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About the future... We live in a very changeable century, so you can’t be sure what will happen in a few weeks. So, I hope that in 5 years I will be someone who inspires people and I can be a nice example for growing generations of young talent to come.




AT 5.9” with




What was your favorite GIG you PARTICIPATED IN and why? My favorite GIG was making a shot movie for The Cannes Festival. Was there something or an experience that inspired you to look at modeling? Yes, my family was in need to cover our expenses, so I decided to try modeling at age 16. It was my first trip abroad ever and I had never tried this industry. I also did not have a mother agency and survived all by my own, scared in Guangzhou, where no one speaks English. What is the hardest or the most challenging aspect of this business that you feel so far? How have you handled this from your perspective? For me the hardest aspect is discrimination by age, by height, by body type and face type. This is the awful side of this field of fashion. What advice do you have for young aspiring girls entering the fashion field? What would be the most important message you could tell them?

Advice for young girls will be to stay themselves. Remember that your beauty is not the most important thing in your life, you shouldn’t concentrate your attention on it, you should develop your soul, your mind, your personality. These are the main things that people will recognize in you and will respect you for. Is there anything else we need to know about you or anything else that would define who you are as a new model? I was born a critic. It’s hard to confuse me, it’s hard to impress me, it’s impossible to scare me. I can make the right emphasis on really important and admirable things. I’m very strict to myself and always do my best. I compensate my small height with hard work.




“I appreciate everything that comes my way�


Tell us how you got started in Modeling? I started from when I was very young, as a child I was a huge fan of watching TV and I would mimic every actress and one of my favorite channels was FTV. I would try to walk like those girls, and when I was in school- I got a call from local studio and they offered me to participate in local pageant so my dad asked how they got my number and they said I went to their studios for the passport size photos for my school form and then they liked it and called to see if I could participate in that local pageant. The pageant was called MISS RAJASTHAN and I actually won that Title ,and then I started working as a model and got busy in local works like print photo shoots, runway fashion shows, etc. I went for an audition in 2010, for a reality show called LIFT KARA DE by one of the most prestigious TV production houses in India called (YRF) YASH RAJ FILMS and I won that reality show among thousands of contestants which was hosted by renowned filmmaker KARAN JOHAR and superstar heartthrob SALMAN KHAN and from there my actual journey started and I moved to the city of dreams called MUMBAI What has been a memorable experience you have had thus far? To be very honest when I got my first break in Bollywood I felt so happy that so early in my career without having any filmy background I got my first Hindi film as a lead heroine and my parents were so proud of me, when people started recognizing me and were asking pics and autographs, after seeing all this my mom started crying that has been most memorable experience for me so far because I lost my mom in last June Who has been your inspiration for your modeling career? My mom, she is my inspiration. I have seen her working really hard she was a multi tasker and full of confidence and positivity, she never cried on things which were against her will ,she always stood up for the right things What do you find most difficult today? Getting the right makeup done properly, because dress, hair ,heels, accessories will only look good when it’s done with the right kind of make u; so I find it little difficult choosing correct shades of lipsticks, eyeshadows according to daytime or nighttime, party wear, casual wear, office wear etc. What would be your ultimate idea of a photoshoot? Couple of good dresses, good makeup n hair, beautiful heels, camera, lights, beautiful location, and most important ultimately super talented photographer and last but not the least me with broad smile and the right cheerful attitude 36



What are your long term & short term goals? My only goal is to get super successful so I can be able to help others in their bad times because I respect human race and I want serve humanity How do you prepare mentally and physically for a photoshoot? I begin by getting lots of sleep before photoshoot is very important because when you get enough sleep then your face will look super fresh and body will also be full of energy which is very important and before facing camera I set up my mind with positive thoughts to be able to project the right kind of confiI won the title of MISS INDIA CONTINENT 2016

dence in front of the camera. I personally feels that camera is a live person so I start interacting with it from my expressions so that connectivity and liveliness will be shown in pictures so I flirt with camera and like this I successfully completes my photoshoots perfectly every time. Is there anything else you want share with us? I feel blessed and happy with my work and I ‘ m in love with my

I will be getting crowned this year as MISS UNIVERSAL PEACE AND

job and i appreciate everything


that comes my way- thank you.







Nuna Couture is a Ghanaian fashion label. The name “NUNA� is an acronym of the designer’s name – “NU� Nunoo- “NA� Nathaniel. The company made its first debut in 2010 for the Miss Ghana contestants. The line was finally established in 2011 in a local private house in Accra, Ghana. Nuna Couture is well known for its classic ready-to-wear, mens-wear, womens-wear and accessories. Nuna Couture “Creativity Is Our Trademark� An interview with Designer Creative Director Nathaniel Nunoo Q-As a designer tell us in your own words, T’ Shirt and fabric for companies and Why you love this profession? personal clients in the early 2000. A- Growing up I always want to do someWorked and partnered With some of thing that people can’t live without, a the best fashion labels in the country Profession that has a great impact on and some embassy. Fashion has always myself, community and the country at been there since my grandmother and large. Clothing and accessory designer was grandfather also made clothing. a passion from childhood. Q-Describe your inspiration Q-What was your favorite Collection A-Inspiration comes in many ways, movyou designed and why? Was there ies, music, natural and artificial objects and something or an experience that inmost importantly family. spired this collection? Q-Describe when you knew your true A-Hmmmmm my favorite collection calling? will be Dagomba in 2010 and Vintage AI love art very much, so I used to design on Sackar in 2017. continued on page 94








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Dagomba was my first ethical collection. I was inspired by the natives from the upper north part of my country Ghana and their way of life. My designs depicted their passage of rite in present time. Vintage Sackar, I had less to do about because was an already designed collection I got from my grandfather, collection he made in the late 80’s. I added the Nuna Couture touch to suit the now fashion. Q-What is the hardest or the most challenging aspect of this business? How have you handled this from your perspective? A-Most challenging is when other brands and small fashion house knock off your designs without your knowledge. The hardest is not getting the needed support from the government. I handled by registering and trademark some of my original designs. I also attend event organised by the government to tell them to put more effort in fashion one of the basic importance in life. Q-What advice do you have for a young aspiring student entering the fashion field? What would be the most important message you could tell them? A-Fashion is a great profession, there is more to it than sewing and designing. One should add the business side for the profession and take it very serious. Q-Is there anything else we need to know about you about your brand or anything else that would define who you are as a designer? A-Nuna Couture is a Ghanaian fashion label. The name “NUNA” is an acronym of the designer’s name – “NU” Nunoo- “NA” Nathaniel. The company was established in 2011 in a local private house in Accra. Nuna Couture is well known for its classic ready-to-wear, womens-wear and accessories. Q-Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Long Term Future …. The nuna couture has a big production house which will employ a lot of people and departmental stores all over the world. NUNA Couture - USA International Fashion House Showroom 46



The CM Brand is a new clothing brand developed by the young Cape Verdean, Cindy Monteiro. She is 26 years old and she was born in Switzerland. She has lived between Switzerland and Cape Verde. She studied in France, in Lyon and Paris. By the time she developed her own style, not forgetting her roots, incremented by the environment in which she lived, very soberly associating Glamour, Elegance, but also the ambivalence between strength and sensitivity of the Cape Verdean Woman. She privileges fitted and straight cuts, light textures, sober colors and lightweight materials adapted to the climate of Cape Verde. The CM Brand was introduced on December 7, 2013 in Praia. It is marketed by CMC Consulting Company, which has a showroom in Palmerejo. In Cape Verde she devoted herself to develop the Cape Verdean Fashion Industry, participating in some events like the first Hair Styling Show; VaissFashion Day; She represented her country at the African Fashion Reception in Paris; She has been the Cape Verde First Lady Fashion Designer; and by it she had the chance to send a dress to the last United States First Lady Michelle Obama, who kindly sent her a letter thanking her for the dress.

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CINDY MONTEIRO MANA JUMPSUIT The black and white jumpsuit Fabric produced in Cape Verde Pano Terra 100% cotton and tissued by hand! 50


Q- What made you decide to become a Designer? A- Since I was a little girl, I always had this dream of being a big fashion designer. I have a lot of drawings from when I was 7 years old. I was already designing women’s clothes and making my own collections and catalogs. As I was growing up in a country where Fashion almost didn’t exist, I discovered one of the first Cape Verdean’s fashion designer when I was around 15 years old, Fatima Almeida. She was the only one I knew and everybody kept on telling me that if I decided to do this job, I would starve. There was no market for that kind of profession in Cape Verde. But here I am... doing it, as a Fashion Designer. I am passionate for what I do. Somehow I live for it, even if I cannot live from it. It has a very strong impact on my personality and on my everyday mood. Q- What inspires you? A- My inspiration is based mainly on women and nature. It comes from every little thing I see, I hear or experience. I don’t have any ritual to find inspiration. Sometimes just a white paper can be enough.


Q- What was your favorite Collection you designed and why? Maybe this one; that is going to be presented now in Las Vegas Fashion Week in February 2018, called Berdiana! Why, I don’t know- Maybe because it’s the first time I have been working so closely with nature, and maybe because for the first time I can see a real big line of my own personality through this collection, which is the contradiction. The big contradiction between luxury and craft is one of the base lines of this collection. This inner contradiction comes from my country, from it’s story. We never had treasures; all we have is land, sea, sun and good people that had to cope to have something. Since the beginning, men went out of the country to find better things and a better life for their people and their families. This was very noble, but the life of the women left behind with the family and the preoccupation for the one who left wasn’t easy too. Women had to provide for all the family, she had to educate the children, and most of them were forgotten by their husband, but they didn’t have the right to fail the family so they were strong. So they learned to cope, to manage with what they had, and they did it. Q-What is the hardest or the most challenging aspect of this business? Since my experience has been mostly in Cape Verde, I will tell you a little about it. I think that my first challenge was dealing with my own fear, that maybe it was not a good idea, and that it might not work. Everybody kept on telling me it wouldn’t. I had and still have to deal with the fact that I live in a country with a subsistence economy, where we do not possess any kind of treasure. Every little thing we have has to be imported. We do not have any fabric industries, textile, or other… and the fashion market is very small, because we are just 20,000 people. A very small amount of them can afford the lux of fashion designer clothing. I’m a dreamer and when I started I knew it would be difficult. I didn’t imagine it would be this kind of difficulty. Today, I’m fully aware of all the difficulties in this business, and I have learned the patience which has helped me to always give my best. I keep doing things as I think they should be done. I’m learning every day, and I think I’m still far from being the designer I dreamed of being. But, I keep on working.



CINDY MONTEIRO DRESS: RAMANTXY Made with jute fabric ornamented with sugar cane craft, and local sea shells


DONA B DRESS BY CINDY MONTEIRO A 100% Eco dress! Jute lined fabrics! And for the inside dress 100% cotton! Ornamented with leader corde and hand painted!



Q-What advice do you have for a young new designer? If I had to tell something to the young aspiring designers to be, it will be: to believe in yourself; to believe in your dreams; to work for them because nothing is given to you easily ; and to be patient because when you are young you are always in a hurry. Mostly keep your mind and your eyes open so you can see the bigger picture and you will always find your way.

CINDY MONTEIRO DRESS: CUNFIADA Made with cotton twill and jute fabric


The Brand to Watch FOR.... Growing up in California as a child, the soon to-be fashion designer would watch her mother sew hers and her sisters Halloween costumes. She enjoyed seeing her mother’s process, from the early stages of creativity to constructing the garment, putting the finishing touches and then the best part wearing the costume for trick or treating. She would receive so many compliments from her friends, other children including their mothers. Even strangers would stop her and her sister and ask to take pictures of their costumes. She would try her best to remember the words so she could say them verbatim back to her mother. When her mother tried to show her how to differentiate between fabrications, how to sew by machine or hand, or fit a garment shell, she opted for other activities such as bike riding or playing video games. After graduation, Mrs. Torres enlisted in the United States Navy, she took along her California fashion sense with her. She enjoyed looking at gossip magazines and always looked for the “Who Wore It Better?” column. She enjoyed watching her favorite celebrities show up to award shows, especially the Academy Awards, seeing not just the designer gowns, but to see what details were placed in the ensemble, the large amount of fabric to add fullness or the trains that seemed to run on for miles. She bought fashion magazines by the truck loads and use their “What’s in” as a starting point for her style but would always add her own unique attitude and personality into her wardrobe. Feeling her time had reached its end with the USN, her then boyfriend, Alex, (now husband) asked her what she would do with her time. 56





A commercial for the Art Institute showed and she thought to herself, why not. During her interview process she had asked so many questions in regards to styling, and the advisor assured her she would get the ins and outs of styling within the designer program. During her class introductions, she realized more than half the class wanted to go into styling just like her. Feeling the job would be unviable, she made the choice to go full force with becoming a fashion designer. Her beginning sewing classes were difficult, a fellow student had to show her how to thread her industrial JUKI sewing machine. She practiced her sewing assignments more than a few times before turning in an acceptable piece for grading. She stayed late after class or after school for instructor help. She attended most workshops provided by sewing instructors, not just for help with her sewing assignments but to gain more information that she knew would help her long after she graduated. She made sure to respect the craft, her garments show her discipline and steady work ethic that shows the time, quality of care and love that went into each design she created. A year after graduating from AICASD, she stopped putting in applications for fashion industry jobs and cancelled all her accounts for job notifications. She saved a nice nest egg, knowing she just had to wait for the window of opportunity. Less than half a year later that opportunity presented itself in the form of Fashion Week San Diego. She had completed her application but a sense of uncertainty overcame her, she sat on her application for 2 weeks. On the day of the deadline she pulled up FWSD’s webpage and saw the link to send the application was gone. She had memorized the email address, quickly wrote up an email and sent in her application. She received an email confirming her appointment to interview as a howcasing designer. Her window of opportunity turned itself into a door, she showcased her first collection at the FWSD15 Runway Show where she was voted 3rd Place Top Designer by the FWSD audience.




As a returning veteran for the FWSD16 Runway Show wowed the audience even more with her FWSD16 Runway Collection, taking home the Top Designer for Fashion Week San Diego’s first place winner. Winning her spot to showcase and compete in Las Vegas at season 12 International Fashion Week Las Vegas , Territa was one of the Semi Finalist Emerging Designers earning her way in the qualifiy round to compete LIVE for the Title Emerging Designer of the Year in February 2018. She will be one of the 25 designers who will be competing @ Season12 International Fashion Week LV- A very anticipated Fashion Week event planned for February 16-23, 2018. UP CLOSE WITH TERRITA Q-As a Designer share with us what inspires you when you begin to create a collection? A- I am a Leo and I have the need to create. I love to draw and use my imagination. I love art, visiting museums from the past and present. I love time period books, movies, musicals and plays. I enjoy history, mostly from a fashion point of view. Q- Describe when you knew of your true calling A- Winning third place as Top Designer for Fashion Week San Diego 2015. It was affirming to me that the brand was unique and interesting enough to not just turn heads but to gather a small following. Q-What was your favorite Collection you designed and why? A-The Romanese Collection. I turned to the Roman Empire era and researched Japanese Female Warriors as inspiration. Utilizing dart manipulation to create chic, interesting pieces and intriguing style lines to bring forth an adventurous side to the wearer. Using soft peach and white fabrics as the stable point to showcase the softness of femininity while using black and gold trims to showcase strength and bold statement pieces. Q-What is the hardest or the most challenging aspect of this business? 1) Money. (Budgeting) Putting money aside for expenses for fabric, notions, trims etc. Then putting aside money for photoshoots, props, payments to those who participated etc. Lastly money aside for business travel such as gas and food. 2) Travel. Lots of fashion opportunities are in Los Angeles and San Diego. I have to commute more, so budgeting plays a major part now. 3) Time. Trying to stretch 18 hours days. Scheduling time in my sewing lab to design, sew, and finish garments. Updating the brands social media platforms. Shopping for fabric, trims, notions (in LA, because bartering is a must, see 1 & 2 come into play!) Scheduling fittings with clients and potential clients.




Attending meetings and events for Fashion shows the brand is participating in. Researching other outlets to showcase and promote the brand, such as pop up shop opportunities and consignment boutiques..

Q-What advice do you have for a young aspiring student entering the fashion field? A- Don’t stop at No. Keep asking and reaching out to numerous sources until you get your Yes. Q-Is there anything else we need to know about you about your brand or anything else that would define who you are as a designer? A-I am a Mexican/Native American woman entrepreneur from Southern California whom is retired from the United States Navy after 9 years of service. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Long Term Future ‌. A- I see Territa Torres Designs being sold in numerous chains in the United States. On its way to becoming a house hold name.



I create I invent I protect






Q-As a designer tell us in your own words, Why you love this profession? A-I am a designer because of the passion I feel for it and by profession Q-Describe your inspiration? I love dressing up smartly so I was inspired by fellow designers so that I could one time make my own outfits. Q-Describe when you knew of your true calling? In 2014, I was still in school doing sciences but I was being forced. So I decided to change and join art. I wasn’t satisfied so to complete my dream I joined fashion designing and my heart is now at peace.

Q-What was your favorite Collection you designed and why? My favorite collection is The Extraction. I will be showcasing this collection in Las Vegas 2018. Q- Was there something or an experience that inspired this collection? Yeah, mineral extraction suit. When I saw the garments these people wear, I decided to make fancy ones for ordinary people. I ended up creating “the extraction collection.” Q-What is the hardest or the most challenging aspect of this business? A-The most challenging aspect to me is only capital.


Q-How have you handled this from your perspective? I try to cooperate with big event managers when I show them my work and they like it. They usually assist me and make it possible for me to participte in the event Q-What advice do you have for a young aspiring student entering the fashion field? I would recommend him or her to give fashion his/her best shot no matter what stands before them. Q-What would be the most important message you could tell them? All I can say is one should always find a way to go where they belong. To follow their true calling, it is where their treasures are. Q-Is there anything else we need to know about you, your brand or anything else that would define who you are as a designer? I create, I invent, I protect and I love God. Always expect to win. Q-Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Long Term Future ‌. Somewhere in the USA owning the fast and biggest clothing brand. I will be the top designer, living a happy life with all those around me in a happy world.







Q-As a designer tell us in your own words, Why you love this profession? What is your story of how you came about.. A-I am a designer because I love being different. I strive to set myself and the client out of the crowd. They will wear a unique and outstanding outfit and jewelry that will be the talk of the event. Q-What inspires you when creating a new collection? A- My inspiration is from many things. They are colors in the materials, the patterns. The body of a woman and what a man would like to see his woman as. The event theme and music....Love. Q-Describe when you knew of your true calling? A-I am an artist naturally. I never liked seeing another woman dressed in the same designs as me. I was extremely overweight and ....I decided to dress differently. Sketching out patterns and thinking I could look better, gave me more confidence to stick to fashion. Q-What was your favorite collection you designed and why? A-I have enjoyed making all of them. Like children, you don’t know which is your favorite . You love all of them the same and each holds a special meaning. Q-Was there something or an experience that inspired this collection? A-Yes, I was overweight and hated to have on the same design as the next woman. The only difference would be in the size. So I started to sew my own dresses. Q-What is the hardest or the most challenging aspect of this business? A-Sometimes you get a customer who doesn’t appreciate the value of the outfit you have taken your time to make. They assume it’s as easy as a 2 dollar outfit to make. I explain to them the cost of the material, where I have gone to purchase the material, and sometimes even go with the client to see what the variations are. They end up appreciating the quality of the design.





VERSATILITY OF DENIM 2013 Runway Show Schedule on line


Q-What advice do you have for young students entering the fashion field? Never give up. Nothing else is easier. Your passion is what drives you in anything. Q-. What could be the most important message you could tell them? I would tell them they are in the right path. Designing clothes for the masses is the fastest and happiest way to change someone’s outlook. I enjoy making a difference in someone’s life with the way I make them feel when they wear my designs. Q-Is there anything else we need to know about you about your brand or anything else that will Define who you are as a designer? I love unique styles. I am capable of making all kinds of outfits for 100’s of people in the same room not just the same color scheme or pattern.

Q-Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Longterm future..... I see myself owning several outlets around America, Africa and Europe. Designing for high end clients around the world with the unique African print, pure cotton materials available in millions of patterns and colour scheme.

I enjoy what I do. I love being different. I set fashion trends one stitch at a time.

Edie Odette Collection 74



Tropical Crush

photographer Heidy Huttuen



Nominated WGSN Best Fashion Start Up 2016, Allerton is a Sydney based fashion forward swimwear label with a focus on fit and adjustability. With a sporty yet feminine approach, Designer Pirra Griffiths is passionate about creating impeccably fitting garments that work with the body, creating beautiful lines and celebrating curves. Launched at Miami Swim Week in 2015, Allerton distributes internationally in major retailers in the UK, USA & NZ. Allerton has featured in Italian Vogue, Russian Elle, Daily Mail UK, GQ Magazine, Daily Telegraph and Cosmopolitan Australia. Seen on Rihanna, Victoria Secret Model Cindy Bruna, Mame Adjei and Bikini A Day creators Tash Oakley and Devin Brugman. Stocked on The Iconic, Beachlife Australia, House of Fraser (UK), Mazarine Aqua, Zodee and others. Borrowing its name from her mother’s maiden name, Allerton is a tribute to Pirra’s family as a source of inspiration, support and encouragement. Allerton Swimwear is committed to improving conditions in the garment industry and we feel we have a responsibility to continuously improve our supply chain, promote and support ethical manufacturing and encourage positive body image and empower, not just our customers, but all women. The Allerton Woman is an aspiration muse, she is Strong, Sexy, Healthy and Inde2013 Runway Show these Schedule onevery linearea of design, pendent. We are passionate about promoting values in manufacturer, and partnerships.



THE BEGINING I grew up in a small coastal town on the east coast of Australia, Port Macquarie, I basically lived in my bikini and quickly found the need for swimwear which was functional so I could surf and be active in and also look fashionable. I started making some bikinis for myself and some friends in high school, playing with my own prints and functional design features. I used to make clothes for my dolls when I was little. the I also challenge of creating a garment with a function that has to work with the body and fit to the body well and comfortably. I love of finding the balance between fashion and function. I love

really love

the challenge




finding solutions to

the technical aspects of .


I learn a lot from the talented machinists and makers I work closely with. I love hearing their ideas and solutions to designs I might have. Usually, if I am developing something new, I will sketch and work on a mannequin a lot before drafting a pattern and sewing the first sample myself. I then go to my machinist with an improved pattern and explain to them what I am trying to achieve. We then work together to come up with a solution that balances function and fashion. Q-What was your favorite Collection you designed and why? Was there something or an experience that inspired this collection? John Galliano has been quoted as saying ‘you’re only as good as your last collection’ and although I try to learn and continue to grow, it’s important to look forward. I am most proud of the pieces I have designed which achieve my goal of balancing fashion and function. The 87 Tank One Piece is a winner because it balances function with fashion. It’s simple, easy to wear and looks amazing on just about anyone. I also love the bikini Rihanna was spotted in early this year! I was so excited to see my idol in a bikini I designed, it was such an honor!


Photography by - Eddie New



Q-What is the hardest or the most challenging aspect of this business? How have you handled this from your perspective? There are so many challenges! Apart from the long nights and weekends of working, one of the biggest challenges was finding factories, suppliers and agencies to work with, and to supply me with small units to start with. Another challenge is brand awareness. I am lucky that my sports luxe style signature comes naturally for me, so I think the message of the brand is clear, but standing out from the pack is hard, especially being an independent label with no financial backing. I’m still learning, I’m always reading articles and books about different aspects of the business and asking others for advice. Q-What advice do you have for a young aspiring student entering the fashion field? What would be the most important message you could tell them My mum used to tell me ‘The harder you work, the luckier you are’. Such a great motto, and I think it’s true. I think it’s also really important to be able to identify opportunities and as well as risks or to recognize when things just aren’t working. I always tell students to get as much work experience as possible. You learn so much by seeing different processes and the way others work. Q-Is there anything else we need to know about you about your brand or anything else that would define who you are as a designer? I am passionate about spreading my ideas and passion. Allerton is all about the concept of ‘Fashion with a Purpose’ – whether that be about social change, ethical manufacturing methods and reducing waste and our footprint on the planet. Allerton has three main goals around Fashion with a Purpose: 1. The Environment and Ethical Manufacture Manufactured in both Australia and in Bali. I use regenerated fabrics where possible, made from post-consumer materials, including discarded fishing nets.


I only work with manufacturers who are also committed to reducing waste and recycling the fabric again. I think another important point is supplying and purchasing well designed, well-made clothing which can be used season over season. This is through a combination of well-designed pieces (that aren’t entirely trend driven), good quality fabrics and the best quality manufacturing. I am passionate about educating consumers about our ecological footprint and I think that by telling people Allerton’s story, it helps raise awareness of the need to make smarter decisions when buying clothing. Buying ethically/environmentally responsible clothing we are in a way voting with our wallets on what we care about. I lecture on fashion at a university and always try to impart onto my students the responsibility they have as future designers and consumers on ensuring we stop unethical and environmentally harmful manufacturing practices. 2. Spreading a positive message I design for an aspiration muse, who is Strong, Sexy, Healthy and Independent. There is a strong focus on garments with adjustable and multiple wear options, so the wearer feels comfortable and sexy no matter what size she is. We also offer alterations for different body shapes. My sports luxe handwriting aims to encourage women to be active and healthy, with garments designed to work as swimwear, active wear and surf wear. In everything Allerton does, I want to project a positive message, of loving your body and life. 3. Giving back Supporting ethical manufacturing, positive environmental practices and education is one thing. I also feel it is my responsibility to give back as much as I can. I have worked with a Human Kind Project, a beautiful charity designed to empower and educate women in Malawi. We have also recently visited and donated to an orphanage in Bali as I feel it’s important to give back to the communities where I do business. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Long Term Future …. I’d love Allerton to expand into the US and be able to work more with factories and fabric manufacturers to help improve the conditions in the fashion industry. 82


photographer Heidy Huttuen





“JANTS� Designer & Creative Director

Joel Enyinnaya

Q- As a designer tell us in your own words, Why you love this profession? What is your story of how you came about? A- The love of fashion engaged me into fashion making. I grew up watching my grandmother make clothes as a fashion designer (name Mama Janet). She is the founder of Jants collection. Since 1938, just after her wedding in 1936, carried up the profession down to the 80’s in which my biological mother took over the profession. During those times while growing up I was assisting my mother to work in her work shop as a fashion designer . Q-Describe your inspiration A-I was inspired by seeing a lady I knew go from nothing to become a big brand by getting herself into the fashion industry. Q-Describe when you knew of your true calling A-Just after watching the Glitz African fashion week Ghana in 2014. That was my first time attending a big fashion event. Q-What was your favorite Collection you designed and what inspired you? A-That was “Jants Prestige� collection in 2016.. The focus was to break into the market and the intention was to sky rocket above the other existing designers, “The challenge� was the inspiration. Q-What is the hardest or the most challenging aspect of this business? A-The infidelity life style of workers here in Ghana. Tailors at work keep feeling they are rendering their employer a favor, they don’t see themselves as employees.





Q-How have you handled this from your perspective? A-I keep adjusting by mounting a vacancy sign board even when I still have enough workers at the factory. I don’t stop having a standby tailor as a spare. Q-What advice do you have for a young aspiring student entering the fashion field? A-They need to be more focused on pushing the name of their brand; serious networking. Q-What would be the most important message you could tell them? A-Get up every moment with your work. Find a passion in it. Discover the interesting things around the work and make it a priority. For example, I love hanging out with models. I love the back stage. I don’t go to Clubs anymore. Fashion shows are now my party, my clubbing, my sunbathing. I wish I can showcase in every fashion show that pumps up around the world. It is now my hobby. It makes me want to produce more and show the world more. Q-Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Long Term Future …. A-To have a show room in Lagos, London, and Atlanta. All the major cities where you find blacks as well as the whites that love Afrocentric attires.






I see Fashion as my “First LOVE�





Q- Why do you love Fashion and what is your inspiration? I don’t know why I love fashion because I see fashion in me, and as a matter of fact, it was my first love. I had all my inspiration from the Bible when Adam and Eve were naked in the garden of Eden and God made clothes out of a sheep’s skin, which made him the first designer on Earth. To my understanding, fashion is not just about making clothes, it’s a lifestyle. I saw it in me when I was in high school. I started making clothes around May 2013 when I completed high school, at the age of 18. That is when I built my first brand in December 2013, with the little I made in that period of time. Q- What was your favorite collection? My favorite collection of all times is the SHINE UR EYES collection. This collection was inspired by the hardships I went through, the betrayals, people who became ungrateful after getting something from you, including your own family. So, I gathered all this pain and made a collection with it that I showcased at a show named Runway Ghana in April 2017. Q-What has been a challenge for you in this business? My challenge is finance. There are less investors here for fashion and it makes it very difficult to build a brand to meet the international market with the little income you make. Building a brand now in the world is money, not talent. But am still working very hard to meet that perspective. Q-What advice do you have for any new fashion student considering this field? My little bit of advice to the young student entering the fashion field is for them to follow their passion and be very hard working because it is not easy out there. Be very careful about friends and who they take advise from (Haters). Q- What can we expect to see from you in your next collection and your future in Fashion? I have spent four years to build Akimidiz Fashion. Since age 18 until now, I had the help of the almighty God. Some people call me the “Fashion Messiah” just because of what they have experienced working with me or wearing my designs. So, if some people give testimonies about my designs as bringing them joy, luck, etc., then I am thinking of making the Messiah’s collection in the near future. This will do great miracles. I see my brand as the highest height of fashion worldwide. It is really a God-given Talent.







It’s a case of “he said, she said.” Robert Rison of Rison International Design Group has both a women’s and a men’s line and each of them make a definite statement. His men’s line, Celibacy, speaks to the overt sexuality of men and his women’s line, ECLAT, speaks volumes about the French word meaning “flair” and “brilliant display.” “I am naturally a visual artist,” says Rison. “I had a scholarship to Miriam Webster art school but instead went into the Air Force. I continued to paint. I was living in Las Vegas at the time and my art started selling in the gay community. My artwork was based on the dress designs done by Erte. Then, one day, one of my friends who was performing in ‘An Evening at La Cage’ said to me, why don’t you bring your dresses to life? I then started designing costumes for Las Vegas entertainers Marva Scott, the late female impersonator Kenny Kerr, and up and coming female impersonators in ‘La Cage.’ Even today I design for some cast members of ‘Divas Las Vegas’ at The Linq.” Rison, who thought of his fashion lines 10 years ago, says that his inspiration for his women’s fashion line stems from the facts that he has always loved women’s dresses and his mother dressed to the nines. He reveals that his creativity is an overwhelming desire that comes naturally and that he is heavily influenced by the Elizabethan era, the late 1800s Charles Worth design era. “I try to blend that with a tropical island feel,” Rison explains. “I look for softer fabric and play on the Elizabethan design. Where my men’s line is concerned, there is a richness to my men’s jackets. They have a ‘rich taste’ look without being too opulent and offending the average buyer.” Rison does mostly custom work and tailoring, allowing customers to choose a particular collection as well as the fabric and look while he keeps the aesthetic in his design. He has just introduced his Four Seasons men’s and women’s collections of 20 pieces each. Now, that’s 2013 talking! Runway Show Schedule on line





Q- What inspires you as a designer? A-I am normally inspired by music. It evokes or awakens my creative senses. I also study current trends and do fashion forecasting. This allows me to create pieces or collections that tell my story as a designer at the same time save its purpose to the market. I target the outgoing, daring and experimental type of client who is comfortable in their own skin and is not afraid to show off their beautiful figure. I also want my dresses to be an unspoken statement that leaves my audience asking for more. Q- When did you know when your true calling was? A- My true calling was in 2008 that’s when I developed an obsession with fashion design. I would help my mother design and sew fancy party dresses and children’s frocks for her work portfolio, so it’s something I looked forward to developing my skill from there hence at A level I studied textile clothing fashion design popularly known as TCD and I also discovered that I am good at designing so I then pursued 100


a degree in clothing fashion design at Chinhoyi University of Technology where the skill was developed into a talent, now it comes natural. I can dream of a dress, I can design at home on a bus, it just comes easy anywhere and at any time. Q-What was your best collection so far and what makes it so special to you? A-My best collection is heavy in your arms. I decided it was my best because it tells all the pain and struggling and all the good will that I faced as a young upcoming designer. Being a haute couture fashion designer in Zimbabwe, not a lot of people understand or appreciate the art. So, when I launched my label Lorantofu in 2015, Heavy in your Arms, the collection clearly communicated what I am about as a designer. I took the liberty of informing people what haute couture is about and I managed to gain popularity because I was different, fresh and daring. That made me get a lot of clients after the launch, despite critics and cultural ethics that the Zimbabwean culture has. I managed to be recognized as an international, young, upcoming designer who not only caters for Zimbabweans or Africans but for the entire world wide. I am confident heavy in your arms meets that level of sophistication and I pray it goes down in history as one of its kind in the world of fashion.


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Q-What has been the most difficult challenges of being a designer and how have your overcome it or not? A-My biggest hardship is the financial support due to my weak and struggling economy. A lot of designers like me are now forced to search for greener pastures in other economically and fashion forward countries like South Africa, USA, France, Italy, and China because the economy no longer focuses on growth and development of our talent. I have to sell some of my prized work at a very cheap price or just attend events where they use my work for free. If one is willing to apply for the garments hence I am forced to sell them at ridiculous prices that do not even cover the costs I would have incurred during the making of the garments. Another problem I have faced is that our country now has an influx of cheap imported garments and no one appreciates my work of art. I am now designing an evening gown, that I should be selling at 500-1200 US Dollars, for 100 USD, and I’m dubbed a tailor not a designer. There is corrosion of the designer title and we are now classified as tailors which is wrong. I have managed to keep my business afloat because I now produce a wide variety of garments from School Uniforms, wedding gowns, children’s clothing as well as haute couture. I sell them at affordable prices but most of the time I am forced to compromise my standards and try to suite what the economy wants. It is also stifling my growth as a designer and without a sponsor I have since closed down my shop and now operate at home. Q- What advice do you have for a new designer considering this field? A-I would suggest they enter as many fashion show competitions outside the country so that they network and showcase their talents and skills. I would also advise them to save towards their dream, because if you do not save for your future you will struggle finding sponsors in Zimbabwe. I would also advise all young upcoming designers to patent and register their work, and not compromise their values in order to suite certain situations because you would lose your authenticity and individuality. At the end of the day you won’t be known by which category you fall into and people will not take you seriously. Something more about myself…. I am very talented and I am a cut above the rest. I am very unique and I know what I do and I do it very well.




BLUSH Collection Synopsis: Set in fall/winter 1950’s Germany- our woman attends a glamorous party. She goes outside on to the terrace for fresh air. A handsome suitor appears out of nowhere and strikes up an engaging conversation. As they talk they stroll the beautiful garden. The longer they talk- the deeper they venture into the gardenlike a maze. They laugh and enjoy each others company when the young lady notices that it is getting darker. She suggests they go back but when she turns around the handsome man is nowhere to be found. She hears a faint whisper-like wind that whistles “Welcome to the Secret Garden...”. She starts to run the maze. It seems the maze walls are getting taller and taller.... or maybe she is getting smaller and smaller..... Will she ever escape?

Model Haven Boutique FB: Model Haven Boutique or D’An Harrold IG: @modelhavenboutique Periscope and Twitter: @modelhavenbouti YouTube: ModelHavenBoutique Office: 256-468-7292 Cell: 757-927-6028 Publicist: Yvonne Forbes, 516-469-0587


D’An Harrold (pronounced De on), owner of Model Haven Boutique, designer, model and creator of a thought- provoking fashion line, brings a new emphasis to fashion. She is a 5th generation Fashion Designer. D’An showcases at prestigious shows from New York to Atlantic City to Vancouver and Italy. Season 15 Project Runway Semi-Finalist, she showcased during Atlantic City Fashion Week with Project Runway Alumni Tasha Henderson, Mah-Jing Won and Nathalia J Mag. She is carving a new niche in fashion with her Ministry in the Fashion Industry called Vanguards of Faith. The goal is to help women find beauty in their own gifts. Dignity and attitude help women and girls to secure a personal signature through fashion. She teaches sewing, cooking, etiquette and personal style in free classes because she personally savors the thrill of seeing a new outfit transform a woman mentally, physically and spiritually. To D’An, fashion is the platform of transformation that brings the butterfly. Fashion is her tool to help everyone find their own grandeur. Through fashion she connects humanity one piece at a time. Through the intense power of her belief, she touches lives with beauty and style. She strives to touch people with the magic wand of self-love through the strength of Personal Fashion Power.



D’An Harrold was born in Richmond, VA. She began sewing at 12 years old. Dressing in her mother’s clothes and creating designs with paper dolls, she turned handme-downs into personal style. She felt the call. Finding inspiration in everything, her intention is to help others find that special place in fashion to make them blossom and meet their secret dreams. Her passion for helping others and touching people with style grew. Facing a life-changing illness and life struggles, her own transformation brought a belief that her mission is bigger than the path she walks. Her determination and love of family drove her to overcome obstacles and edit her own story. The constraints of the fashion industry force mediocrity, but D’An creates fashion without size tags. The shame of size and shape disappears as clients find their personal style and transform to confident, powerful women with the right touches and no focus on size or “in”. Every time someone puts on a Model Haven design, they become who they truly want to be. The new life she found as she beat death confirmed the power within. From Huntsville she is spurring a major fashion movement that defies conventional styling. Her goal is to design and style clients across the globe, spreading the Power of Personal Fashion for all shapes and sizes.

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Q-As a designer tell us in your own words, Why you love this profession? A-I love being a fashion designer primarily because it is a fast-paced industry that inspires my sense of creativity to a whole new level. Creativity is the lifeline of fashion. Therefore, I am constantly turning stylistic imagination into a real piece fashion people can wear, appreciate and feel good about. Q-What is your story of how you came about? A-Well, I have always loved fashion. It was always my dream to become a fashion designer. When I came back from studying fashion in Paris in 2012, where I saw firsthand how difficult it is to break through the fashion industry, I was despondent. I did not want anything to do with fashion. But all that changed when I received a phone call from my good friend Fiona who was interning in Miami. She asked me to be a part of a fashion show her company was doing. Though reluctant at first, I decided to show my first capsule collection of seven garments in Miami of 2012. The event was so inspiring that it invigorated my interest in fashion and motivated me to press on. Ever since, I have participated in a number of subsequent fashion shows from which I have come to be. Q-Describe your inspiration? A-My inspiration derives from my love for writing and reading stories. I often watch old classic films and look at iconic ladies that look amazing, whether it be on stage, in a movie, a music video. I would then think of a piece of fashion more fitting for that particular environment. Thus, my design is a story and I want those who wear my design to experience that story, too. So, as I write and read, it inspires me to envision new designs. Every story has a unique world in which it exists, and that world is often translated into piece of fashion. Q-Describe when you knew of your true calling? A-I knew of my true calling when, at a young age, my mother would tell me that I would to take her clothes, cut it up and make it fit me. She said I would always get in trouble in school for trying to dress up my uniform to make it more fashionable. So from there I realize that my love for fashion was clear to not only myself but those around me. So I knew it is where I belonged.


Q-What was your favorite Collection you designed and why? A-My Fiona Yacht collection Q-Was there something or an experience that inspired this collection? A-My friend Fiona, who inspired me to design, passed away a few years ago. Since she was very elegant and creative in style, I vowed to create a line of design in her honor called The Fiona Yacht Collection. I wanted the yacht collection to embody her taste for fashion and personal style. Q-What is the hardest or the most challenging aspect of this business? How have you handled this from your perspective? A-The most challenging aspect of this business is trying to fit in. It is difficult to integrate new line of designs and be recognized when one is new to this complex world of fashion.



Q-What advice do you have for a young aspiring student entering the fashion field? What would be the most important message you could tell them.? A-In the words of my grandfather, “one must persevere, persevere, and when you want to give up, persevere.” Whenever a student would approach me on the subject of fashion, I would make sure I ask: are you willing to struggle for what you love? Are willing to sacrifice everything for an excellent career in fashion? It is not easy but it is worth it. One must have an inherent passion for fashion in order to succeed in it. One must be ready and willing to embrace the setbacks and push through with dignity and consistency. Be open to criticism without losing yourself. Finally, be thankful for whatever support system you have around you. Q-Is there anything else we need to know about you about your brand or anything else that would define who you are as a designer? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Long Term Future …. A-In 5 years, I would like to see a piece of my fashion brand in every woman’s closet around the world. I want to be a part of their conversations and in their lifestyle. When someone asks them what they were wearing, I want them to say “Hadascha.” I also hope to take the brand Hadascha internationally, and place my garments in luxurious resorts, cruises and boutiques around the world.


201 T A L







The reason I love this profession is because you can transform into anything, it boosts one’s confidence, and helps gain one’s self-esteem, as it did for me. The way I became interested in modeling is due to Naomi Campbell. I saw her walking in a fashion show and they called her walk the “Naomi Campbell Walk”, and I told my mother I want to be a model like Naomi Campbell. So, my mother would let me walk around in her heel as a little 7 year old. However, after I finished High School and gave birth to my now 2 year old daughter, I wanted to show people teen mothers can succeed in life and I wanted to

Andrea King

pursue my modeling career.




Why are you LOOKING TO ADVANCE IN YOUR MODELING CAREER? I am looking to advance my modeling career because that’s been my passion since I’ve been a little girl, and I want to show my daughter you can do and be anything if you fight for your dreams and put your all into your craft. Describe your inspiration: My inspiration is Naomi Campbell, because she’s a beautiful black woman, as I am and she showed me that black is beautiful which was hard for me to ever believe while growing up. Describe when you knew of your true calling: I knew my true calling when I was 12 and I would model in stores and people would say you have the height and the walk, you should go on America’s Next Top Model when you get older. I love modeling and will always love it. I was honored to participate in quite a few Fashion Shows. What was your favorite GIG you PARTICIPATED IN and why? My favorite gig I participated in was the Ragazza Moda e Spectello in Calabria, Italy. I was honored to model out of the country and see how supermodels feel traveling to other countries. What is the hardest or the most challenging aspect of this business that you feel so far? How have you handled this from your perspective? The hardest aspect of this business so far is not always being picked for a show or shoot. But I have handled myself in a professional way, because your look will not always be the look, one is looking for.

What advice do you have for young aspiring girls entering the fashion field? I would tell that young girl always fight hard toward your goals. But the most important message I would give would be to never give up and never be discourage if you are not picked, because someone, somewhere will love your look. Is there anything else we need to know about you or anything else that would define who you are as a new model ?

The only thing I can think of is that I am super determined and I will work hard to get to the top. I am extremely respectful and professional, meaning I understand how to conduct myself as a model. I do not have an attitude when a designer doesn’t pick me nor do I catch attitudes with staff’s or anyone working a show. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Long Term Future …. In five years if my life goes as planned, I see myself as a Supermodel for Elite Models or Wilhelmina models, living in London or Paris.




Monica Chiang

My biggest advantage is being conflictual but harmonious at the same time.


Monica Chiang Why do you want to be a runway model? I love beauty and myself. Previously, I was a architect student and I always tried to integrate the outside beauty and the my own ideas. Progressively, I found that the better way to perform the beauty and creativity of myself is to become a model. Through the camera and the stage, I could show my own uniqueness and beauty to the people around me. I have this endless passion and curiosity for fashion. I love how fashion has fulfill this world with different statement of beauty and lifestyle. How it connect people from different culture and ethnic. Me having a multi-culture and designing background, always enjoy sharing the pieces of designers and work with artists, photographers as a team. I have my own thought and style, I, myself is a brand of loving, believing and sharing. I was diagnosed of major depression in university, accordingly to childhood experience and life stress. I learned to face the real me and grow confidence in a hard way, but it makes me who I am today. As a model, I speak for my brand. I can share my story and give the resources I get from society back to those who is in need. I want to be not only a runway model, a fashion model, a great model but also a role-model. I chose what I love and stay with it, I see beyond fear and now I know who I am and what I want. 120



Masha Mesheryakova USA



Why are you LOOKING TO ADVANCE IN YOUR MODELING CAREER? Nobody can become a model overnight. For most aspiring models, one of the hardest things to do is to put yourself out there and become known in the industry. For me, I am hoping that walking the runway for Fashion Week Las Vegas will open the door of opportunity for me. I want to advance my career in modeling because I love how much fun and joy it brings in my life. It is exciting to always be working on new modeling projects and just being involved in the modeling industry. Describe your inspiration: Growing up I was always really interested in trying on my mom’s makeup and putting on her clothes. I really looked up to my mom, even though she wasn’t a professional model, my mom is definitely gorgeous enough to be one. She was the one who always encouraged me to compete in the runway for Fashion Week Las Vegas and she is the one who continues to inspire me to this day. Describe when you knew of your true calling: For many successful models, there is usually a time in their life when they realize that modeling is what they were born for. For me, I am still figuring out what I really want to be. So far, my moment of opportunity was when I won Fashion Week Las Vegas’s Social Media Competition. Before this, I was mostly involved in acting and a little print work. I was not sure if modeling was for me, however, I am excited for what the future will bring, and I am sure that in due time I will find my true calling. What was your favorite GIG you PARTICIPATED IN and why?
 Was there something or an experience that inspired you to look at modeling? My favorite gig I was involved in so far, was in 2015 when I played the role of an angel in Crystal Dawne’s “Dear Angel’s” Music Video. This was one of the bigger projects I had worked on and it was definitely one of the most exciting and memorable. Around Christmas of 2015, my mom and I decided that we would go and do a little photoshoot amongst ourselves just for fun. We had gone to this beautiful place, and spent about 3 hours taking each other’s pictures. At the end of the day, we were packing up and getting ready to leave, when multiple people had started to approach me and asked me if it was me they saw getting her picture taken hours ago in the street. I told them “yea, it was me!” They told me that I should try modeling because I acted like I was a natural. At that moment, I had only ever done acting, and never thought about modeling. However, after that day I really took into consideration what those people said and I decided, yea, why not? I should try modeling!


What is the hardest or the most challenging aspect of this business that you feel so far? How have you handled this from your perspective? I think like almost all aspiring models, one of the hardest things about modeling is never knowing when you will or will not be working. Modeling is a job that requires a lot of confidence. There is a lot of rejection in this industry. I now know that if you really want to be a model, you have to be willing to take in all the rejection that will come. I know that not everybody will find me pretty or model material, and I have come to learn that it is okay to be rejected. There will always be other opportunities if you really believe. When you are rejected in the modeling or entertainment industry there is really only two paths you can go down. A person can either give up or a person can battle the rejection and allow this to make them stronger. I personally have been rejected multiple times. I have had agencies email or call me and say, “sorry, while we are casting new models, you are just not our type” or I have heard, “sorry, while we are casting, your height does not meet our requirements and your legs are a little too short.” There is truly no way to really avoid rejection. I have learned that you have to teach yourself to grow from rejection and try to battle the haters out there!

Is there anything else we need to know about you or anything else that would define who you are as a new model? I am also a young aspiring model. So, while I don’t have years of experience, what I do have is a will to try. If I want something, I will never give up until I get it. 124


What advice do you have for young aspiring girls entering the fashion field? What would be the most important message you could tell them? I know that while I am still aspiring and growing as a model, there is really nothing more to say than never give up. While many people will reject you in this industry, you will also learn that there are people who will love you. You have to learn to be patient and wait for your door of opportunity to open. Many rejection doors will close, but it is the one door of opportunity that will help you succeed in modeling. No matter how hard it gets, you have to remember that trying will always get you places. The most important message is, “Never give up because the haters let you�. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What is your Long Term Future? While I dream about seeing myself on the cover of Vogue Magazine in 5 years, I know that it is probably not realistic. However, I do see myself working on becoming their magazine cover and never giving up. In 5 years, I hope to be successfully working in the modeling or entertainment industry.






Why are you interested in a modeling career? I look to advance in my modeling career because I love my body. I love myself so much, my body is what I cherish. God has given me a great body and I have to take care of it. I also want to stay healthy and fit all my life and modeling is the best job for me. I think that when you look thin and healthy, you are more beautiful. Describe your inspiration: My inspiration comes from Naomi Campbell. When I see her, I always say, “she is black and I am also black. I can be like her.” She has inspired me a lot. I am a model born. Describe when you knew of your true calling: My true calling started in 2009 when I went to GHANA for my studies. I went there in 2007 and 2 years later I was dreaming of becoming a top model. I was at home one day watching tv and I saw AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL. That day I could not sleep well. I started dreaming of becoming one. I nearly quit school. I heard a voice in me saying, “you are a model.” It was from that day I knew I was a model. Was there something or an experience that inspired you to look at modeling? I look at modeling because I saw AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL on tv in GHANA in 2009. I had never been on a runway show before at that point. I might have never dreamt of it if I had not seen it. What is the hardest or the most challenging aspect of this business that you feel so far? How have you handled this from your perspective? I think of many things: * jealousy - I am afraid of models because of jealousy. I remember girls being bizzare when I went to a casting and they called me and not them. They all seemed nervous and strange and that is when I decided with whom to walk and whom to run away from. * Nights issues – You can leave your family for many days. Most of the time modeling happens at night. Sometimes I finish at midnight and I go home alone and I am scared of being attacked by robbers. Sometimes I sleep at my friend’s place even if I do not like it. What advice do you have for young aspiring girls entering the fashion field? What would be the most important message you could tell them? I will tell her to enter the fashion field because she has passion for it and wants to make a career. Modeling is a profession. You can not be happy nor successful if you do not love what you do. Modeling is a very competitive industry and I will advise her to be never give up and stay on top and to remain there for years. and work hard, it will pay off in the end. Is there anything else we need to know about you or anything else that would define who you are as a new model? As a new model, I have learned to discipline myself more than before. I am well organized and very neat than before. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What is your Long Term Future? In 5 years, I will be married with kids while modeling, and will live in the USA.




Why you love this profession? As a new model, I am very serious about my field. I do have confidence where I don’t give up on anything I do. Why are you LOOKING TO ADVANCE IN YOUR MODELING CAREER? As modeling has always been my passion, I feel really good keeping myself busy in modeling. I do think I have potentials to become a good and well reputable model. So, I am looking to advance in my modeling career. Describe your inspiration? I inspire myself because it was my wish to develop myself in modeling. Since I graduated my study I’ve always worked on it. Describe when you knew of your true calling? I always wish of walking on a ramp and fashion shows. When I started modeling and participated in MR. NEPAL 2015, I found that I can do better in this field and from that time I knew of my true calling. What was your favorite GIG you participated in? Was there something or an experience that inspired you to look at modeling? As I always wished to be a model, since 2014 I started my modeling career. I participated in MR.NEPAL 2015 and since 2014 from that time I started walking in ramp shows and fashion shows. And from 2014 till 2017 I’ve experienced various stages of fashion shows. What is the hardest or the most challenging aspect of this business that you feel so far? How have you handled this from your perspective? Confident and positive attitude plays the important role in this field. Since I have not been in those situations much, my experience and self-confidence is the most challenging aspect of the business which everyone fails to carry. What advice do you have for young aspiring girls entering the fashion field? What would be the most important message you could tell them? I would just advise to be true to yourself, and carry confidence and a positive attitude within you which will help you stay long in this field and love your profession. If you love your profession then your profession will love you back in return. Is there anything else we need to know about you or anything else that would define who you are as a new model? Fashion is a deep passion of mine. To be a model, it takes more than just a pretty face. I think modeling is an expressive art form and tells a story without words. You can show movement in a still picture, and I think that is incredible to be able to have that skill. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What is your Long Term Future? I’d like to see myself working all over the world as a model, and that I’ve already achieved a big part of my career. But I’d also like to live a life as a model next to having my own clothing store.





Why are you LOOKING TO ADVANCE IN YOUR MODELING CAREER? Because I’m passionate about fashion and interacting with different people and getting to know new ideas and cultures. Describe your inspiration: When I was 18 years old, my family said that I had the size to be a model. I was not interested in modeling at that moment. When I was an adult, I remember that in Medellin, my city of birth in Colombia, I lost my job. When I saw an advertisement in a modeling newspaper, I had an audition and was excellent. From that moment, I was so passionate about this that I started to take care of my body to participle in events. Describe when you knew of your true calling? After I lost my job as an assistant, and I had to participate in events with a very important newspaper in my city. What was your favorite GIG you PARTICIPATED IN and why?
 Was there something or an experience that inspired you to look at modeling? When I participated in Colombia Moda and Q,hubo Medellin What is the hardest or the most challenging aspect of this business that you feel so far? How have you handled this from your perspective? Meeting or working with arrogant people. I treat it with respect and education.

What advice do you have for young aspiring girls entering the fashion field? What would be the most important message you could tell them? That you enjoy every moment. That you do not let go by the ego. That what you do, always do it with passion.

Is there anything else we need to know about you or anything else that would define who you are as a new model? I want to travel and to know different countries of the world and their different cultures.


Tell us in your own words, your interest in Fashion and Modeling and when it started for you? I’ve been interested in this industry since age 10, after being told by Designer “Biggy” from Kingston Jamaica and my peers that I had ‘the look” and height. A couple years later, I figured this industry would be a fantastic opportunity to gain more self-confidence and step outside my comfort zone. It turned out my peers were correct! As my modeling career progressed, and I realized I was the girl in the pictures and walking the runway, I fell in love with the feeling/adrenaline. My passion has been, and will always be, fashion and modeling. Over the years, I’ve learned that modeling is more than just a pretty face; it’s an expressive form of art Do you have any fears in

renee Neil CANADA



this industry? To date I can honestly say there are no fears..

What kind of modeling have you done so far, Print, Film? To date I’ve done runway and print. Have you done any other runway shows in the US - Overseas? I’ve walked Alberta Fashion week and Caribbean fashion week. What has been a memorable experience you have had thus far? I will always reminisce on my first runway show. It was memorable for me, as it was the first time I had that adrenaline rushing through my body. I felt alive on the runway! Striking my pose toward the end, cameras flashing; there’s truly no better feeling. What kind of clothing lines do you like? I’m a huge fan of unique, one-of-a kind designs that push past their own borders. Who is your favorite designer? Currently Olivier Rousteing (Balmain) is my favorite. What/Who has been your inspiration thus far? My inspiration has definitely been my mother. She is such a strong, phenomenal woman! Her strength keeps me going, makes me strive to be able to provide for her, above and beyond, as she did for me. She’s a jack of all trades but is still able to pick me up whenever I’m having a bad day. Her unconditional love is amazing! Who has been a supporter of your ambitions in modeling? My mother and my brother have been my #1 fans throughout my modeling career. They have supported me along my Journey within the industry. What do you find most difficult today? I find living in a city where weather temperatures below 20 degrees is a normal occurrence. During the winter, it is difficult. What would be your ultimate idea of a photoshoot? My Ultimate photoshoot would be located underwater! I’ve seen numerous images of this caliber and love the idea and look. This would be a new challenge for me and the opportunity to add a new experience to my portfolio. What location would you go to if you could snap your fingers and be there to do a photo shoot? If I could snap my fingers and be there, my choice would be the Maldives. It is absolutely gorgeous! What are your long term & short term goals? My goals within the modeling industry are to excel in all that I do and in the near future be labeled a Supermodel/Entrepreneur. In 5 years, I aspire to be featured within at least five magazines A dream of mine is to walk in the Victoria Secret Fashion Show as well as for Balmain in New York Fashion Week and I plan to accomplish that.


Renee continued How do you prepare mentally and physically for a photoshoot? To prepare for my shoots, I am constantly researching new looks, styles, poses etc. Ways to move outside of my comfort zone. Go above and beyond! Do you have any dislikes about this business? I don’t dislike any aspect of the business thus far. I’ve been taking it all in, and having fun with every new experience. Is there anything else you want share with us? I’m a strong-minded individual who is enthusiastic and passionate about all I do. I strive to achieve my goals no matter the circumstances or obstacles present. I possess a good sense of humor and treasure honesty and loyalty. I’m described as a “social butterfly” who gets along with everyone.







As a NEW MODEL, tell us in your own words, why you love this profession? What is your story of how you came about? I love the modeling profession because, I am passionate about it. I came about it in 2012 when a friend discovered I had an interest in modeling and introduced me to an agency, spice modeling agency. That was where I was groomed. Why are you LOOKING TO ADVANCE IN YOUR MODELING CAREER? To gain international exposure and experience and to become one of the top models in the world. Describe your inspiration? Helping young street kids inspires me to do much more so I can help people. Describe when you knew of your true calling? From the age of 14, I realized I had the desire for reading fashion magazines and imagining myself in them. I would put on fancy clothes to look good and walk like a model. What was your favorite GIG you PARTICIPATED IN and why? My favorite gig that I participated in was Ovation Red and Carols Awards Night held in December 2013, for the first time in Ghana. I walked for one of the top African designers (Mai Atafo). Among the guests were politicians, statesmen, celebrities, etc.




Was there something or an experience that inspired you to look at modeling? I get fascinated by the way the models rock the runway and get cover features on magazines. What is the hardest or the most challenging aspect of this business that you feel so far? The most challenging aspect for models in Ghana is being paid peanuts after some shows and also there are no laws to protect models in Ghana.

What advice do you have for young aspiring girls entering the fashion field? My advice I will give to upcoming models is not to give up on their goals and always stay focused and know that with hard work they can make it. What would be the most important message you could tell them? Nothing comes easy, but with hard work and determination you can make it. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What is your Long Term Future? I see myself modeling in major shows around the world and cover features with top magazines and also making waves as one of the top models in the world.





Why are you LOOKING TO ADVANCE IN YOUR MODELING CAREER? True calling and looking to advance - I first got into modeling just to boost my self-esteem and to motivate myself to have a good body. I figured I could do more and possibly pursue it as a career when I realized I enjoyed walking on a ramp, found fashion interesting and had the confidence to carry out the different looks that photographers and fashion designers wanted. All of this has had me looking to advance my modeling career, not just to earn a living, but further understand the industry and try my hands with the different types of modeling. What better place for that than the Land of Opportunity. What was your favorite GIG you PARTICIPATED IN and why?
 Was there something or an experience that inspired you to look at modeling? Amongst the gigs during my career, one of my favorites was the one organized by London Fashion House back in 2012. It was more of a cultural themed ramp walk which not only gave me a platform to present myself as a model but also gave me opportunity to experience the cultural attires from different corners of the globe. It was a truly inspirational moment with the fact that being a model I am also carrying cultural values of some people’s lifestyle. The experiences definitely gave me an insight to the professional life of a model and inspired me to perceive fashion as not just a style of clothing but reflect a person’s mannerism and values. What is the hardest or the most challenging aspect of this business that you feel so far? How have you handled this from your perspective? I think, overall, I have a very positive mindset and do not think there are challenges that cannot be overcome. However, being an ethnic minority may not give me the exposure that I may want. However, platforms like these are definitely very encouraging and helping mend the difficulty.

What advice do you have for young aspiring girls entering the fashion field? What would be the most important message you could tell them? To any young adult wanting to pursue modeling, the advice I would most likely give is that always have a positive mindset and an open mind towards the industry. It can be very competitive, but will also be rewarding, and the only thing that can take your career forward is patience and hardwork. To young girls especially, my advice would be to not worry about the typical standards of body type and face structures. All of which can be very intimidating. The main thing to keep in mind is that fashion is evolving all the time and for the better, so do not let it intimidate you too much.


Is there anything else we need to know about you or anything else that would define who you are as a new model? Being a runway model has always been one of my biggest passions. This is a right set of circumstance to let myself stand unique amongst others and helps me bring confidence in myself. It is all about an art of being creative to market themselves along with the wear/garments they are given to promote. These are the few major reasons which always push me and inspires me to be a runway model.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What is your Long Term Future? I am really looking forward to pursuing this as a career. So as a long term future, I am very optimistic about being on the position where I could look back and cherish the modeling phases I would pass through.




kat campbell USA 144


Kat Campbell is a 16 year old model, actress & host. She has been in front of the camera either modeling, acting or hosting since she was 12 years old. She has been a host at events like the X Games LA and Shaun White’s Air+Style and prior to walking the runway Kat was hosting at LA Fashion Week and Style Fashion Week in Los Angeles. She has a passion for all things Fashion.





Why do you like Modeling? I Love Modeling because it’s a Career that I am very passionate about. Modeling is fun, it’s full of experiences and you can travel the world, meet amazing people, witness different cultures and lifestyles and try different kinds of food hahaha- which is my favorite part. You also learn to pay attention to every part of your body, making sure you’re healthy and fit always, so you look perfect. How did you get started in this business? I was actually on my way to the shopping mall one Afternoon, in October 2014, when a guy called me, I turned and went to meet him. He asked me if I was a model and I told him I wasn’t, and he asked if I would like to be, and I said well, I know nothing about it but I have to ask my mum first, and we exchanged contacts. I got home, asked my mum and she said if I wanted to try it out that will be fine and I called him and started going through the training for catwalk and poses and all. Felt funny at the start, but then I started enjoying it and developing Passion for it, and I got my first fashion show in December 2014 that was AFRICA INTERNATIONAL FASHION WEEK NIGERIA, so I had to be flown from my home country Ghana to Nigeria for that show, it was an amazing experience! What motivates you about Modeling? I want to advance in modeling because it’s a very exciting and lucrative job, in my country it’s not completely recognized as a career but a hobby, so I want to change that idea, break mainstream with modeling to let them know it can be taken as a full-time career! What inspires you? I get inspired by Nature, the beautiful flowers around, well colored and styled and kept in a position looking so gorgeous, so when I find myself in a designer’s outfit, styled and colored, I take a pose like a flower, meant to be attractive, to bring joy, excitement, and draw people closer to check me out, ha ha ha. When did you know this was the career for you? I knew modeling was my calling when I started developing huge passion for it, and I would surf the net, checking out other models and designers and also when I would attend castings and get good compliments from casting Directors, it was then I knew this was my career.


What was your favorite GIG you did? I have a couple of favorites, from my first runway show Africa International fashion Week, to Ghana Fashion and Design Week, to Men’s Fashion Week Nigeria, I met amazing models and designers from all over the world, we spent time together during fittings and rehearsals and also the pay check was tasty.. What is the most challenging aspect of this business you have experienced so far? And how have you handled this? The most challenging aspect of the business for me so far, it’s the payment portion, it can really be frustrating. Clients expect you to look, radiantly flawless, and that requires money, so how do they expect us to do that when they don’t pay us well, that’s the most challenging aspect for me so far! To handle the situation, I make sure I communicate with the client, giving my model release to be signed. I am involved in a new association that was just formed in my country, MODEL’S UNION OF GHANA (MODUGA) which aims at fighting for models, growing the industry and giving us a voice.



What advice do you have for any young aspiring models? My advice to every young aspiring models is be prepared, emotionally, physically etc. This is an image based industry, there’s a lot of rejection but if you really want this don’t let that hold you down. Fight, Work Hard, take risks, Try and Try and Try, no matter what, Slow Motion is better than No Motion. And above all be Humble and have a pleasant personality! What else do you want to share with us? As a new model I’m ready to take over the world, not like a villain though lol, but take over the fashion industry positively, I’m a Fighter and a survivor, so sit back and watch me fly higher. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? In the next five years, would have been an accomplished top model and presenter, having my face on top magazines and billboards around the world, been on top fashion shows walking for renowned designers, would also have my modeling school running which I am making plans for already, my TV show (MODEL’s HALT) also running and on DSTV and also my Charity foundation which is running already (Lend 2 Learn Foundation) having branches in at least 2 countries. Thank you!


Kendall Vargas USA 150


Take Rejection with a Grain of Salt


As a NEW MODEL, tell us in your own words, why you love this profession? What is your story of how you came about? For me, modeling is much more than obtaining a paycheck. It’s a way of selfexpression, it’s an art, and it’s something quite complex and demands some sort of skill. Growing up I was always artistically inclined more than anything. In fact, half of my biological father’s side of the family were artists. I tried doing music when I was younger but that didn’t really give me any satisfaction. One thing that stayed with me consistently was drawing/painting. To be more precise, I’d commit to drawing figures and silhouettes of people and I was actually quite good. I loved how beautiful and how differently the body could present itself, except I never really had the courage to try it for myself. But it was constantly on my mind. I did all my schooling in Vegas and, at the time, met a very special person. A few years ago, that helped me grow immensely as a student and as an individual. Was there something or an experience that inspired you to look at modeling? I left Vegas in 2014 and went on to Washington to pursue my bachelors. It was there where I began to grow out of my shell. As I was doing my studies in WA, I was also doing quite a bit of traveling on my own. That’s when I really started to realize that there was something about fashion and modeling that was much more than just a typical fondness for it. I was really connecting with it. My trip to Baltimore in 2016 was one that really struck out to me. There was this rich culture that gave me this sense of freedom in what you wear that was really striking. I liked it more than New York. There was fashion just about everywhere I went and what made it different was that it was so relaxed. Shortly after that same summer was when I started going to castings and began organizing my own shoots. All I had was my phone camera and some editing tools but it was enough. What is the hardest or the most challenging aspect of this business that you feel so far? How have you handled this from your perspective? I think the most challenging aspect of this business is that you’re required, and expected, to always have confidence in yourself and in your work. This is a difficult thing for so many of us because we tend to be too self-aware. You need to learn to relax, learn to control your emotions, and have extraordinary focus and I believe that’s when you can really bring out the model in you. I actually did a shoot in the nude recently and I did it because I wanted to escape the feelings of vulnerability, grief, and hopelessness I was having at the time. I wanted to move on, so I did what I knew I was passionate about and modeled. I personally find refuge in this craft. 152


What advice do you have for young aspiring girls entering the fashion field? What would be the most important message you could tell them? My overall advice for aspiring models would be that you need to feel empowered doing it and with that requires confidence and dedication. Also, seeing it for what it is, an art and treating it as so. That means looking at it beyond financial gain. I’m sure many aspiring models want to know what steps to take to get signed. But the matter is there isn’t. You can only hope to get signed and never expect it. No matter how qualified you think you may be. So, apart from building and strengthening your confidence, and mind, you should take rejection with a grain of salt. Know that there are boundless amounts of opportunities out there to get your work noticed and to use that rejection to improve in fueling your dedication to keep going until you accomplish your goal.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What is your Long Term Future? In five years, I see myself completed with my bachelors, working towards becoming a diplomat, and walking runways… kidding… that would definitely be ideal! However, I do see myself working in some kind of human rights advocate position and I also still see myself modeling as well, and travelling a lot more.


A “Tomboy” WITH

Curves & Tatoos




As a NEW MODEL, tell us in your own words, why you love this profession? What is your story of how you came about? What I love about the profession of modeling is being able to work with so many talented people‌from photographers and designers to marketers and all the various business minds associated with a project. I love how I can be a chameleon for different projects and help evoke a particular mood or feeling that is the goal. I enjoy that challenge. Sometimes the goal is simply to create a beautiful image and I love that too. One of the things I truly like about this profession is how it appears to be so easy to an outsider, but the reality of being a model is that it is very difficult. It requires tireless work and dedication and an ability to be very adaptable. The great models make it seem easy, when in reality, it is so far from being an easy task to be a great model. What is your story of how you came about to be interested in Modeling and specifically what inspired you and how did you know this was the career for you.

Like many young women who end up in modeling, I was a bit awkward growing up because of my height. I was definitely the proverbial

tomboy and I loved being outdoors and hanging with the guys more than the girls.

I was always complimented on my large eyes and certainly had my share of people tell me I was attractive...but it wasn’t until I was pushed by my friends and my mom to go to some open calls and to take some professional photos that I truly saw that this was something I wanted to pursue. I loved how I was able to be a four-wheeling son of a gun during the day and then transform myself to work with a great photographer and create beautiful photos of me done up with professional make-up and gorgeous, flattering clothing. I began to see other models start to pierce through the cookie cutter idea of what a model should look like and that inspired me. Wow, I can live my life and feel free to be who I really am...AND also work hard to pursue my dream of being a professional model?!!!

I was on board to chase this dream with all my heart. 156


What was your favorite GIG you PARTICIPATED IN and why? Was there something or an experience that inspired you to look at modeling? As a model, whether it is posing for a local merchant or local photography studio...or doing a layout for a digital magazine, there are always things about each experience that I enjoy and make sure to cherish. Simply being able to be modeling brings joy to me. That being said, one of my favorite experiences was doing a shoot that ultimately ended up having multiple pictures included in a digital magazine that features models who proudly showcase their tattoos. This was important to me because one of my goals is to show that a woman who has real curves, who has tattoos she loves and is proud of, and lives in the Midwest, not a big city, can still create great images that people respond to in a dynamic way.

What is the hardest or the most challenging aspect of this business that you feel so far? How have you handled this from your perspective? There are so many things that are difficult about modeling: Constantly having to market yourself, fighting against the tide of not looking like a “traditional” model, being a single mom and knowing that as I chase my dream it means a wildly fluctuating income as work comes and goes in fits and starts. The patent rejection by so many agencies because I have tattoos and am curvier than a traditional model has been infuriating at times. However, I also know that people respond to my images and that if I keep pushing I will find the right people, the right brands and products and ultimately the right environments for my skills and my look to be embraced and showcased...and I can make my son incredibly proud to see what my perseverance and dedication resulted in. What advice do you have for young aspiring girls entering the fashion field? What would be the most important message you could tell them? Best piece of advice is to get in front of as many people as they can and to ask questions and ask for referrals. There are so many talented and beautiful models that it is important to constantly be selling yourself. The best piece of advice I would give to someone starting out is to align themselves with professionals who are earning a living in the industry and are not “part-timing” it. Additionally, don’t sign anything until you have had counsel review it.




Is there anything else we need to know about you or anything else that would define who you are as a new model? I’m not sure ultimately what my impact will be as a model. But if I can show how a tomboy with the curves of Jessica Rabbit and a few tattoos can be embraced by corporate brands for their campaigns, I will feel like I have helped open doors for other young women who will follow me. Most importantly, my impact will be as a mother who is showing her son that given only one life, it is foolish not to doggedly chase your dreams no matter how many people tell you it is impossible because you live in Iowa, or because you have tattoos, or because you have curves that although they may make men drool, you are told you are a hindrance to your career because of what most designers are looking for. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What is your Long Term Future? In five years, I see myself as being a recognized face as a model and hopefully an inspiration to other young women who are trying to break into the industry and who also may not have a “traditional� look. I see myself being able to do a variety of modeling and continually be showcasing my versatility. My long term goal is to model for many many years, but along the way to be absorbing everything like a sponge so eventually I can augment modeling by being involved in other aspects of the business. I am not just hooked on creating beautiful photos or doing an exciting runway event. I am fascinated by all that goes into it from talent acquisition and paring with brands and designers, to the creative work associated around coming up with campaign themes, to the skill and artistry of the photographers and make up artists. I hope to eventually find where my skills best align within all of that, and put forth the same drive and determination as I have laser focused on modeling today so that I can be successful in all of my future endeavors.


Dilrufa Shanaz of Sri Lanka



Why are you LOOKING TO ADVANCE IN YOUR MODELING CAREER? This profession is a profession which can be explained like the climate. It changes day to day; hour to hour. That inspires me to change myself on a personal note as well. I came to this profession through a beauty pageant in my country, which is Miss Sri Lanka, and then I studied this Art in a professional environment. A modeling career always sees fresh faces and I decided that I don’t want to be a model but a super model and that is where I want to advance as well. Describe your inspiration: My inspiration is myself since I am a human who falls and gets up on my own. I know what I want and what needs to be done so I choose my path too. 
 Describe when you knew of your true calling: I knew my calling the moment I kept my foot on the ramp. It was the moment where I realized my worth and my passion. What was your favorite GIG you PARTICIPATED IN and why?
 My GIG would be all the shows I did till date. I have always walked on the ramp with passion and there is nothing less I did all the shows to fill my satisfaction and to fill my incomplete holes. Was there something or an experience that inspired you to look at modeling? I wanted to be a model since I was a small kid. The world full of glamour made me fall in love with fashion. What advice do you have for young aspiring girls entering the fashion field? What would be the most important message you could tell them? My advice would be to not come to the modeling field just because someone says so. If you have the talent, intelligence and passion walk in. You should be a friendly character with everyone and should be a humble character. If you don’t have patience, then that would be a minus point in our field. So first, think about all aspects and then join the field. Is there anything else we need to know about you or anything else that would define who you are as a new model? To know myself better, you need to follow my work. I am a passionate model who immensely loves working. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What is your Long Term Future? In the long run, in five years I would see myself as a successful lady in accordance to a model.


Why are you LOOKING TO ADVANCE IN YOUR MODELING CAREER? I always wanted to be a super model since when I was a child. My bodily features always inspired me to pursue this profession. I love this profession because I feel good. I love to do this work. I like to be in front of a camera. When I completed my bachelors of mechanical engineering in June 2015, then I realized that I really didn’t want to see myself in an engineering and technology career. I really didn’t enjoy it and after that I decided to make my career in to one that I have always dreamed of: being a super model. There comes the start of my career. I started working on my body and my personality to get ready to be a super model. What was your favorite GIG you PARTICIPATED IN and why?
 Was there something or an experience that inspired you to look at modeling? My favorite GIG was my show on April 2, 2017 where I was a show stopper in Fashion NX2017. I was felicitated by “Model Of The Year” award. The experience to work with industry professionals was very amazing and I learned about ramp and fashion shows a lot. What is the hardest or the most challenging aspect of this business that you feel so far? How have you handled this from your perspective? I feel the challenging part in this business is to maintain that perfect body. Every day I have to keep track of what I eat and what I wear. But every challenge is meant to be won and so did I, everyday intense workout and eating healthy and staying stylish helped me maintain my body and gained applause from people. What advice do you have for young aspiring girls entering the fashion field? What would be the most important message you could tell them? The most important message that I want to give out to the young aspiring models out there is that no matter what challenges you face as life is full of challenges, always be very confident and give your best to work. Hard work and persistence is key to great success in what you do. So always keep at it and keep doing good work. Is there anything else we need to know about you or anything else that would define who you are as a new model? I am very confident and always want to give my best to work. I always make sure that people get happy from my work and they feel proud of me.



Kevin Bakrania








In 1993, architect Tom Wright of WS Atkins took on the challenge of creating this groundbreaking superstructure. From the very beginning Burj Al Arab was planned and designed to become the icon of Dubai. It was to be extravagant and luxurious, a reflection of its Arabic heritage and traditions of hospitality, a beacon to light the city’s future. Construction began in 1994 and involved 3000 companies and contractors; 250 designers from the UK, USA and Dubai; and 3500 workmen on site at any given time. It took two years to reclaim the island in the shore waters of the Arabian Gulf, and a further three years to erect the magnificent landmark. Burj Al Arab’s doors officially opened on 1 December 1999



Burj Al Arab


Dubai is the prosperous star of the United Arab Emirates. It is hailed as one of the fastest growing cities in the world and is home to a culturally diverse, dynamic community. Historically, the city evolved around Dubai Creek and it continues to expand ever outwards with groundbreaking new developments. It is one of the world’s top holiday destinations due to the perennial sunshine, a combination of world-class leisure facilities, first-class hotels and the dramatic shoreline, where white sands meet the Arabian Gulf. The icon of Dubai, Burj Al Arab rises out of its own man-made island 280 metres from the Jumeirah coast, 15km south of the city and 25km from Dubai International Airport. Visible from almost everywhere in the city, it is linked to the shore by a slender, gently curving causeway. Structure and Exterior Design Height At 321 meters above sea level, Burj Al Arab is the tallest all-suite hotel in the world. It stands proud as one of the tallest buildings in the world and the tallest single structure on a man-made island, taller than the Eiffel Tower and a mere 60 meters shorter than the Empire State Building. Design Designed in the shape of a billowing Arabian dhow sail, Burj Al Arab represents a significant tribute to the nation’s seafaring heritage. Burj Al Arab continues the nautical theme established by its sister hotel, Jumeirah Beach Hotel and the Wild Wadi Water Park. The Sail The sail was a considerable technical challenge, featuring a double-skinned, Tefloncoated woven glass fiber screen across its ribbed belly. It is the first time such technology has been used vertically in such form and extent in any building worldwide. It is dazzling white by day and transformed to display a spectrum of color at night, vibrant and alive against the skyline.



The Helipad Located 212 meters above the sea level, the helipad provides an opportunity to arrive or depart from Burj Al Arab by helicopter and admire the city from a different perspective. Structure An incredible 70,000 cubic meters of concrete and more than 9,000 tons of steel were employed in the construction of the tower. The Island Burj Al Arab stands on a man-made island 280 meters offshore, connected to the mainland by a slender, gently curving causeway. The building is supported by 250 columns that go 45 meters under the sea and is held in place by the friction of the sand. The Ellipse Fountain 20,000 liters of water, combined with bursts of fire, are orchestrated into the most unique and dramatic visual symphony at the entrance of the iconic hotel. This taming of the elements has never been achieved a nywhere else in the world and was developed by Wet Design. Fire Display Each of the four towers located in front of the hotel, propels fireballs into the air, created by releasing a controlled amount of non-toxic propane gas. The result is a spectacular optical illusion, with the flames reflecting in the hotel’s glass exterior.


Khuan Chew, of KCA International, drew the inspiration for the interiors from the land, its people and culture. Once a desert with nomadic people, it has been transformed into an emblem of new prosperity. Burj Al Arab is a symbol of this change, designed in impressive palatial proportions. A robust and vibrant colour palette was derived from the elements; earth, air, fire, water. The layout incorporated ancient and revered traditions of hospitality, particular to Arabic nations. BURJ AL ARAB LOBBY




Cascade Waterfall Situated between the escalators leading to Sahn Eddar, this waterfall combines finely atomized water with fiber optics to produce a unique kaleidoscope effect. As water and fog flow downward through its glass, stone-filled steps, water arches elegantly in choreographed movement. Aquarium There are three aquariums in Burj Al Arab hotel, two situated on each side of the main hotel lobby and the circular tank in Al Mahara restaurant, with approximately 50 species of fish kept in the tanks. Atrium The world’s tallest atrium is over 180 meters in height. It is abundant in warm, natural light, flanked by golden columns, with a beautiful central fountain where water arches dance in sudden bursts over 42 meters into the air. Lights There are over 28,000 light fixtures in Burj Al Arab. Materials The finest and most exclusive materials were sourced for finishing the interiors of Burj Al Arab. Amongst the fine items brought in to create the magical interiors were custom-made carpets and rugs from South Africa and India; marble from Brazil and Italy; wooden doors from Dubai and chandeliers from the UK. Marble The rarest Statutario marble was used in walls and flooring. This is the same marble that was used by Michelangelo when creating his masterpiece sculptures. Over 30 different types were used throughout the entire hotel, covering nearly 24,000 square meters: 10,000 square meters of smooth marble flooring in suites and lift lobbies and 13,000 square meters in public areas. Gold Leaf Approximately 1,790 square meters of 24-carat gold leaf was used to embellish the interior. Glass 43,446 square meters was used to embellish the interior. 172





Suites Burj Al Arab is an all-suite hotel that comprises 28 double stories to contain the 202 luxury duplexes of superior standard. Room Specifications The collection of duplex suites ranges from 170 square meters (1,830 square feet) to an incredible 780 square meters (8,396 square feet). 142 One Bedroom Deluxe Suites 28 Two Bedroom Deluxe Suites 18 Panoramic Suites 4 Club Suites 6 Diplomatic Suites 2 Presidential Suites 2 Royal Suites




Royal Suite – the Height of Luxury Spanning the entire 25th floor, the two regally appointed Royal Suites are the absolute must for visiting VVIPs. The grand entrance door of the suite leads to the magnificent hall and the fascinating marble and gold staircase invites guests to the upper level. Palatial surroundings surpass home comforts with a private elevator between the two levels of the suite, a private cinema, four poster rotating canopy bed and a stunning Majlis area for entertaining guests. This is in addition to a sumptuous dressing room which is larger than the average hotel room and the study is equipped with the latest business technology. In-suite technology is intuitive and programmed to suit the needs of every discerning guest. It includes 93 cable television channels, two in-house television channels, a vast array of DVDs screened on 42� plasma screens with surround sound, a business desk with iMacs, scanner, complimentary broadband wireless internet connection and private facsimile. Floor-to-ceiling windows offer each guest their own breathtaking view of the Arabian Gulf and curtains are electronically controlled. In fact, the entire in-suite electronic system is designed to allow guests to fine tune their environment at the touch of a button. Every suite benefits from a range of unique first-class flourishes, including an extensive selection of complimentary Hermès amenities and a pillow menu with 17 options, including some for children, and a special bath menu. A sophisticated private dining menu is served 24 hours. Alternatively, guests are able to coordinate with the Executive Chef and Private Dining Manager to create a personalised menu for a romantic dinner or a party to be served in the intimate opulence of a private suite.


Telecommunications All suites feature iMacs with wireless internet access, videos on demand and a 42” plasma television screen. Guests also have the ability to view and allow entry to visitors through their television. Every suite has a minimum of 14 phones (27 phones in both the Royal Suites). The guests are also offered the 24- carat gold iPads upon check-in, which serve as the “virtual concierge.” Service The unrivalled personalised service is a signature of Burj Al Arab. For the comfort and convenience of guests, there is a dedicated reception on each floor with check-in conducted in the privacy of the individual suite. Butlers are in attendance 24 hours a day to address the needs of each guest. There are around 1,600 colleagues, which makes the staff-to-suite ratio 8:1 – one of the highest ratios in the world. Royal Arrival Burj Al Arab boasts one of the world’s largest fleet of Rolls Royces available for guests’ transfers to the airport or around Dubai. Exclusive helicopter transfers to and from Dubai International Airport can be arranged, as well as scenic tours around the city and the man-made islands. The Marhaba Welcome is the epitome of true Arabian hospitality, offering guests rose water, refreshing cold towels, dates, Bakhoor and authentic Arabic coffee upon arrival to the hotel. Sindbad’s Kids’ Club Special facilities and services for younger guests are available in the Sinbad’s Kids’ Club located on the 18th floor. In-suite babysitting services are also available upon request.



Restaurants and Bars Al Mahara (‘Oyster Shell’, accessible from the upper lobby) Recognized as one of the finest restaurants in the world, Al Mahara serves sumptuous seafood in a wondrous, subterranean setting. The restaurant is accessed by a goldplated elevator located in the upper lobby. The main, circular dining area and private dining rooms are lit by the glow of enormous seawater aquaria and adorned by the most beautiful table settings. World-class chefs prepare a broad selection of the finest quality seafood with the Eastern and Western accents. A team of professional sommeliers will be delighted to assist with choosing the perfect wine to complement the haute cuisine dishes. Al Muntaha (‘The Highest’ or ‘The Ultimate’, located on the 27th floor) Al Muntaha restaurant is suspended on the 27th floor, 200 meters above the sea with breathtaking views of the Arabian Gulf, the ever changing coastline and the developing Palm Jumeirah and The World islands. Two express panoramic elevators - travelling six meters per second - transport guests almost instantly to Al Muntaha to enjoy the ultimate dining experience in one of the most unique settings.


Al Iwan (‘Royal Dining Hall’, located in the upper lobby) This royal dining hall is exquisitely designed with warm colors, rich fabrics and traditional objects d’art. With spectacular sea views during the day, Al Iwan is transformed into an intimate dining room by night, with sumptuous tables and flickering candles. Adjacent to the spectacular atrium, it serves a delicious Arabic and international buffet. Junsui (‘Pure’, located on the ground mezzanine floor) The Japanese word for ‘pure’, Junsui, is a new authentic Asian restaurant set within the opulent interiors of Burj Al Arab. With 12 live cooking stations and no less than 45 specialized chefs, Junsui offers a mouth- watering union of culinary delights from Japan, China, Thailand, Indonesia and Korea. Engaging, interactive and sumptuous - Junsui is a pleasurable Asian dining experience. With breathtaking views over the Arabian Gulf and a stylish cocktail lounge for pre- and post - dinner drinks, Junsui guarantees an eating experience of pure delight. Bab Al Yam (‘Gateway to the Sea’, located on the ground floor) Bab Al Yam offers brasserie-style informality wrapped in sensational sea views and tranquility - ideal for long, leisurely breakfasts and lunches. Guests can select from an extravagant selection of international cuisine served buffet-style or à la carte menu and enjoy their meal in the grand dining area or amidst the lush, landscaped gardens of the hotel. Sahn Eddar (‘Reception of the House’, located in the upper lobby) An iconic spot to meet at the base of the world’s tallest atrium, Sahn Eddar is a symphony of classical sounds, marble, mosaic and soft torch lighting. Against the backdrop of the magnificent 42 meters high water display, guests can linger over morning coffee or indulge in the delights of a traditional Afternoon Tea. Skyview Bar (adjacent to Al Muntaha, located on the 27th floor) This legendary cocktail lounge is recognized as a superior setting to indulge in a sunset cocktail. Extremely popular with the local and international visitors and celebrities alike, the stylish Skyview Bar is a primary choice for Afternoon Tea and pre- or post-dinner drinks in the neighboring Al Muntaha restaurant. It is the only place in the city to offer mixology, the progressive and unique concept of creating personalized cocktails to suit a guest’s tastes and mood. Together with their cocktail, guests receive a card with the unique formulae of their personal drink. 180


Conference and Banqueting Facilities Al Falak Ballroom Set high over the Arabian Gulf, Al Falak‘s sumptuous décor, is inspired by the 18th century Viennese opera house. It is one of the most impressive venues in the city and provides an unforgettable backdrop for weddings, product launches and gala dinners. Complementing the ballroom is a series of beautifully appointed and stylishly decorated conference suites, easily adaptable to meet the clients’ needs and equipped with the translation booths, video conferencing facilities and wireless internet connection. Marina Garden Marina Garden, located beside the hotel, is the perfect open-air venue for cocktails, lunch or dinner, offering stunning views of the Arabian Gulf and Jumeirah Beach Hotel. Talise Spa It’s hard to imagine a more serene and invigorating atmosphere in which to relax the body and soothe the soul than that of Talise Spa located on 18th floor. The extravagant decor is strongly reminiscent of bathing pools used by ancient Middle Eastern civilizations. Green, red, black and white colors dominate in the palette of the spa areas to represent the four colors of the national United Arab Emirates flag. Talise Spa offers a unique nature based luxury environment to help you unwind. The relaxing ritual of water, steam and rest prepares guests for the pleasure of treatments from world-renowned houses, such as La Prairie, Sundari and THÉMAÉ, applied by a skilled and caring team of therapists. Both ladies and gentlemen’s relaxation areas feature an aqua retreat. Separate indoor infinity pools, Jacuzzi and treatment rooms overlooking the Arabian Gulf complement the spa, along with saunas, steam rooms, plunge pools. Additional facilities include a squash court, a fitness center with aerobic facilities, advanced cardiovascular and resistance training equipment and a hair salon.




Assawan Amphitheatre Assawan Amphitheatre is a secluded lounge, located on the balcony of the 18th floor between the two sides of the spa. This is a perfect venue to relax and unwind after a treatment while enjoying a herbal tea or light snack from the healthy menu. The area is often utilized for exclusive exhibitions, private events and press conferences. Diwania Library The library, located in the mezzanine level of the18th floor, offers guests a quiet retreat to browse through the collection of books or enjoy a game of snooker. Other facilities Swimming Pool An open-air swimming pool is located on the ground level of Burj Al Arab, next to Bab Al Yam restaurant and Marina Garden. A swim-in pool bar offers a vast selection of refreshing beverages and cocktails in the shade of the palms. Private Beach Burj Al Arab guests have access to the private beach, located on the north side of the bridge. Comfortable sun beds on the white sand, mineral water facial sprays, cold towels and light refreshments contribute to creating a sublime, relaxing and enjoyable ambience. Wild Wadi Water Park The exhilarating waters of Wild Wadi Water Park attract younger guests and guests young at heart. It comprises 12 acres of Arabian-themed Water Park offering thrilling themed rides, game zones and fun for families. Burj Al Arab guests enjoy unlimited complimentary access to the park. FOR RESERVATIONS OR EVENT BOOKING PO Box 74147, Dubai, United Arab Emirates Tel: +9714 301 7565 Fax: +9714 301 7000 Email: Website:









Why are you LOOKING TO ADVANCE IN YOUR MODELING CAREER? To learn different cultures around me and travel the world with reference to knowing more about the rest of the world and how they bring about to tell their story through fashion and portraits within the modeling industry. For me, modeling is more than just looking beautiful on the runway or in front of the camera. I want to be able to read the real story behind the portrait, walk, colors and patterns on clothing and I feel like there is no other industry that can help me do such other than the modeling industry. It not only gives me that exposure but also allows me to become part of that evolution. Describe your inspiration: My inspiration did not come from a well-known model or a person for that matter like any other person, but from a place, and not just any place or rather fancy known place for fashion and modelling like Paris. No! I was inspired by where I come from, a small isolated place in my country where no one pays attention to and very little know exists. Mind you, this place is not known for any amazing things or things of that nature, and that is what inspired me. The fact that no one knows this place is where I found my inspiration. I grew up watching my peers thinking that if they had maybe been privileged enough to be born in the cities their dream would be more realistic to them and society. Growing up everyone around us helped us believe our dreams were too big for us given the place where we come from and with that I beg to differ. They might not know where I come from now, but one day I believe and hope to be a big shot that everyone will wish they were from where I am. But, why the modeling, one would ask? Because, I also want to change societies views that models are not smart people. So, to sum up everything, my inspiration came from all the shattered dreams of young people around me based on society’s views and background disadvantages like from where they come from and the exposure they had when growing up. Describe when you knew of your true calling: I don’t think I’ve discovered that yet. I’m still on the road to doing so as each day I learn something different as to what being a model is and means. Although, since the age of 10, I always knew I wanted to change people’s lives in a different unique way and that way was through modeling. Everyone told me it is impossible, but I never stopped believing in myself. What was your favorite GIG you PARTICIPATED IN and why?
 Hostel beauty pageant in high school. Even though I came in second, walking on that ramp made me realize that this is what I want to do and enjoy doing. It also helped me discover another part of me in which I never knew existed. I was a very shy child and walking on that ramp helped to burst my bubble and also taught me that to be a winner one does not need a trophy to prove it. If you believe you are a winner then you are one, regardless of all.


Was there something or an experience that inspired you to look at modeling? No, I just love modeling as this serves as an easier way to voice out your opinions about things and express yourself. What is the hardest or the most challenging aspect of this business that you feel so far? Get a gig as there are so many talented models out there with the same hunger as you to make it in the industry. How have you handled this from your perspective? I’ve been spending a lot of time applying and going for several auditions. As a model, I am trying to familiarize myself with the industry. What advice do you have for young aspiring girls entering the fashion field? That this field is not only about beauty and selling sex. You need to be educated and well informed about your surroundings and what is going on. Be friendly and vibrant with people and have a purpose as to why you want to be a model. Discover what makes you different compared to other models so you can be outstanding and not like any other model. What would be the most important message you could tell them? To believe in themselves and not allow society, or anyone’s opinion for that matter, to distract them from their dream. Go an extra mile to make it and dream beyond your imagination of just becoming a runway model. 188


Is there anything else we need to know about you or anything else that would define who you are as a new model? I’m currently pursuing my studies towards and engineering degree. I want to become a model and an engineer. This will help me to convey my message that models are not all about beauty but are also smart. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What is your Long Term Future? As a well-known model in the world helping young girls who have the same dream as me as well as owning several modelling schools around the country which will groom and build self confidence in young girls and boys.





Why are you LOOKING TO ADVANCE IN YOUR MODELING CAREER? Modeling has always been something I dreamed of. While I was young, I would see magazines of models in it and wish I was the one in it not knowing God would really make me a model. I became older and my mum too wanted me to become a model. So, we went in search of an agency and we found one. It was a dream come true. I was there for about a year before I left the agency because I felt like being a freelance for some time. I have a very big dream in modeling. That is why I am looking to advance my modeling career. Describe your inspiration: My inspiration is pictures of top models. It inspires me and makes me believe more in myself that I can be better. What inspired me to really go into modeling was watching the models walk and pose for the camera. I love pictures right from time. Describe when you knew of your true calling: I knew of my true calling when I joined modeling and my walk, look, life changed automatically without anyone teaching me how to.

What advice do you have for young aspiring girls entering the fashion field? What would be the most important message you could tell them? My little advice for the young aspiring girls that want to go into modeling is: first, be yourself, don’t try to be like any other models. Rather train yourself to be better. Believe in yourself and never look down on yourself. No matter where you find yourself, no matter the color of the people, no matter the country. Always see yourself as the best of everyone there!


What is the hardest or the most challenging aspect of this business that you feel so far? How have you handled this from your perspective? The hardest aspect of modeling so far is the nude shoots. At first, I was scared of shooting nudes , but with time I learned it was part of the business and part of the game.

Is there anything else we need to know about you or anything else that would define who you are as a new model? I am so easy to understand as I love making new friends. So, it’s easy for me to roll in the game. I love making people laugh. I am also an actress. I love dancing too. So, my life is full with entertainment!!!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What is your Long Term Future? Wow, in the next five years I see myself on every billboard, magazine, headline and tv. I see myself making the first list of top models in the world and making the world know color can’t stop anyone from being successful. I see myself being the best model with the best catwalk in the world. I see myself traveling the whole world modeling and teaching young models too. I would love to have my own fashion brand!

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