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APRIL 2012

“Providing readers new ways to learn about Shiloh, its members, and all that is happening within our church.

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To Our Readers

Dear Readers, We are excited that The Shiloh eSpirit has made it from our imagination to your hands. The magazine will be posted on the Shiloh website for all to see online or to download to share with friends and those who are not connected. With this magazine, we wanted to take you outside the box and provide you with a new insight to learning about Shiloh, its members, and all that is happening within our church. In this, our first issue, you will find feature stories, such as the Silent Mission Ministry celebrating their 99th Anniversary, the work of the Communication Ministry, and Shiloh’s Social Hub to electronically “Spread the Word!” In addition, we’ve featured advertisements for upcoming events. We must acknowledge the work of our Publication Committee for their efforts in developing and completing the layout and design of The Shiloh eSpirit. Thanks also to the Silent Mission Ministry for contributing and sharing their story. Finally, to our readers, we hope you enjoy reading The Shiloh eSpirit as much as we enjoyed writing, designing and producing it. The Communication Ministry Leslie Petersen and Joy Patterson, Leaders



Shiloh Baptist Church

1 | A Letter To Our Readers 1 | About Shiloh Baptist Church

Shiloh Baptist Church is located in the heart of Washington, DC (only steps away from the Walter E. Washington Convention Center).

3 | Upcoming Events 3 | Lectionary Reading through the Bible

Under the guidance of our Pastor, The Reverend Dr. Wallace Charles Smith, the mission of Shiloh is simple—to save souls for Christ.

4 | The Communication Ministry 6 | The Silent Mission Ministry 9 | The Sign Language Interpreters Ministry

We do this by believing in Jesus Christ, spreading the Good News of the Gospel, worshipping together, teaching the Word of God, growing our community, cultivating Christian relationships, and ministering to those in need. Shiloh Baptist Church | Washington, DC

10 | Honoring The Silent Mission Ministry’s Legends 13 | Shiloh’s Social Hub: How to Follow Us 1

Upcoming Events

The Bible Institute Spring Sessions 2012


Thursdays, April 12 - May 17 @ 7:00 p.m.

99th Anniversary of the Silent Mission Ministry


Silent Mission & Communication Ministries Sunday 7:55 a.m. & 10:55 a.m. Worship Services

Afro-American Black Culture Day at Shiloh

29 5

Presented by the Carter G. Woodson Branch of ASALH. Earl W. Yates speaking.

Sunday, April 29 @ 9:30 a.m.

Tennis At Shiloh 2012 Summer Program Begins FREE Tennis Lessons at the Banneker Tennis Courts.

Saturdays, May 5 - September 8 • 1st Session begins @ 7:00 a.m.

“FREE” Wi-Fi Walk-In Technology Clinic Need help...Using, Configuring, Protecting, Upgrading, or Fixing your gadgets? Come to the FREE Walk-in Technology Clinic in the Tuning Fork at Shiloh.

Saturday, May 5 @ 9:00 a.m.

Apple Pie & Ice Cream Sandwich Social Get inside Tips & Tricks for using Apple and Android mobile computing devices. Sponsored by the Communication Ministry.

Saturday, May 5 @ 12:00 p.m.

Victory Walk-A-Thon


Event will be held at the Banneker Track

Saturday, May 19 (Time to be announced later.)

A Sweet White Jazzy Night Affair


Presented by the HBCU Council of Shiloh. Lori Williams & Friends performing.

Saturday, June 23 @ 6:00 p.m.

Lectionary Reading Through The Bible EASTERTIDE April 22 | 3rd Sunday of Easter Acts 3:12-19 • Psalm 4 • 1 John 3:1-7 • Luke 24:36b-48 – White April 29 | 4th Sunday of Easter Acts 4:5-12 • Psalm 23 • 1 John 3:16-24 • John 10:11-18 – White May 6 | 5th Sunday of Easter Acts 8:26-40 • Psalm 22:25-31 • 1 John 4:7-12 • John 15:1-8 - White New Members Received By: The Omega Circle Shiloh Baptist Church | Washington, DC



Communication Ministry

of Shiloh Baptist Church History provided by Barbara Williams Whitener

The Communication Ministry is a relatively new Ministry at Shiloh. While there have always been persons who worked to publicize church events, develop communication material and to make sure our worship services were ready for the Shiloh Hour radio broadcast, our present structure did not come into existence until the year 2000. The first person tasked with communication functions was Arthur Henderson. The Reverend Henry C. Gregory III appointed him to connect with the radio stations and all newspapers in the Washington region. Under his leadership, the Communication Group published church directories, created greetings for journals of other churches, and developed the first welcome brochure for the church. Dolores Sawyer, who developed the church directory and yearbook, later became a part of the Publication Sub-committee. The Audio-Visual team and the Tape Ministry, as a part of the Communication Group and now the Communication Ministry, has provided dedicated service throughout the years. Barbara Williams Whitener became associated with the Communication Group in 1990. She worked with Mr. Arthur Henderson to develop products and to expand the Group. The Communication Group team was very instrumental in preparing materials for our entry into the new Shiloh Sanctuary in 1998. As part of our efforts, we developed videotapes detailing the history of Shiloh and documenting our opening services. We also developed a comprehensive Souvenir Journal and the Shiloh website. Barbara Williams Whitener, Stephanie McGencey, and Diana Roach were chosen as the leaders of the Communication Ministry. When The Village Council was established, in 2006, they became the Ministry’s representatives to the Council. During 2009, Archie Prioleau and other members of the Ministry donated computers, monitors and other equipment that allowed us to establish the Prioleau Computer Laboratory. In the 10-station lab, we provide instruction on many popular software packages. Included in the donation was a Xerox printer/copier, which allowed us to establish the Village Copy Shop. The Shiloh eSpirit Magazine


April 2012

There are currently nine Sub-committees in the Communication Ministry. The Co-Chairs and description of each one is detailed below. Audio | Ronald Felton and James Janifer The Audio Team, provide amplification for all worship services and funerals. They also recorded and edited tapes for use on the radio broadcast.

Marketing | Maryetta Lancaster and Joy Patterson The Marketing Group developed Shiloh’s logo and branding guidelines. They have also established guidelines for Shiloh’s printed and digital material. The Marketing Sub-Committee creates and reviews all documents that are developed for church-wide dissemination for appropriateness. Tape Ministry | Karlton Hart and Cornell Williams The Tape Ministry creates and sales tapes of the worship services, funerals, and special events. They continue to oversee production for the Shiloh Hour.

Publications | Marlena Patterson and Ramona Carver The Publications Sub-Committee provides superb graphic design services at no cost for Shiloh organizations and committees. Their flyers/posters and cover designs are creative and stunning. Part of their portfolio is featured on the second floor of the Henry C. Gregory III Family Life Center.

Public Relations | Marlene Johnson and Janice Smith The Public Relations Sub-Committee is the Shiloh contact for the media. This group develops promotional materials for all Shiloh groups that request it. This includes developing promos for AM station WYCB, sending out media advisories, and other PR documents.

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Shiloh Baptist Church | Washington, DC


Historical Highlights The Silent Mission Ministry for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing was organized during the administration of its third pastor, Reverend Dr. John Milton Waldron in 1913. Records indicated that 6 Deaf persons applied for membership by baptism and more followed in May of 1919. For years this small congregation worshipped in the Lower Auditorium of the Sanctuary and joined the hearing congregation on the first Sunday night of each month for Communion Services. In 1964 when segregation was ruled unlawful by the United States Supreme Court, Andrew Jackson Foster enrolled in Gallaudet College and three years later during his senior year in college, assumed leadership of the Silent Mission. He served as minister for more than a year until his departure for Africa where he established several schools for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing across the continent of Africa. The Silent Mission Circle was established under the direction and guidance of Reverend Henry C. Gregory, III. Three Deacons were ordained and two Deaf women became deaconesses. Additionally, the Silent Mission Choir became a component of the music ministry at Shiloh. The Shiloh eSpirit Magazine


April 2012

Building a Village and Honoring Our Legends Currently, under the Pastorate of Reverend Dr. Wallace Charles Smith, efforts are being made to communicate with members of our Deaf and Hard of Hearing congregation. The entire membership signs the Doxology and the Lord’s Prayer in unison while sign language classes are taught to further facilitate communication. Deaf persons serve faithfully on Shiloh’s deacons and well as deaconess ministries, Sunday school teachers, and one of the first missionary organizations within the church. Technology now plays a role within the Silent Mission Ministry while signing songs and praises to thousands of persons via the internet. Deaf persons are featured signing the Doxology, Shiloh’s Welcome Song, as well as signing video clips in American Sign Language of coming attractions. Even though the ministry has become smaller because of age and deaths over the years, the rich legacy and respect within the Deaf community still lives on. We pause now to salute 99 years of faithful service to our Lord and Savior. Rita L. Andrews has been assigned as Deacon in the Silent Mission Circle and she can be reached via email at if you have questions about becoming a member. Shiloh Baptist Church | Washington, DC


Sign Language Interpreters have been providing interpreting services at Shiloh for a number of years. Our goal is to provide effective communication for members and visitors cross the spectrum of church life: worship services, concerts, classes, church meetings, banquets and group meetings. Many of our interpreters who interpret at Shiloh are nationally certified and qualified. We also have beginning, intermediate, and advanced signers who are continuing to improve their skills through mentoring, training and workshops with some having aspirations of becoming nationally certified and /or qualified in religious interpreting. Shiloh utilizes in-house as well as non-members as sign language interpreters. For more information, please contact Tyrone Goodwin, at Sign Language Interpreting Opportunities Shiloh has a number of opportunities for sign language interpreters’ to interpret for members or visitors who are Deaf or Hard- of-Hearing. If you are interested in becoming a sign language interpreter at Shiloh Baptist Church, please contact Tyrone Goodwin, interpreter coordinator at 1.

Service times vary depending on the Sunday. Please always verify the time for each Sunday you prepare to come to Shiloh. Check our website for times and dates,


First Sunday is our Communion Sunday. Please wear black and/or white for this service and ensure contrasting colors are worn for maximum visibility of signs.


Please be aware of your attire when interpreting as our lightning may cause some attire to become transparent/translucent. Also be aware of blouse attire and pants/ skirt attire. Our services do allow women to wear modest/appropriate pants suits.


Shiloh also has weekends, days and evenings opportunities for work. Contact our interpreter coordinator to be added to the list.


Be on time to each service. Please always arrive 15 minutes before the service, so you can speak with your team and decide which interpreter is signing which part of the service.


Our interpreter coordinator will send you information regarding the music, program and pastor’s scripture when provided. Shiloh Baptist Church | Washington, DC



If you check out our Shiloh’s website, and check the right side of the SPIRIT (Shiloh’s newsletter), at times scriptures are published for upcoming weeks.


If there is an emergency and you are unable to fulfill your assignment, please send an email to, A.S.A.P.


Please prepare ahead of time by reading your scripture, reviewing the songs and praying. You may review songs on YouTube or attend choir practices. Our interpreter coordinator will email you information as it is given.

10. Please work as a team. We advocate interpreters working together as a team at all events. 11. Ask for the binder that has the information for Sunday services (welcome song, doxology, Lord’s Prayer, church covenant and choir music). 12. Please sign the following :( doxology, Lord’s Prayer, welcome song) the way we have it glossed as the entire church has learned it this way. 13. Please be aware that if you are interpreting at Shiloh, there is a possibility that you could be caught on a panning screen shot for video streaming. There are a number of members who are unable to attend church services; they are able to view our services online. 14. If you have any other questions, please contact our interpreter coordinator. Resources: “Interpreting at Church: A Paradigm for Sign Language Interpreters” by Leo Yates, Jr.

Honoring the Silent Mission Ministry’s Legends Deaconess Carrie Alexander

Deaconess Charlotte Shorter

Deaconess Addrene Armstrong

Deaconess Deborah Lyles

Deaconess Margaret Williams

Deacon Levon Scott

Ms. Jessie Gant (Oldest member of the Silent Mission Ministry)

The Shiloh eSpirit Magazine


April 2012

Communication Ministry (continued from page 5) Technology | Joy Patterson and Leslie Petersen The Technology Sub-Committee provides technical support to Shiloh’s members, friends, and visitors. They also manage the computer lab, teach computer classes, lead workshops, and sponsor the monthly Wi-Fi Walk-in Technology Clinic.

Social Media | Thomas Bowen and Johnny Butler The Social Media group is our newest Sub-Committee. With the explosion of social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, the Communication Ministry felt the need to examine and expand Shiloh’s presence in those mediums. Shiloh is now on Facebook, Twitter, and has a blog.

Village Copy Shop | Edwin Washington and Barbara Williams Whitener The Copy Shop provides high quality duplication services for Shiloh members at costs less than those of commercial establishments. The primary functions in the copy Shop are printing flyers, program booklets, postcards, and tickets for programs. We also work with vendors to develop posters and banners. Visual Media | Christine Barker-Odom and Warren Pyles The Visual Media group was established two years ago. Its first assignment was to provide images to accompany a Messiah presentation. Since that time, this Sub-Committee has become an integral part of our worship services by displaying scriptures, words to hymns, announcements, and other visuals on the sanctuary walls. One of the most popular activities of the Communication Ministry is the monthly WiFi Walk-In Technology Clinic, which is held the first Saturday of each month (with the exception of December.) Members and friends are invited to bring their laptops/ computers, tablets, phones, cameras, printers and other gadgets to have them updated, upgraded, or serviced by members of the Technology Sub-Committee. Persons may also receive instruction on how to use their electronic devices. The present leaders of the Communication Ministry are Joy Patterson and Leslie Petersen.

The Shiloh eSpirit Magazine


April 2012

Shiloh’s Social Hub How to Follow Us

OneBody Shiloh’s intranet for members only.

The Shiloh Spirit Shiloh’s weekly source of information available at each Sunday Morning’s worship service. Past newsletters are available online at

eGiving eGiving, Shiloh’s online donation system, is available around the clock 365 days of the year. Go to and look for the link on the homepage.

The Shiloh Hour Tune in @ 7:00 a.m. on Sunday mornings to hear our live radio broadcast on WYCB 1340 AM.

Social Networking Like us on Facebook @ShilohBaptistChurchDC or @WallaceSmith Follow us on Twitter @shilohbaptistdc or @PastorWCSmith Subscribe to our blog at Visit our website at Shiloh Baptist Church | Washington, DC


The Shiloh eSpirit Magazine  

The Shiloh eSpirit Magazine is a publication designed to provide readers new ways to learn about Shiloh, its members, and all that is happen...

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