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NEW PLEDGE  OF  ALLEGIANCE     Since   the   Pledge   of   Allegiance   and   The   Lord's   Prayer   are   not   allowed   in   most   public   schools   anymore,   because   the   word   'God'   is   mentioned...   A   kid   in   Arizona  wrote  the  attached:         Now  I  sit  me  down  in  school   Where  praying  is  against  the  rule   For  this  great  nation  under  God   Finds  mention  of  Him  very  odd.     If  scripture  now  the  class  recites,   It  violates  the  Bill  of  Rights.   And  anytime  my  head  I  bow     Becomes  a  Federal  matter  now     Our  hair  can  be  purple,  orange  or  green,   That's  no  offense;  it's  a  freedom  scene.   The  law  is  specific,  the  law  is  precise.   Prayers  spoken  aloud  are  a  serious  vice.     For  praying  in  a  public  hall   Might  offend  someone  with  no  faith  at  all.   In  silence  alone  we  must  meditate,   God's  name  is  prohibited  by  the  state.     We're  allowed  to  cuss  and  dress  like  freaks,   And  pierce  our  noses,  tongues  and  cheeks.   They've  outlawed  guns,  but  FIRST  the  Bible.   To  quote  the  Good  Book  makes  me  liable.   We  can  elect  a  pregnant  Senior  Queen,   And  the  'unwed  daddy,'  our  Senior  King.   It's  'inappropriate'  to  teach  right  from  wrong,   We're  taught  that  such  'judgments'  do  not  belong.     We  can  get  our  condoms  and  birth  controls,   Study  witchcraft,  vampires  and  totem  poles.   But  the  Ten  Commandments  are  not  allowed,   No  word  of  God  must  reach  this  crowd.     It's  scary  here  I  must  confess,   When  chaos  reigns  the  school's  a  mess.   So,  Lord,  this  silent  plea  I  make:   Should  I  be  shot;  My  soul  please  take!       Amen     Submitted  by  Tamika  Kelsey  

BRIDGE2INDIA …continued  from  page  2    

Pastor Johnly   has   been   established   in   ministry   since   2001.   Today,   his   wife   Annie   &   son   Godwin   support   him   in   the   work   on  the  mission’s  field.    

Proverbs 19:17   states:   He   that   hath   pity   upon   the   poor   lendeth   unto   the   LORD;   and   that   which   he   hath   given   will   he   pay   him   again…       Please  consider  sowing  to  this  cause,  as  we  have  been   released   to  (1)  equip   the  Bible  School  (2)  to  support  the   Pastors  and  (3)  to  care  for  the  kids  in  the  orphanage.     Consider  sowing  into  our  mandate  to  India  and  help  us   establish  a  “BRIDGE2INDIA”:   • India  Bible  School  -­‐  $100/monthly   • A  Local  Pastor  to  India  -­‐  $50/monthly   • An  Orphaned  Child  In  India  -­‐  $25/monthly  

We  appreciate  seeds  sown  of  any  amount.  We  are  also   preparing   to   travel   to   India   in   Spring/Summer   2012.   This   first   trip   will   be   open  to   all   those   desiring   to   step   into   the   Mission’s   Field   and   feel   called   to   this   area.   More   information   will   be   released   to   you   before   the   year  is  out  on  this  trip.       Thank  you  for  your  continued  support…  Pastor  O  

Zoom, Zoom,  ZUMBA  is  here!   Ditch  The  Workout  &  Join  The  Party!   Join   us   on   Monday   Evenings   @   7pm   for   an   hour   for   the   biggest   fitness   party   ever…   For   just   $5   per   class   or   catch   a   break   and   pay   $15  for  4  consecutive  sessions.     PAYMENTS  RCVD  ON  MONDAYS  ONLY.     NO  MEMBERSHIP  FEES  –  PAY  AS  YOU  GO!  

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