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Photographer Jon Medel Hair and Make-up - Marinello School of Beauty, San Diego Models - Blonde - Lidia Trainer-Domagalska African American - Ciara Williams Gentlemen - Corey Allen Jewelry - Artemisa Rivas





Photographer- Gus Castaneda Stylist-Vanessa Mancos Models: Alex Demov & Nayroby Ortiz Page 111 16

Men’s Suit by West End Button Down by H& M Tie by Imani Shoes:Tod’s Couture Gown by Gus Castaneda Shoes: Charlotte Russe




Cover: Photographer Andrew Kirchner Couture Gown by Designer F Wilson FASHIONS of South Africa Makeup & Hair by CAMMUA Model: Jessa Cygan




FASHION Alexander Vinash Collections 36 Fashion from Spain Photographs: Fernando Martinez


FWLV Runway Model Winners Fashion Editorial with Gustavo Castaneda

F Wilson Fashion Designs 104 South African Designers on the Runway at FWLV

FEATURES Franz Szony 28 The Interview by Stacey Blanchet Olivia Lakis 90 Las Vegas Runway Model by Carmela Von Fashion Week Las Vegas 55 A LOOK at the International Emerging Designers 2013 Their Best looks on the runway

Designer Alex Vinash Spain




Designer Emilse Benitez Argentina

Hair Makeup: Gus Castaneda Photographer: Frederic Charpentier Model: Jessa Cygan LOCATION : LAX Airport



Letter from the Editor

Shimmer Magazine is the newest Lifestyle Magazine in Fashion, Beauty and Design. It is a combination of new upcoming and seasoned designers, models, and artists in the industry. In-depth interviews with the designers who have made a mark for themselves in the Fashion industry will be one of our magazine’s signature features. We are an international publication bringing you fashion, art and the lifestyle of different cultures in one publication. We will travel across the oceans to get the most amazing imagery of beauty and design. Then bring it back to our readers. Our covers will display – on a quarterly basis the Fashion Weeks we cover around the world. Our Spring & Fall Issue covers Fashion Week Las Vegas during February and August . We will cover other International Fashion Weeks during the Summer and Winter Season abroad. Look for our digital publication on our website and at I would like to dedicate this issue to Jim Canada A Friend , A Talented Creative Director we were privilaged to have been able to work with , and A true Artist in everything he touched. You are missed and you will never be forgotten. We wish you could of been here to see this come to life. Thank you Jim for your Dedication and Support!

Milka xo 26


Fancy Swimwear

Knaughty Kouture Saucy Rose Swim


The Artistic world of photographer

Franz Szony Interview

by Stacey Blanchet Fashion Designer of Blanchet Designs




The studio and the subject are ready. The stage is set with everybody and everything ready to go. The lights go up, the camera points and clicks. Behind the camera is the genius that makes the pages come alive for the reader. He will take us on a journey to faraway places we may only dream about. For the picture to make us respond to it, it takes a good subject and an even greater photographer with a vision to share. How do you judge what makes a good photograph? Art is subjective. What gives the photographer an artistic eye? Franz Szony grew up in Nevada. As the son of a casino manager, he watched all the shows that came to town. The show’s costumes clearly have affected his work. He enrolled in art classes at the age of five and the legend was born. Lucky for us at an early age, Franz realized that he was destined to be an artist. He immersed himself in the craft by studying the history of photography and the techniques of other photographers then perfected his own style that would set him apart. Coming into his own over the years has had its ups and downs but he never lost sight of his path. He has no regrets and thinks the word “regret” should be banned. With the closing of Szony’s first show in Los Angeles, and after he finished perfume ads for fashion designer, Furne One, I wanted to know more about Szony’s path and how he perfected his “artistic eye”. ( Photo Credits page 120)




I’ll never short sell me as an artist. I work very hard at what I do; What are your go to no artist should ever give away cameras? their work for free. Too many My first camera was a 1959 people will take advantage of Nikon F. I now solely shoot with this. In the past, I’ve learned this a digital Hasselblad. the hard way. All I can say is I’ll What type of lens do you use? keep on keeping’ on. I shoot mostly with a good ole’ How do you get customers 80mm. such as top designers for their What is your photographic perfume ads and clothing process before your photos are shots? Do you have a marketexhibited or given to clients? ing team? Most of my process is secret to I have no manager, nor do I me. It is pretty similar to most have a marketing team, alartists. I have a disturbingly close though I will say I was blessed relationship with my printers as with an incredible mom who any photographer should. helps me unconditionally. If What does the photo need you combine the law of atto have for the Franz Szony traction with persistent work, touch? amazing things will happen. The photo needs to be ground- I’m truly blessed and grateful ed in having no sense of time or to the people who have come place. It also must always have a into my life and have given story. me wonderful opportunities. It What do you think is the most wouldn’t be unnatural seeing important equipment that a me standing on my driveway photographer should own? at midnight, staring up at the All the most expensive equipsky and giving gratitude to the ment in the world won’t make a Universe. good photographer. Aside from What do you think is imporany equipment, the most impor- tant to make your business tant piece in a photograph is an successful? amazing subject. This can comKnow who you are and reprepletely, and I mean completely, sent that with every project you make or break a photograph. do. What are your rules when Business engaging with clients on their photography campaigns? What is your 5 year plan and Although I’m quite flexible, and how do you make it a reality respect the terms a client gives financially? me before a shoot has begun, I My father asks me this same am also very clear that question, ha-ha.

I don’t enjoy being micromanaged. My number one rule: abide by our contract. What is realistic advice for kids today who want to make it as a professional photographer? What do they really need to know? Find your vision. Educate yourself in what YOU want to know. High school for me was basically 4 years of shit I didn’t care about being shoved down my throat. The more you learn about your craft and the “greats” who came before you, the more you can take control of your own personal vision. Be inspired by other artists, but never copy them directly. Find a technique, or combination of techniques that is personal to you. If you find another artist has gotten there before you, respect that, and push yourself even further to find something that’s unique to you, and only you. Why did you feel it was necessary for you to move to Los Angeles from Reno? Although the “biggest little city” will always hold a place in my heart, my work has evolved and grown. Reno will always remain what it already is (although this is the reason why I will always love it). In order for me to keep evolving, I must swim to a bigger pond. Los Angeles is full of energy that is very different. I’m a dreamer, so living in the “city of dreams” seems like a novel idea, oui?


Business continued

Where would you as a photographer dream of living that you feel would take your work to another level? I think living in Paris would be absolutely magical, but I will always live in my head moreso than any city. What are the common business mistakes? Mistakes?……. Give me a few more years and Ill let you know…..or better yet, hopefully I won’t!

Creativity Is Franz Szony your real name? Franz Szony is my actual birthgiven name. I got lucky with the double Z. I couldn’t make up a better name, and it feels perfectly fitting. How do you begin your process? What inspires you? I always begin my process with sketches, eventually leading up to a final blueprint rendering of what the photograph will be. At the moment, the concept of “tragic love” inspires me. Turning pain into beauty…and throwing in a punch of humor. I can feel this changing lately, and I’m keeping myself open to the flow. How would you describe the type of photography you do and why? I like to think of my photography in the terms of fashion. My fine art photography is my couture, and customer-commissions 34

are my ready to wear. However sometimes these cross paths, and my customer commissions want the fine art, this is almost always in the form of advertisements. My fine art photography (like couture) is my vision completely; it represents the fantasy and the unattainable. It is also very expensive to create. For the paying costumer, they usually want a photograph better tailored to their vision with a more attainable budget. At what stage are you with your career goals? I feel like I was just born, the very beginning.

one of them at one point. I think this is partly because the term “commercialized” gives the impression of art that has been stripped of its integrity and turned into a and turned into a factory-pressed, trendy, superficial piece of nonsense meant to brainwash the masses.....And most of the time this is true, haha. However, I will always stand for the opposite of that impression, and so, will seize any wonderful opportunity to marry my art to a commercial application.

What are your favorite type of photos; Studio or location, and why? Definitely in the studio. I like creating every element in the photograph. This way, there is no actual location of the photograph……it only exists in the image itself. There’s something magical to that. Continued on page 108 (Photo credits page 120 )

How do you feel about your photography being used for commerical purposes and why? And do you feel that paying for art takes something from the creative Process? It is rather strange. I think every artist would like to say they were “above” utilizing their art for a commercial “product”.....I was




Photography by Fernando Martinez Model Jessica Kouwenoord Blow Models Agency Makeup Emma Gaspar Buxeda Stylist Pol Martinez Shoes Patoh Collection Jewelry by j de gato















“You don’t have to be a celebrity to look like one, but you can feel like one,� says designer Zhayra Escobar aka sacia O, of sacia O couture head wear. Hats and head pieces are no longer things of the past, they are tremendous statement pieces that express glamour, confidence, and sometimes a little mystery, says sacia O. Most of her work is designed to add glamour to complete any look, for the person that wants to stand out from the crowd, and make a statement.


Model: Stephany Urrea HMUA: Color Fusion Beauty Makeover Designer: sacia O couture head wear Dress: Victorian Romance Revival Image: Mal Ownbey Photography at The Hills Hotel, Laguna Hills, Ca


Model: Marina Spencer HMUA: Color Fusion Makeover Designer: sacia O couture head wear Dress: Victorian Romance Revival Image: Mal Ownbey Photography at The Hills Hotel, Laguna Hill, Ca


“People want to know who you are, when you wear a hat or head piece,” that is what most of her clients say. sacia O really enjoys creating custom pieces. “ I really enjoy the challenge, because when I design a custom piece I have to get to know my client, which one of the highlights of what I do. Everyone is different with unique personal features, personalities, and lifestyles. I use images of my client and whatever outfit she will be wearing for the event. I will ask a series of questions in order to fully understand her needs, and use it as the inspiration for the design. Because it is all about her - what she wishes to convey, and how she wants to feel on that particular day. She added, “I get such a huge sense of satisfaction to see a woman wear a head piece, that never thought would look good in. Seeing how it changes the look and most importantly their confidence in such a positive way brings me joy. That, is what I strive to accomplish through my wearable art,” “I feel so fortunate to have clients call me for their wedding, what a compliment on such a joyous and meaningful occasion. I also get so excited when I am contacted for a film or Red Carpet event, such as The Emmy Awards last September when Actress and show host Tia Barr wore my head piece, and I happen to catch a glimpse on live television,” says sacia O.

Model: Sara Ummel Cunnings Wearing sacia O couture headwear HMUA: Color Fusion Makeover Image: Mal Ownbey Photography


Model: Sara Ummel Cunnings Wearing sacia O couture headwear HMUA: Color Fusion Makeover Image: Mal Ownbey Photography


“My hat was also just featured in a film “Beyond Hope” an Al Diaz film, and there is series of other films in the works, one of which will be a film circa early 1900 where many of the characters will be wearing hats. Continued on page 110








Sharlenne Chen Sharlenne Chen is originally from Indonesia., currently in California. “My Spring Summer 2013 Collection was inspired by the glamor of Hollywood and it is called Bold and Beautiful.� What advice do you have for someone considering this type of career? You need to always have an open mind and have the ear and eyes to listen to comment and critics as it is the way to grow and become better. What is your new collection about ? My upcoming Autumn Winter 2013 Collection is inspired by the military uniforms. I am using the military look to add strong element onto the designs. 58

Pastel Spring Colors-Lavendar Hues & Pearl Shades



Cybil Waite Julia Love is a vintage inspired line with rocker flare, created to empower the women who wear it.. Julia Love’s new collection is entitled Radiant Fallout. The collection was inspired by WWII military more specifically women fighter pilots. Radiant Fallout is strong, sexy military infused separates, and elegant monochromatic grey evening wear. The collection begins by conveying a message of fighting on the battlefield, like the hardships we go though in life, while still standing strong, and beautiful. As it fades into the evening wear, it references an atomic blast as if the models are walking among the ashes of the fallout, breathing new life after the storm. 60

LA Based Designer, Julia Love



Lindsay Lou Lindsay Lou designs especially for the confident, playful and spontaneous woman who enjoys standing out from the crowd and who likes to allow her individuality to shine through. Her designs embody uniqueness, with an exaggerated retro flair and a classic glamour with an ability to transform a little black dress into an individual creation. Lindsay Lou launched her first collection in Australia in May 2012 entitled ‘On the Prowl’, which was such a success that Lindsay Lou has been inspired to prepare her next collection.


Summer Collection from Australia



Rory Castillo I’m born and raised in Sacramento , it was an after thought since I was self taught so I call my work more like wearable art, I’m inspired by the world and all it’s amazing cultures I. Believe I’m a designer for the new. Age and I’m most happy when the models like my work and bring them to life wearing them , so my advice to upcoming or wannabe designers is do it if u truly love it not for the money that will come if you’re good and let all inspire you people places and things!! And never give up on any dream u may have !! Don’t really go by collections more inspired by ancient cultures and historical people’s , would love to be considered for fashion star or project runway! Inspired by the universe and always invoke great designers of the past to inspire me!!


Pastel Spring Colors-Lavendar Hues at FWLV 2013



Robert Pointner What is your dream job within Ready the fashion industry? My number one dream job is still to manage my own fashion label and to sell it worldwide in selected stores. I am going to succeed, because I am crazy enough to believe I can. On the other hand I am also always looking for new challenges and opportunities to work as a fashion-designer successfully for the next years and maybe to become head-of-design of a sophisticated modern brand in future. - If it wasn’t for fashion... what else do you see yourself being involved with and why? Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn. Then always be a unicorn. 66

to Wear Mens Collection at FWLV 2013



Fritz & Johan Botha “At F Wilson Fashion Design we know how important it is to work with passion and we understand your need to be the most beautiful version of you. Your dress should be a reflection of yourself - let us make it all about you.� F Wilson Fashion Design Showcased at FWLV 2013in Las Vegas in August 2012 and returned for the Runway show for February 2013 . The Couture gowns showcased in multiple color schemes and lace and and ribbon. for more information visit them on line at


Red Carpet Collections at FWLV 2013 Season 2



Hazel Gonzalez Hazel wants to be an inspiration for people to do what they really love and also to have faith in themselves. She helps an association for people who has nervous system problems. She participated in August at the international level, in Costa Rican Jewelry at FWLV 2013 Season 2 the competition for emerging designers of Las Vegas Fashion Week and won in the category of accessories. She is proud to participate in Las Vegas Fashion Week. Her creations for february are inspired by nature and her desire that the jewelry transmit freshness like an oasis in the desert of Las Vegas. She was nominated for the award and business woman, award from the Chamber of Commerce of Costa Rica. Besides displaying their jewelry pieces.




Rebecca Brady Rathenart Designs does not follow trends. They set their own. All fabrics are designed and printed from original art and fashioned into High End/ Couture to Ready to Wear fashion forward pieces. Rathenart Designs releases limited editions in each style to confirm quality, originality and runway ready style. The Rathenart woman is original, confident and flirty. With the ability to create unique styles for the individual and showcase their own personality, wearable art is setting new trends. The inspiration for this collection ‘Earthly Delights� is the collaboration of ideas between the themes Turkish Delight, Mandalas, and the beauty and wonderful array of colours that surrounds our everyday world. 72

Rathenart from Australia



Emilse Benitez Emilse Benitez: Designer from Emillse Buenos Aires , Argentina. Worked on a new name for her new brand “Benitez Emilse�. In August she is chosen as emerging designer in C.M.D. (Metropolitan Design Center) and shows her summer collection in BAFWeek (Buenos Aires Fashion Week) Nowaday she is head teacher in Clothing production technics and teacher of shoe design , both for head professor Silvia Barreto in U.B.A. and working next to Agustina Troyer on a mini collection for Ona Saez (major clothing brand).


Benitez from Argentina



Noora Alharithi Noora is an emerging designer from Saudi Arabia, studying abroad to develop her skills. “ I have an awareness of the fashion industry as my father would take me to his factories. There I was inspired by the designs for Saudi Airlines; he would show me the collar swatches, designs and brocades. I was interested in how they were constructed, the shape and the form of the pilots and flight attendants.” Noora’s collection was shown in February and she was a semi finalist in the Emerging Designer Competition for men’s and women’s categories in February 2013


Men’s & Women’s Collections at FWLV 2013



Dawn Nguyen Dawn’s philosophy is best known as unique, classic, and elegant styles. She always lives her life with a purpose and loves with a passion. Fashion design is not just a career for her but all of her passion of her heart. She dedicates everything to it and willing to give up anything for it. Dawn says, “I’m willing to give my entire life to fashion as it consumes my heart. I can’t take this out of my body.” Dawn never gets enough and she states, “Never dream. Just do it!


Dawn Sunflower At FWLV 2013


FEBRUARY 2013 Designers Jacqueline Quinn - USA Sharlenne Chen, Aerithe -USA Rebecca Brady, Rathenart -Australia Julia Love- USA Emilse Benitez - Argentina Elizabeth Luque, Fancy Swimwear -USA Sally Cook, Saucy Rose Swim - Australia Inell Wilson , Knaughty Kouture - USA Dawn Sunflower- USA The Blue Room- Saudi Arabia Fritz & Johan Botha F Wilson Designs - South Africa Hazel Gonzalez - Costa Rica Lindsay Lou -Australia Rory Castillo Designs- USA The Blue Room- Saudi Arabia Robert Pointner- Germany


A Special Thank You to t photographers at Fashio

Jesse Leon , Ivan Avila , A Carmela Von Photograp Frederic Charpentier

the following on Week Las Vegas

Andrew Kirchner, phy &

Aerithe by Designer Sharlenne Chen



Monday February 18th Runway Report

Emilse Benitez Men’s Collection showcased on Monday night at Fashion Week Las Vegas .

Jacqueline Quinn Opened Fashion Week Las

Vegas with a Couture Gown from Viviscal on Monday 18th, the gown was brought in for the Opening to be showcased during Fashion Week Las Vegas

Rathenart from Australia showcased the RTW collection on Monday Night

Sharlenne Chen showed Red Carpet and Bridal Couture looks at Fashion Week Las Vegas Monday night. Aerithe is located in Orange County California The Couture designer was one of four emerging designers to win a spot on the runway for February 2013.



Hazel Gonzalez showcased at Fashion Week Las Vegas with her handcrafted Jewelry from Costa Rica, her pieces were displayed on Thursday night and earlier in the week on various looks for the runway.



Thursday Night the International Mens Designers showcased on the Runway . Noora Alharithi of Saudi Arabia coordinated looks for couples , models were paired up and showcased together for her looks. Men’s Designer Robert Pointner brought his everyday wear for the first time to the US . Peakfine from Germany was a hit on the runway.



Photo by Ivan Avila

Photo by Andrew Kirchner


Beautiful, Slinky, Long-Legged, Runway Model. We’re talking about

Olivia L Story: Carmela Von

I was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV. I’ve met some amazing people who have taught me quite a bit about life and this industry and encouraged me every step of the way. As far as modeling itself goes, it actually was not a lifelong dream of mine. My eyes were opened to modeling after I was discovered at a ProScout Convention in Orange County when I was 15. I went in hopes of breaking into acting but instead I received 13 callbacks though from various agencies for runway modeling, and after seeing the opportunities that were ahead, it was then that I decided to give it a shot, and it’s been an exciting journey ever since.


Spring 2013

Lakis How long have you been modeling?

I’ve been working in the industry for 4 years now.

What has been the most memorable Fashion Week and some specifics please ?

I have done LA and NY Fashion Week. Both were a great experience for me, and have left me with positive memories. I absolutely love doing shows for the purpose of being a part of the whole production that takes place. I also enjoy interacting and networking with new people in the business.


What is your favorite designer you have modeled for  or met ?

I have been fortunate enough to work with the nicest designers and photographers these past few years. I don’t know if I have a favorite, however there are some that stand out in my mind the most and whom I’ve had the most fun working for. Those designers being: Diane Von Furstenberg, Desigual, Alber Elbaz (Lanvin), and Ina Soltani.

tional stamina in order to survive in this business. It is a great career to lead, however if you don’t have the self assurance and confidence within yourself, it is very easy to spiral downhill.

What are your future plans, in this career  or do you have something you also want to do.?

It’s kind of hard to make any definitive plans for modeling, because it changes like the wind. I’m really just taking each day as it comes and letting God lead me. What is like to travel around doing While I’m still doing it however, I pray I get the chance to shoot for Vogue Italia. I Fashion Weeks., NYC , LA .. it must be so crazy.. What is your perspective watch ANTM all the time and that is one of the prizes that the winner receives. on this lifestyle Though I don’t personally feel I need to I have only done Fashion week in the US. I hope to do some more traveling abroad take that path, I am confident I will make it there on the Lord’s terms. very soon, as that is one of my desires for modeling. My dream is to work in Europe.  Aside from modeling, I do have many other interests that I try to keep apart of I can only imagine the hectic nature of traveling consistently from market to mar- my life and see myself doing in the future. ket. From my experience so far though, it Those passions are acting, cooking/baking, childcare, and missionary work.  is definitely a challenge being away from home for months at a time. Although it is rewarding, I do believe you have to build up a certain amount of mental and emo-




93 | photography

FWLV MODEL COMPETITION WINNERS The launch of Fashion Week Las Vegas took off like a rocket with designers coming in from every continent on earth! It was filled with amazing talent, great clothes and of course gorgeous models. They came in from several states and even the United Kingdom. The press photographers and participating designers were the official judges. And they cast their votes for their favorite male & female models who strut their fashion stuff on the runway. This was primarily a runway competition, where personal style and self presentation were key to nab the judges votes. The winners were Alexander Dimov originally from Bulgaria and now living in Orange County, Ca. And the female winner was Nayroby Ortiz from El Monte, Ca. who at only 17 years of age wowed the designers with her cat like walk and finesse on the runway. There were top 5 for each sex participating and out of almost 50 models who took part in the event, it was no easy task to narrow the field down. But it must always be done so we got the two winners and everyone seemed very happy with the results! We wish both the best, they will be managed and promoted in magazine editorials as well as interviews to launch their career to higher plateau.

Photo Credits : Andrew Kirchner , Jesse Leon & Ivan Flores

Continued on page 94

94 94

Summer 2011


Featuring the popular Frank Sinatra Impersonator Gary Anthony with an authentic Frank Sinatra Look Alike and Sound Alike Tribute, with Rat Pack Tribute Shows – Bands of any Size - DJ’s – Sound – Lighting - Celebrity Impersonators – Comedians – Actors – MC’s – Magicians – Circus Act’s for Theater – Weddings - Private Venues and Event Services to the Incentive and Corporate Markets. In the entertainment business for over 45 years, Gary Anthony (owner) has built an organization in Las Vegas with loyalty to artist whom has come full circle in their craft and talent to promote together the finest in quality acts. Booking all over the world, these talented acts are ready to provide you with fun and exciting entertainment! For more information our web site is


Makeup Acadmey Newport Beach, CA West Hollywood, CA Upland, Ca Whittier,CA Carlsbad, Ca Chula Vista, Ca 949-798-0010 Specializing in short term programs for Print, Runway,Film,Tv


Spring 2013


“Jessica is an Australian based fashion photographer. She discovered her passion for the creative arts at a young age with both her parents being musicians. As a violinist herself, she was able to travel the world while performing and it was during this time that she really discovered her passion for photography.

The different cultures, people, architecture music and landscapes that had first captured her imagination continue to be her sources of inspiration for her fashion work to this day. Fashion photography has always been a world of ‘play’ for her where surrealism, perfection and emotion come together.

Today, she holds a Masters in Applied Design & Arts and has taught photography at Curtin University as well as holding her own workshops. She currently runs a boutique fashion production house, Shift Creative, with friend and art director Juliet chen.”


Alexis Mancio started his passion for photography at the age of 15 and today he has a natural eye for Fashion .

Alexis Mancio is a self taught artist, he didn’t attend school to gain his skills, but instead he gained the skills from lots of time and research on his own. A passion for high fashion and art is what he loves to mix together when it comes to his own photography. Inspired by famous fashion photographer Knick knight as well as other eras and people, Alexis doesn’t want you to just look at a picture, but experience his view in art through the lens of his eyes.


Inell Wilson Knaughty Kouture, The Look of Opulence! Our signature color palette consist of various shades of creme and gold. This line is very elegant, enriched with lustrous unique designs. The Athena Kollection meets at the crossroads of sexy and sophistication! Inell began to create her own designs. People started to take notice of her designs and began requesting her to sew swimwear for them. Upon gaining more exposure for her swimwear items, her orders began to roll in! Before she knew it, she had turned a simple hobby into a business venture! Inell Wilson is proud to introduce her Athena Kollection this Spring 2013! This collection has very unique styles that range from conceit to modest. All beautiful, all elegant, with an added touch of sophistication, contouring to fit every curve! Indulge yourself into The Athena Kollection, and let Knaughty Kouture, kouture your body! 100


Designer Sally Cook

The colors used in the 2013 Spring Collection are crisp white and Fuchsia floral, with an abundance of pearls and diamonds adorning each unique swimsuit. The collection is called “He buys me Roses” and it is extremely glamorous and would blend in well at The Versace Hotel alongside a super wealthy, drop dead gorgeous Latin lover :) The woman wearing Saucy Rose is extremely spoilt and showered with expensive gifts on a daily basis as well as fresh flowers, French Champagne and fine chocolates. The story is quite typical of every woman’s fantasy..... So this collection is all about the woman who has everything and she is adored by her ever so handsome Latin Lover and they go on to live Happily Ever After 


Safari Inspired This collection includes exotic animal prints from: giraffe, tiger, cobra and zebra in combination with fun bright colors and sexy silhouettes check it out! For the adventurer, what would be better then showing your daring side in your swimsuit? Discover which animal print speaks to you then express your animalistic side in a Safari Inspired piece suits you

Designer Liz Luqùe


Fancy Swimwear by Liz Luqùe TM presents a cutting edge swimwear collection with designs that are richly bold in character with elements of chic elegance and a twist of sexy. The meticulous attention that has been given in to the intricate details in the production of each unique design will most definitely set new standards of fit formulation. By introducing a collection of truly innovative designs made practical, Fancy Swimwear by Liz Luqùe TM will certainly be on every woman’s summer ‘must have’ list.




Shimmer Magazine Contributor’s Stacey Blanchet is a business woman, fash-

ion designer and writer. She currently resides in San Diego, California and has a company called ‘Your Own Girl Friday’ It was about two years ago, she decided to follow her dream and become a fashion designer with the introduction to the world of ‘Blanchet Designs’ http:// In two short years she has participated in the Prime Time Emmys, Grammys, and 2013 Oscars. She is now featured in over 15 magazines internationally for her designs and will be selling her collection in Paris, France starting in the summer of 2013.

Stacey Blanchet


Over the past two years, she has also published a small ebook titled ‘Romantic Encounters’ which is available on Amazon and executived produced two documentaries. The first documentary is on her life story titled ‘The Journey to Myself’ which won ‘Award of Merit’ from the Indie Festival 2012 and was an ‘Official Selection’ of the Las Vegas Cine Fest of 2012. Is is now available for purchase on Create a Space and Amazon. The second documentary is titled ‘3MOMs &A Napkin’ about the Young Leaders Film Festival. It is currently in the 2013/2014 film festival circut.

Jess Leon

How long have I been in the business I guess I was interested in fashion since about 1975 when I was taking photography classes at PCC. But I didn’t start shooting fashion till 1983. I had done pretty much every kind of photography out there and “83” I saw my boss at the police dept doing head shots for a friend of his who owned a agency. they were very cheesy, but it caught my interest. so I tried fashion photography....and it took over me.


Shimmer Magazine Contributors

Jesse Leon

it was then that I knew what I was suppose to do the rest of my life. and loving every minute of it. I live fashion photography. if you saw my home you would know, its fashion and photography (with a lil bit of a mess too, but all fashion & photography). What is it about fashion that intrigues me: I think fashion photography is amazing. The clothes the makeup, the hair and of course the beauty of the model make such amazing combinations. when I see certain outfits my mind just takes off with ideas. I begin to in vision which model to use, which types of shoes to use. the accessories, the hair the makeup how I’m going to light the idea weather its a studio or location photo shoot. if you could see the ideas going off in my mind, it would be like seeing a forth of July fireworks show. that’s how fashion hits me. just so exciting!!!


My favorite fashion shoot: That’s really hard to say, there have been so many over the years. at this moment I can think of 2 semi resent if I may. One was with one of my favorite and good friend models (Trisity Cameron) I fitted her with a blond afro wig and one of the dresses from a friend designer Nekia and her company (“Ja’ ire International Couture”) the image came out Beautiful. My second was with another model (Sharon TK) that visits from New York about once a year. She always brings a new dress design with her specifically for me to shoot on her. and of course the images from this shoot was amazing. its because of images like these that excite me about fashion and fashion photography to my core.

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Andrew Kirchner

I have been shooting fashion and beauty portraiture in las Vegas for about five years now and founded the studio name LV Pro Imaging in January of 2010. What is it about Fashion that intrigues you: As a photographer I became captivated by the interaction between lights and shadows at a very young age. I look at fashion and I am drawn to the flow of a materials cut, how it moves and how it transforms the person wearing it. Fashion is cultured and diverse. What is your favorite fashion shoot : In the fall of 2012 we saw a resurgence of fur designs and accessories throughout the world of fashion. I have always enjoyed how fur can bring texture to any wardrobe and I wanted to show it’s diversity. I remembered a location not far from my home I had visited once before and I remember thinking how perfectly the rustic walkway and tall grass fit as a backdrop for my vision. With this concept in mind every waking moment was filled with a vision and this was all I could think of for weeks. It was then that I approached Las Vegas fashion stylist Lilia Bard with my concept.

With several publications to credit including Vogue Italy Lilia agreed and we put together an amazing team.Two weeks went past before the day of the shoot. I remember jumping out of bed like a kid on Christmas morning filled with excitement. Models Colie and Samiha arrived early. We talked as hair and make up was prepared. Then a knock on the door and in walked Lilia with two racks of clothing and a suitcase.Quickly the tiny kitchen of my las Vegas apartment was filled with wonderment and Lilia went to work piecing together my vision. One hour and a ten minute car ride later we arrived at our location and in only three frames we had our shot.Everything fit perfectly and came together perfectly. Reflecting back now I think back to four amazing persons all sharing the same vision. I could not have done this without them.


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That being said, any artist who creates a piece of heartfelt art for a commercial application MUST have a thick skin. Commercialism appeals to the masses, art doesn’t. There will always be people who choose degrade what they don’t understand. This, the mix of art and commercialism, will always provoke the thunder. Do I think paying for art takes away something from the creative process? I’d have to say no. I think paying for art re-instills its value, in a world so quick to devalue the importance of artists. Although the value of art can never truly be measured monetarily, like anything else that is beautiful, rare and desired, it comes with a price. What do you want your legacy to be in the artistic world? I’m not sure if I can define my own legacy. I can only focus on creating my art and inspiring people through beautiful images What is your biggest regret and why? No regrets. This word should be banned. Every choice we make, good or bad, takes us to the next step. What photo have you taken that you wish you could do all over again? Describe why. What did it teach you? Although I’ve wanted to re-create photos from my earlier years of photography (7-8 years ago), 108

I feel that would be a royal slap in the face to those photos. An artist shouldn’t try to re-create what they’ve already created unless they want to bastardize the beauty of their original piece. Art should always reflect who the artist is at the time they make it. If art is re-created and changed, then everything would be modern and nothing would have history…with its flaws and all. Clearly your love for photography started in childhood with all of your art classes and such. How many years do you think it took you to make it to your current professional level? I’ve only felt like I’ve “stepped into my own” over the last 4 years I’d say, and I am still learning with every shoot. Although, who’s to say I wasn’t at a professional level when I was 5? Professional art is completely subjective. With the internet and social media so prominent, how do you think it has effected photography? Good or Bad? Both? And, why? The social media and the internet has been good and bad. Good for any artist in terms of exposure. Its effect on photography? Well…… it’s amusing how many people claim to be a photographer for the mere fact they purchased a nice camera. I say that without a hint of sarcasm. I promise! Ha-ha. What type of artist are you? A happy artist!

As a fashion designer, one quickly realizes the difference between photography and fashion photography. It is your dream to work with a photographer who has the technique and vision to bring your images to life creating scenes you never thought possible. Working with Franz Szony, you will get elegance, style, craziness and a little bit of danger. He takes us on a wild ride with his “artistic eye”. We are all lucky to have bought a ticket.



sacia O

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Her hats have also been featured in publications worn by TV cohost Gina Simms from “What’s Up Orange County” (KDOC) and Mattel’s official “Barbie” model Sara Ummel Cunnings, and in editorials with Designers Stacey Blanchet of Blanchet Designs and Kenneth Barlis, winner of Fashion Week San Diego 2012, Miss Teen Asia USA Meeghan Henry, and others. She was born and raised in East Los Angeles, of Mexican descent. “sacia” is a childhood nickname that she decided at the young age of 5 would be her professional design name when she “grew up”. The name has quickly caught on and is the name most people know her by. The name “sacia O” is a symbol of freedom to play and express your ‘mood du jour.” sacia O was exposed to traveling at a very early age, and discovered Europe on a school trip for her 15th birthday, which opened her eyes to the world of fashion. She fell in love with Paris, swearing she would return at 18 and marry a French guy and design fashion till the day she died. She put her fashion dreams on hold for many years, but is now making up for lost time. You can now find sacia O’s work featured in about 11 magazine publications and possibly 25 by the end of the year. 110

Watching the Royal Wedding in 2009, touched her to the very core of her being, and was compelled to launch her business as sacia O couture head wear, in July of that year. She opened a kiosk at Fashion Island Mall in Newport Beach, California, where her business grew quickly, then moved to Beverly Hills, where she now has a private location by appointment. She designs cocktail hats, masks and other accessories for a very personalized look. She has also done custom work for men. Sacia O has just completed a series of couture head wear designs for performing artist Joy Villa, of New York, who is on tour in Europe.

This was in collaboration with couture dresses by Blanchet Designs. These pieces will be worn for a formal photo shoot in Paris, France by the artist. Sacia O is excited to have other artists wearing her pieces and take her designs into Europe, and other parts of the world. Sacia O provides a variety of services which range from custom bridal pieces, fascinators, couture cocktail hats, embellished hats, corsets and even Parisian style lampshades.

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Model: Eboni Rayne Wearing sacia O couture headwear HMUA: Color Fusion Makeover Image: Mal Ownbey Photography


Photographer- Gus Castaneda Stylist-Vanessa Mancos Models: Alex Demov & Nayroby Ortiz All Credits Available on page 120








Gown by Beata Studio Los Angeles Shoes: Charllotte Ruuse Men’s Suit by West End Button-downby H& M Tie by Imani Shoes : Tod’s



Photography Credits:

Franz Szony Article Page 28-30 : Image 1 Promotional Image for Franz Szony galler show “ Hapenis” Antique Top Hat by Harpur Antique Rococo Gold Chatelaine Handmade Gold Button Tunic Peach Satin Corset Vintage Bellow Camera accessories Page 31 Image 2 Unholy Conceptual Advertisement: Photographer & Artist Director: Franz Szony Wardrobe/Jewelry: Amato Couture & Kaori Chiba MUA: Edin Carpenter MUA Assistant: Jenny O Hair: Clayton Beck Python Handler: Matt Duncan Photographers Assistants: Ken Kaneehira, Aaron Terry, Noah Conrath, Aaron Hapgood Model Raina Hein wears a custom gold rococo corset with red velvet bodice accented with Swarovski crystal, created by Franz Szony. Spiked Crown and sequin embroidered body suit by Amato Couture. Model Jason Kell wears an antique matador costume and antique steel armour shoes. Metal “ Crab Tie” necklace by Kaori Anis Strieter. Model Heather Fuss wears mint gownwith crystal embellishment & spiked tiara by Amato Couture, topped with embroidered antique velvet robes.


Page 32 Image 3 Unholy Conceptual Advertisement 2 Model Raina Hein wears embroidered bodysuit and headdress from Amato Couture’s Matahari collection.

FWLV Runway Model Editorial Page 111 Silver Satin dress by Gus Castaneda, Shoes: Charlotte Russe; Earrings : Stylist’s own Page 112 Male Model: T Shirt: Topman Jeans: Armani Exchange; Shoes: Santoni;Watch: CitizenP Page 113 Femaie Model Green Dress: B Smart; Shoes: Two Lips; Bracelets, rings & Belt: Stylists’ own Page 114 Male & Female Models Suite: West End; Button Down: H&M; Tie: Imani; Shoes: Tod’s Red Gown:Sequin Heart; Shoes: Yoki; Bracelets, earrings, &ring Stylists’ own Page 116/117 Red Gown: Sequin Heart Magenta Dress: Tease Me; Shoes: Penny Loves Kenny; Jewelry: Stylists’ own Page 118/119 Purple Gown: Beata Studio Los Angeles; Shoes: Charlotte Russe; Necklace( as bracelet), ring,&earrings : Stylists’ own Photographer: Gus Castaneda Stylist: Vanessa Mancos Models: Alexander Dimov, Nayroby Oritz

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