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Fully customizable Powerful drive unit High power battery


Ride the Revolution is an invitation and it marks the beginning of a new era of evolution for e-bike systems.

This is our acknowledgment that we hear you, the real riders out there. Those looking for the right amount of controllable power when, where and how you need it. We’ve been part of cycling for a century. It’s this experience, expertise and know-how that powers you on the trails and drives our rider-first approach. This isn’t a statement of intent. EP8 is here and it’s all yours for the taking. It’s time for everyone to Ride the Revolution.

The Revolution E-bike systems continue to revolutionize the cycling world. Our predecessor drive units were celebrated by riders across the globe, propelling the e-MTB revolution forward to unmatched new levels. We’ve built on this experience, refined our design philosophy and raised the benchmark higher.

Through evolution, we introduce you to EP8.



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Shred - Camille 36

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Ready to Ride the Revolution with SHIMANO EP8? There’s an e-bike revolution going down and we’ve raised the e-MTB benchmark. Through evolution, we introduce EP8. The game-changing drive unit riders have been waiting for. Ride the Revolution is our invitation to you. The riders watching the clock, waiting for post-work trails. The riders jumping at any opportunity to ride, the ones first to message ‘the group’.


The young at heart who defy the thought

systems and this is our acknowledgment

of ‘taking it easy’ anytime soon.

that we hear all of you. Those who are looking for the right amount of

Those weekend explorers looking to

controllable power when, where and

max out their days. The type who seek

how you need it.

adventure right from their front doorstep. We’ve been part of cycling now for a Not forgetting the everyday heroes who

century. In recent years, our predecessor

look for the roads less traveled on the

drive units and e-bike systems have been

way to work. The ones who prefer to take

celebrated by riders across the globe;

the long route home.

propelling the e-MTB revolution forward to unmatched new levels.

Ride the Revolution marks the beginning of a new era of evolution for e-bike

As e-bike systems continue to

revolutionize the cycling world, we’ve built on our experience, refined our design philosophy and raised the benchmark higher.

Through evolution, we created EP8. Our mission: to empower riders to take on the steepest climbs and toughest trails in confidence feeling fully reassured by 85Nm increased maximum torque. A newly refined Trail Mode utilizes all of EP8’s power to boost rider comfort and control. Our most versatile assist mode to date is perfectly tuned for you to ‘set-it and forget-it’ so you can take advantage of almost any trail. The harder you push, the more you can be reassured additional power will be delivered to assist. When it comes to optimal performance off-road, you want a light, agile and nimble ride. At 2.6kg, the EP8 is truly one of the lightest drive units available, delivering best-in-class power-to-weight ratio. A more compact, integrated drive unit also allows for increased ground clearance for when the trails turn technical. Despite its power, this sleek, slender and slim drive unit operates with little noise, leaving you to enjoy the natural sounds of the trails without distraction.


We understand every ride is different and

power to customize your ride way before

every rider is unique.

you buckle up your helmet.

Your favorite trails change with the

SHIMANO EP8 is the e-bike system, but

seasons. From the dry dusty days through

of course it needs an equally capable

to muddy, dirty rides. Sometimes you

bike to unleash the full potential and

want to shred hard and fast. Occasionally,

characteristics of the drive unit.

it’s time to cruise. Available now, EP8 will be equipped by a We believe all riders should feel in

number of our brand partners and ready

complete control in the saddle. This

for you to test ride at your local dealer.

belief, combined with our rider-first approach, means we have focused

This isn’t all design sketches, wishful

on creating an e-bike system that has

thinking or one big statement of intent.

customization at its heart. With the

EP8 is here and it’s all yours for the taking.

E-TUBE PROJECT App, this gives you the

Are you ready to Ride the Revolution?


Customize your ride with SHIMANO EP8 and E-TUBE PROJECT App

The way you ride e-bikes is about to change forever thanks to SHIMANO’s revolutionary EP8 e-bike system featuring unheralded levels of customization via the accompanying E-TUBE PROJECT App.

With the new EP8 e-bike system,

Not only is it light, powerful and features

SHIMANO has not just shredded up the

increased battery life, but it is also fully

e-bike rulebook, it’s written an entirely

customizable via the easy-to-use E-TUBE

new version.

PROJECT for mobile (Ver. 4.0.0).

No longer will you lack confidence – or

SHIMANO’s E-TUBE software connects

stamina – to tackle the steepest, most leg-

you to your bike via a wireless link to

sapping climbs, and gone are the days of

your smartphone. Once you’re hooked

uncontrollable power. Instead, you are in

up, you’ll be able to get even more out

control of the amount of assist, using the

of your riding experience.

extra boost when you need it most. Seasons change, sometimes within the Whatever type of rider you are – whether

course of a week, riding conditions vary

you spend every spare minute at work

and moods alter – some days you simply

thinking about the best line to take down

want to get out and shred the trails

your favorite trail or you use your bike

fast and hard, other times you crave a

for your commute into work – SHIMANO

leisurely cruise to take it easy and soak

EP8 will revolutionize your ride.

up new surroundings.


SHIMANO’s E-TUBE PROJECT App makes it simple to customize your bike’s settings to suit what lies ahead before you even get in the saddle.

The advanced levels of customization

advanced settings such as automatic

mean that you can easily adjust your


bike’s settings to match your riding style. Aside from being able to tweak assist

The latest version of the E-TUBE

characteristics, functions of the assist

PROJECT App features an updated visual

switch and display, you can also adjust

interface, meaning it’s even easier to use,

other controls, from basic settings such

and errors are identified immediately so

as language and background to more

you can fix them straight away. You can

also easily check for the latest firmware

– meaning you can switch between

releases, ensuring that your unit is fully

the profiles at the press of a button

up-to-date with the newest functionality

on your display. Each profile offers

at all times.

bespoke, finely tuned levels of power assistance depending on how much

If you love to tweak settings, you’ll

assist you require, without sacrificing

be in your element – the range of

controllability. You can then tweak to

customization available will convert even

your heart’s content as your riding style

the biggest of e-bike skeptics. You can

and conditions change.

customize each power assist level (Eco, Boost & Trail), resulting in 10 levels of

This will take your riding to another level,

assist character in total. Torque assist is

as even mid-ride you can alter your ride

applied according to pedal pressure –

profile from your smartphone if you need

when the setting is moved to Eco, battery

extra, or reduced, amounts of assist.

consumption is saved by the unit offering less assist. If you move the setting to

EP8 will also provide power boosts when

powerful, you will find that acceleration

you need them most – set it to Trail Mode

is sharper as assist is provided even with

and the more effort you put in, the more

low pedal pressure.

power will be delivered to assist.

Another useful feature is the option to

And all this power comes at a fraction

adjust the level of maximum torque assist

of the weight it used to. At just 2.6kg,

from 20-85Nm. You can set it according

the drive unit weighs 300g less than its

to the area and terrain you are riding on,

predecessor units, delivering high-end

and the lower you set the torque assist,

power at a remarkably low weight. And

the more battery power you will save.

battery capacity is improved, meaning you can ride further and for longer

The timing of assist can also be adjusted

without worrying about the amount of

– if you set it to mild, assistance will be

charge left, and a quick, power-boosting

smooth and balanced, whereas if you

2.5-hour charge recharges 50% of

set it toward quick, it will be provided as

the battery.

soon as the crank is rotated. You can also create two assist profiles – for example, one for your commute and one for weekend off-road riding

Ride the Revolution – there’s no looking back.


Exploded view SHIMANO designed motor • 85Nm high torque output • Highly efficient for a long riding range

One-way clutch • Smooth immediate engagement • Drag reduced for a natural riding feel

Hollowtech shaft • Trims weight and boosts stiffness

3-Stage gearing system (6 gears) • Optimizes high RPM motor performance • Highly efficient reduction gears • Smart packaging for compact design

2-piece high-precision torque sensor • H  igh accuracy torque measuring allows for responsive characteristics delivering the most natural power output • Refined trail mode to boost rider comfort, control and confidence • Customize your ride with the E-TUBE PROJECT app

Lightweight • 2,6kg total weight • Compact magnesium body allows optimized frame design in both weight and handling


Ten Reasons to Ride SHIMANO EP8 In 2016, we unveiled SHIMANO STEPS E8000. As the first e-MTB dedicated e-bike system, it was celebrated globally by riders and was considered a true game changer. We’ve since built on this experience, refined our design philosophy and raised the benchmark higher.

1. MORE POWER + COMPLETE CONTROL = ZERO EXCUSES Take on the steepest climbs and toughest trails in full confidence with 85Nm increased maximum torque. Tackle the ascent with eyes firmly focused on the top. Drop into the descent with certainty. Enjoy the ride. We know power is nothing without control. EP8 delivers smooth, direct power to ensure you’re always in complete control while experiencing a natural ride feeling. 2. YOUR E-MTB RIDE, YOUR WAY Every ride is different. Every rider is unique.Your favorite trails change with the seasons. From dry, dusty days through to muddy, dirty rides. Sometimes you want to shred hard and fast. Occasionally it’s time to cruise. Our E-Tube Project App gives you the power to customize your ride way before you buckle up your helmet. Choose from 10 levels of assist character, 5 levels of assist start or select and set the maximum amount of torque best suited to your ride style across 3 modes (Eco, Trail and/ or Boost). Save your preferences as two different profiles and switch between them easily via your display if swapping the commute for weekend trails.



To get you out there riding, we’ve pre-

available and delivers best-in-class power

loaded two profiles which are accessible

for its weight.

via your display. These will have you covered for a variety of terrain, from


challenging singletrack and flowing fire

Don’t let size or looks deceive you.

roads all the way through to technical

This sleek, slender and slim drive unit

rocky sections.

packs enough power to get you to the top of your next epic descent. A more compact, integrated drive unit also allows for increased ground clearance for when the trail turns technical. 6. QUIETER Despite its power, the EP8 operates with little noise so you can still enjoy the natural sounds of the trails without distraction.

3. SMOOTHER PEDALING We believe all riders should feel in complete control in the saddle. This belief, combined with our rider-first design approach, means we have raised the benchmark yet again to reduce drag by a further 36%. An improved clutch mechanism results in a more responsive ride, allowing for a smoother cut-off when pedaling above 25km/h. EP8 delivers smooth pedaling and no surprises. 7. TRAIL MODE RE-BOOTED 4. LIGHTER

A newly refined Trail Mode utilizes all

When it comes to optimal performance

85Nm of EP8’s power to boost rider

off-road, you want a light, agile and

comfort, control and confidence. Our

nimble ride. At 2.6kg, the EP8 weighs 300

most versatile assist mode to date is

grams less than predecessor drive units.

perfectly tuned for you to ‘set-it and

It is truly one of the lightest drive units

forget-it’ so you can take advantage of

almost any trail. The harder you push; you can be reassured the more power will be delivered to assist. You receive the right power boost at the right time, safe in the knowledge you’ll always have maximum traction and control. Whether tackling loose sand or steep mountain ranges, the drive unit rapidly and seamlessly self-adjusts so you can concentrate fully on the trail ahead.


8. LOOKING AFTER YOUR RIDE As sure as wheels turn, your bike will need fine-tuning from time to time. More miles and fun riding your EP8-equipped bike means wear out parts will need replacing. Whether riding local trails or hitting unexplored areas around Europe, you’re never too far from a Shimano service center or partner to help look after your bike. 9. HANDLE THE HEAT Thanks to smart heat-conducting magnesium materials and a completely re-designed motor housing, EP8 can handle rising temperatures on climbs meaning you get maximum torque for longer. This is also helped further by a larger moulded-in surface area to improve heat exchange.

There’s no better way to discover an e-bike equipped with SHIMANO EP8 than being in the saddle and out on the trails. EP8 is equipped by a number of our brand partners and ready for you to demo ride at your local dealer now.

10. GREATER BATTERY CAPACITY We’re proud to say our batteries are renowned for keeping you out on the trails and riding further. We’ve expanded our battery line-up with 630Wh internal and external batteries for even more capacity and longer rides. After 1000 full charge cycles, the batteries powering EP8 will still hold 60% max capacity, leaving you to maximize trail time all over again. They may even outlive the bike depending on how often and hard you ride. This means you can keep lapping your favorite singletrack sections during the longest days and focus on the next switchback, not the battery indicator.


Your Top 10 e-MTB Questions Answered We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 questions about e-MTBs (and the SHIMANO STEPS e-MTB technology. that drives them) so you have all the information you need at your fingertips.

Ready to Ride the Revolution with SHIMANO EP8?


a switch mounted to the handlebars,

Nearly all mainstream e-MTBs sold in

and information like assistance setting,

Europe are pedal- assist. Pedal-assist

range, and battery level are displayed

e-MTBs pair batteries and drive unit

on a compact computer. The SHIMANO

to generate 250 watts of assistance.

STEPS e-MTB system has three levels of

Riding an e-MTB feels like you have a

assistance: Eco, Trail, and Boost, plus a

borrowed a professional rider’s legs for

‘walk’ mode for a bit of extra help on the

the day, you still need to pedal but you

bike, operated using left hand, Di2-style

have a lot more power when you push.

‘Firebolt’ shifter.

A rechargeable, Lithium-ion There’s an e-bike revolution battery going down and we’ve raised the e-MTB benchmark. 2. HOW FAR drive CAN AN BEFORE powers drive unit, is fitted into Throughthe evolution, wewhich introduce EP8. The game-changing unitE-MTB riders GO have been RECHARGE? the bottom and is activated waiting for. bracket Ride thearea, Revolution is our invitationI NEED to you.TO The riders watching the clock, on a few factors, like ones how first by pedaling. Stop pedaling, hit riders 25 waiting for post-work trails.orThe jumpingItatdepends any opportunity to ride, the km/h, and the power cuts out. You, the to message ‘the group’.

much you and your bike weigh, wind,

rider, controls the assistance level using

tire pressure, how hilly the terrain is, and

especially what assistance setting you’re using. SHIMANO STEPS Eco mode, for example, is the most efficient, and could power you through about 100km of riding. Trail and Boost modes will get you less far, but with more help. The range you have le. (calculated on current settings) is dynamically displayed on the bike’s computer, so you’re unlikely to stretch your ride too far. 3. DO E-MTBS HANDLE DIFFERENTLY? E-bikes weigh up to 10 kilos more than a standard mountain bike with the same capabilities, so they do handle differently. That’s not necessarily a bad thing! Some riders feel the extra weight, especially as it’s down low (most e-MTBs have crank-based motors to keep the weight close to the ground), helps with bike stability


in the air and down tricky descents. There’s more bike to muscle around, so you’ll get a decent upper-body workout on an e-MTB in fast, techy terrain. 4. WHAT HAPPENS IF MY E-MTB BATTERY RUNS OUT? An e-MTB is still a mountain bike. Your gears, drivetrain, and brakes will all work .ne if you’re unlucky enough to run the battery .at. If you run out of juice, you’re simply le. with a bike that’s heavier than normal—a bit more than the weight of a downhill rig. Chances are you’ll be pushing up a few hills and you’ll end up with some good stories... and it’s unlikely you’ll let it happen twice. 5. AREN’T E-MTBS MOTORBIKES? No! e-MTBs are legally classified as bicycles and adhere to standards that limit their power output and dictate how they operate. They’re far less powerful than motorbikes and operate completely differently. The vast majority of e-MTBs sold in Europe are pedal-assist, so instead of a throttle, your pedaling operates the drive unit, which responds by providing a modest allowance of extra watts (basically giving you pro legs for a couple of hours). You’ll still do a fair bit of the physical work, and the assistance cuts out at speeds over 25 kph. 6. HOW NOISY ARE E-MTBS? e-MTBs are quiet, nearly silent—if you get your ear close enough to the motor you may hear a faint hum, but that’s about it. 7. DO E-MTBS RUIN TRAILS? No. The modest allowance of extra watts provided by an e-MTB motor will only really give you ‘pro legs’ - you will feel like a significantly more powerful rider! e-MTBs don’t operate with the same drive system or under the same torque as petrol-powered dirt bikes, which can chop up trails. Instead, e-MTBs respond intuitively to your pedal stroke, providing natural-feeling assistance. ‘Blowing out’ trails will always come down to a rider’s bike handling,

and has more to do with braking, weather


conditions, and trail traffic than watts.

e-MTBs might come equipped with some pretty high-end technology, but apart


from the battery, drive unit, and wiring,

Yes! While not amphibious (don’t throw

they’re still mountain bikes, and have the

yours in the pool), e-MTBs are .ne in the

same rear derailleur, brakes, and You

rain and you can wash them like any

can usually swap out a battery yourself

other mountain bike—just avoid the high-

(they have a life-span of more than 1000

pressure hose and use a bucket or garden

charge cycles, and new ones should

hose instead.

be bought from the original manufacturer) but any maintenance that involves the


drive unit, including changing the front

Currently, lithium-ion batteries used

chainring or bottom bracket, will need the

in most e-MTBs can’t be taken on any

help of your bike shop. Apart from that,

domestic or international lights, in either

you can swing in some new cables, adjust

cabin or checked baggage. e-MTBs are

your brakes, and otherwise give your

limited to car travel, and a number of

e-MTB as much loving as you like.

bike rack manufacturers rear racks that accommodate e-MTBs, so you won’t necessarily have to heft yours into the boot, or onto roof racks.


Everyday heroes There are heroes out there helping people day in, day out, and for some, like Mélanie, an e-bike system can revolutionize the way they commute into gridlocked cities Times are changing. Huge numbers of people are rejecting traveling by car or public transport as a means of getting to work for many different reasons. Whether it’s to increase fitness, help the environment, save money, or simply because, in many cases, it’s quicker, city dwellers across the world are ditching travel cards for two wheels, and those numbers have increased significantly during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mélanie, a home-care nurse from Lyon,

needed snacks or lunch in one of the

is one such commuter. Her job means

city’s picturesque parks. Not only is she

she needs to navigate her way around

fitter and healthier but she’s also less

at speed in order to visit her patients

stressed during the working day.

located in different parts of the city. And she does it all by bike.

Like many, once she began commuting by bike and experienced the freedom

“Being on my bike makes my day much

it gave her and the long list of other

simpler,” she says. “It allows me to take

benefits, she’s never looked back. “It also

more time with each patient – more than

allows me to get some fresh air and it

I could before I was biking. It also means

helps clear my head,” she says. “It makes

that I don’t need to worry about rushing

me feel good.”

with the patient I’m with in order to arrive on time for the next one.”

“It makes me feel good.” Once on the bike, Mélanie flies through the streets. “The journey time between each patient no longer makes me anxious,” she says. Now, she can easily bypass streets blocked with traffic, utilize shortcuts through narrow alleyways, make the most of more direct cycle lanes and easily stop to refuel with much-


Mélanie’s patients depend on her to reach them, and so she in turn depends on her bike to get her there. And SHIMANO’s EP8 e-bike system helps her beat the rat race and get around the city from sunrise to sunset. The power assist gives her a boost if her energy is flagging, or she can choose to ride in Eco mode to save on battery while cruising the streets. Then, on the weekends, she can be found on the trails, where her days of avoiding traffic make way for days of shredding the trails and avoiding the odd mountain goat. Power-assisted by EP8, she can continue to log the miles off-road after a week of riding on-road. And thanks to the E-TUBE PROJECT App she can set up one profile for her commute and one for her weekend trails, meaning she can switch between set-ups via a simple click on her smartphone or tablet.

And unlike most, when the weekend is over MĂŠlanie gets back on her bike first thing on a Monday morning, changes her ride profile and heads into the city for another busy day at work.


Passing the baton As we get older, we will one day face the realization we do not have the strength and stamina we once had. This is what happened to Hervé, until he discovered something to transform his riding and keep up with his son What do you do when your offspring starts to not only keep up with you on rides, but begins to leave you in their dust as you pedal frantically in vain to keep up, heart rate at its max? If you are Hervé, you get an e-MTB equipped with SHIMANO EP8.


the stabilizers and whooped as his son wobbled away on two wheels for the first time. Gael learnt quickly, and it wasn’t long before the fateful day arrived when he overtook his dad. First on the downhills, then on the long, grinding ascents. And as Hervé pushed himself harder to keep ahead, his son went all-out to beat his father, becoming a faster and more skilful rider in the process. “The succession was complete,” laughs Hervé. “But I am very happy that he likes this sport and practices it assiduously.” It’s a familiar tale, and not just for those Bikes have been a part of Hervé’s life ever since he could walk. In the 1980s, he tore up the trails as a pioneer of BMXing, then moved on to the mountains, progressing in skills and breaking new ground alongside the bikes and technology, from the first rigid MTBs, on to hardtails then full-suspension, racing both downhill and XC. Riding flows through his blood, it is part of his DNA. So it was inevitable that his son, Gael, would follow in his father’s tire tracks. Especially as both of them live in

who have children. It could be that you

the Alps.

love nothing more than riding with your friends, yet you don’t like the feeling that

Hervé taught Gael everything, passed on

you might be slowing your fellow riders

all of his biking knowledge and expertise

down. Or you are returning to the saddle

almost through osmosis as his young

after an absence due to injury, work or

son grew. He patiently helped Gael

simply a new exercise regime and your

learn to balance, nervously removed

fitness levels aren’t what they once were.

“EP8 allows me to always be at my son’s level and to make outings pleasant and long.” That’s where the SHIMANO EP8 e-MTB

As a result, Hervé can spend all day in

system comes in. For less-confident riders,

the saddle with Gael, tackling new routes

or those who sometimes lack strength

and old classics as a pair, continuing to

in comparison to their peers, EP8 can

grow their father-son relationship while

help boost your power on climbs thanks

building new memories together. Their

to 85Nm increased maximum torque,

favorite place to ride is Semnoz, above

assisting you to the summit and leaving

Annecy. “It brings much pleasure to

you with energy to do it all over again.

both of us due to its wide range of paths and terrain that challenge us both in

“EP8 allows me to always be at my son’s

different ways,” says Hervé. “We regularly

level and to make outings pleasant and

ride together. It’s always nice to share

long,” says Hervé. “It would be difficult

moments with your son.”

for me to do that with a normal mountain bike. The EP8 system gives me great pleasure as it’s easy to use and has great performance.”


When every minute not on the trails is a minute wasted The trails are calling. And for Camille, it’s impossible to ignore that call. Especially when Les Deux Alpes is your playground…

We all know that feeling. A glance at the clock. The minutes seem to be slowing. Only 25 more to go until you can leave the chair you’ve been sitting in for the past seven-and-a-half hours. But they are ticking by painfully slowly. Then, finally, it’s the greatest moment of the day: work over, time to clip on your helmet, pull on your gloves, jump on your bike and hit the trails. For Camille Blanchard, a welding engineer from Les Deux Alpes, this time after work is especially precious. When you’re surrounded by mountains as far as the eye can see containing some of the finest trails in the world, his way of unwinding is to throw his bike in his van, drive up to one of the plethora of nearby trails, point himself downhill and start shredding.

It doesn’t matter what the weather’s like or how much energy he has, getting on his bike is the only thing Camille can think about – not just at work, but from the moment he wakes. “I am thinking about riding from 8am,” he admits. “Honestly, it’s on my mind all the time.” And who can blame him? With the Alpine scenery as your backdrop and miles of trails just waiting for you to explore, there are few who could resist their lure.

Camille spends as much spare time touring local trails as possible. “With my van I can drive into the mountains for freeride sessions and then sleep in amazing landscapes,” he says. “My favorite local trails are the Double Black Mamba in the EVO Bike Park and the Derby line in Chamrousse.”


Camille’s SHIMANO EP8 e-bike system has transformed the way he rides. In addition to the fact that, as an engineer, technology and bike evolution play an important part in his life, he also discovered that you can push extra hard with an e-bike.

Gone are the days of doing one circuit

Boost Mode is particularly suited for

then packing up and going home due

steep ascents, as you receive significant

to tired legs and fading light. The EP8

power assists when you need them most

system means he can swiftly change

– always handy when winding your way

from one power-assisted riding profile to

up the last 20% climb of the day. This

another – he hits Trail Mode on the flowy,

means Camille can fit in two laps when

berm-filled singletrack then activates

he used to only have time and strength

Boost Mode when faced with technical,

for one, leaving him enough energy and

rocky ascents. And he can do it via a

confidence to add a few frontflips on the

simple click of a button.

way down.

And before the sun sets, occasionally there’s even time to chuck the bike back in the van and head higher up the mountain to fit one more run in, before doing it all over again the next day once the 9-5 is over.


See something new Do you live for new adventures on the weekend? Do you have an ever-expanding list of trails you want to ride and sights you want to see? Oli & Anais never waste a weekend, and one of their all-time favorites was a trip around a famous French lake.

Surrounded by towering mountains, clear blue skies and rolling Alpine meadows, Lake Annecy is a sight you will never forget: the third largest lake in France and one of the cleanest, purest bodies of water in the world. It demands to be cycled around. But can you do it in a day? That’s what Oli and Anais set out to do. The adventure-loving couple from Samoëns in the French Alps spend their weekends searching for new, ever-moreunforgettable outdoor adventures. Their aim is simple: see things they’ve never seen before, get to places few people can reach, push their own limits to discover what they are capable of and, most importantly, have fun together. One challenge, however, remained unticked on their list: cycle around Lake Annecy in a day. It’s a substantial undertaking featuring more than 75km of roads and trails in total. Their route also included a number of climbs that would test even the most experienced cyclists. “We climbed all the way up to the Semnoz mountain via the Leschaux pass for the sunset,” says Oli. “This made the route a lot tougher, as it was a huge 1200m climb to reach the top.”


It demands to be cycled around. But can you do it in a day? It was a tough ascent, but once they

was great to show her how far an e-bike

were above the tree line they were

can get you,” says Oli. “Obviously, after

rewarded with 360-degree views

cycling such a long distance we were

over the lake, of Mont Blanc and the

both exhausted, but the views along the

surroundings of Annecy. “It is without

way made it all worthwhile.

doubt one of the most beautiful French lake tours you can do.”

“The EP8 is so much quieter, too,” adds Oli. “You can barely hear the engine,

The power-assisted EP8 meant that

even when in Boost mode. We also

both Oli and Anais could cycle farther

found the EP8 system very responsive

than they ever had done in a day before,

and it reacts perfectly to the watts you

and helped take them from the cycle

put into pedaling. It assists you when

path that surrounds the lake up into the

needed and cuts off at the right times.”

more secluded mountains for a unique experience that will stay with them for

Now that Lake Annecy is ticked off their

the rest of their lives.

list they are beginning to plan their next weekend cycling adventure.

“I’ve been riding bikes for longer than Anais and I’m used to long rides, so it

“We are thinking about fully loading up the bikes and going for a two- or three-day adventure. The Via Rhôna cycle path seems like a good objective.”

Profile for Shimano_Europe

Discover the future of e-MTB - SHIMANO EP8 - English  

Discover the future of e-MTB - SHIMANO EP8 - English  

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