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Modual 1 Ideatation Shihui Wu 565808

Proposal 1 ---- Tornado

The Tornado Tower A building with tornado shape

Top view of a tornado The center of a tornado usually is peaceful and less destructive. A picture of tornado from outer space

Hand drawings of tornadoes.

Proposal 1 Strong Wind

Calm central

---- Tornado



Due to limitation of materials, so the wind could be performed like this.

Proposal 1 Plasticine Model of tornado proposal.

---- Tornado

Proposal 2 ---- Water Drop movement of a Water drop

Proposal 2 ---- Water Drop

Change of water drop’s speed, mass and height according to time. The speed of a water drop relates to gravitational acceleration. Dropping from a higher position will have a faster speed. However, initial velocity is 0.

The height recorded as shown in the chart.

The mass of the water drop reduces every time it touches water surface.

Proposal 2 ---- Water Drop

Regarding to the motion trail as well as the height of a water drop, I drew some graphs in previous page. And try to make a proposal based on those graphs.

strenuous movement at this period

the water drop totally fall into water, it does not move anymore

Proposal 2 ---- Water Drop

Rino Model of water drop proposal.

Plasticine Model of water drop proposal.

Proposal 3 ---- Change of seasons

One of the natural processes that can shows the changes of seasons are life cycle of pants/flowers. This is the initial idea of season changes.

I saw an article online written by Julie Cohen called “Does your mood change with the seasons?� This article mainly talked about the relationship between human mood and seasons. Reader Madatmyex and I had same feelings toward change of seasons.

Proposal 3 ---- Change of seasons

There is a graph shows how my mood change when seasons change.

In winter, some animals go into hibernation while plants are withered away. And it is cold in winter, so I don’t often go outsiders. Winter make me listless and languid. In spring, life begins. I am waiting in hope, so the feelings of happiness are increasing.

In summer, life in the earth are in their at the height of power and splendors. So does human, I often feel energetic in summer. It likes I have lots if power that spout at that moment.

In autumn, plants get their fruit or gains, and start to wither. At this time, it makes people feel sad and dreary, maybe a little bit lonely.

Proposal 3 ---- Change of seasons

Spring use curve to show the mood of expectation

Summer Delighted as blooming take place in your heart

Autumn This shape likes a withered flower.

Winter The curve become a horizontal line, it means every thing tend to be calm and quiet.

Proposal 3 Plasticine Model of proposal 3

---- Change of seasons


Cohen, J. 2008. “Does Your Mood Change With the Seasons?�, from: http://www. viewed on 13rd August.

Photo Resource: html

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