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design research | design planning | strategic design M.D.M. (Design Research, Design Planning) M.Des. (Industrial Design) B.Arch. (Architecture)


business framing

opportunity space


ladder of abstraction

understanding context

experience maps

camera-study DESIGN RESEARCH self-doc ethnographic interviews


day in a life

Branding design STRATEGIC DESIGN

product planning universal design

contextual design

User centered design

communication design experience design

observing users

Professional trajectory




Research - Innovation in the Mississippi Furniture Industry International Network of Bamboo And Rattan (INBAR)


M.DES. (Industrial Design)


MANDALA Design Service B.ARCH. (Architecture)

Kanvinde Rai & Chowdhury Architects


Risk Management Solutions Incorporate GIS Company

Godrej & Boyce Ltd. (Furniture R&D)

Teaching Architectural Studio Research in Prefab Housing


Zonta International (Design Strategy)

Freelance Designer (Branding + Web Strategy)

M.D.M. (Design Research, Plannning, and Strategy)

Teaching Product Design, Research in Product Development Mississippi State (DRIL Research lab + Graduate Program)

Car shopping experience User types, behavioral models

Car shopping experience

Changes in value: Lifestages Changes in value: lifestages

User types, behavioral models

ownership value?

In just four years (2005-2009), the percentage of consumers using the web to research vehicles went up from 61% to 90%. This project involved creating different experience models to describe problems and opportunities in experience of shopping for cars–both heuristic and generative in nature.

information they have?



frequency of buying?

Project emphasis: Rapid experience modeling, storytelling, secondary research, opportunity finding

what will they pay for? user vs buyer? money they have?

what’s most popular



informed in the area





informed in the area


informed in the area

every 3-10 years

every 5-10 years

trend seekers

go for the best

brand seekers

efficiency seeker

good style and brand

good function

budget based on parents finance

budget not so much

budget not so much yet good value

value for money high mileage

budget not so much

budget not so much

newest features

easy to use and maintain

first purchase ever

every 3 years


it should look cool

it should look cool with me inside

life of product not so important

high quality high performance

cost to maintain very important

cost of maintenance not a criteria

shopping with gaurdians

shopping for self




indepedent individual

(incase of owning one car each)

high quality high performance car use is important

(one for long drives and other for fuel economy)

cost of maintenance not a criteria

shopping for 2

capacity very important safety very important cost to maintain very important

shopping for the family


every 3 years

high quality and high performance

high quality high performance willing to pay more for good experience safety very important and service

shopping for 2




last car they purchase

$$$$$$$ empty nesters

shopping for 2 $$$$$$




Rapid Experience Modeling| ID 598| Shilpi Kumar | Final

Decision making modes?

4 kinds of shoppers

search and comparison

pragmatism purpose, value, reliability





Sneha will save up to buy the best. She is an independent buyer. Makes decisions for herself.

This is Sheela’s 3rd car purchase. She is a doctor.

Laura is big into brands. She only buys big brand names.

Pat is willing to research a lot before he buys anything.

She changes her car after every 3 years.

She will purchase only apple products.

She doesn’t care much about product reviews.

Since she follows brands closely, she doesnt feel the need to do any research on what she buys. She is normally well versed with what she buys.

He will ask a lot of people about their experience with the product before buying.

Researcher- Sneha is fanatical about the internet and all its wonderful technologies. She likes to read and research. She will go to all the blogs and forums to find out everything about the product before buying. She is also rapid learner and is ready to check out new technologies. She wants to stand out in the crowd and will always make a very different choice from whats popular. Her favorite brands are the product TIME premium brands FIRST BUYERS

She is an average technology user. She likes to buy whats more popular in the market as she doesnt have the time to find out by herself.

She owns a BMW and she is waiting for the next release of the BMW to come out for her next purchase,

Her last purchase was the Mac Book Air which she hardly even knows how to use.



He is also a bargain hunter. He is a PC and a blackberry user. He just got married and now he wants to upgrade his to a new affordable and a fuel efficient bigger car. He prefers to go for a japanese car as they are the most reliable and less maintenance cars in the market in his opinion.


penny counting price .

wishful thinking desire vs needs confusion indecision perception domestic vs foreign

Car shopping experience User journey map and decision making

Decision making journey

OPPORTUNITIES FOR CARS.COM • Persuading non-interested or casual shoppers into the buying mode by being aware of how customers are making specific decisions at various stages of car shopping or buying. • Catering to different types of users (browsers vs. focused shoppers) could help ease their tasks. • There is an opportunity in dividing the search process by various modes that the buyer switches back and forth in reducing their frustrations. • Allowing incidental buying to happen as it happens in the traditional offline car buying experience (when you go to the dealership you get tempted seeing all these latest models)

comfort performance ergonomics features

show off buyer’s remorse


not interested

talk to a friend

casually interested


casual browsing

focused research

visit the seller

test drive

negotiation &purchase

financing desiring

saw an ad

money model

totally interested


family history peer pressure










accessories warranties service

ownership owner’s pride

search & compare

Enhanced Patient Experience Co-analysis workshop with client (MSKCC)

Enhanced Patient Experience Co-analysis workshop with client (MSKCC)

MSKCC has projected a shortage of inpatient care capacity at its main campus over the next five years. To remedy this limitation they have decided to redesign several of their surgical procedures to be outpatient procedures (23-hours or less). These new shortened procedures will be hosted at the new center currently being planned in lower Manhattan. Our team looked to develop an understanding of the patient’s journey, attitudes and perceptions of cancer treatment and MSKCC. The problem was not just about the overall patient experience related to 23 hour surgery, but rather focused on how can we think about the components of rehab that need to be incorporated into these frames/ processes.

Project emphasis: Design planning, Resolve a sponsoring client challenge, business framing, problem reframe, client engagement in analysis, synthesis workshop, prototyped concepts. My role: Stakeholder interviews, user data analysis, organizing workshop, presentation boards for the data

Enhanced Patient Experience Co-analysis and synthesis workshops with client (MSKCC)

discussions needs




Enhanced Patient Experience Ideation workshop around the opportunity framework





Feedback/ Tracking


Enhanced Patient Experience Platform concept

Glenda System

App My Glenda Receive the mobile device at the check-in

Website My code# 3069 Register and receive the code number that has patient medical information and personal interst in order to provide customized service

Integrated online and offline service used on a web based mobile device to provide consistent and comprehensive service.

Social Network



My community With code#, Join the commnity that patient can get help from the experieced people and volunteers My community is more oriented by patients and caregivers

My curator Counsel with a curator who manage patient personalized process and service on the web site or telephone service

Peer to Peer Share the experience to recover the illnsess Star rating Receive the feedback about staffs, facilities to improve the hospital

Help NFL Connect with their core customer- the fan base

Help NFL Connect with their core customer- the fan base

“I watch football with my heart!”

Games exist because of us. I am the 12th player.


Did not show up in the bar because the Bears could not make the Super Bowl.

any m o t een b t ’ e4 n e b v y a a h “I e. M m i t e colleg ” ... times

FOOTBALL FEVER INVASION Talk of a football strike next year is brewing! The player’s union and the NFL (national football league) are at a standstill in negotiations. The heart of the issue is extending the season from 16 games to an 18 game regular season. The players are upset that they will not be paid additionally for these extra games. The NFL feels that players are well compensated. But what will fans reaction be to this issue- especially as it escalates to talks of a strike? This project focuses on helping NFL connect with their core customer- the fan base which they lost in the merchandising and contract hassles.

Project emphasis: Integrate empathy in our design processes and design thinking. My role: Secondary research, in-home interviews, telephone interviews, self-docs, inplace observations, story telling, user typology, opportunity finding, concept generation.

Help NFL Connect four typologies amongst the user group

“I watch football with my hands!”

“I watch football with my feet!”

high moments

winning the game


their team plays

watching game highlights for none good plays

extreme behaviors buying a souvenir look forward to

Super Bowl day


know the rookie and the quarterback, the coach

low moments



“I watch football with my brain!”

“I watch football with my heart!” none

capturing memorable moments from the game

whole game as a part of a series,

team history, changes in the team players, coaches etc.

know important players, the coaches, opposing team players, little bit strategy, all the team rankings

capable of anticipating the next strategy

assessment of the strategy, good understanding of the game

unjust happens to the players/team or the coach

unjust happens to their fans

go to the stadium to watch the game even in extreme climate Most of their teams’ games

loosing the game

watching films of football, record and replay moves

tailgating and watching the game even in extreme climate performance measure of their from player’s repeated team over years, the teams’ movements to overall patterns seasonal history through the season

SPORADIC NOVELTY SERIOUS like to socialize , follow the like to make the annual like to sharpen their national event a big ocassion trend, show off, relieve stress knowledge and learn more

HONORABLE like to countribute, lives are integrated, create energy

Help NFL Connect with their core customer- the fan base

By using empathy in this project the story became rich in user experience making it much more believable and engaging to the client. A presentation lead by stories and empathy exercises passed on an impression of informality and improvisation, which allowed the clients to see stories as legends, users as heroes rather than segmented user types.

Design Strategy for ZI

Planning and implementation for the new Zonta International outreach via launch of the new

Design Strategy for ZI

Planning and implementation for the new Zonta International outreach via launch of the new






meetings with co-workers, leadership and secondary research

understanding the organization

Find out what the organization wants to be?


timeline, budgeting, research plan, recruiting

stakeholder interviews end user interviews

project plan

data collection

How can we design the research to capture member’s needs?

How are people influenced or frustrated by the experience? What are the barriers?

WORK AT ZONTA INTERNATIONAL This project was mainly aimed at creating a new look for the organization, maintain consistency, accuracy, style and quality of design elements of the website, magazine The Zontian, promotional materials and various collateral materials. As a result, during this time, I was able to help the organization develop a strong and cohesive brand identity; and support efforts to raise visibility of ZI, strengthen membership growth and retention, and increase contributions to ZIF.

testing paper prototypes

evaluating concepts


concept generation

What behavior patterns have impact on the present and future design of products?

What may be the possible solutions?

html/css prototype testing think aloud studies


Do they actually work efficiently? What are the gaps?

two club’s leadership and members tested the design and gave feedback

pilot testing

Design Strategy for ZI New


Interaction portfolio

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