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CROPPED OUT No mining in key food bowls

THE future of at least three Queensland coal projects is unclear following the state government’s decision to lock up parcels of prime food producing land. The Mines Minister Stephen Robertson has announced new areas deemed to be “strategic cropping land� will be off limits to mining. Draft maps have been released, and the green zones denoting strategic cropping land cover 70,000 km2  - or four per cent of Queensland. To put that in perspective, currently mining takes up 734 km2 - or 0.04 per cent of the state. The new cropping zones look set to have implications for proposed mining projects already in advanced stages. The zones appear to overlap several developments, including  Xstrata’s Wandoan Coal project, Vale’s Belvedere project near Moura and Cockatoo Coal’s expansion north of Baralaba. Projects in the Galilee Basin appear to be unaffected, as the land in question is only for cropping and not gazing purposes. The maps are not final, and will be finetuned before the new policy becomes law next year.


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Sticky date pudding

Serves 6-8 Sticky date pudding is a popular family dessert all year round but most enjoyable during the colder months. Add chopped walnuts or chocolate to the mix for something extra special.



ON face value, the Queensland government’s decision to lock up the state’s prime food producing land from mining or development might seem to make a lot of sense. Afterall, there is plenty of logic in the argument that we can’t eat coal (although we do need the power it produces to refrigerate it and move it round the state). But even advocates of food bowl protection were shocked when the draft maps released last week highlighted a 70,000 km2 swathe of Queensland - an area the size of Ireland. Compare that to the 734km2 that is currently being mined in the state. The trouble is that in a bid to appease increasingly vocal agricultural lobby groups, the government has acted too quickly and without reliable data. The onus will now be on resource companies, explorers and developers to prove

and line the base with baking paper. Combine the dates, boiling water and soda in a bowl. Allow to stand for 5 minutes. Blend or process the date mixture with the butter and brown sugar until almost VPRRWK$GGWKHHJJVDQGĂ€RXU and mix until just combined. Pour into the prepared pan. Bake 45-50 minutes or until cooked through (if the pudding starts to go brown RQWRSEHIRUHÂżQLVKHGFRRNLQJ cover with foil). Once cooked, remove from oven and stand for 10 minutes before turning it out of the pan. Prepare the sauce by placing all ingredients in a saucepan stirring over low heat until sugar has dissolved and butteraudited melted. *When by the CAB Pour butterscotch sauce over the top and serve with vanilla ice cream or cream.


where proposed projects overlap “stategic cropping land� that those areas are not the state’s best agricultural land. It’s all to be done on data such as soil quality and rainfall, and at the expense of companies that have already invested millions of dollars in projects before this new policy was announced. Instead of addressing areas where farmers had legitimate concerns about resource development in Southern Queensland in a timely fashion, the issue has been allowed to drag out, create tension between farming and mining and finally now build a new level of bureaucracy into the system. A shared loathing of bureaucracy is usually the one thing farmers and miners can agree on. This solution may end up an expensive, complicated and arduous walk down the bureaucratic path for all involved.

Alex Graham

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8 Moranbah meeting

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94th EDITION. 2010

Catcher snatches award THE ‘cathode nodule catcher’ mightn’t have a snappy name, but it has cleaned up industry’s top gong for innovation. The device was developed by Xstrata Copper smelter workers, and has eliminated the need for workers to lift 32 kilogram floor plates and shovel 250 kilograms of copper waste underneath them for an hour every week. When you imagine that happening in a north Queensland summer, you can see why the catcher was invented. Now, the waste is contained in the catcher, rather than under the floor plates - and the catcher is emptied twice a week so cleaning the area takes five minutes once every two months.

While Xstrata took out the prestigious Queensland Mining Industry Health and Safety Innovations Award at last week’s conference, the bright sparks at Rio Tinto’s Kestrel mine took out the People’s Choice Award. Its “belt lifting and roller replacement� tool provides a simpler and safer way to change conveyor belt rollers. The job used to take two people, but can now be done by one and without needing to get under the conveyor. A highly commended award went to MMG’s Century mine for its “window delineator�,which helps heavy machinery operators to more clearly see the edge of in-pit roads at night.

INNOVATIVE MINDS: Xstrata Copper’s Noel Kimlin and Peter Clifford with the Mines Minister Stephen Robertson (centre)






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Virtual world for miners

MORE than 2000 New South Wales miners each month are being trained using virtual reality (VR) technology to simulate on site hazards. “Instead of watching Avatar, you’re actually in it,� explained Coal Services’ general manager of virtual reality training Bruce Dowsett. In NSW, Coal Services is funded by the union and industry to supply mines rescue, insurance, compensation and training services. Over the past 10 years the company has developed virtual reality training modules that are now attracting worldwide interest. The training being run at four centres in the key mining towns of Lithgow, Singleton, Wollongong and Newscastle. Coal Services’ chairman Ron Land gave an impressive 3D presentation to 700 delegates at last week’s Queensland Mining Industry Health and Safety Conference in Townsville. Mr Land told the conference VR will be needed to train the next generation of employees in the sector. “Virtual reality is not a panacea, but when used in conjunction with modern classroom techniques and other protocols, significantly improves retention of knowledge and skills,� said Mr Land.

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“The logistics of training on site can be very difficult, but now we can put forward virtual mines,� explained Mr Dowsett. “What that means is training can be carried out in a realistic 3D realm so when people do go on site they are recognising the hazards - that is, they are retaining that knowledge.� “The feedback we are getting is this training has accelerated new starters, that they are already a step ahead.� Mr Dowsett said the training modules can be updated to keep up with the real life changes on mine sites. He said the Townsville conference had piqued the interest of many Queensland companies who are keen to see the technology cross the border. “There has been a tremendous amount of interest, asking why they haven’t got it in Queensland and saying they want to get it here.� In NSW, about 20,000 miners are going through VR training each year - including apprentices, new starters, contractors and miners on refresher courses. Coal Services is also devising programs for police, fire and ambulance officers.

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94th EDITION. 2010

Micro message to tackle miners’ health THREE minutes is all it takes to get a vital health message across to miners in a new project being trialled at several Bowen Basin sites. Registered nurse and health consultant Tammy Farrell has developed the program to fit in with the productivity demands of mining companies. “It has become a real issue that because of loss of production time, companies are not going to take their staff off site for a 50 minute health talk,” she told Shift Miner. “I have tried to come up with a simpler solution, maybe you don’t need 50 minutes to get your point across, maybe you can do it in a much smaller space of time.” Ms Farrell has devised a program that combines fact sheets with a DVD presentation and intranet page. “At the change of shift at the start of each new roster, the DVD will be played.” “Each month will have a different health topic, and each week that topic will be explored some more.” “I’ve tried to keep it light hearted, but

with a core message.” Ms Farrell has a personal interest in wanting to raise health awareness among miners. She grew up in the New South Wales mining town of Muswellbrook, and both of her brothers are miners. “Being a registered nurse I’d always get phone calls from my family asking me advice,” she said. “I used to laugh until I realised I did the same to thing to them about cars.” “I decided there was a real opportunity to teach more people about their general health in a formal way.” But Ms Farrell said she doesn’t believe blue collar workers are any more ignorant about their health than their white collar counterparts. “I can speak to people in IT or solicitors and they have no idea about basic health issues - or any interest in it - until something goes wrong.”

Caval Ridge 100% FIFO BMA wants the entire workforce at its new Caval Ridge mine near Moranbah to fly in and out of work. The original conditions set in its approval stipulate 30 per cent of the workforce must live locally. But BMA has applied to the Co-ordinator General for a change, citing operation requirements and workforce conditions. Both the union and the local council are against the move. ..................................................................... But Ms Farrell said she believed miners need to take more responsibility for their health. “In the mining industry there are issues like fatigue after long shifts, but employees need to take some ownership and responsibility for those problems.” “You have to make sure your lifestyle can keep up with your work requirements, no-one can force you to take care of yourself that’s your job.”

“In the mining industry there are issues like fatigue after long shifts, but employees need to take some ownership and responsibility for those problems.”

Marginal CQ mining seats fall to LNP TWO of central Queensland’s mining seats have fallen to the LNP, and Labor’s mining tax was central to the fall, according to the newly elected Member for Dawson. “I think that it was a major factor in the decision,” George Christensen told Shift Miner. “Certainly from the door-knocking I did in Mackay and the feedback I was getting from people walking into the polling booths


there were a lot of miners and miners’ wives and contractors saying we voted Labor last time because of WorkChoices and now we are voting LNP because of the mining tax.” “Labor lost Dawson, they lost Herbert, they lost Flynn and Capricornia is now a marginal seat - that is pretty much the entire mining belt.” “Michelle Landry in Capricornia went from being a complete unknown on the day

she was nominated just before the election to coming within striking distance, so it certainly was an issue.” At the time of print, there was still no decision on who would form the majority government - with votes still being counted, and negotiations with the independents continuing. “The only one of the independents who seems to be against the mining tax is Bob Katter - because it directly effects his electorate in Kennedy.” “I like Bob, I think he should never have left the party - or been pushed out - I think he’s very sensible and he’s opposed to the mining tax, I probably have a lot in common with him.”

Landholder rights boosted New laws that give landholders greater protection and security in their dealings with resource companies have been passed by state parliament. The laws were devised after consultation with rural communities over concerns about the burgeoning LNG industry. The Mines Minister said the new laws make it clear what is expected from resource companies when it comes to consultation, compensation and behaviour while operating on private land. They clarify the rights of landholders, provide more options in resolving dispute, limit the civil liability of landholders against certain legal actions and allow for legal and other costs incurred in negotiation a resolution to be part of any compensation. .....................................................................

Online gas tenures The Queensland Government has launched a new online system to improve the processing of tenure data from the state’s petroleum and gas industry. Mines Online is designed to reduce the manual handling of petroleum well and borehole forms and reports by allowing tenure holders to lodge and record data online. Last year, 2506 forms were lodged in relation to drilled wells and the emerging LNG industry will see that figure significantly increase. Potentially up to 20,000 forms could be generated over the lifespan of just one of the five proposed LNG projects.

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94th EDITION. 2010

Aussie experience Beaconsfield survivor helps Chile rescue sends support message AUSTRALIAN expertise in mines rescue could help free 33 Chilean miners who have been trapped underground for more than two weeks. Chilean officials have made contact with Coal Services, the company which co-ordinates mines rescue in New South Wales. Coal Services was pivotal in the 2006 rescue of Beaconsfield miners Brant Webb and Todd Russell, who were trapped underground in the gold mine for two weeks. “Basically we co-ordinated the incident management team, gathering all the information together for the recovery effort 24 hours a day,” explained Coal Services general manager of mine rescue Paul Healey. Mr Healey said now the Chilean miners had been found alive, the most important part of the recovery process would be making sure the trapped men are emotionally stable.

“The food and water is the easy part, looking after them psychologically is the most critical issue.” “They are trapped in a very dark space, I mean Todd and Brant were down there for two weeks but this could be four months.” “That’s inconceivable for most of us and that’s why it’s so important they have contact with their loved ones and communicate with the outside world so they feel people understand what they are going through.” An Australian driller is also directly helping in the recovery efforts. Perth-based Kelvin Brown was on site last week when the trapped miners sent their note to the surface taped onto a drill bit. He said it was a complete surprise to find out all the men were alive. “That was very ecstatic and no-one was expecting that,” he told the ABC.

“The food and water is the easy part...”


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BEACONSFIELD miner Brant Webb says there is one critically important way to help the 33 mines trapped in a Chilean mine. “The best thing they could do, they have already done,” he told Shift Miner. “They have given them contact with their families.” Four years ago, Brant Webb and Todd Russell spent two weeks trapped underground in the Beaconsfield gold mine collapse. During that time, Brant had no contact with his family, except for one letter from his wife. “They had re-written the letter and put what she had to say in dot points, they even spelt her name wrong.” “We had so much anger and resentment that we couldn’t have contact.” “They did it with the best intentions because they thought we were going to die, and so did we.” “I don’t know about you, but I would have liked to hear my wife’s voice and tell her I loved her before I died.” Both men have sent a message of support to the 33 trapped Chilean miners, and will use skype to contact them later this week. But Brant said they have decided it wouldn’t help the situation for him and Todd to travel to Chile. “It’s one thing to lift people’s spirits, but they will be going through such highs and such lows that you don’t want to make it worse for them or their families.” “Hope can very quickly turn to despair, and we can’t speak the language which would make it difficult.” “I also think it could be detrimental for me, and my family, and the people who helped me - it could set us all back again.”

Brant says there needs to be psychological support on hand for relatives and anyone involved in the rescue. “Every rescuer is going to need a psychologist, I spoke to the drillers who helped us and one of them told me to focus on the job they just blanked us out, until we were rescued, and then they went to water.” “It’s going to be worse in Chile, because they have put cameras down there those people now have faces, and it’s going to be harder on everybody.” Even four years down the track, Brant still wants to thank the people who helped him. “I can’t thank my rescuers enough, you don’t get out of a sticky wicket without someone behind you and in Australia we are lucky to have the cream of the crop.” He just hopes the 33 Chilean miners are not trapped for the four months that rescuers are predicting it will take to free them. “I think they are just playing it safe and not wanting to get hopes up, they have the whole world watching.”

DARK MEMORIES: Beaconsfield survivor Brant Webb has sent a message to the Chilean miners

“I don’t know about you, but I would have liked to hear my wife’s voice and tell her I loved her before I died.”


94th EDITION. 2010

Bow Energy lights Minister bashes Cougar up Blackwater BOW Energy will increase its construction workforce at Blackwater from 60 to 200 over the next few months as the company builds the first coal seam gas (CSG) power station in Central Queensland. The power station will produce enough electricity to run 30,000 homes for the next 20 years. Initial earthworks have begun, and Bow chief executive John De Stefani said he anticipates final development approval from the local council any day. “We have our early operations approval from the Central Highlands Regional Council, and the final construction approval is set to arrive shortly,” he said. Mr De Stefani said the coal being used in the project is much deeper than miners would normally target. “In theory, coal seam gas could be extracted from coal that is going to be mined, but there would need to be the appropriate commercial contracts in place to allow that.” “We are in discussions with a number of mining companies about whether this could happen.”

Construction has started on CQ’s first CSG power station in Blackwater

The power from the new station will go straight into the power grid, but Bow is also in discussions with several mines about supplying their power needs. This could be done via the grid or by a direct line to nearby mines. Most of the construction workforce is staying at nearby mining accommodation villages at Bluff and Blackwater.

COUGAR Energy’s enviornmental report into a contamination scare at its underground coal gasification (UCG) near Kingaroy has been rejected by the department (DERM). The Sustainability Minister, Kate Jones, told a community meeting late last week she was angry Cougar had not provided all the information requested by DERM officials. “The government and the people of Kingaroy still do not have the answers we needed and expected from Cougar Energy,” Ms Jones said. “Cougar Energy’s operations will remain suspended until the government is satisfied that the company can meet all regulatory requirements.”  “If they cannot prove their activities can be undertaken safely, they will not be allowed to recommence operations.” Cougar was asked to investigate the source, cause and extent of groundwater contamination resulting from its operations, and provide a report to the government. That report was submitted last week, but Cougar will now have to provide further environmental evaluation and more detailed information. The rebuke has baffled Cougar Energy,

which released a statement saying it was “surprised and confused” by the “contradicting statements from the government and DERM”. The statement said the company was already preparing supplementary technical information to be submitted today (Monday August 30) with the full knowledge of DERM. It said the company had co-operated with the government and DERM during the process and would continue to do so, once it was formally told what further evaluation would be necessary. “Cougar Energy is confident that it can demonstrate that the Kingaroy operation will not harm the environment,” the statement read. Ms Jones said a separate investigation into whether the company had breached environmental protection laws was continuing. “The operating conditions of the company’s environmental authority were clear: no contamination of groundwater was allowed and, indeed, it had to ensure groundwater was properly protected,” Ms Jones said.  “If there is any evidence that this company has failed to meet its legislative requirements, we will not hesitate to take action against them.”  Breaching the environmental protection laws attracts fines of up to $2 million. 

100 new starts at BMA mines BMA has 100 apprentice and trainee roles to fill in the Bowen Basin next year. More than 260 people turned up to information sessions in Blackwater, Dysart and Moranbah recently to find out how to get into the mining industry and gain a qualification at the same time. BMA Cadet electrical engineer Alex King attended one of those sessions four years ago and he’s never looked back. “I would encourage anyone wanting to start an apprenticeship or traineeship to go for it as it opens a lot of doors in the mining industry,” he said.

“In the mining in industry you have the opportunity to work in some great locations in Australia and across the world.” Alex began his apprenticeship at Norwich Park mine after he finished year 12. “I was interested in working at BMA as both my father and grandfather worked at Saraji mine and I thought that completing an apprenticeship would be a good way to gain experience in the mines.” For Alex, that start has led to a new door opening. “After my apprenticeship, I then moved to Blackwater mine where I am now work-

ing as cadet electrical engineer, reporting to a senior electrical engineer.” “I am also studying for an associate diploma in electrical engineering.” BMA currently employs 144 apprentices and 30 trainees across its Bowen Basin operations. The new positions will be advertised in October, and are generally for people already living in the local area. For more information go to OPENING DOORS: Dysart-raised Alex King started out as an apprentice with BMA, and is now working as a cadet electrical engineer

NEED PEOPLE SAFE, ALERT AND ON TIME? Australasian Jet can provide professional domestic and international charter flights for any budget. - 24 hours a day / 7days a week - for fly in fly out roster change overs - express Freight transport - on call nationwide medical transfers

- General charter requirements for all mine sites in the Bowen Basin and beyond - Quality assured operator with a solid 25 year company history - Call for an obligation free fly in/fly out quotation

Increase productivity - reduce fatigue risk Australasian Jet - call us direct on 0414 550 644 Email: Office: 07 4953 3261

Page 7 - Shift Miner Magazine, 30th August 2010


94th EDITION. 2010

Online support for More projects mining families on the way ALICIA Ranford’s daughter used to get upset because her dad didn’t come home like everybody elses. The Adelaide-based mum struggled to find strategies to help her daughter cope so she did something about it - she started the Mining Family Matters (MFM) website. “My husband started FIFO when the kids were 2 and 3 and my daughter, in particular, didn’t cope with dad being away,” Ms Ranford told Shift Miner. “After getting some good advice from a friend who happened to be a psychologist, I thought it would be great if I could start a website to share that sort of information.” The site set out to offer professional support to help families cope with the downside of mining life that can include FIFO and life in small, isolated regional towns. The website features columns and Q&A sessions with a resident psychologist and social worker who offer advice on the unique issues facing mining families.

It also includes: chat forums, advice and testimonials on mining towns across the country, as well as financial and fitness information. The website was launched in February, and Ms Ranford has been overwhelmed with the response. “We’ve had over 14,000 hits from people all over Australia and the world and we’ve been able to help lots of people through the website,” she said. “In the future we would like to see the website grow in the number of users and in the number of localities accessing it and we want the mining industry to get behind it.” Ms Ranford said it makes good business sense for mining companies to support their employees. “Every time a mining company loses an employee, replacement costs amount to between 0.5 and 1.5 times the miner’s salary.” “A happy family makes for a happy miner.” To check it out for yourself, go online at

DESPITE uncertainty surrounding the federal election result and a mining tax, all the talk at a recent conference in Moranbah was about future development. More than 60 people turned out for the two-day Bowen Basin Coal and Energy Conference last week. Among the presentations were updates on a number of large local coal developments including Anglo’s Grosvenor project

near Moranbah, and Aquila’s Eagle Downs and Belvedere projects. Vale’s global coal managing director, Decio Amaral, said the company had large plans to expand coal production in Australia. Central Highlands mayor, Peter Maguire, and Jan Afruns from the Isaac Regional Council addressed some of the social issues confronting the region like housing, and community development.

Chris Coombes - Vale; Lynden Cini - John Holland; Hayden Leary - Bowen Central Coal Managenment

Leon Lobegeier - SCN Lavalan; Phil Ferenczi - DEEDI; John Peric - Baulderstone; Bruce Henry - Thomas & Coffey

INTRODUCTION TOTOPROJECT INTRODUCTION PROJECT MMANAGEMENT ANAGEMENT 7 September,55 October October and 7 September, and22November November

When a project fails, the problem often lies not in the concept but in the process. When a project fails, the problem often lies not results, in the concept butbe in supported the process. by In order for a In order for a great idea to achieve great it must a great great idea to achieve great results, it must bemanagement supported by aplan. great project team with an effective project team with an effective project project management plan.

Our three-day “Successful Project Management” workshop can help staff put together the win-ning to guide theworkshop team toward success. Our three-day “Successfulstrategy Project Management” can help staff put together the winning strategy to guide the team toward success. After completing this course, delegates will show that with support and guidance they are able to demonstrate the following learning outcomes: 1.

Knowledge and Understanding: of Project Management planning and processes to managing a project; using a specified range of tools and techniques as appropriate to the scope, scale and duration of the project.

Course Aims This course, held over 3 days over 3 months, aims to: 1. To identify and plan a project using a project management planning approach 2.

To use basic project management tools and techniques to: develop, schedule, plan resources, and manage a project


To implement a work-based or coursebased project effectively using project management tools/techniques; and


To evaluate project risk and identify project stakeholders for their project.

of Project Management processes using appropriate tools and techniques. 2.

Intellectual / Thinking Skills: Applying project management skills to their own role either in the workplace, for their academic studies/research or for personal hobbies and projects.


Practical / Professional Skills: Risk analysis techniques.


Transferable Skills (e.g. communications, team working, learning, ICT, etc.) Communication skills and team motivation theory and practice.




7 September 5 October 2 November

Manufacturing Skills Queensland: Assists Queensland companies to develop skilling strategies to ensure the global competitiveness of the State’s economy.

Anthony Woodside - Xenith; Andrew Hocking - Aquila; Ken Hill - Xenith; Peter Thorsen - Marubeni

To Register for this clinic visit the events page at the QMI Solutions website at Or call Tess on 3364 0607

Venue: Quest Mackay 38 Macalister Street Mackay Cost:

$1080.00 (inc GST) (includes all meals & learning materials)

Page 8 - Shift Miner Magazine, 30th August 2010

Eugene Du Plessis & Ross Redgrove - BGC Consulting

Brett Stevenson - Sunwater; Bruce De’Ambrosis - Ostwald Bros

Shift Miner’s Most Eligible

Bachelor & Bachelorette

Stacey Taylor, 26

Harley Weston, 26

Exploration Drilling, operations manager

Deb Fisher, 40

Brian Puckey, 26

Saraji mine, multi-skilled operator When I’m not at work you’ll find me: Relaxing with family & friends, shopping, being outdoors fishing/camping or BBQs

When I’m not at work you’ll find me: Travelling/partying/gardening (not in the gym, not playing footy and nowhere near a “salmon polo shirt”)

When I’m not at work you’ll find me: Pottering around in my garden, spending time with my horses, cruising on my motorbike, or road tripping in my F. truck

When I’m not at work you’ll find me: Adventure hiking, dinner parties with friends or working on my house

The best advice I’ve ever been given is: Never pretend to be someone you’re not or you’ll always be faking it

The best advice I’ve ever been given is: My father once told me to “believe half of what you see and none of what you hear”

My perfect date would be: Dinner in one of the most amazing restaurants in the world followed by cocktails in front of a fire in a 5 star hotel

My worst habit is: Putting myself under pressure to perform and pushing the envelope often

My life is best described in the song: “Broken” by Lynyrd Skynyrd

My life is best described in the song: It’s a Beautiful Day – U2

My best attribute is: Friendly, honest, trustworthy, and a get it done attitude

If I could invite three people to dinner they would be (and why): Albert Einstein, Steven Hawking and Jessica Watson - because these people are some of the most adventurous, pioneering and amazing people on the planet

The best advice I’ve ever been given is: At times life deals a lot of crap, but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, be honest and true to yourself and you will always be able to hold your head high My perfect date would be: Anything romantic and a surprise that the guy has put some thought into about what I like (picnic dinner on a beach somewhere) My worst habit is: I’m pretty blunt which sometimes comes across wrong My friends say I am: Generous, kind-hearted, social, fun, beautiful, intelligent, organised, a wonderful mother If I didn’t work in mining or industry I would be a: Fashion designer

My best attribute is: My strength of mind and memory My signature dish is: Lightly seared scallops on a mixed leaf salad, with dates and finely chopped Nashi, drizzled with a coriander, lime and ginger fish sauce If I didn’t work in mining or industry I would be a: Sound engineer, photographer or geologist - (for interest only)

Callide mine, plant operator

Yongala ESS, assistant manager

If I could invite three people to dinner they would be (and why): Teddy Thompson, Billy Connelly and Ellen De Generes. It would be packed with heaps of laughter and song My friends say I am: Straight down the line, fun to be around and reliable

If I didn’t work in mining or industry I would be a: Scuba diving instructor If I could have any animal as a pet I would choose (and why): A Dingo – because they are like me! Very loyal and just a bit wild...

HARLEY NOW OR IN THE FUTURE? Bert’s been mining for 20 years. 19 years ago he sold his beloved Harley to start investing for the future. He took money to Steve Taylor and Partners in Emerald.

TODAY HE HAS 6 HOUSES, NO DEBTS - AND A HARLEY What’s your future going to be like?

Call Steve Taylor on 0749807733 or google “Steve Taylor”

Page 9 - Shift Miner Magazine, 30th August 2010


94th EDITION. 2010

Online support for Haul truck driver mining families walked the beat ALICIA Ranford’s daughter used to get upset because her dad didn’t come home like everybody elses. The Adelaid-based mum struggled to find strategies to help her daughter cope so she did something about it - she started the Mining Family Matters (MFM) website. “My husband started FIFO when the kids were 2 and 3 and my daughter, in particular, didn’t cope with dad being away,” Ms Ranford told Shift Miner. “After getting some good advice from a friend who happened to be a psychologist, I thought it would be great if I could start a website to share that sort of information.” The site set out to offer professional support to help families cope with the downside of mining life that can include FIFO and life in small, isolated regional towns. The website features columns and Q&A sessions with a resident psychologist and social worker who offer advice on the unique issues facing mining families. It also includes: chat forums, advice

and testimonials on mining towns across the country, as well as financial and fitness information. The website was launched in February, and Ms Ranford has been overwhelmed with the response. “We’ve had over 14,000 hits from people all over Australia and the world and we’ve been able to help lots of people through the website,” she said. “In the future we would like to see the website grow in the number of users and in the number of localities accessing it and we want the mining industry to get behind it.” Ms Ranford said it makes good business sense for mining companies to support their employees. “Every time a mining company loses an employee, replacement costs amount to between 0.5 and 1.5 times the miner’s salary.” “A happy family makes for a happy miner.” To check it out for yourself, go online at

AT first glance, the mining industry and the Queensland police don’t have a lot in common but dig a little bit deeper and you’ll find they do. In May this year, Rebecca Johnson started working as a haul truck operator at Rio Tinto’s Clermont mine, but in another life she was a senior police liaison officer in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley. “While driving a haul truck is completely different to working as a police liaison officer, I’ve found teamwork and communication are still the keys to success,” she said. Rebecca recently received a Queensland Police Service Award for Excellence to recognise her work in developing a new initiative called the Indigenous Elders Police Patrol. “Elders go out on patrol with police and liaison officers, so that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have familiar faces to deal with,” she explained. The program has succeeded in reducing minor drug and alcohol related offences in the area. “It has also built a more positive under-

standing for both police officers and the indigenous community.” Now that Rebecca is working for a mining organisation, her liaison skills might be in demand once more. “Rio Tinto has a commitment to working with indigenous communities, and I hope there may even be a chance for me to help with projects in my new job.”

RECOGNISED: Haul truck operator Rebecca Johnson awarded for her work in another life as a police liaison officer

Tieri turns red for charity rugby match THE Xstrata Coal rugby union charity match is on again next Saturday (11 Sep), and everyone who comes along will be seeing red. Queensland Reds that is. Queensland Reds and international rugby players Ben Lucas and Leroy Houston will travel to the Central Highlands town of Tieri for the match, where they will give tips to local kids at a coaching clinic. Oaky Creek Coal event co-ordinator Tam King said it would be fun family day. “We want the whole town to take part in the day,” she said. “We will have free children’s entertain-

ment, rides, games and giveaways, live music and fireworks during the night.” But it is the highly anticipated grudge match between Xstrata and BMA that will really draw in the crowds, with retired Wallaby Daniel Herbert MC-ing the event. This is the third year the two teams have faced off - and with one win each, the battle is on to find the repeat champion. The Xstrata team will be made up of players from its operations at Oaky Creek, Springsure and Rolleston. The BMA team will consist of players

from Goonyella Riverside, Peak Downs, Norwich Park, Saraji, Broadmeadow, Blackwater and Gregory Crinum mines. The winning team from the charity match will donate $5000 to the charity of its choice, and all other money raised will go to the Royal Children’s Hospital. CQ Rugby Development Officer Joel Johnston said the day helped build interest

“It is great to be able to bring such a high profile event into a regional area, which is getting harder to do.”

CLASH OF THE TITANS: BMA will go head to head with the Xstrata boys at the Tieri charity match (2009 images)

Page 10 - Shift Miner Magazine, 30th August 2010

in rugby union in the Central Highlands. “It is great to be able to bring such a high profile event into a regional area, which is getting harder to do,” he said. “We look forward to building on the partnerships made with Xstrata in previous years and we hope to continue to build interest in the game of rugby union in the Central Highlands area.”

94th EDITION. 2010



Since 1947, ATCO Structures & Logistics has been manufacturing quality products for sale or hire.

QBSA Act Licence No 701337

For over 60 years, ATCO has been

leader within the transportable

can design a structure perfect

the benchmark in providing safe,

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the reputation of being the world’s

standard units, alternatively we

you need, when you need it.

Phone 07-3412 8616

Fax 07-3803 0396

Email Page 11 - Shift Miner Magazine, 30th August 2010


around town 94th EDITION. 2010

A FETE-FUL DAY Blackwater North State School held their annual fete recently. Spot anyone you recognise?

Jarrod Ogrodniczek

Amber, Aleithia and Denzel Row

Michaela and Tegan

Jada Bartley shows how its done

Sophie Callanan

Hayley Wornum, Payton Fell and Dakota Kirby

Tayla Martin and Nyomi Webley

Grace Madsen with Jack and Dana Denman

Teacher Rebecca Pope was the victim for the sponge throw

Saru Chifadza

Taylor Jones, Billie Boase and Kelsea Anderson

Sierra McDermott

Tarni Anderson had a great time throwing cream covered sponges at her teacher Miss Pope

Childrens wear direct to coalfields

Hayden and Savannah Fletcher

Meg Napper, Tiffany Pitt, Bronte Lancaster, Peyton Storch, Kaylah Brown and Gracyn Delaforce Baby’s first name embroidered on the blanket at no extra cost, and the embroidery design measures approx 7x7cm.

BOYS & GIRLS WINTER WEAR. Brand new winter tracksuits are selling at $20 set, long sleeved tees & skivvies sell at $10 each and pj’s sell at $15.


Designs include Dora, Bratz, Spiderman, Transformers, Ben10 and many more.


Blanket made from Tasmanian polar fleece to keep baby snug and warm.

dery ines till 0.

The 100 x 75cm blanket is over-locked to give softness against baby’s skin.

They are licensed and come in sizes ranging from 2 years to 8 years. Also selling unlicensed hoodies from $10 each.

The blanket measures approx 100x75cm and will make a wonderful gift for that special someone. Other colours available upon request.

Allow 7 days delivery

For full details contact me on

Page 12 - Shift Miner Magazine, 30th August 2010

around town 94th EDITION. 2010


Moranbah’s AFL Bulldogs social club organised a Ladies Day recently, where the fairer sex watched the boys take on the Mackay swans and continued drinks and nibbles well into the night... Sian Schonfield, Penny Semmler, Tess Waters, Julie Rose, Emma Richards & Zara Daniells all looking beautiful

Enjoying a cold glass of champagne are Melissa Summerdale, Brook Thomas & Zoe Weatherley

Moranbah’s  AFL Bulldogs social commity members Ang Francou & Jo Coldrey ensuring the afternoon runs smoothly


Bilby and Phine

Kelly Russo, Karyn Looby & Belinda Hay enjoying a great day!

Looking fantastic are Charmane Sharp, Tess Waters, Carolyn Wood & Tina Hunkin

Blackwater hosted the semi finals between the two Emerald teams and Blackwater v Middlemount. Middlemount won by three points

Kerri Hamm, Shannon Green and Kelsea Ford

Peter and Dianne Clemesha

Dan Grealy and Darren Gaw

Sharon, Hector, Rachel and Brownie

Tim Steinhardt and Bryce (Chicken) Little

Tom, Emily and Glenn Hamilton

Ian and Sally Lancaster

Jason O’Donoghue, Jason and Kylie Webley

Holding a social event you want photographed?  Call the Shift Miner office on 4921 4333 to let us know.  You can also give our office a bell if you’d like a copy of any of the photos in this edition.

Workplace & Motor Vehicle Accidents Medical Negligence & Asbestos Claims Local Call 4972 7567


Local Contact John Golinelli - Old Court House Building, 16 Yarroon Street, Gladstone QLD 4680

Page 13 - Shift Miner Magazine, 30th August 2010

stuff to the editor 94th EDITION. 2010

Stuff to the Editor It’s about time they let some cleanskins in. How do they think we’re going man this next boom without them? Brad, Mackay FIFO from the se corner doesn’t make sense. I thought they wanted people to move to the regions. This just encourages them to stay put and crowd up the cities. Work in the mines to pay for the roads in se corner, and so it goes on.... T.R, Rockhampton A mining company that asks workers what shifts would suit them? Sounds unbelievable to me! H.R, Blackwater Good to see one company with some vision for the future. A.R, Gladstone The critical shortage of engineers has many worried: Glad to see some coverage about the lack of engineers. People don’t realise just how dire it is - and what it has the potential to mean. G.T, Emerald People talk about boom 2 - but we don’t have the engineers for boom 1. F.R, Mackay

Sent in anonymously

R E N I M T F I SH l news

rce of loca

ity’s best sou

commun land mining

Our front page story last edition on cleanskins had you talking:

“A photo from a tugboat at Anglo.”

Monday 16th

Edition August 93rd


The Queens



(SPQs excepted)

Z I N E M A G A t eck ou


.shif rated - www

ed and Ope

Locally Own

ens up Mining op orkers to green w

ts g mining projec up-and-comin to open their SEVERAL r set to fill sland appea ” workers in Queen ned or “green doors to untrai s. e, requirement ation websit their labour yment inform asked to been The emplo has el, the rce Chann determine the Resou survey to ) work an online carry out fly out (FIFO st in fly in, . level of intere east corner nent from the south- truly refreshing compo g their “The most nies are openin level compa that er of entry of this is r highest numb said the directo doors to the ever seen,” . people I have Channel Jody Elliott time rce for some of the Resou s bleating on “I have been offer more opportunitie to make nies to ence, and for compa with no experi those positions for people ng for s of applyi the proces comarent.” say which more transp Elliott won’t , she Ms survey While d the commissione ble and hoped panies have reputa n on the were highly said they ment decisio final invest to make a of next year. sland the first half on at Queen projects in that comm either livFIFO is not workforce in most of the by car to homes mines, with or commuting ing nearby s. of al centre g the level major region is about gaugin female and illed, This survey trainees, semi-sk as those already interest from - as well participants tunities. ous oppor indigen FIFO ry - about page 4 in the indust


Ch t al talen the loc Miner’s in Shift gible eli most rette bachelo & r 9 bachelo ! Page comp

r Plus late to ente It’s not too page 8 » yourself!

News mine Caval Ridgeest passes bigg e 4 hurdle » pag News serious Almost 130 dents mining acci e 5 pag in July » n Around Towr at Cocktail hou » page 10 Blackwater

the dire Overcoming shortage » engineering

» continued

page 8

tters Money Ma uiry enq Interstate l for industriae 27 land » pag

And Shift Miner’s Most Eligible Bachelors & Bachelorettes are still the talk of the Coalfields: Check out Amanda in edition 93. She’s got my vote. Aaron, Mackay I’d like to pick Mel up in my Mack truck. Brett, Rocky Our regular cooking columns have a dedicated fan: I tried making the cirtrus Moroccan chicken in the last mag, and it was delicious! Thoroughly recommend it. All the recipes are always great and easy to follow too. Belinda, Emerald

Got something to share? Send us your text messages or phone photos to 0428 154 653 Or email to

Page 14 - Shift Miner Magazine, 30th August 2010


Text to 0428 154 653 Email


Fair Dinkum! IN AUSTRALIA - ‘The Sucker Fish’ strikes again! Doesn’t quite chill the blood in the same way as a shark or crocodile attack but this less known NT nasty has been terrorising Darwin locals at a popular city beach. Witnesses say the metre long beast chases, head butts, slaps and nibbles anyone near it at the artificial waterfront lagoon. “He’s very territorial,” said local Heath Porter. “Once you go through its territory it chases you for about 100m all the way back to shore.” “He either hits you with his fin or tries to head butt you...It’s quite eerie when he first does it.” Experts are divided as to the kind of species the sucker fish may be, but it’ most likely to be a queenfish or trevally. While the behaviour is unusual, it is not considered dangerous. Cold comfort if you are getting violated and fish slapped while innocently doing your daily laps. IN FRANCE - At least an Aussie can detect a fair dinkum predator when presented with one. French beaches along the English Channel were closed after reports filtered through of a 3.6m crocodile swimming around sailing boats. At least three people reported seeing the croc, but the French Coastguard has since confirmed the “croc” was actually a piece of floating wood. It seems the French don’t know a salty from a baguette - but I don’t think anyone is too surprised.

IN THAILAND - Teenagers are literally becoming fashion victims. Over the past seven months in Thailand, 43 people have died from dengue fever and another 45,000 have been infected with the mosquito-borne disease. Many of the victims being have been young, and part of the blame is being levelled at a teenage fashion craze for black leggings. A stern warning has been issued against the current fad, noting the mosquitoes that transmit the disease are attracted by dark colours. “The mosquitoes can bite through the leggings’ thin fabric, so those who wear them are at greater risk of being infected with dengue.” “It’s better to wear light colours and wear pants that can protect against mosquitoes, such as jeans.” IN CANADA - They might have some heavy duty land-based predators in Canada, but they aren’t much of a threat when they are your peace lovin stoner types. Police dismantling two large outdoor marijuana crops in British Columbia had a trippy moment when they realised there were ten big black bears wandering about the property. It appears the marijuana growers had been using the bears to protect their illegal crop but they had perhaps been partaking in the peace pipe because it soon became obvious these bears were content to just loaf about and munch on dog food rather than maul and maim. The bears may eventually have to be put down, police said.

It seems the French don’t know a salty from a baguette - but I don’t think anyone is too surprised. WHAT YOU CAN LEARN FROM A


MORE- mining news MORE- industrial news MORE- investment news WEDNESDAY’S INDUSTRY NEWS ONLINE (WINO) BY SHIFT MINER

SHIFT MINER Premium Queensland business and industrial news



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Frank the Tank’s

“Streakin” good love advice Dear Frank, My girlfriend is really into politics, and hates the fact that I find it incredibly boring. I feel like I should make an effort to share her interests, what can I do to see the interesting side of the political world? John, Emerald Dear John, Being one of Australia’s top political minds I feel I am well equipped to answer this question. Allow me to regale you with a short history of my credentials. My political career began in the mid 60s, as an integral part of the Holt administration. I performed various parliamentary duties and was also the chief lifeguard to the Prime Minister himself, however, thanks to one minor slip-up I was considered unfit for that job and had to resign. After that I felt disillusioned with democracy and for almost a decade I published and distributed a socialist newsletter which spread various unfounded rumours about the nature of capitalism, most notably that gratuitous personal wealth was the leading cause of impotence in western society. During the 1980s I was in charge of coordinating the personal affairs of Bob Hawke, and when I say ‘personal affairs’ I

Sensible Susan John, You don’t have to sit around for hours on end watching question time to show your girlfriend you’re interested in politics, that would bore anyone to tears. In this information age of ours there are a number of ways in which to ‘appreciate’ the world of politics. I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but Frank made a somewhat valid point in that scandals in politics can be extremely entertaining to

don’t mean catered luncheons. I was, however, unceremoniously sacked from my position after Paul Keating discovered I had spent a good deal of taxpayer money in an attempt to construct Australia’s first drive through bordello. In the 90s I took on an international role in Washington D.C., but I left the country in a hurry after that poor white haired gent got the blame for my little fling with Monica - to this day she still claims I owe her $27.50 for dry cleaning. Before my career at the Shift Miner began I was John Howard’s image consultant. He fired me for suggesting some flamboyant upgrades to his conservative image, but I still maintain he would have been successful in 2007 if he had challenged Kevin Rudd to a televised barefisted boxing match like I suggested. If anything can be gleaned from my whirlwind political career, it’s that you don’t have to look very far to find something interesting in politics, you just have to look through the spin and the empty promises…to the scandals and the fiascoes, that’s where the real entertainment is. Even though your girlfriend may claim she cares about policy and which candidate promises more for Australia, really she wants to see politicians losing their cool, showing up drunk to press-conferences, and drowning in a sea of gaffes and quotes taken out of context. My advice is give politics a chance, and you’ll discover that it’s one big bra-snapping, chair-sniffing, roller coaster ride. Frank.

the voting public. Do some reading on the internet and you may discover that politics is a little more interesting than you first thought, we all remember poor old Kevin Rudd getting caught in a strip club in New York. Suggest to your girlfriend that you’d like to watch some shows about political satire, I can almost guarantee you’ll be entertained, and you’re sure to learn at least a little about Australian politics. I’d also recommend talking to your girlfriend to try and understand her political views. If you can see what makes it special for her, you may gain a greater appreciation of it. Susan

If you have a question for Frank and Susan Email Us at:

Page 15 - Shift Miner Magazine, 30th August 2010

WHITSUNDAY HOLIDAY RENTAL Impress your girlfriend,family or mates & book this spacious f/furn beachfront home - 30mins Nth Airlie Beach. Ideal affordable getaway from $160/nt View au Property ID 25669 wallerjen@westnet. Ph 07 49461628

JETSKI FOR SALE 2008 Kawasaki Supercharged Ultra 250 Immaculate, 1500CC, 3 seater, 19 hours, extended warranty, swiftco trailer plus heaps of extras.

BIKE FOR SALE Harley-Davidson Fatbob New 2010 Model. Gloss Black. $32,900.00 Ride Away. 1 yr Rego & 2 yr warranty. 103” Kit, SE Slip Ons, SE Heavy Breather, SE Race Tuner.$175.37 per week over 5 years with $1,000 deposit

LAND FOR SALE For Sale - Lots 38 & 32 QUOIN ISLAND, Gladstone Harbour, ocean views, group title scheme, market expected to rise, consider trading ute, boat etc. $245000.00 each. Phone owner 0741561186

$17,000 ONO Phone Lauren 0418 185 339

Helen @ Bundaberg MC 07 4152 1121

BIKE FOR SALE Harley-Davidson Softail Heritage Free Harley-Davidson Full Comp Insurance. New 2010 Model. Merlot & Cherry Sunglow$34,330.00 Ride Away. 1 yr Rego & 2 yr warranty. $183.13 per week over 5 Years with $1,000.00 deposit. Helen 07 4152 1121

CAR FOR SALE 1974 Cadillac Eldorado V8 500ci, LHD, covertable, plently of options, good paint, excellent cruiser & head turner, compliance plates, can be fully rego\’d, currently on club rego, minor work for RWC $23,000 PH:0428 274 675

BIKE FOR SALE Harley-Davidson XR1200X New 2010 Model. Black Denim. $18,247.00 Ride Away. 1 yr Rego & 2 yr warranty. $95.84 per week over 5 years with $1,000 deposit. Helen @ Bundaberg MC 07 4152 1121

HOBBY FARM FOR SALE Victoria 2.5 acres Fully fenced, cleared with pasture. Bitumen road and Phone to front gate. Power avail. Prim and Sec School, Nursing Center, Shops less than 15min.$55,000 Colin Elders OMEO 0429 350 500 BIKE FOR SALE Harley-Davidson Street Bob New 2010 Model. Vivid Black. $25,639.00 Ride Away. 1 yr Rego & 2 yr warranty. $122.83 per week over 5 years with $1,000 deposit. Helen @ Bundaberg MC 07 4152 1121

LAND FOR SALE 6 Banksia Dr Agnes Water 1050 metres sq. Excellent building block in the middle of town Walking distance to shops restuarants, tavern and beach

$210,000 Contact 0419704206




Harley-Davidson Softail Custom

New fully mine spec

Demo 2010 Model.

6 head Allight lighting

Custom Paint Set.

tower/genset combo

Heaps of Goodies.


Call for more info.


$ POA.

Helen @ Bundaberg


MC 07 4152 1121

EIMEO/MACKAY VAC LAND FOR SALE Elevated block surrounded by quality homes with view of Brampton & Keswick Islands. Close to schools, shops & transport. Owner motivated to sell will look at all reas offers. 15 Coral Ridge Drive $209,000 CALL 0407 963 955

Page 16 - Shift Miner Magazine, 30th August 2010

GREAT ACCOMMODATION Venture Fifth Wheeler 1/07, 21\’, plus Nissan Navara 12/06 Turbo diesel. Excellent condition. Shower, toilet, a/c, full fridge, heaps extras on both. Both still under warranty. Phone 0407628308



Slide on camper.

Toyota Hilux 2003 V6

Aluminium, fully lockable, unfolds to

auto dual cab ,lots of

large tent. King size bed

extras,3 year premium

off ground plus room

mech/parts warrenty

for twin. Solar Panel,

Rockhampton area

Batteries, Charger. Heaps of storage.

$27,000 ono



Jon 0429 779151


ACRES FOR SALE HOME HILL, 7.94 HA (19.62 Acres) 46 ML River Allocation with 12 acres of Kensington Pride Mangoes (500 trees) Absolute river front powered block with top quality soils 49827848 0407654765 BIKE FOR SALE Harley-Davidson Fatboy Lo Demo 2010 Model. Gloss Black. $29,270.00 Ride Away. Only 217kms. $155.67 per week over 5 years with $1,000 deposit. Helen @ Bundaberg MC 07 4152 1121

BOAT FOR SALE 1973 Cruiser for sale 40” Spotted Gum Cruiser 4-71GM, 12v/24v alt, 1500L diesel, 1000L water, Gas/electric fridge freezer, Sleeps 6, VHF 27mg and UHF $45,000 Ono 0418 988 126 BIKE FOR SALE Honda Goldwing (Luxury Model) 2007 Model First Reg March 08, Full Log Book History, 38,000Km As new condition,Tow Bar, UHF Radio, Carry Rack, Highway Pegs, Lots of Chrome, Located at Airlie Beach 0405180724





BF Mk II XR8 4 door SEDAN Black 6 sp Manual 69200km 5.4 8cyl. Alarm syst, Rev Park Sens,Tint,Towpack, New


Tyres, logbook, Priced to

$50,000.00 ono

sell $26200 Neg

PHONE: 49550099 OR

0459 095 490


HOUSE FOR SALE Moore Park Beach QLD 3 b/r, 2/bath with huge fully screened outdoor area. A/c, ceiling fans, tinted windows DLUG, in quiet culdesac. 400 m to white sandy beach, close to bowling club & national park. 30 min Bundaberg. $380,000 plus 0438265564 41598094 CAR FOR SALE

BOAT FOR SALE Keith Brown 30. Pro. built solid f/glass half cabin fishing vessel.length 9m, beam 3m, drft 1.2.210hp 3208 cat deisel. 500l fuel. Cruise 13 knots. HF & VHF radios,plotter, 6”sounder.All safety gear & ground tackle.Twin berth, covered back deck.Ideal fishingor Island cruising. Yeppoon PH 49392182, 0409491024 $59,000 neg


BIKE FOR SALE Kawasaki ZX14 06 9300 KM Immac. cond. Full service history with Kawasaki agents Many extras: Full Yoshimura Exhaust system, K&N air filter, New rear tyre Contact Jacques 0447801979 or 0749822758



Harley Davidson 2005

4 Bd, 2 Bath, Huge

Ford BA sedan 2003/GT kit,6cyl,193.000kms,low ered suspension,cd/dvd with sub woofer and bluetooth, this car is in VGC. $14,500ono.

softail deluxe,250

patio, built-in BBQ,

wide ass kit,Diamond

3 Sheds, on 18acres

cut spokes,slash

tar road & schoolbus

cut pipes,burly

to front gate.

bars,13000km like

15min to Rocky.

new. $46,000 ono


ph.0407 491 388


k.pdf 2010












1. Adverse (reaction)


5. Spiral fasteners


9. Arouse again




10. Job path

Tuesday 31 August

12. Tenants 14


13. Lawful


14. Regrettably



Moura Coal n Cattle Hotel Pool Comp



16. Act of repentance

21 22



19. Gulf state


Wednesday 1 September

21. Pour with rain


24. Parent’s sisters 25. Variation





27. Pressure line on map 28. Crockery accident 29. Athens natives

Thursday 2 September

30. Climbed up

5 7 3 1


8 6 7

8 4 5

2 4 6

7 3 1

Emerald Maraboon Tavern Karaoke with Henry Airlie Beach KCs Bar & Grill Keaton Moura Coal n Cattle Hotel APL Poker

DOWN 1. Lacking breadth 2. Quick look 3. Vagabond 4. TV watchers 6. Dare

9 4 5 2

7. Coming out

7 6 3 5

8. Ambled 11. Without delay (1,1,1,1) 15. Extortionate moneylender (4,5) 17. Wearing by friction 18. Tibia 20. Nodule

4 6 7


21. Inns 22. Bawdy 23. Aim 26. Astound

# 85







7 4 9 5 8 1 2 6 3

3 1 8 6 2 4 7 5 9

6 5 2 3 9 7 4 1 8

8 6 1 7 5 3 9 4 2

2 3 5 9 4 6 1 8 7

9 7 4 8 1 2 5 3 6

5 8 7 4 3 9 6 2 1

1 9 3 2 6 5 8 7 4

Airlie Beach KCs Bar & Grill Kieran McCarthy

4 2 6 1 7 8 3 9 5

Friday 3 September Emerald Maraboon Tavern DJ Mezziah Rockhampton The Criterion The Bottom Line Airlie Beach KCs Bar & Grill Jason Bull Blackwater Blackwater Hotel Disco nights


g your

Saturday 4 September Tieri Tieri Hotel Motel Just Jen Karaoke Capella Cultural Centre Sunny Cowgirls Rockhampton The Criterion The Bottom Line Airlie Beach KCs Bar & Grill Jason Bull Blackwater Blackwater Hotel Karaoke with Steve O

Sunday 5 September Emerald Maraboon Tavern Masters of Rock Airlie Beach KCs Bar & Grill Jason Bull

Monday 6 September Airlie Beach KCs Bar & Grill Patch

Tuesday 7 September Moura Coal n Cattle Hotel Pool Comp Airlie Beach KCs Bar & Grill Tame Aria

Wednesday 8 September Airlie Beach KCs Bar & Grill Kieran McCarthy



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r@g mine

Thursday 9 September Emerald Maraboon Tavern Karaoke with Henry Moura Coal n Cattle Hotel APL Poker Airlie Beach KCs Bar & Grill Matt Denny

Friday 10 September Emerald Maraboon Tavern DJ Lacey Airlie Beach KCs Bar & Grill Mark Roberts Blackwater Blackwater Hotel Disco nights Rockhampton The Criterion Velocity

Saturday 11 September Emerald Maraboon Tavern The Ferryman Rockhampton The Criterion Velocity Airlie Beach KCs Bar & Grill Mark Roberts Blackwater Blackwater Hotel Karaoke with Steve O Tieri Tieri Hotel Motel All Girl Show - Fever

Sunday 12 September Airlie Beach KCs Bar & Grill Patch

Page 17 - Shift Miner Magazine, 30th August 2010



The Yeppoon Coast Guard Tight Lines Fishing Classic was the latest big gig for local fishermen with more than 1000 competitors taking to the waters off the Capricorn Coast. The judges choice trophy went to Western Australia’s Drew Pearson who landed a 28kg Spanish mackerel. Despite the all the action at Tight Lines, overall things have been pretty quiet according to Ian at Capricorn Coast Sport and Hobby Centre. Those pesky green toad fish are back in business and causing chaos to unsuspecting fishermen all over the Cap Coast. Whiting and steelback salmon are out there, but you need to persevere through the tedious toads you bag them. In more exciting news, barra are on the move with a few hauls out of the

Fitzroy indicating they will soon be hitting Coorooman Creek and Corio Bay. Plenty of macs and dogs about and according to Ian a big Spanish mac was picked up in the mouth of the harbour - you don’t have to go far for happy days!

FISHING IN GLADSTONE Dylan from Pat’s Tackle World has been out and about chasing whiting which are still in plentiful supply. There are also big flathead on the cruise and a few salmon in the harbour, so try your luck using shallow diving lures up on the flats. The harbour is also sheltering a lot of bait - herring and mullet. Coral trout, red emperor and sweet lip are the pick of the menu offshore and crabs are still hanging in there - the champs are yet to slow down.

Tide Times


MACKAY Gladstone

Mon 30 Tue 31 Wed 1 Thu 2 Fri 3 Time Ht Time Ht

Time Ht

FISHING IN MACKAY Comrades, get in quickly if you want to share in some of the spoils of the last of the winter whiting says Greg from Reef Marine. Greg recently scored some beautiful 450500g specimens on a full moon forage in Sandy Creek, but with the warmer weather returning this kind of quality will soon be on the decline. There are also some nice flathead and a few grunter getting about but Greg reckons the 40cm size limit for grunter makes it hard to pick up anything of a worthy weight. Offshore appears to be a bit quiet by all reports but with dam fishing set to pick up in September as the weather warms things will

be firing up soon. While the muddies are not making major waves there are a few sand crabs around Cape Palmerston way. Prawns are laying low but once some rain comes in it will stir them up again and away you go.

A BIG UN! One of the hauls at the Tight Lines Classic

If you have a good photo or fishing yarn send it through to our resident bait chucker-

Your weather forecast With Mike Griffin

Sat 4 Sun 5

Time Ht Time Ht Time Ht

0534 1.06 0602 1.24 0038 2.78 0210 2.60 0404 2.63 0534 2.88 0035 0.95 1206 3.34 1256 3.22 0652 1.41 0838 1.50 1012 1.36 1127 1.09 0636 3.20 1800 1.39 1852 1.61 1407 3.15 1537 3.24 1700 3.51 1805 3.85 1233 0.79 2349 3.02

2024 1.74 2211 1.62 2333 1.31

1858 4.17

0052 4.20 0127 3.85 0229 3.50 0430 3.36 0027 1.88 0133 1.38 0227 0.90 0715 1.44 0753 1.66 0902 1.87 1056 1.83 0615 3.63 0723 4.07 0816 4.50 1334 4.23 1431 4.08 1607 4.07 1745 4.39 1223 1.47 1328 1.02 1424 0.61 1946 1.98 2052 2.24 2245 2.25

Mon 6 Tue 7 MACKAY Gladstone

Time Ht

Dams are starting to rumble and there are more than a few punters coming up trumps.

1856 4.90 1951 5.41 2039 5.83

Wed 8 Thu 9 Fri 10 Sat 11 Sun 12

Time Ht Time Ht Time Ht Time Ht Time Ht Time Ht Time Ht 0126 0.62 0211 0.34 0253 0.14 0333 0.05 0413 0.08 0450 0.24 0529 0.51 0726 3.50 0812 3.75 0855 3.96 0938 4.10 1022 4.15 1107 4.09 1154 3.92 1330 0.50 1418 0.27 1504 0.14 1548 0.13 1632 0.27 1717 0.53 1805 0.88 1945 4.40 2030 4.52 2112 4.53 2154 4.41 2236 4.16 2319 3.81 0315 0.51 0358 0.21 0439 0.00 0518 -0.09 0558 -0.03 0013 5.55 0057 4.99 0903 4.87 0947 5.18 1030 5.43 1114 5.58 1158 5.59 0635 0.20 0715 0.57 1515 0.29 1602 0.07 1648 -0.01 1733 0.07 1818 0.33 1242 5.45 1330 5.17 2123 6.11 2206 6.25 2248 6.21 2330 5.98

1904 0.73 1955 1.22

Page 18 - Shift Miner Magazine, 30th August 2010

Late August rain for the Coalfields Week 1 - After the heavy rain in mid-August more light rain with some moderate to heavy falls spread across the Coalfields. Temperatures struggled to get above 16-17C during the day last Thursday. This is about the sixth North West Cloud Band (NWCB) variety that has traversed the country and rained on CQ this winter. Some seven day rainfall totals to last Thursday are (mm): Taroom 55, Injune 50, Lake Brown 35, Thangool & Springsure 18, Echo Hills 15, Bogantungan 11, Baralaba 10, Middlemount & Anakie 9, Emerald & Blackwater 8, Rannes & Comet 7, Dysart 6. Only very light falls recorded north of Moranbah. Frosts followed the rain in the south. Warmer temperatures return gradually throughout this week; it will be 30-something out west by Friday as a trough approaches. There could even be some more rain about.

Boaties - along the coast fresh SE winds with brief showers early in the week. Conditions should ease south of Sarina by Wednesday. If the sea breeze doesn’t kick in with the very warm to hot temperatures inland then early weekend could be pleasant. Week 2 - SOI has been a steady +18-19 over the past three to four weeks. This does seem to support the current rain pattern. In the south, the snow has been at its prime during the past month. Hurry up and get there if you haven’t seen the alps at their best. September is traditionally the driest month, but with temperatures likely to remain in the high twenties and the odd thirty plus conditions are prime for the first afternoon thundery shower of the season. Marine lovers - the warmer months are getting closer, so be ready for the out early and in by lunch time.

Off shift 94th EDITION. 2010

Tee off in Tieri For lovers of golf an eagle is a coveted shot but not when your final score is 106! That was the result that had one player hanging his head in his hands at the Tieri Golf Open recently. Not such bad luck for Tyler West from Emerald, he took out the Tieri Open in a draw with Springsure’s Steve Callum on a score of 74. Sprinsure’s Brooke O’Keefe won the Women’s Open, with a score of 82. Tieri Golf Open organiser Jimmy Kington said they were pleasantly surprised when more players than were originally registered turned up to play. “We ended up with 41 men and 18 ladies, it was a really good weekend, we had nice

weather and everyone got around the course quickly,” Mr Kington said. Club President Mick Cutts said the weekend was a great success for a small struggling club. “Players from the visiting clubs said the course was in outstanding condition and that’s all due to the hard work of a few hard working members.” “These events are what keeps a small club like ours going and thanks must go to those that make it happen.” The Open attracted players from all over the Central Highlands (CH) including; Springsure, Emerald, Moranbah, Capella, Clermont, Middlemount and Blackwater.

5 minute fiction by Bernard S. Jansen

The Legend of Larry

It was Damon’s first tour on the crew when, at smoko on the first night-shift, Wazza began to tell him the Legend of Larry. “Who’s Larry?” asked Damon as he took his crib from the microwave, wincing at the heat.

“Thanks for telling me about all that,” said Damon. “I’ve always been real careful with working at heights, but that’s a real good safety share.”

“Larry was a rigger,” said Wazza, then took a sip of his tea. “He worked on the construction project for this plant, back in the eighties. He died on the job.” Wazza took a bite of his toast.

Wazza shook his head slowly. “It’s not a work-at-heights safety share, kid. You need to respect Larry, and look out for him. You need to let him get to know you.”

Damon’s eyebrows shot up, and he sat down eagerly across the table. “How’d he die?”

Damon looked confused.

Wazza kept his face looking serious. The young bloke was taking the bait nicely. “He fell, from the top, to the bottom.” “No harness?” “Not in those days, kid. No harnesses, lanyards, EWPs. Too expensive, and slowed the job down. Riggers walked straight out on the I-beams, 30 metres in the air, no problems.” “But he fell?” “Yeah. They pushed poor Larry.” Damon’s mouth opened. “They pushed him off a beam?”

Tieri Ladies Open winner Brooke O’Keefe

Wazza chuckled. “No, they worked him too hard. The project was behind schedule and over budget. So, they started a night-shift, and gave everyone the hurry-up. Larry had already worked the whole day-shift, but they were short on blokes, and offered him double time. On top of that, the lighting on the job was terrible, because they hadn’t planned for night-shift.” Wazza took another sip from his tea, drawing the story out, and shook his head slowly. “They found where Larry slipped. A patch of grease had been spilled on the beam. It was left there, because of all the rush.” “Wow,” said Damon, who’d been so rapt in the story, he hadn’t touched his crib. He took a mouthful, and swallowed. “I’d hate to be the one that left that grease!” Wazza stared hard back at Damon. Damon’s eyes opened wide. “It wasn’t … you, was it?”

Foodworks David Yarrow with Pin Shot winner Sharon Kington

“These events are what keeps a small club like ours going and thanks must go to those that make it happen.”

finished his toast and tried to finish a sudoku in the newspaper someone had left on the table.

Wazza shook his head. “No, but I knew him. He fell apart; became a real mess. Still in jail, I think.” Damon went back to eating his meal. Wazza studiously ignored him while he

Wazza said, “He knows the rest of us, but he’ll come visit you soon. New blood.” “Didn’t you say he’s dead?” “His body is dead; saw that myself. But, his spirit will never rest. Can’t be sure why, but I think he stays around to look after us.” Damon laughed. “You’re telling me Larry’s a ghost? That this is a haunted wash-plant?” “I don’t use those words,” said Wazza, keeping his tone serious. “But yes, Larry’s spirit wanders around this plant – especially on night-shifts. There’s no other way to explain some of the things that have happened here, over the years.” Wazza rinsed off his cup and plate and went back out into the plant. At about three in the morning, when Damon was hosing in on the ground floor, Wazza set up Larry on the floor above, beside the reject conveyor. He could barely keep from laughing as he tied lengths of thin rope through holes in the shoulders of an old highvis raincoat. He got in position where he could see Damon, his head down, watching the spray of water from the hose. Wazza dangled the raincoat over the edge and lowered it on the ropes so it came up just behind Damon. He reached out and swung the rope so the raincoat brushed against Damon’s back. Damon turned slowly, and faced the raincoat. He stood dead still. Then he looked straight up at Wazza; but Wazza didn’t see Damon’s face. Instead, of Damon’s face there was a ghostly-white skull. Wazza dropped the ropes and ran. Damon took the mask off and stuffed it in his jacket. He smiled contentedly as he went back to hosing.

Bernard S. Jansen is 32, married has three young boys. He lives in Emerald, works as an engineer at a local coal mine and is active in his local church. Read more of Bernard’s writing online at or email him at GOT AN IDEA FOR A STORY? Let Bernard know - email him at or hop on his blog

Page 19 - Shift Miner Magazine, 30th August 2010

Your Health 94th EDITION. 2010

EXPERT ADVICE For those too busy or embarrassed to ask the important questions about their health Dear Tammy,

That’s also known as self-medicating.

Too often I see the guys I work with blowing all their cash on fags, beer and toys. It was only brought to my attention recently when a mate of mine who has worked within the mining industry for over 15 years had to finish up work due to some health problems and is now under some real financial stress. What are your thoughts on this, how do you educate the younger guys to learn they are not bullet proof?

It’s not just in mining I can tell you, I see many people who I could say selfmedicate with substances or certain behaviours in order to get through their day. Self-medicating can be as simple as shopping because you had a bad day (new shoes to help you feel better), or smoking because it calms your nerves.

The Wise One!

If this sounds a little familiar, ask yourself what could be driving this? Possible warning signs to look for include: • Feeling stressed, overwhelmed or even depressed • Your behaviour affects your ability to focus on your work

Hi ‘Wise One’, Very good question. Now I think most of you would know I am not a financial adviser, but you have raised a really important point. Too often we see men and women living well and truly above their means, ploughing ahead thinking nothing serious will change their situation. Often you need to ask yourself, if the person is smoking and drinking and buying all the toys, is it to fill a void and to keep them more happy, less stressed and more social?

• Someone has noticed a change in you and said something • You find yourself making excuses for your current behaviour • You find yourself hiding the behaviour This problem is a lot more widespread than you might think. Next edition, we will have a look at how you can avoid self-medicating and look to the future. Until then - stay health and stay informed! Tammy

Tammy Farrell is a registered nurse, nutritionist and author of ‘The Real Man’s Toolbox – A DIY Health Manual for Men’. Tammy grew up in the Hunter Valley with two brothers in the local coal mines. In 2007, she started to give health talks in the Hunter, and that’s when she began compiling the book, helping hundreds of men answer questions about their bodies.


Sticky date pudding Serves 6-8 Sticky date pudding is a popular family dessert all year round but most enjoyable during the colder months. Add chopped walnuts or chocolate to the mix for something extra special. INGREDIENTS: 300g pitted dates, chopped 500ml boiling water 2 teaspoon baking soda 120g butter, cubed 200g brown sugar 2 eggs FXSVHOIUDLVLQJĂ€RXU BUTTERSCOTCH SAUCE: 2 cups brown sugar 1 cup cream 50g butter 1 teaspoon vanilla essence

and line the base with baking paper. Combine the dates, boiling water and soda in a bowl. Allow to stand for 5 minutes. Blend or process the date mixture with the butter and brown sugar until almost VPRRWK$GGWKHHJJVDQGĂ€RXU and mix until just combined. Pour into the prepared pan. Bake 45-50 minutes or until cooked through (if the pudding starts to go brown RQWRSEHIRUHÂżQLVKHGFRRNLQJ cover with foil). Once cooked, remove from oven and stand for 10 minutes before turning it out of the pan. Prepare the sauce by placing all ingredients in a saucepan stirring over low heat until sugar has dissolved and butter melted. Pour butterscotch sauce over the top and serve with vanilla ice cream or cream.

METHOD: Preheat oven to 180C degrees. Grease a deep 20cm round cake tin

For all your urgent and general freight requirements. Delivering in Utes,Vans,Body trucks and Semis We understand the cost of delays in mining and Industry

email: 16 Robison Street North Rockhampton Queensland 4701

p 07 4927 3789 f 07 4927 3705 m 0408 625 532 Page 20 - Shift Miner Magazine, 30th August 2010

Zest Eatery | 1300 622 222 Open 4.00pm – 8.00pm daily The MAC Villages Coppabella, Dysart, Middlemount, Moranbah & Nebo

A new generation of accommodation

motorsports 94th EDITION. 2010

CQ Moto X Comp returns to Blackwater THE Blackwater Motocross Club has more than 25 years of history behind it and last month the Central Queensland (CQ) Motocross Championships returned to the club after a five year absence. Tony Healy, one of the organisers of the Blackwater round, said the event attracted more than 160 competitors and 500 spectators over two days. “We had good conditions, the mornings were a bit cold, and the 70mm rain we got a couple of days before the comp made the conditions a bit slippery, but the day went off really well,” he said. CQ comp secretary Julie Maeyke said local Blackwater competitors featured prominently on the score board in round eight. “BMA apprentice electrician Daniel Healy in the Clubman Open category is 176 points ahead of second place Zac Lack-

Blackwater’s Jake Gook in the “Senior Open”

Blackwater’s Jake Gook competing in the “Senior Open”

Blackwater’s Zac Lackey in the Clubmen Open class

ey who’s also from Blackwater and there’s only 100 points on offer in the last round in Rocky so Daniel’s already won,” she said. Other locals who did well in the comp included the Morgan sisters and Dylan and Jake Gook. “In Queensland motocross is broken up into northern, central, southern divisions and in CQ we have 14 clubs.” “All of our clubs want to host a round in the CQ Motocross Competition but we only had seven rounds in 2009 and this year we had nine rounds so that give you an idea of the popularity of the event for both clubs and players in CQ” “South east Queensland clubs struggle to get numbers and tracks to hold events at,” Ms Maeyke said. A competition of this size doesn’t just happen and Blackwater worked hard to

source the manpower and money needed to host the event.” “It’s taken a lot of hard work to get Blackwater back into the championship and we’ve been able to do it through a lot of man hours and the financial support from sponsors and from BMA’s Matched Giving Program,” Mr Healy said. Blackwater was the eighth round in a nine round comp of races held in Dysart, Emerald, Gladstone, Longreach, Middlemount, Clermont and a very wet Mackay. You can get more information about joining the Blackwater Motocross Club from President Grant Lackey on 0439 061 971. If you would like more information about finding and joining a Motocross Club in Queensland contact Motorcycling Queensland by email or phone 3281 2255.

Braith Garratt in the 50cc AUTO

Olivia Morgan from Blackwater in the 50cc AUTO

Watching the action Justin Daniels and Henry Gonzales

Cheer squad Grant Gardner and Emily Hamilton

Stuart Gould’s first race in the 50cc DEMO

Blackwater’s Luke Garratt in the Mini Lites 14-15

Serious 4WD Tyres!

Daryl Watson Engineering

Mickey Thompson, the motor racing legend, holds more racing records than anyone on earth. Now his revolutionary 4WD tyres come in Australia’s largest range of speciality sizes.





To find out more about the legendary range of Mickey Thompson Tires, call Tyrepower Rockhampton, your 4WD suspention & Alignment specialists

Tyrepower, Your Mickey Thompson Tire Specialist

PH: 4926 4364

320 Richardson Rd, Rockhampton

M: 0448 243 343 E:


Page 21 - Shift Miner Magazine, 30th August 2010

$100K Price Boom Predicted


Details derail mega mining projects FROM PAGE 1

Position Position Position Finance Available

Signature on High - Southport 2



The Ultimate in Location and Lifestyle

Buy Now

light before the and rail goes in prices soar

The Signature on High complex is a much sought after and ideally located in the centre of Southport. The complex is a short walk to the central business district, shops, Australia Fair Shopping Centre, cafes and the beautiful Broadwater precinct and it’s park, boardwalk & pool. It’s also a short walk from a major bus interchange in the centre of Southport. We have a unique opportunity where we are able to offer Deposit Finance for this purchase if you do decide to finance your loan through us. s"RICK4ILE#OMPLEXYEARSOLD s%XPANSIVEFREEmOWINGOPENPLANLIVING s&ULLY!IR#ONDITIONED s&ULLY4ENANTED s0OOL s#LOSEPROXIMITYTOTHEBESTPRIVATESCHOOLS s3OUTHPORTISPOISEDFORGROWTH

Farmers whose land is not included can apply to have their land assessed. The Minister said the new zones will stop mining or any other activity that would permanently prevent the land being used for cropping in the future. “Based on current technology at least, it would be difficult to see how an open cut coal mine could proceed on strategic cropping land,� Mr Robertson said. But the door is still ajar for CSG developments. “Well-designed coal seam gas operations may be able to be accommodated under this policy without alienating the land,’’ he said. A spokesman for Xstrata said he had not yet been notified by the government regarding the new maps and was unable to comment further on the implications of the new policy for the Wandoan development.

But Queensland Resources Council chief executive Michael Roche has questioned the fairness of applying the new zones to developments already on the table. “The maps put a question mark over projects, many of which have already spent tens of millions of dollars,� he said. “There are real sovereign risk concerns about the over-hasty application of this policy for companies that have invested years and many millions of dollars exploring and proving up a resource.� Mr Roche said the implementation of the new policy will be difficult. “There is a substantial gap between the large-scale regional maps released by the government and the detailed, paddock by paddock information that farmers and resource developers will need to put a policy into practise.�

“It would be difficult to see how an open cut coal mine could proceed...�

Land Auction Central Highlands Regional Council in conjunction with Ray White Emerald are pleased to advise that they will be conducting an auction for the sale of 8 blocks of commercial vacant land in Doon Street Blackwater. A list of the properties being offered is as follows:

Commercial Land Lot




Title Ref

Selling NOW

711 & 712


17 – 19 Doon Street


50772397 50772398


713 & 714


21 - 23 Doon Street


50772399 50772400

715 & 716


25 - 27 Doon Street


50772401 50772402

Dianne Crichton ,2%!*01UAL 0409 709 668  

717 & 718


29 - 31 Doon Street


50772403 50772404 Sustainability Declaration is available from Agent Call for Brochure on Gold Coast Light Rail & Broadwater Upgrade

Auction: 10.00am Friday 10th September 2010 at the Blackwater International Coal Centre Buyer Registration commences at 9.00am Terms: 10% deposit, settlement 30 days


Ray White Works Experience, knowledge, results

Page 22 - Shift Miner Magazine, 30th August 2010

For further details, please contact: Mark Muldrew from Ray White Emerald on 4982 2400 or 0428 836 675


bal financial crisis when gold reached an all sell it,” Mr Kirby said. time high of $1546 per ounce. Shares and property can deliver substanWhile gold prices haven’t returned to those tial increases in price in the long term and Queensland - Issue 290 - Page x - Coast to Coast Property Advertiser levels, they are once again on the incline. both can deliver an income stream. But for the average punter is gold as However, there are associated costs - and good an investment as shares or property? buying and selling property has ongoing Mr Kirby said investors should ask themcosts such as maintenance, property manselves where it fits in their investment portagement and insurance as well as the added Let usand introduce you Mountain Haven Villasworry situated right intenants. the heart of popular folio weigh up thetorisks. of finding GoldChilders is seen asin a safe investment For shares and property, thealready downside is historic the Coral Coastbecause Hinterland. Join our existing residents it is largely unaffected by inflation and in if you have to sell in a hurry you’re at the savoring the magnificent rural and mountain views together with the quiet seclusion times of economic crisis it will retain its valmercy of the market and you could end up ofue, thisorunique site while still being only 100 metre walk to the main street boasting all even increase as it did during the GFC. losing a lot of money. shopping needs plus many social, sporting entertainment venues. This reduced risk factor makes it a very Soand how do you choose? attractive investment. Well, according to Mr Kirby, it’s all about On the downside, gold will never return diversity. an income, and you need to decide how you “You need to have a diverse investment want to invest in the metal. portfolio, one that considers your risk proDo you want the physical product like file and balances it.” bullion or do you just want exposure to the “An investment portfolio can congold market? tain shares, property and gold among othIf you do want to invest in physical gold, er investments, it’s a matter of getting your have you considered the costs? investment balance right.” ticularly in favour with investors. “When you buy gold you have to considMr Kirby recommended investors should “Gold traditionally is always in favour er storage and transport of the product, and consult their own financial advisor, accountbecause it’s got the physical properties, people you have to think about where your market ant or legal advisor for advice that relates to can touch it, hold it, feel it,” Mr Kirby explained. to buy it will come from when time their specific circumstances. 1. it30comes minutes to regional cities offinancial Maryborough and “Gold has two uses – investment and makBundaberg, both having schools, university, hospitals, ing jewellery, it’s a back stop, in times of finan“Gold traditionally airports is always in shopping favour centres. because it’s got the and major cial crisis people run to physical investments.” physical properties, touch hold it, feel it.” 2. Quickpeople access tocan highway and ait,comfortable And run to it people did during the glo-

Eureka! Gold in your investment portfolio

THE price of gold has more than doubled over the past five years, from $578 per ounce in 2005 to about $1300 per ounce today. What’s even more staggering is the price just continues to climb. RBS Morgans Emerald manager, John Kirby, said the financial instability of the past two years has meant gold has been par-


Queensland - Issue 290 - Page x - Coast to Coast Property Advertiser three hour drive to Brisbane

Great Affordable Investment Queensland - Issue 290 - Page x - Coast to Coast Property Advertiser

3. Also only: 30 minutes drive to magnificent beaches at Woodgate and Bargara - 15 minutes to boat ramp servicing not one but 4 substantial rivers, - also ocean access to Fraser Island

Why are we dropping tens PRICE SLASHED price??? Let us introduce you to Mountain Haven Villas situated right in theof thousands heart ofoff the popular Let us introduce you to Mountain Haven Villas situated right in the heart of popular historic Childers in the Coral Coast Hinterland. Join our existing residents already savoring the magnificent rural and mountain views together with the quiet seclusion of this unique site while still being only 100 metre walk to the main street boasting all shopping needs plus many social, sporting and entertainment venues.


historic Childers in the Coral Coast Hinterland. Features:Join our existing residents already  Brick Construction  2 bedrooms + 2 bathrooms savoring the magnificent rural and mountain views together  Office  Lock up garage  Very roomy with lounge the quiet seclusion  Rangehood  Gas cooktop - Spectacular views of this unique site while still being only 100 metre walk to the main street boasting all Sacrificing at $219,500 shopping needs plus many social, sporting and entertainment venues. CHILDERS BOASTS CLOSE PROXIMITY TO:

1. 30 minutes to regional cities of Maryborough and Bundaberg, both having schools, university, hospitals, airports and major shopping centres. 2. Quick access to highway and a comfortable three hour drive to Brisbane 3. Also only: 30 minutes drive to magnificent beaches at Woodgate and Bargara - 15 minutes to boat ramp servicing not one but 4 substantial rivers, - also ocean access to Fraser Island


Why are we dropping tens of thousands off the price???



 2 bedroom plus huge multipurpose room  Ensuite  Double lock up garage  Rent guaranteed $300 p/w for 2 years with option for further 2 years  Term 2y x 2y


For further details and enquiries please contact: Norm East Bundaberg City Realty - PO Box 1889, BUNDABERG QLD 4670 Phone: (07) 4154 4566 Fax: (07) 4154 4144 Mobile: 0416 153 134 Page 23 - Shift Miner Magazine, 30th August 2010

Villa + Berth + Tinny $399,000*

This unique opportunity affords a very limited number of people the luxury of an absolute waterfront lifestyle with your boat at your doorstep. Tin Can Bay opens directly onto the pristine protected waterways of the Great Sandy Strait at the southern tip of the World Heritage Listed, Fraser Island.

A pure coastal paradise where relaxation is instant Each villa comes fully furnished as shown in the photos including quality stainless steel appliances, plasma TV, 2 car covered accommodation, split cycle air conditioning, 2 bedrooms, 2 toilets, 2 way bathroom and are situated in a secure gated precinct with swimming pool, BBQ cabana and lush landscaping. As a bonus, while you’re away our onsite managers can manage your villa providing you with a substantial income return. Tin Can Bay’s absolute waterfront villa, marina berth and tinny package offers a must-do lifestyle opportunity that is unsurpassed.

Villa only packages start from $349,000

Phone: 07

5488 1801 * Conditions apply.


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