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Why every Class 10 student should write "dSAT Home" before Board Exams?

1. What is dSAT Home ? It is a preparatory test to check students’ preparedness in upcoming Class X Board Exams

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2. Preview of your Board exam score: Your performance in dSAT Home is an indication of how you will fare in your finals

3. Assess your readiness: It is an excellent opportunity to gauge your preparedness in the upcoming Board Exams

4. Score matters A) A good dSAT Home score indicates that you’ve been doing things the right way. Though, it is NOT a signal to sit back and rest on your laurels!

B) A not-so-good score is a sign that you’ve been lagging in few subjects and that you need more preparation

5. Why it’s called “dSAT Home” ? No need of travelling as you can take up this test from the comfort of your house at your convenience

6. Discover your weaker areas You might have good theoretical and practical knowledge, but might not be that good in presenting it on paper. Practicing with dSAT Home will help you realise which subjects need more preparation

7. Prepare smartly: With this preparatory test you can prepare for the upcoming board exams more efficiently as you will reach a conclusion on which subject needs more focus

8. Cut down on stress: Knowing your level of preparedness will make you confident and reduce stress level helping you give your best performance on the final day

9. Technology based preparatory test No need of pen and paper as it is a technology driven test that needs to be written in a Tab provided by the counsellors

10. Instant result: On the spot result will determine your weak subjects so accordingly, you can concentrate on them immediately

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Why every class 10 student should write dsat home before board exams  

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