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Friends 9-­‐18   1. Pitch  in  (with  somebody/  something)  :   to  join  in  and  help  with  an  activity,  by  doing  some  of  the  work  or  by  giving   money,  advice,  etc   We  all  pitched  in  $10  to  buy  her  a  gift.  

2. Pool sth.    to  collect  money,  information,  etc.  from  different  people  so  that  it  can  be  used   by  all  of  them.   The  students  work  individually,  then  pool  their  ideas  in  groups  of  six.  

3. Gremlin an  imaginary  creature  that  people  blame  when  a  machine  suddenly  stops   working  

4. Sense the  tone   to  examine  words  and  moods  for  a  clue  as  to  sb's  thoughts  

5. Psychic seeming  to  have  strange  mental  powers  and  to  be  able  to  do  things  that  are   not  possible  according  to  natural  laws.   She  claims  to  be  psychic  and  helps  people  to  contact  the  dead.  

6. Carcass the  dead  body  of  an  animal,  especially  of  a  large  one  or  of  one  that  is  ready  for   cutting  up  as  meat   She  boiled  up  the  chicken  carcass  to  make  soup.  

7. Skittish easily  excited  or  frightened  and  therefore  difficult  to  control   Susan  gets  skittish  when  it  comes  to  her  favorite  k-­‐pop  star.  

8. I beg  to  differ   used  to  say  politely  that  you  do  not  agree  with  something  that  has  just  been   said  

‘At least  she  is  good  at  her  job.’  ‘Oh,  I  beg  to  differ.’  

9. Come around  (to  something)   to  change  your  mood  or  your  opinion   He'll  never  come  round  to  our  way  of  thinking.    

Quizzes 1. Does  Rose  really  want  to  invest  if  he  wins  the  lottery?  Why  and  why  not?   2. Are  ‘’boo-­‐hocky’’,  ‘’gosh  darn  it’’  and  ‘’brother  pucker’’  really  words  in  use  of   daily  life?  The  purpose  of  these  words.   3. What  does  Chandler  means  by  saying  ‘’Eats  own  arm’’  of  the  headline  in  the   newspaper?  

Friends 918  
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