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Electronic Health Record Is A Savior In The Need Of Hour Health records were earlier maintained on a paper-based system by the medical professionals and health care providers. But, today with the aid of technology health care professionals can easily store the health records in the form of software and carry them anywhere. The advanced technology has made it possible to carry the entire health records in the form of your pocket sized device like pen-drives, CD Rom’s and Smartphones. For this you need to create a person electronic health record in a consolidated form regarding your health information and stored. The main reason for storing record is: •

Keeps a track on your personal health information

In time of emergency, it helps the doctors to provide fast and better treatment with this valuable information

The information available on the record is quite comprehensive and has a patient’s summary based on the data received from other sources

It reveals patients family background and history, allergies and other over the countermedications.

Having an access to these credible arrays of health information, gives the patient a good control to manage their disease and helps to improve their health in a better way. Similarly, in the family medical health records every member has to view and update their own personal health record only. In case you need to explain medical problems, then it becomes very easy for you to show or simply take a print out of the relevant document and give it to your doctor. This will save your doctor’s time as well, and you don’t have to repeat the details again. Besides, it becomes very convenient to minimize the communication barriers between the patient and the doctor. By maintaining health records on the electronic-based system it is always convenient for the patients and their family members, because during a critical situation when the patient is rushed to the hospital, the health information can be quickly retrieved and correct medication can be administered. Some of the common parameters of a personal electronic health record are: •

Name of the person, date of birth and the blood group

Date of last physical check up

The date wise record of the previous illness or disease

What are the medicines consumed and its dosage

Allergies to the medicines

Family history of illness

Certainly storing medical records on an electronic based system will save you from facing a critical situation during emergency. Maintaining a personal electronic health record is always

very beneficial, both to self as well as the physician. It becomes very easy and clear for the medical practitioner to take proper and immediate decision during an emergency, especially when administering the treatment for the patient. Maintaining the personal electronic health record is a life time necessity because as you grow old illnesses will crop up. If you try to take some initiative towards health now then you can reap rewards tomorrow. So, without delaying take immediate steps to maintain a personal electronic health record today.

Electronic health record is a savior in the need of hour  

Health records were earlier maintained on a paper-based system by the medical professionals and health care providers. But, today with the a...

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