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DRUNKS? CENTRAL Queensland’s largest mining accommodation provider has rejected a new study that has linked mining camps to drug and alcohol fueled violence in the Bowen Basin. “Incorrect and emotive reporting that leads to the incorrect perception that all miners are all sex-crazed, drunken criminals is absolutely abhorrent and false,� said the MAC’s chief operating officer Chris Jury. “We need to keep it in perspective that 99.99 per cent of people are out there to work and then go home to their families.� The three-year Queensland University of Technology (QUT) study found the mining boom had a “dark, violent underbelly�. “In one Western Australian mining community, which was surrounded by work camps housing about 8000 mostly male workers, the rate of violence was 2.3 times the state average,� said QUT Professor Kerry Carrington. “In a Queensland mining community, the rate of violence has grown from 534 per 100,000 in 2001 to 2315 per 100,000 in 2003, more than twice the state average.� But the MAC’s Chris Jury said the study painted an inaccurate picture of life in Queensland accommodation villages.


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I have just received a Christmas card which has a photo of Santa holding my friend’s kelpie on his knee - which can only mean the silly season is upon us. I personally loathe the expression “silly season” but I have to admit it is a fitting description for the time of year when people think it is normal to send you a photo of their pet in a funny hat. What else is silly about this season? Another friend of mine ate six prawns at a Christmas party before remembering she was allergic. She spent some quality time with the toilet later that evening. An eagle-eyed Christmas shopper recently emailed a photo through to me of a wheelie bin in a shopping centre. The bin was clearly labelled “this is not a rubbish bin” - begging the question, well what is it then?

Pumpkin, Feta and Prosciutto Salad


I will not offend your intelligence by suggesting it would also be silly to drive tired - or through flood waters - on your way home from work this Christmas. Everyone knows it would be - except of course the people who still persist on doing it despite the countless warnings from police, SES, weather bureau, Pope etc. OK, not the Pope - he is actually more concerned with the real meaning of Christmas at this time of year to take time out to issue flood warnings. Anyway, what I am trying to say in a roundabout way is that if you steer clear of late night shopping, prawns and flooded roads you should have a safe and enjoyable Christmas. So seasons greetings from the team at Shift Miner Magazine, and we wish you and your family all the best in 2011. We will be taking a short break, but will be back with you again from Monday 31 January.

Alex Graham

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Missing link opens up Surat’s coal for export EVERALD Compton has been behind the push for a rail link between the Surat Basin and Gladstone for 15 years. Last week the 79-year-old businessman, who is better known for his role with the lobby group National Seniors, succeeded. The Queensland government has granted environmental approval for the $1 billion rail link between Wandoan and Banana after three years of scrutiny. “Nothing is ever simple or fast moving

when you are dealing with several layers of government,” said Mr Compton. “We are now going to proceed as fast as we can to financial close in about 12 months time, presuming the mining tax goes through parliament.” “That means construction of the line should begin at the end of next year,” The new rail link is the last piece of the jigsaw that will open up the Surat Basin into a coal producing region that could rival the Hunter Valley.

China, steel and CQ FOR every tonne of steel produced in China it takes 1.7 tonnes of iron ore and more than half a tonne of coking coal. That is good news for the central Queensland mining industry, which has been supplying an ever increasing volume of both these products. The better news is that the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) says it is likely to continue for probably another decade. According to a report into the Chinese steel industry by the RBA, the growth in steel production in China is unlikely to change in the near term.

“As the Chinese economy develops and the urbanisation process continues over the next decade or so, the production and consumption of steel are likely to rise further, underpinning strong demand for both iron ore and coking coal,” the RBA said. Growth in the production of steel in China grew at around 7 per cent in the 1980s, around 10 per cent in the 1990s and close to 20 per cent in the 2000s. China now accounts for about 45 per cent of global steel production - which is up about 30 per cent in the last 10 years. Before 2009, almost all Chinese steel was

Xstrata Coal is planning Australia’s biggest open-cut mine at Wandoan, and has just recently been granted environmental approval by the state government. A consortium of 16 coal companies is preparing to expand the Wiggins Island Coal Terminal near Gladstone where the rail line will terminate, and Xstrata is also looking to build a new port at Balaclava Island near Port Alma. The company that will build the rail link, Surat Basin Railway, is a joint venture between Mr Compton’s Australian Transport and Energy Corridor, Xstrata and Queensland Rail. Mr Compton would not speculate as to whether the mining tax could jeopardise the project going forward. During a senate inquiry this week, Xstrata boss Peter Freyberg said the company would review $20 billion of planned investment if the tax dispute was not settled. Mr Freyberg said the company had signed off a deal that would see state gov-

ernment royalties refunded, but it was now unclear what would happen if state governments increased rates. “There is a lot of political posturing going on at the moment but I will worry about the mining tax when I see it in black and white in legislation that goes before the parliament,” said Mr Compton. “I don’t want to get involved in whatever battle Xstrata is having, at the end of the day all this conjecture will end when it is drawn up in legislation.” A list of 115 conditions must be met under the approval granted by the Co-ordinator General. They include: a comprehensive weed and pest management plan; limits on the amount of groundwater used in construction; temporary accommodation guidelines to minimise impact on local housing and a coal dust management plan. “There is no problem with any of these conditions, we can work through them all,” said Mr Compton.

“There is a lot of political posturing going on at the moment but I will worry about the mining tax when I see it in black and white in legislation that goes before the parliament.” made from Chinese coking coal, however the country is now increasingly importing coal from place like Australia. According to the RBA, the main reason for this is that it is cheaper for a lot of the large steel makers on China’s east coast to bring coal in from nearby countries rather than overland it from within their own borders. The local reserves are also lower quality and the mines small and relatively inefficient, meaning that Australia’s coal is likely to remain a very attractive alternative for coking coal supplies in the future. Making the future even rosier for the local coal industry is that India is about to embark on its own period of growth that could nearly match what’s being witnessed in China.

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Flooding swamps Ensham and cuts Baralaba Mines ONE central Queensland miner has started pumping water from its flooded pits back into the Fitzroy River catchment. Ensham mine was at the centre of controversy when it pumped out 100,000 megalitres (ML) that swamped two of its pits and submerged a dragline during the 2008 floods. Since then, the laws governing the dewatering of mines have changed substantially. Earlier this month, Ensham lodged an application with the Department of Environment and Resource Management (DERM) to allow the mine to release a controlled amount of water after 200 millimetres of rain fell across the site. The department gave the go ahead just over a week ago, and since then Ensham has been pumping out 100ML a day. This is in stark contrast to the 2,000ML a day it was releasing in 2008. Central Highlands mayor Peter Maguire said no-one had raised any concerns and the process will be closely monitored.

“They are only putting out 100ML a day, so in the context of what is going down the river system it’s not a lot of water,” Cr Maguire said. “All the coal mines have been put on notice after the 2008 floods and they are all striving to do the right thing.” Ensham plans to pump 2,500ML of water back into the Nagoa River over the next month during the high flow period. To the south of Ensham, and Cocktaoo Coal’s Baralaba mine has been closed for a fortnight due to heavy rain. The mine’s 100 workers cannot get to work because access is cut at Dawson River Bridge on the Baralaba-Woorabinda Road. The mine’s operation manager Ray Delaforce said although the coal pit is more or less dry, the flooded bridge has caused production to stop.

“We’re probably losing more than $100,000 a day,” Mr Delaforce told AAP. The mine was shut for several weeks in February, March and September because of the wet weather and the flooded bridge. The bridge has been cut for more than 80 days this year, and Banana mayor Ray Hooper wants an urgent upgrade. “The bridge is under more than seven metres of water and it’s a raging torrent about 100 metres wide,” Cr John Hooper said. “The bridge will be out for another four weeks and it’s a big issue.” The State Government estimates the costs of a new high level bridge would be $30 to 40 million. Most of the mines in the region have been affected by the early onset of the wet season, which is estimated to be costing the industry $100 million a day.

“The bridge will be out for another four weeks and it’s a big issue.”

Chief inspector defends new safety standards THERE is confusion within the training sector about new laws governing what safety tickets are required to work on Queensland coal mines. The new regime, called Standard 11, has many industry training providers struggling to understand the updated requirements. Previously two competencies had been required to hold a Generic Industrion (GI) passport, but now six competencies will be required. The Mining Industry Skills Centre (MISC) estimates there are 55,000 people holding a current GI passport that will need to upskill under Standard 11. MISC has published several informa-

tion bulletins on its website about the new standard, but the mines inspectorate insists the new rules are clear. In fact, the chief inspector of coal mines Gavin Taylor said it was the MISC updates causing the problem. “The confusion appears to stem from two information bulletins issued by the Mining Industry Skills Centre (MISC),” he said in a written statement. “As the Chief Inspector, I will be writing to all Site Senior Executives (SSE)

clarifying some of the issues contained within one of the MISC bulletins and specifically detailing several important elements that were not mentioned.” Despite the changes, Mr Taylor said it would still be the job of the SSE to determine what competencies are required for each task - and not all workers would need to upgrade. “Not all people will require the new accreditation; some are underground specific, some are surface specific and some also relate to specific tasks.”

“As the Chief Inspector, I will be writing to all Site Senior Executives (SSE) clarifying some of the issues...”

FAST NEWS Qld safety boss at Pike River inquiry Queensland’s mines safety commissioner Stewart Bell has been appointed by New Zealand to serve on the royal commission into the Pike River coal mine disaster. The commission will investigate the cause of the explosion at the mine, the subsequent deaths of 29 men, and the rescue effort. New Zealand’s mine safety laws will also be scrutinised. .....................................................................

Green light for Gracemere The preferred route for the Gracemere road and rail overpass, just south of Rockhampton, has been announced. The Malchi-Nine Mile Road intersection with the Capricorn Highway has been chosen as the site that would deliver the best access to the new industrial corridor. The overpass will run adjacent to the Malchi-Nine Mile Road, keeping its links to the existing road network. So far the state government has committed $10 million to kick start work on the project. .....................................................................

Bandanna turns miner? Small scale explorer Bandanna Energy wants to turn miner to develop its coal reserves near Dingo in central Queensland. The company has lodged a referral with the federal government which signals its intentions. The company currently holds the largest thermal coal inventory of any ASX-listed explorer, and its resource at the Dingo West project could be used as PCI coal in steel making.

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Bounty back Anglo wants long and beefed up term suppliers BOUNTY Mining will issue more shares in a bid to raise $10 million to pay off debt and expand its mining fleet. The underground coal mining services company went into voluntary administration last year after it lost two key mining contracts in central Queensland during the downturn. However, this year Bounty has signed two contracts with Xstrata and Anglo American which it says are providing more than $30 million in revenue each year. It has now launched a rights issue for shareholders to buy further into the company at the price of 15 cents per share, to pay off existing debt and beef up its thin-seam mining equipment fleet. “A restructured balance sheet and expanded equipment fleet, combined with out two existing contracts in place provide a strong

growth platform as we seek to recommence trading on the ASX in early 2011,� said Bounty Mining chairman Gary Cochrane. Mr Cochrane said the outlook for the company was positive. “As owner and operator of one of the few thin-seam equipment fleets in Australia, we are a valuable prospective partner and service provider to coal companies wanting to extract remnant high-grade coal seam deposits that are inaccessible with conventional equipment,� he said. The Anglo American contract, which does not expire until July 2012, involves providing thin-seam extraction services and equipment to Aquila mine, and using Anglo’s equipment at Bundoora mine. The company expects its workforce to grow from 35 to more than 100 miners to keep up with the workload by early next year.

“This year Bounty has signed two contracts with Xstrata and Anglo American which it says are providing more than $30 million in revenue each year.� 15914 Informa Surat Basin Ad_SM P11R03 9/12/10 9:42 AM Page 1

The 4th


11th - 12th May 2011 | Stamford Plaza, Brisbane

The first fleet of Komatsu trucks was delivered to Dawson mine in April

ANGLO American is overhauling how it manages its suppliers, with the company looking for longer term arrangements with local and global partners. Anglo’s supply chain regional manager Margaret Davis told Mackay businesses earlier this month the miner was no longer looking for short term transactions. “The only way we can get the innovation that we need, the technology that we need, and the improvements that we need is to look at longer term arrangements with our partners and to increase our collaboration with them,� she said. Ms Davis said a number of local supply companies were already being considered for work associated with Anglo American’s expansion plans at its Grosvenor and Moranbah South projects. She said a new focus on supplier relationship management in 2011 was an acknowledgement that Anglo had not performed well in the area in the past, and her role was similar to being a diplomat ensuring good communication on both sides. “What it does not mean is we will be saying to suppliers you cannot talk to people on our operations I want to make that

absolutely clear.� She said global partnerships, such as a new deal this year with Komatsu to supply the company’s entire mining fleet, would still have local arrangements. “What do we get out that [global partnership]? Obviously we get good pricing but more importantly in this day and age we actually get nominated lead times.� Ms Davis said the deal had cut lead times by six to nine months. She also addressed the controversial practise of sourcing suppliers from China, and said those decisions were not made entirely on cost. “It isn’t about cost, although we can sometimes get things cheaper, yes.� “It actually a balance of payments issue we want to sell coal into China and we want China to invest with us in other parts of the world.� “To do that we need to buy out of China so it is a straight forward balance of payments exchange.� Ms Davis said next year the company would target a 12 per cent spend in local communities around Anglo’s mine sites in the Bowen Basin.

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Miners give flab the heave-ho WHEN Rob Tyler first started l iving in mining camps five years ago he put on a massive amount of weight. “I think it’s just because the food is so accessible, you don’t have to cook it yourself you just go in and eat and you tend to go for flavour than health,” he said. But now the United Group contractor has lost 11.2 kilograms - or 11.51 per cent of his body weight in six weeks. He’s been crowned the overall winner in The MAC Dare, which saw more than 250 guests and employees participate in the weight loss challenge at mining villages throughout central Queensland and the company’s city offices. “I saw the advertising for The MAC Dare and I had sort of ballooned putting on an extra ten kilos in the last eight or nine months and so it was on my mind to shed some weight anyway,” he said. “I did some research and found that with my blood type and I am suited to a more vegetarian diet so I cut out a lot

of meat, and ate a lot more veggies like zucchini and squash.” Mr Tyler is a guest at The MAC Dysart, where the runner up was Rod Vickery who also shed about 11 kilos or 8 per cent of his total body weight. “The MAC did up some guide menus to follow which really helped because it provided you with a healthy range,” Mr Vickery said. “At the end of the day you know how to eat properly, but out here you can get a bit lazy because everything is just put on for you and you can let yourself go a bit.” Mr Vickery said shift work also made it hard to lose weight, but he had found the key to success was eating smaller meals more regularly. Another of CQ’s “biggest losers” was The Mac Moranabah’s assistant manager Paul Robinson, who lost a staggering 13 kilograms over the six week program. “It was the belly bit I wanted to get rid off - everybody kept saying when are you

BEFORE and AFTER: The MAC Moranbah’s assistant manager Paul Robinson lost 13 kilos over the six week challenge

due and I think I was having triplets,’ said Mr Robinson. “I was 144 kilos and I am down to 131 now but I would like to get down to 110.” “I want to continue with this because before I lost the weight I felt like I always had this cloud in my head, whereas now I feel so much less lethargic and I can get so much more done and enjoy life.” Mr Robinson said the biggest change for him had been learning not eat when he was stressed. “I don’t smoke and I don’t drink when I am at work so if I have had a stressful day

I would eat whereas other people might smoke 100 cigarettes.” Mr Robinson has cut out his daily desserts and chocolate snacks, and now walks for half an hour a day. “I have five grandkids and I just think you either want to die young or watch your grandkids grow up, and I know what I want to do.” Overall, 374 kilos were lost across the 250 staff and guests that took part in the challenge. At the Dysart Village, almost 90 kilos were shed during the six weeks, nearly 65 kilos at Moranbah and 60 kilos at Coppabella.

Flash your tache WORDS like porn star, handlebar, gringo, pencil, trucker and regent were probably used more often than usual at your mine site last month. All words mo-bros across CQ would have said with pride when describing what style of tache they were sporting for the month of Movember. The Macarthur Coal team raised $43,600 during Movember, with all monies raised going towards men’s health issues. That impressive fundraising effort saw

them ranked number one on the leader board for coal mining companies, and number five nationally. This year, Macarthur’s Mo-Men grew to a 35-strong team across the company’s operations, including Coppabella and Moorvale mines. One man that took the mo growing to great lengths was Coppabella’s general manager Brian Spencer. He topped the the list of the Macarthur Mo-Men, raising $4567, closely followed by Grant Adams and Peter Kane.

The Coppabella team including the GM and top fundraiser Brian Spencer


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Drunks not tolerated in CQ camps Fresh faces at QAL “We just don’t see it (violence), we call the police if there is any altercation, and the last time that happened was a couple of years ago,” he said. “If people misbehave they lose their accommodation, and ultimately their job.” Mr Jury said the MAC taverns that were attached to accommodation villages operated under strict guidelines. “We shut our taverns at 10pm at night, we do not sell takeaways after 8.30pm, we don’t sell shooters and we don’t do any “two-for-one” or other special offers.” “Certainly they are not rowdy places, most people go there for a quiet drink after work, to catch up with people.” Isaac mayor Cedric Marshall was also skeptical of the study’s findings. “I spoke to the police in the area and they have said the reports is generalised and sensationalised and it has smeared the whole of the mining communities.” “It hasn’t done our area any justice.” All Queensland mines also conduct random drug and alcohol tests on workers on a regular basis. “You can be tested any day and that is a huge deterrent, I have been in the industry for a lot of years and I have seen behav-

iour change as a result of that.” Mr Jury said it was also wrong to link the Western Australian experience to Queensland. “I have lived and worked in the Pilbara and it is completely different to central Queensland,” he said. “I wouldn’t be drawing any conclusions by comparing somewhere like Port Hedland to towns like Dysart and Moranbah.” Mr Jury said in the Pilbara mine workers are rostered on for longer periods of time, the region is far more remote than central Queensland, and the demographic of workers completely different. “While some of those problems do exist in WA, I think they have been blown out of proportion,” he said. “Where I think the data is questionable is how it links people in camps to causing the problems, that’s what I struggle with it.” “I have lived in towns without mining villages and there are still problems at the pub.” “By the same token, if you go down to Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley on a Saturday night there are plenty of problems there too.” Community debate in towns like Moranbah over the increased presence of fly-in fly-out (FIFO) workers in the region

has intensified over the past six months. As BMA prepares its application for the new Caval Ridge mine near Moranbah to operate with a 100 per cent FIFO workforce, mining towns have formed action groups to combat the move. Mr Jury said getting the accommodation balance right in mining communities was difficult. “This is a complex issue and accommodation villages have to be seen as only part of the solution, that’s what I advise clients,” he said. “Different people at different stages of their lives want different accommodation options.” “At some stages of their life they will choose to stay in town, at other stages of life they may wish to live in a village.” “I think in central Queensland at the moment people still have those options.” But he said it was imperative that local communities were seen as important stakeholders in the industry. “You only have to look at the last WA election which hinged on the concept of royalties for the region, local communities must see a pay back from resource activity in their region.”

A group of university students has converged on Gladstone to gain work experience at one of the world’s largest alumina refineries. Queensland Alumina Limited (QAL) is hosting 20 university students participating in a three month long paid vacation work program. QAL Managing Director Phil Campbell said the program provided learning opportunities which cannot be found in a textbook. “Another benefit is that many of our students return as graduate employees once their studies have been completed,” he said. The students are employed in areas across the board including human resources, environment, information technology, community relations and engineering - and will work on projects that value add to the refinery during their placement The QAL Undergraduate Vacation Program has been running for more than 30 years; six of the 20 students are Gladstone locals.

“Another benefit is that many of our students return as graduate employees once their studies have been completed.”

Cupcakes raise funds for fury friends GLADSTONE animals in need of some TLC have been given some help by Rio Tinto Alcan Yarwun employees. Yarwun workers took part in the RSPCA’s annual fundraiser Cupcake Day for A Cause and collected around $390 - which was matched dollar for dollar by Rio Tinto Alcan. The donation will be split between the Gladstone branch of the RSPCA and its main headquarters. Friends of RSPCA Gladstone treasurer, Narelle Russell, said the donation would make a big difference to animals in desperate need of help.

“We currently have over 60 animals in foster care and others requiring vet treatments, so the donation will certainly go a long way to helping these animals,” Ms Russell said. Rio Tinto Alcan Yarwun general manager Operations Mike Dunstan said the company was happy to contribute to the fundraising and to give to a great local charity. “A group of our employees took the initiative and made the time to be involved in this great cause, so we were only too happy to match their generosity and be a part of such a novel fundraising event which will hopefully benefit the RSPCA in more ways than one,” Mr Dunstan said.

Sit back & relax

PAWS FOR THOUGHT: RSPCA volunteer Ian Lyons with Yarwun employees Leanne Foster and Hannah Cooper

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102nd EDITION. 2010

Moranbah welcomes new families MORE than 18 families attended the final “Welcome to Moranbah” morning tea this month, hosted by the Moranbah and District Support Services (MDSS). The morning tea has been running for more than five years, and MDSS’s Angela Tudehope said it just keeps getting bigger. Ms Tudehope said at least five families move to the coal town each week, and the morning tea helps them to settle in. “People are coming from all over the

place, internationally, interstate and big cities and there really is a big culture shock for these people,” she said. “The morning teas are a way to reduce the feeling of isolation and share their common feelings and see that other people are in the same boat.” The morning tea is sponsored by BMA, and has received positive feedback from the community. The next will be held in February and anyone interested in

Lincoln Corkill with Tiejana, Susie and Bianca Rohder

Emmerson, Nicki and Lincoln Corkill

MDSS’s Angela Tudehope with Casey Gilbey

Bambi Botor, Connie Paredes, Liza Roach, Linda Squire

Pamela and Blake Wilkins

Fiona Murray and Xanthe Millington

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around town 102nd EDITION. 2010

CHRISTMAS CAROLS The rain meant the annual Moranbah Christmas Carols were held indoors this year, but the evening was still enjoyed by one and all.

Carly Butler and Brad Taylor

Kelly and Andrew Murphy

Kelly and Andrew Murphy

Rosalie and Ryan Winter

Rosalie and Ryan Winter

Kelly and Andrew Murphy

Rosalie and Ryan Winter

Rosalie and Ryan Winter



Michael Bailey - Weekdays 5am - 9am


Greg Cary - Weekdays 9am -12pm


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Recognise any of these faces? Â They were some of the many enjoying the BMA Blackwater Christmas party.

Tune into the Michael J. Breakfast show from 7:35 am every Monday for 4RO's CQ Mining Update, with special guest Angus from Shift Miner.

Alan Jones - Weekdays 1pm - 2pm

SALES ENQUIRIES: (07) 4920 2000

around town 102nd EDITION. 2010


The good-looking gangstas at Curragh mine got together to celebrate Christmas.

The happy Flappers

Rhonda Hite, Neil Holmes, Rachel Buhse and Kristy Leibinger

Steve and Irina Kable

Carly Butler and Brad Taylor

Kelly and Andrew Murphy

Tracey Anderson and Tanya Delaforce

JP Brett and Sarah Hansen

Geoff Anderson and Shane Chalk

Do you

want to

become a JP?

Russell and Robyn Zerner

Rosalie and Ryan Winter

Lisa Kearney and Jack McNamara

Wayne and Sharon Coleman

Jane and Greg Napper

Claire, Suzanne, Alan, Denise, Renee & Malise

Daryl Watson Engineering

Sally and Jeff Head


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around town 102nd EDITION. 2010


St Joseph the Worker Catholic Church held its annual Christmas Fair recently. Despite a week of miserable weather, the skies cleared in time for a perfect afternoon and evening.  Santa even made a guest appearance.

Danni Bennett, Lisa and John Corica, Dale Cooper

Abigail and Sara Skennar with Santa Claus

Callum and Murray Lemke

Jackie Wood and Christine Gilbert

Abbi, Jamie and Brodie Lownds

State Member for Dalrymple, Shane Knuth with Michelle Rutley, Emily, Paul, Ashley, Terilee and Nicholas Powter Sharon Murphy and Judy Naumann

Rebecca Hammer with children Jett, Liam and Sienna

Caitlyn Cornell, Rhianna Johnson and Taylah Cornell

Alexandra Wood

Alicia Kerr

Torah, Venus and Jayden Jackson

Diezel, Cally and Gypsi Brunker

Gilbert Gray and Harry Roberts

Back: Jessie, Karyn and Koby Ferris. Front: Amy Ferris

Emma-Lee Gilewski showing off her glitter tattoo

The Christmas Spirit

Moranbah State School’s annual Christmas Concert was held recently at the Moranbah Community Centre. The event is traditionally held in the school grounds, however persistent bad weather forced the move indoors. Moranbah’s own ‘Australian Idol’ Brooke Schubert entertained the crowd with a variety of traditional and contemporary carols then each year level sang their own well rehearsed song.

Back: Acting Principal Mrs Heidi James, Santa Claus. Front: Cassidy James, Keelee James

Azmin Brice

Teachers Carly Sbeghen and Sharnah Carter

Jayden Eglinton and Cooper Perriman

Renee Briggs, Scarlett Coldrey and Semra Debel

Sharni Baker and Brittney Harris

Holding a social event you want photographed?  Call the Shift Miner office on 4921 4333 to let us know.  You can also give our office a bell if you’d like a copy of any of the photos in this edition.

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around town 102nd EDITION. 2010


Caitlyn Reid, and Hayley Daniels

The Blackwater Touch Association held its Grand Final, which was also the “final run” for the Lavender Oval. The competition will now move into the new sporting complex.

Greg Reynolds Val and Max McClelland past founding members

Jordan McCarthy, Caitlyn Vandermeer, Jessica Bartley and Rochelle Carsburg.

Carol Leeder, Trish Pratt and Ann Johnson past members

Nicole Johnson and Stacey Pratt

Thomas Russell, Nick Hamilton, Chris Willmann and Toby Brennan

Stevie-Lee Zeith and Sam Cummins

“Kougaz” winners Ladies A Grade final

Kelsey Ford, Courtney Napper and Rebecca Pope

“Breakaways” winners of the Ladies B Grade

Debbie Burchard, Lyn Harris and Kerry Anderson

Karen Bird, Julie Lyall, Kerry Anderson, Lyn Harris and Laureen Fenner

Founding member Yvonne Thompson presenting the Ladies “Spirit of Touch” award to Kylie Webley

Founding member Leon Lavender presenting the men’s “Spirit of Touch” award to Greg Napper

Joel Munns and Eathan McLaughlan

Leon Lavender cutting the cake

Peyton and Mariah Storch

Founding members of the Blackwater Touch Association

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stuff to the editor 102nd EDITION. 2010


Stuff SHIFT MINER to the BRROMTHS ERS IN A Editor lan

The Queens

rce of local

’s best sou

munity d mining com


Monday 6th


hiftm d - www.s


Hope our boys come home safe from NZ. D.B, Toowoomba Our story about a visa specifically for the mining industry is causing a stir:

I reckon it will be a case of ‘spot the Aussie’ in a few years at our mine sites. Surely there are enough young blokes coming on to work at our mines. J.P, Dysart. This special mining visa is a great idea and needs to be rolled out ASAP. So many projects and not enough men on the ground, especially with the expert knowledge about LNG. Brendan, Gladstone. I don’t even reckon there are enough people skilled up overseas to come

News s CQ builder Rain puts Âť page 6 k out of wor News kyard tour Wanted: bac e 11 guides Âť pag n Around Tow Âť page 14 Tiny dancers


ss CQ Busine M $4.5 Emerald’s sale industrial  page 13



tters Money Ma ds tren The latest property in the CQ page 25 market Âť


The Pike River disaster is a big wake up call that mines are not safe places. We should remember that here in Qld. J.R, Calliope.

Sent in anonymously


News a new Push on for Âť page 5 mining visa

e world is What in theh aviour? b L A G A G

Our front page story last edition on Queenslanders helping out with the Pike River recovery operation saw some reader feedback:


News boom When is thepage 4 coming? Âť

al ers at the co Queensland ine recovery m NZ of e fac

s are d coal miner nd’s Queenslan at New Zeala SIXTEEN d the clock rities local autho working aroun in mine to help who died Pike River 29 miners bodies of retrieve the e explosion. Rescue Servic last month’s d Mines ed nslan all been grant The Quee rs, who have in Bowen here (QMRS) worke jobs their day to Greymouth time off from flown over were , ce. Basin mines Zealand airfor ely rare an extrem by the New them lwith They took piece of specia which sive 2.5 tonne GAG unit, and expen called a underist equipment and gasses to choke vapor n. uses water fires of oxyge then we can inert ground mine get the mine manager “If we can QMRS state fires,� said put out the ey send in mine and Wayne Hartl can cool the “Then we d has crews.� in Queenslan by the rescue company in some way, “Every coal operation this to ment and contributed ding equip staff, provi d by the coal owne releasing their lly unit is actua the GAG d.� at the Queenslan in crew try d his indus represente s killed in Mr Hartley the 29 miner service for Thursday. memorial was held last deserved the blast, which out with the dignity it d for the “It was carrie ess we all carry quietn the ed the and reinforced taken place, and allow from all have losses that rt they have see the suppo page 7 families to continued .� across the world

“Unwelcome visitor at Moura mine�


ned and

Locally Ow

101st Edition


Paterson or Gene(Mack ay) c* Stuart Nayl Specialist Accredited Darren Seka Injuries Law *Personal

2000 Call 4944

and All accidents y claims: personal injur


e Mackay Offic

St. Mackay.

, 55 Gordon Amiet House E: mac@macam


ay ess Centre, unday Busin Suite 4, Whits Cannonvale. Harbour Rd, 230 Shute @macamiet E: whitsundays




rpine. an Street, Prose 18A Chapm E: mac@macam



work here - these projects are going to be HUGE. Jason, Rocky. The constant rain is starting make some people - well, cranky:

So there’s a wet weather warning from the Mines Inspectorate - it’s not rocket science. A.T, Moura. Sick of the bloody rain. My tool box is pretty clean though. Roy, Emerald.


Our “Off Shift� explorer Lincoln Bertoli’s regular road trip column has some readers wandering down memory lane:

Was great to see the story about Boot Hill. I’ve been there myself! Back in the days before 12 hour rosters I was a man on a road trip... Colin, Mackay.


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ACROSS 1. Wishful thinker 5. Ungainly 9. From the menu (1,2,5) 10. Cuba’s capital 12. Overmuch 13. Savoy or Hilton 14. Very eager 16. Entertainers 19. Arise (from) 21. Had prior knowledge 24. Aggravated 25. Unmodified 27. Goes on all fours 28. Deeply touching 29. Igloo dweller 30. Influenced

DOWN 1. Endorsed 2. Roofing grass 3. ... & groans 4. Taking (exam) 6. Abhorrent 7. Dining hour 8. 12-month-old horse 11. Salesmen 15. Series of tennis comp wins (5,4) # 92 17. Second-rate 18. Listeners’ forum, ... radio 20. Large Australian birds 21. Start of match (4-3) 22. Shocked 23. Revised (text) 26. Quarrel


4 6 2 1 5 8 9 2 7 4 1 3 SHIFT MINER 6 5 Handy Cross 1872 - (15A grid) ShiftMinerHandy100s. pdf Š Lovatts Publications 27/10/2010 3 7 8 9

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2 6 9 8 5 7 3 1 4




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8 9 2 3 1 6 4 5 7

3 4 1 7 9 5 8 6 2


7 5 6 4 8 2 1 9 3


Fair Dinkum! IN GERMANY - One dad wasn’t real pleased when his 17-year-old daughter bought home her 57-year-old boyfriend. What do you do when you want to show your daughter you disapprove of her dating decisions? You castrate the bloke in question of course. According to a British newspaper, 47-year-old Helmut Seifert recruited two of his factory worker colleagues to carry out the deed on the cradle snatcher. “The severed testicles were taken away by the perpetrator,” the police said in a statement. The victim barely survived the incident, and the dad will face court on attempted murder charges next year. IN AMERICA - You could understand a nudey run through a cemetery if you heard it was a buck’s night dare. But a 47-year-old was caught completely naked carrying out some ghost whispering in a Mississippi church graveyard. He told police he was trying to take photos of the spirits and got his kit off because he believes the skin is “the best canvas to show spirits’ orbs of energy”. Whatever that means. The 47-year-old was caught on a security camera, which had been set up to try and catch vandals but instead copped an eyeful. STILL IN AMERICA - More nude news from the land of the free. A US postie said he simply wanted to cheer up a woman on his rounds who seemed “stressed out” when he delivered mail in his birthday suit. The 52-year-old postie told the woman he would deliver the mail to her office in the nude to make her laugh. He was true to his word and delivered some goods to her office, wearing only a smile. He was arrested for lewd and lascivious behaviour several days after the special delivery and has since said it was a stupid thing to do.

YEP, STILL IN AMERICA - The song says big girls are beautiful, but it doesn’t say anything about them being super resourceful. Two women have made use of what their mama gave them by using their fat rolls to stash $2,600 of stolen goods from an outlet store. Including leather boots down a bra. The pair was arrested for shop lifting after security caught them stuffing items in and under typically hard to reach places - think breast and stomach fat rolls. “These two were actually concealing them in areas of their body where excess skin was, under their chest area and armpits,” a police officer told local media. Police said one of the women also had a knife in her purse that she used to cut security tags off. AND ONE MORE FOR GOOD MEASURE FROM AMERICA - A Catholic nun with a reputation for gambling has been charged with embezzling $850,000 from a New York college. The sister is alleged to have stolen the money over ten years to pay off personal credit card bills and expenses. She had a reputation for visiting casinos in Atlantic City and New Jersey, which makes her a nun with a bad habit. Sorry, enough of the nun puns. BACK HOME IN AUSTRALIA - a public servant servant has tried to claim compensation for injuries sustained when she was “on the job” while on a work trip. I am sure it comes as no surprise to anyone that she was denied. The woman had her nose broken and teeth chipped when a light fell on top of her during a “moment of passion”. The court decided she should have told her employer of her intention to have sex if she wanted to claim compo.

Frank the Tank’s

“Streakin” good love advice Dear Frank, I always fail to impress my girlfriend around Christmas time. She always says she doesn’t want me to spend a lot of money on a gift, and every year I believe her and she ends up sulking all week. Can you offer me some advice on how to really impress my girlfriend this Christmas? Terry, Clermont Dear Terry, Christmas is a truly wonderful time of year, and it’s the festive holiday that I feel I can most relate to. I’ve often thought of myself as the perfect mixture of Jesus Christ and Santa Claus. Like Jesus, I am a fairly handy carpenter, and spend a good deal of time in the company of lepers and prostitutes. Like Santa Claus, I possess a fondness for red suits, reindeer and in particular ‘Ho Ho Hoes’ – if you catch my drift - but enough about that. Terry, I’m going to assume that you are suffering from a severe mental impairment, the fact that you would believe anything a woman says is staggering to me, and you are in obvious need of help. Luckily, you’ve come to the right man. I am well versed in how to manipulate the female mind during the silly season. I start growing a beard in October just so I can look festive by December, and let me assure you, by January there are countless ladies suffering from ‘beard rash’. In any case, I some-

how get the impression that your lady can’t be brought around with facial hair. As the old adage goes, sometimes it really is ‘the thought that counts’ when choosing a gift for your lady friend. In the past when strapped for cash around the holidays I have employed some unconventional strategies with regards to gift giving. Try changing the words of a popular Christmas carol to illustrate how wonderful your girlfriend is through the majesty of song. However, as a word of caution, I would discourage the use of sexual innuendo in said modified Christmas Carol. I once spent Christmas day with a very nasty black eye after an ill-fated rendition of a Frank original entitled ‘Jingle Balls’. If your girlfriend is religious it may also be possible to impress her with a recreation of the nativity. For the negligible sum of $20 you could pay homeless people to act out the birth of Christ. Their tattered clothes and general poor health will make their ‘costumes’ seem extremely detailed, and you can always assure your girlfriend that the pronounced smell of urine is actually frankincense. If singing and acting isn’t your style you could always pull what’s called ‘the old switcheroo’. After several years of what she terms inadequate presents, she will no doubt be expecting you to put forward yet another horrible gift this Christmas. With this in mind it’s possible for you to purchase her a gift of epic proportions, making her gift to you seem terrible by comparison. Using this strategy you can gain leverage over your girlfriend and she may be inclined to give you another “gift” on Christmas night to make amends. Frank



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Sensible Susan Terry, As Frank mentioned (albeit in a rambling nonsensical way), it is the thought that counts when it comes to purchasing a Christmas gift. It sounds as though

your girlfriend is trying to play down the fact that she really does want a more substantial Christmas gift from you, but that doesn’t necessarily mean she wants a more expensive gift. Try purchasing a more thoughtful present, perhaps one that requires some creative input from you, at the very least something that shows her how much you care about her, and I’m sure that she’ll be delighted. Susan

If you have a question for Frank and Susan Email Us at:

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Page 16 - Shift Miner Magazine, 20th December 2010

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on Keswick Island .

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5 minute fiction

by Bernard S. Jansen

Happy Christmas

Chris wasn’t sure what had gone wrong with his Christmas.

“Well wait five minutes and you can have a real coffee.”

He’d made all the right preparations, sparing no expense. There was plenty of grog, and he was into it at a very reasonable pace. There’d been lots of good food: ham, chicken and prawns, and all kinds of salads. He was still feeding himself as much White Christmas and nuts as he could handle without making himself sick. There’d been presents for everyone under the tree; he’d made sure everyone got what they wanted.

Chris shrugged, and turned off the kettle. As he left the kitchen the machine started to make a terrible high-pitched grinding noise.

Now, with the presents opened and the Christmas lunch consumed, Chris sat back with his rum and coke, trying to make himself feel happy. He knew he should; and he couldn’t rightly think of anything else that he wanted, that he could have or get, that might be missing. His son Jack was playing with his new iPhone, in his room. He’d seemed happy with it. Chris got up, and went to the kitchen where his wife was trying to work out how to use the whiz-bang fully automatic coffee machine he’d bought her. He shook his head; a thousand bucks for a machine, when a teaspoon did the same job, quicker. But, it was what she wanted. She’d seemed happy enough, when she’d unwrapped it, though not very surprised. Now her head looked like it was shaking, as she turned from looking at the manual to the machine, back and forward. Seeing the machine made Chris think he’d like a cup of coffee, so he put the kettle on. “Are you right?” Helen snapped at him. Chris got such a fright he almost spilled his drink. He looked at her slightly dazed, confused. “What?” “Don’t you think I can get this to work?” Chris thought about that for a moment; he knew a trick question when he heard one. Actually, almost all of Helen’s questions were trick questions. She didn’t often ask him for his opinion or his advice. “Of course you will,” he said.

Well, in any case, thought Chris, if he couldn’t feel happy on Christmas Day, he could certainly get drunk. He made himself another rum and coke, going very easy on the coke. He used only as much as was absolutely necessary to make the concoction look black. He went and sat on the back steps, wishing he wasn’t already looking forward to his next tour. Over the fence, his neighbour was playing frisbee with one of his boys, who was about ten. They really did look like they were having a lot of fun, and for a minute he envied them, which was ridiculous. That man didn’t earn half what he did: he drove a piece of junk, and their house was tiny – especially for the four or five kids they had. They might be happy for a few minutes, but it couldn’t last. The neighbour’s kid laughed as he jumped to catch the frisbee. He called out, “Thanks for the frisbee dad, its fantastic.” Chris sipped his drink and frowned, and tried to think. Had Jack actually said thanks when he’d got his phone? He’d certainly said, “Cool.” That didn’t mean thanks though, did it? Chris went inside to Jack’s room and knocked on the door. No answer. He opened the door. Jack wasn’t there. The iPhone box and manuals and cables were on his bed. He went into the kitchen. “Helen,” he said. “Jack’s not in his room.” Helen handed him a cup of coffee. “He went out with his friends. I said he could go. It’s not a happy Christmas if you can’t have fun, is it?” “No, I suppose not.” He sipped at the coffee. It wasn’t hot enough, and it tasted like dirt. He smiled. “Lovely. Happy Christmas.” He took a long sip of his rum and coke.

Bernard S. Jansen is 32, married has three young boys. He lives in Emerald, works as an engineer at a local coal mine and is active in his local church. Read more of Bernard’s writing online at or email him at GOT AN IDEA FOR A STORY? Let Bernard know - email him at or hop on his blog





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Bait shop Banter FISHING IN GLADSTONE Dylan from Pat’s Tackle World in Gladstone said everyone is getting their supplies ready for Christmas. “It’s not because of good weather, it’s because it’s almost Christmas and the weather is bound to come good one day.” He said there has been a few good days of fine weather allowing people to get out wide around Masthead and Wistari. “They’ve been catching some red emperor and nice coral trout and plenty of sweet lip too.” “That’s on those few good days we’ve had though, we haven’t had much good weather,” Dylan said. One good side to the rain is the mud crabs are out and about in the deep water of the creeks and channels and there should be a few good prawns as well. “Most of the creeks are now flushed and there is some nice grunter and bream being caught in them.”

Calliope River and Grahams Creek are the spots for grunter. “Use a nice big fresh prawn or something like live herring or a live mullet.” There’s been a few big tobia caught around the wrecks around the 20 kilogram mark. “Some people like catching them but they aren’t the best table fish.” Dylan said all in all it’s been a dull month fishing wise. “This has been the most boring month just because of the weather.”

FISHING IN YEPPOON The sun is finally out and fishing reports are flowing in. “There have been a lot of good fishing reports despite the dirty water,” Adrian from The Secret Spot said. There has been a lot of mackerel around the reefs around Pinnacles and grunter around Finlay.

Tide Times


“There’s plenty of prawns up and down the creeks now and the crabbing is bound to improve as soon as the rain gets down to better amounts.” “There’s not much in the way of red fish at the moment but there’s a lot of surface feeding fish because there’s been a lot of bait washed out into the river.” “There’s heaps of tuna working the dirty water lines too.” As the Fitzroy river floods there has been lots of fresh water flushed into it which means more barra. “You will certainly see barra on the bite there once it settles down that’s for sure.”

FISHING IN MACKAY “The boys that have been sniffing out wide have been doing quite well getting a good mixed bag,” according to Tackle World Mackay’s Marty. Marty reckons the mixed bag includes large red emperor, nannygai, trout and plenty of sweet lip. “Now there are really good reports of large fish especially with the northerlies.” “You might get a northerly in the morn-

MACKAY Gladstone

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With Mike Griffin

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Mon 27 Tue 28 Wed 29 Thu 30 Fri 31 Sat 01 Sun 02 MACKAY Gladstone

If you have a good photo or fishing yarn send it through to our resident bait chucker-

Your weather forecast

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ing that swings around to a southerly in the afternoon.” “Those early morning trips during the northerlies is what a lot of people are having a win on.” The crabs are coming on but not as good as they could be. Marty said there are some good prawns and you can find both the crabs and prawns in Constance, Murray, Proserpine and Baker’s creeks. On the fresh water front there are some good sooties caught on small hard bodies and spinner baits. “We’ve got some pretty good looking barra sitting at the Proserpine Dam and because of the rain they are all sitting up close to the weir waiting to jump ship,” Marty said. People looking to spear fish have been venturing far and wide because the water is still quite dirty and it might be that way for some time yet. “I don’t know when it will clear up, they are talking about a storm every afternoon and more rain on the horizon.”

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Summer heat – lightning – more floods Week 1 - After the record cooler than average spring the summer heat finally arrived. Emerald and surrounds jumped to 34-37C late last week. Isolated thunderstorm activity lit up the skies at night across the Coalfields, heralding the arrival of a trough with heavy rain and possible severe storms early this week. This should add another 50-100mm to the swollen creeks and rivers and possibly close the main highway and the Beef Road. Cooler conditions return after the oppressive heat on Tuesday then moisture from the tropics could develop isolated late storms for the north eastern Coalfields later in the week. Otherwise a cooler than average Xmas Day in the early thirties. Boaties -winds were kind last week but the

fresh SE’ly early in the week should ease Xmas Eve. Watch for a small trough along the coast and the high strengthening in the Tasman Sea. This may increase the winds and make conditions a little rocky with a squally shower about Xmas and Boxing Day. Week 2 - the SOI on the 15th Dec was +20.2 which is still in record territory. A tropical low near the Pilbara in WA is a hair’s breadth off being tropical cyclone “Tasha”, indicating the Monsoon is about to enter the northern Coral Sea. The humid steamy conditions return early in the week with temperatures close to the average of 33-34C. An afternoon or evening thundery shower is on the cards. On the waters NE’ly winds prevail as the moisture builds in the north. Watch this area closely.


CAPTION: Bullfighting champ Larry Barron helps free a cowboy

Moura’s urban cowboy crowned best in show WHAT do you call a bloke who drives a shovel at a mine and is a rodeo clown on down time? An urban cowboy. At least that is how Larry Barron describes the interesting mix. Barron operates a shovel at Dawson mine at Moura and on the weekends when he isn’t rostered on you can find him in the

rodeo ring saving cowboys. He’s half handy at it too, and was last month crowned the CRCA (Central Rodeo Cowboy Association) Bullfighting Champion for 2010. Not the Spanish/red flag waving bullfighting. People might more commonly refer to it as being a rodeo clown. Over the years as rodeo has grown in

Australia, the role of the rodeo clown has grown to be more than just the the facepainted light entertainment. One aspect is certainly the clowning around, crowd-pleasing entertainment but the other side is serious business. “They are two different things, bullfighting is like a job and you are protecting the cowboys from the beast,” Barron explained. “Or you can just do comedy where you put the wig on and are in a little funny car entertaining the crowd at half time.” “It’s modernised now, it’s gone from the days of where it was called a rodeo clown to being professional athletes and bull fighters.” “It’s now a sport on its own over in the states.” Barron got into the clown side of things 12 years ago when his cousin, Scott Barron, introduced him to his herd of rodeo bulls and it went from there. While Barron has always loved the rush of bullfighting, he took a six year break when he became busy running two child care centres with his wife, being a dad to four children and working at the mines. He is now back in the thick of it, travelling around Queensland rodeos protecting cowboys and entertaining the crowds. “This year I thought - stuff it, I’m only 33 I should get back in it for another four years.”

Barron clearly picked up where he left off and was crowned, or belt buckled, the CRCA bullfighting champion last month at Gracemere. “I’ve got a few years of it in me and next year I’ll go down and do some pro shows 2011 will be a good year,” he said. But Barron is preparing for the days when he is a little worn out. “After getting these knocks you get a bit old in the tooth and you eventually pick up the comedy.” He has created an alter ego “Bumblebee Barron”, a clown who entertains the crowds at half time. “That’s my ultimate, to go and and be able to leave my coal mining shoes in the bath house and live my days as a comedy clown/bull fighter.”

CAPTION: Bullfighting... not always a laugh

Keynote speaker and company founder, Peter Spencer, (featured in Mr Millionaire and Property Millionaire) with fellow property specialist Mark Browning from QLD Property Advice will share a road map of proven principles and teach you how to build a multiproperty portfolio for as little as $30 a week.

Complimentary Workshop ! Register online now at      

First 20 bookings will receive a complimentary book All you need to know about property investing in 80 minutes Educational and interactive property workshop Seats are limited Moranbah Workers Club - 17th February 2011 – 7pm rego Complimentary drink on arrival

Mark Browning E: M: 0406 318 973 A: 28 Mein St Hendra QLD 4011

  

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Back in August, former Shift Miner staffer Lincoln “Linx” Bertoli decided to ditch the comforts of a steady pay packet and go and live the dream. Lucky bugger. For the rest of us stuck working to earn our keep in this cruel world, Linx will now taunt us with a regular column in “Off Shift”. If you can’t be there yourself, you might as well live vicariously through someone else... and just hope something unfortunate happens to him out there on the open road...


Cruisin’ and boozin’ in the Clare Valley ANACONDA is not a name that springs to mind when one thinks of push bikes. Malvern Star? Hell yes. Giant? Definitely. Even the aptly named Psycloid – the pride of my garage just quietly – evokes images of the trusty mountain bike. But the Anaconda – complete with faulty gears and even worse brakes - well I’m afraid it’s not.

Nevertheless, she’d been with us since the start of the trip, some 6000 kilometres ago and now, in the heart of the Clare Valley, we were determined to use her. More than 50 wineries are scattered lovingly around the Clare Valley and a great number of these can be accessed with a little pedal power along the Riesling Trail. Originally part of the railway that ran

Motoco RV Townsville Winnebago Customer Service Award Winner 2010 ELECTRI ROLL DOWN BED

$108,650 driveaway

ISL – Bed & Ensuite



$167,650 driveaway


$242,000 driveaway

For more information call (07) 4750 2900 or visit

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between Riverton in the south to Spalding in the north, the trail is now a 35 kilometre walking and cycleway thanks to extensive track damage resulting from the Ash Wednesday bushfires in 1983. Now the average punter can spend the day riding to and from any number of quality wineries, sampling some of the finest drops and battling the odd nesting magpie

or two... which is exactly what we did. Well it’s what we did until we come across Crabtree Wines. For you history buffs, Crabtree was started in 1981 by one Robert Crabtree. Now, some 28 years later under the guidance of Richard Woods and Rasa Fabian, what is still one of the smaller wineries in the Clare Valley is also one of the most respected. Indeed their award winning Shiraz set the tone for an eventful afternoon... let me explain. Biking 15 or 20 kilometres is fine when relatively sober. It is a different kettle of fish when you have a belly full of booze and little desire to go any further... as my lady friend Marn will most certainly attest to. Throw into the mix a few over protective magpies and a shitty bike named after a snake and you’ve got an amusing story in the making. Given that you’re reading this story, you can assume that we made it home safely. You can also assume the trip proved quite a test of the ol’ relationship. We’ve since agreed, for the sake of our future, that we’ll never combine, booze, bikes and birds ever again!

New Year’s in CQ and beyond NEW Year’s - the time of year where there’s pressure to do something amazing, set some goals to maybe drink less while you drink as much as you can and find someone to kiss when the clock strikes twelve. We can’t help you with the finding someone to kiss thing but here are some ideas on how to see in the new year in the CQ and beyond. Rockhampton: The legendary B&S isn’t happening this year and it seems the Oxford Street Party is the place to be. It’s not on Oxford Street which could be a little confusing (head to Victoria Parade) and it is to see in New Year’s Eve Day- not New Year’s Day, which is also a little confusing. Confusion aside, with a line up like Art vs Science, Busby Marou and Stafford Brothers with Timmy Trumpet - who cares what street or what day it is - all you need to do is get there.

Mackay: If you’re a U2 fan head to Bluewater Quay after 5:30pm to see their electrifying concert. Well, an electrifying concert from The Australian U2 Show Band that is. Entertainment goes until midnight and it’s not New Year’s without fireworks so there will be a display over the Pioneer River. Head to River Street for the action (prizes for the best dressed U2 band member). Sunshine Coast: If you’re wanting to get away from CQ and have a spot of chai tea and get your folk on maybe you should head to Woodford. The Woodford Folk Festival runs from December 27 until January 1. The Cat Empire, Arrested Development and You Am I are a few of the headlining acts. Even Kevin Rudd is going - true story!

“We can’t help you with the finding someone to kiss thing but here are some ideas on how to see in the new year in the CQ and beyond.”

Your Health 102nd EDITION. 2010

EXPERT ADVICE For those too busy or embarrassed to ask the important questions about their health Anxiety, what are the symptoms you need to be aware of? The more specific symptoms depend on the type of anxiety disorder. For example: • A generalised anxiety disorder (GAD) sufferer has ongoing, excessive or unrealistic worries about mainly minor things that don’t usually worry other people • A social anxiety disorder (SAD) sufferer will experience intense and excessive worry about social situations, especially public speaking • Someone with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) will have urges or obsessions that they can’t control • Someone with a panic disorder suffers panic attacks, during which they fear severe consequences like death or insanity as a result of exposing themselves to a particular set of circumstances e.g. a crowded bus • A phobic person has intense and irrational fears about everyday situations or objects e.g. dogs or small spaces So you worry a lot? How do you learn to control your anxiety? Here’s a handy process you can try at home for minimizing your anxiety. It’s just a first step and it might seem obvious, but it’s better than medication for some people.

Follow these simple steps: • Write down what you believe the problem is • Write down all possible solutions – even bad ones • Think about each solution in practical terms • Choose the most practical option • Make a plan for carrying the solution out • Do it There are some other simple methods that might help you manage the symptoms of anxiety, such as slow breathing and inwardly repeating the word ‘relax’ with each breath. Anxiety can be treated in various ways, but if you think this is something you are experiencing, please seek the advice from your GP and they will be able to recommend the course of action that best suits your needs. If you want to do your own research too, there are plenty of good credible sources on the internet, including (but not limited to): The Black Dog Institute: SANE Australia: Beyond Blue: Anxiety is a complex mental health issue too complicated to go into in depth here, so this is just an overview. Until next time, stay healthy, stay informed!

Tammy Farrell is a registered nurse, nutritionist and author of ‘The Real Man’s Toolbox – A DIY Health Manual for Men’. Tammy grew up in the Hunter Valley with two brothers in the local coal mines. In 2007, she started to give health talks in the Hunter, and that’s when she began compiling the book, helping hundreds of men answer questions about their bodies.

Pumpkin, Feta and Prosciutto Salad Serves 4

Light crisp salads are always a summer favourite to accompany most meals or even for a light lunch on its own. The combination of colours and ÀDYRXUVDUHHQGOHVVDQG\RXFDQ substitute ingredients depending on what you have on hand. A good tip is to make extra dressing that can be stored in the fridge for those quick and easy meals later in the week. INGREDIENTS: 400g pumpkin, cut in to 4cm pieces 1 red onions, cut into thin wedges òWVSGULHGUHGFKLOOLÀDNHV Olive oil spray 45g pumpkin seeds, lightly toasted 45g tinned brown lentils drained & rinsed 100g baby rocket leaves 100g baby spinach leaves 100g Prosciutto thinly sliced

and torn into small strips 75g feta cheese Dressing: ¼ cup balsamic vinegar ¼ cup white wine vinegar ½ cup olive oil METHOD: Preheat oven to 200°C. Line a large baking tray with non-stick baking paper. Place pumpkin and onion on prepared tray and VSULQNOHZLWKFKLOOLÀDNHV6SUD\ pumpkin and onion with oil spray to coat lightly and season with salt and pepper to taste. Roast for 25 minutes or until WHQGHUDQGJROGHQ6HWDVLGHDQG cool. Gently combine pumpkin, onion, pumpkin seeds, lentils, rocket and spinach in a large bowl, top with shredded prosciutto and crumbled feta. Combine vinegars and oil in a jar and sake well to combine. Drizzle dressing over salad and serve.

Zest Eatery Open 4.00pm to 8.00pm daily 1300 622 222 COPPABELLA | DYSART | MIDDLEMOUNT | MORANBAH | NEBO

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Invest in property and grow your money.


r. e d l i u b e h t h t i Deal direct w

Xmas hits QLD motorists hard Year 1

Year 3

Year 5

Year 7

Year 9

Coldwell Banker Watermark Homes can show you how to: � Pay your mortgage off in ½ the time! � Retire a multimillionaire in 10 years � Purchase with no money down

QUEENSLAND motorists will be hardest hit this Christmas with fuel prices on the rise. Paul Turner from the RACQ said they are expecting fuel to rise to the $1.40 mark by Christmas in some areas and it’s just another added cost for Queensland motorists. “The strengthening of the Aussie dollar could lead to a bit of a dip down in the next week or so but overall prices are trending up and we expect it to hit $1.40 by Christmas,” he said. Mr Turner said the state government is making it hard for motorists, and Queensland is the most expensive state in Australia to run a car. “Registration prices have increased a couple of hundreds dollars more than what they were three years ago.” “That is a significant impost and the RACQ is concerned that motorists are seen as a tax cash cow, whether it be rego increases and even tolls in some areas.” He said Queenslanders are generally paying too much for petrol all year round. “What we have seen is a dramatic turn

around in the last year in prices, where two years ago Queenslanders were paying eight to 10 cents less because of the fuel rebate.” “Now the rebate has gone we are paying 8 cents a litre more and up to 10 to 12 cents more than interstate prices.” “Overall in south-east Queensland our recent research over the last month has shown average prices are two to three cents higher than what they are in Sydney and Melbourne.” He said Rockhampton’s prices are the same as those in the south-east while other regional centres are more affordable. “Rockhampton has been on average not much different the the south-east prices while Toowoomba and Mackay have been the cheapest regionally.” “Essentially we we have local competition is where we see the lowest, Towoomba is a central transport hub to the south and has a very competitive service station market.” “In Mackay because of the mining boom we’ve seen some strong competition that we haven’t seen in other regional centres like Rockhampton.”



5 9 4 9 9 0 0 3 1 y a Call tod www coldwellbankernewhomes com au Page 22 - Shift Miner Magazine, 1st June 2010


Length: 12.00 metres Beam: 3.9 metres. Speed: 18-20 knots. Hull Material: Aluminium. Engines: Cummins 6BTA5.9.(370 @3000rpm). Port Engine 92.67 Hours Starboard Engine 95.78 Hours. Transmissions: Twin Disc MG-5050A. (Same Hours as Engines) Generator: Kubota/Diecon D1105 Diesel 9.00 Kva. 240 Volt Fuel Capacity: 3000 litres in 4 x tanks. Accessories: HF & 27 Meg Radios, Koden MD 3600 Radar, 2 x Furuno sounders, Raytheon GPS Plotter. Accom: 8 x bunks, Galley, Toilet & Shower, Spares: Numerous Spares Including Props x 2. Filters, Hoses, Impellers for raw water pumps. Built: 1987 to 2 B survey. P.O.A CONTACT MARK ON 0408 775 067


Sensible spending in the silly season CHRISTMAS and New Years is synonymous with holidays and spending money. That’s why the corporate watchdog has released advice on how to protect yourself this festive period. FIDO is the consumer website of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and offers these financial tips.

SPENDING To help you avoid the financial hangover of credit and debt, and to possibly benefit from the silly season, try the following: Plan ahead • Write a list of presents/people to buy for, to avoid impulse buying • Start saving early for gifts Do you really need to use credit? • Avoid credit if you can by using lay-by • If you need to use credit, shop around for the best deal first – you could save a lot with lower fees and interest Consider other members of your family • Use pre-paid cards for your children’s mobile phones and make them top up any overspending

• Teach your kids about saving if they receive gifts of money

ditions of your travel insurance policy in case the unexpected happens.


What does travel insurance cover?

Are you doing casual work over the festive season break, or taking on extra hours in your existing job over summer? If so, boost your long term savings by checking your eligibility for super contributions from your employer. Employers must generally pay 9 per cent of the value of your ordinary time earnings into a superannuation fund on your behalf (this is called the ‘superannuation guarantee’). Although super isn’t cash in your hand right now, it’s an important investment for your future. It can be a great long-term investment too, because of tax concessions and other government benefits. If you regularly take on casual work with different employers, you probably have super invested with a few different funds. Rolling your super into one account may be a good idea, because it can reduce the fees and charges you have to pay.

Travel insurance policies typically cover the following: • Medical expenses from personal injury or illness • Loss of goods • Theft • Disruptions to your travel plans (e.g. cancelled flights)

TRAVELLING Planning an adventure holiday? Make sure you’re familiar with the terms and con-

Choosing a travel insurance policy Travel insurance requires you to pay an upfront premium to cover you for a set period of time. You can also purchase travel insurance for the whole year if you travel a lot. On top of the premium, you may have to pay an excess when you make a claim. Make sure you know what the excess is before deciding which travel insurance provider to go with. Making a claim Making a claim on your travel insurance is much like any other insurance claim. For example, you may need a police report for a claim on a stolen camera.

It always pays to register your claim or at the very least inform your insurer that a claim is coming as soon as possible. Some insurers require you to inform them of any claims within 24 hours. Always carry your travel insurance contact details for the country you are travelling to.

PLANNING FOR NEXT YEAR Prepare yourself for the new year in advance by considering: Planning for short- or long-term goals It could be a holiday, a more expensive gift, or shopping in the post Christmas sales, whatever your goal, it pays to plan ahead so you’re not out of pocket when Christmas comes around again. Draw up a budget of what you can afford and stick to it. Increasing your savings Shop around for a savings account with lower fees and higher interest. It may mean you can’t withdraw funds until Christmas, which gives you more incentive to concentrate on your goal. For this information and more visit Fido’s website at

Investors win as CQ turns buyer’s market CENTRAL Queensland has turned into a buyer’s market, but real estate agents are warning it won’t last forever. Demand for investment properties across Queensland has halved since 2007, while sales in the $350,000 to $500,000 price bracket fell more than 20 per cent in the past three months, according to the Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ). REIQ Rockhampton representative Noel Livingston said the region’s rental market was still performing well, with vacancy rates in Bundaberg, Glad-

stone, Mackay and Toowoomba at 2 per cent or less. “The rental market is still very strong and whilst the sales market is slow in Rockhampton it has already kicked in in Gladstone,” Mr Livingston said. “At this point in time if I was a house buyer I would be out there looking right now.” Mr Livingston said buyers should take advantage of the ideal conditions. “It wont always be like this,” he said. “There will become more and more competition in the buyer’s market and

it won’t always be this easy to get a good deal.” REIQ managing director Dan Molloy agreed the current market conditions gave investors the upper hand. “Investors and first home buyers are usually competing for the same affordably-priced properties but the current lack

of competition between these two buyer types has created ideal buying conditions, especially for investors,” Mr Molloy said. “The number of first home buyers has fallen since their high of last year, however, we anticipate demand from first-timers to continue to gradually increase next year.”

“At this point in time if I was a house buyer I would be out there looking right now.”

Call us today!

4154 4178


Giftware (Nautical)

Country Freehold Motel

Curtains & Decor

Freehold Service Station

Bundaberg CBD Newsagency

Bargara Beach Freehold Motel with good income. CBD Location. 2032m2 Zoned Recreational Business Precinct. 3 story & underground parking allowed. High growth oceanfront area with fabulous climate. Prime Investment. All Reasonable Offers Considered Asking Price $1.9M Beautifully presented & long established, this business has been operating for over 32yrs & had enjoyed constant growth over that time. Fully refurbished with a modern style & air-con. Recently expanded decor lines showing excellent financial returns. Worth a look! $160,000 +SAV

Great opportunity for those that want the freedom to express themselves. Vendors are highly motivated offering an asset sale with a beautiful fit-out, stock, fittings, suppliers, register, software & a quality system. Fantastic lease in place with no restriction on trading hours. $130,000 WIWO Bruce Highway Location 8km south of Childers QLD. Operated for over 11yrs by husband & wife team. Work from home with a 2 bed residence within the service station complex with air-con to the main bedroom. Showing good turnover & profit. Plenty of vacant land to expand. $750,000 +SAV

Steeped in historic country tradition this family orientated hotel is both charming & profitable. Situated only 20mins out of Bundaberg in an idyllic country setting. This is a lifestyle opportunity, providing the services of a hotel, restaurant, accommodation & live weekend music. $799,000 +SAV

This successful newsagency is one of the first established in Bundaberg. Located in the heart of the CBD with very high foot traffic. Receint major re-fit with a modern design & layout. An excellent family business with good consistent financials. $350,000 + SAV

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Since 1947, ATCO Structures & Logistics has been manufacturing quality products for sale or hire.

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For over 60 years, ATCO has been

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