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The break   is  over  and   now   it’s   time   for   us   to   get   back   into   action.   Divine   Gift   Ministries   will   be   hosting   an   interest   meeting   on   August  16th  at  7pm.     This   meeting   is   open   to   all   current   members,  all  of  those  who  wish  to   become   a   member,   and   to   those   who   just   want   to   find   out   more   information  about  this  ministry.       Whether   you   would   like   to   dance   or  just  become   a  volunteer,  please   come   out   on   that   day.   Seeds   and   donations   into   the   ministry   are   ALWAYS  appreciated  as  well.       If   you   have   any   questions   or   concerns,   please   see   one   of   the   leaders:   Markita,   Monique,   or   Kea   for  more  information.  

“Christian Ministry   Partnership”   now   launches     “Bridge2India”   in   joint   venture   with   Rehoboth   Bible   Church   in   New   Delhi,   India.   Under   the  direction   of   Pastor  John   Johnly   and  the  spiritual  covering  of  Pastor   O,   CMP   will   aim   to   cover   and   support   58   ministries   presently   established   in   this   nation.   The   works   presently   being   undergirded   there   in   India   are:   Multiple   Bible   Training  Facilities  (scattered  over  7   states   in   India),   a   few   orphanages,   multiple  ministry  sites  and  more…     …continued  on  page  5  

            It’s  already  done.    I  have  given  much  thought  to  this  phrase  lately.    God  is   strategic.    God  is  always  working  in  the  supernatural.    We  don’t  know  of   his   works   until   the   manifestation   of   them   in   the   natural.     Before   we   were   in  our  mother’s  womb  God   had  a   purpose  mapped  out.     Think  about  it.    It   is  no  accident  that  we  ended  up  at  SRT.    It  is  no  accident  that  people  have   been   put   in   our   lives.     It   is   no   accident   that   others   have   been   removed   from  our  lives.         Many  of  us  have  received  prophecies  and  confirmations.    We  are  seeing   and  living  in  the  manifestations.    There  are  five  major  and  12  minor  books   in   the   Bible   that   speak   to  prophecy.     Revelation  speaks  to   what  to   expect   in   the   end.     Much   of   the  text   can  be  cross-­‐referenced   to   earlier  books.     In   the  beginning  God  knew  what  he  had  to  do  with  man.    In  the  beginning   he  knew  how  Satan,  evil  spirits  and  the  antichrist  would  fight  to  the  end.     For   myself,   I   looked  at   some  of  my  attributes  as  skills.    Now  I  realize   they   were   gifts.     Those   seeds   were   planted   decades   ago   much   like   a   garden   whose   seeds   are   planted.     When   care   is   not   given   the   garden   goes   through   drought,   death,   and   the   seeds   much   like   the   gifts   don’t   bloom.     But  a  season  comes  along  when  the  seeds  are  properly  nourished  through   worshipping   God,   repenting   of   sins,   forgiving   others   that   did   me   wrong   and   having   compassion   for   them,   and   forgiving   my   Self   and   releasing   those   negative   feelings.   Now   the   seeds   are   blooming   and   like   a   garden   blooming   there   is   happiness,   there   is   peace   and   joy   that   cannot   be   put   into   words.     Worshipping   God   is   like   the   sun   that   is   needed   for   the   garden.    It’s  like  water  to  the  oceans.    It’s  like  the  morning  to  the  sky.     God   knew   us   before   we   knew   ourselves.     He   knows   what   we   need.     It   indeed   is   already   done.     SRT   is   shifting.    It  is   already  taking   place  in   the   supernatural.     We   are   just   waiting   for   its   manifestations   in   the   natural.     God   has   preordained   our   future.     God   has   preordained   your   future.     Heaven  and  Earth  shall  pass  away  but  the  word  of  God  remains.    So  it  is   written  so  shall  it  be  done.    It’s  already  done.     Written  &  Submitted  by  Etta  Rahming   Our  commercial  produced  by  Bright  House  Networks  will  be  broadcasting   this  month  on  the  following  networks  Monday  –  Sundays  /  6am  –  12pm  

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