin, list all categories for your family’s holiday spending. Budget categories might include: • • • • •

Gifts Holiday meals Décor items and Christmas tree Holiday clothing Etc

Set spending goals

Next to each category, decide on a spending limit. Allocate available funds according to the most important categories When setting spending goals, keep the bottom line in mind!

Santa Savings: Make A Holiday Budget For many families, Christmas comes not once a year, but lingers on for months! Credit card bills arrive shortly after season’s end, not to be paid off until the following summer. Fight the seasonal spending spree with the financial tool of choice: a Christmas budget. Try these ideas to create and keep! a holiday budget to save money on Christmas. Take a deep breath ... and get ready for a debtfree Christmas! 10

Look for low-cost/no-cost ways to celebrate the season without breaking the bank!

Track ongoing expenditures

Check the budget before you spend as an instant reality check on seasonal excess. After you spend, record actual spending to stay aware of the cost of the season At season’s end, add this year’s budget to the Christmas Past divider in your Christmas planner. Reviewing last year’s expenditures (over-spending and all) is a great reality check as you begin to plan for a new season.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the E-Committee‌. Looking forward to new activities and lots more fun in 2014!!


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Emag 2013