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Explosive concerns about diesel engines underground MINERS across Queensland could be at risk of an underground explosion because of faulty diesel engines. In New South Wales, the Mines Department has revealed that 15 per cent of the safety mechanisms installed to prevent explosions in diesel engines underground will fail at some time this year. Over the past three years, 465 explosion protected diesel engine systems (EPDES) have failed in NSW. That figure equates to one failing every 56 hours, or worse still, suggests that every single device in NSW would fail over a period of seven years. More worrying for Queenslanders, the report said the figure could actually be even higher because many of the EPDES that are registered in NSW are actually operating in Queensland coal mines. A spokesman from the Queensland Mines Inspectorate said they were aware of the problem and had been looking into it. But he said a search of the High Potential Incident (HPI) database had revealed very few similar incidents in this state. “The division has also checked directly with a number of mines and they have confirmed the veracity of the HPI database,” he said. Diesel engines that operate underground are required to be fitted with special systems designed to prevent them igniting dangerous gasses or coal dust while working below the surface.


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»  Details page 7 These explosion protection systems are needed because there is always a risk underground that flammable gasses like methane could accumulate around working miners if there is a problem with ventilation. The high level of failure in these systems

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is putting miners in grave danger, according to the NSW Mines Department. “This is an unacceptable failure rate in view of contemporary engineering standards, and the consequence of failure may be

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Numbers You REGULARS Numbers Numbers Can CountYou On** You 4 Wyoming calling 9 * SMM’S PAGE 9

CountCan OnCount On Qld tour forCan US Governor *When audited by the CAB Numbers You

16 STUFF TO THE EDITOR audited * by the CAB *When audited the *When CAB On 7 Ghost town CanbyCount Coppabella camp empty *When audited by the CAB

12 Head start

Dysart students learn ropes

14 Growing confidence


AMGA AG ZA I Z NI N E E Businesses Moptimistic in 2010 M A G A Z I N E

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Alex Graham



Tieri Hotel Motel


you think that’s a strange thing to be interested in, read our article on page WHAT a huge fortnight for the four and you’ll understand why he’s resources sector in Queensland. important to us. Last week we had the announceThen there is the small matter ment from the BG Group that it had of the sale of one of the state’s most signed a $60 billion contract to pro- profitable assets: Queensland Rail. vide LNG from Port Curtis off GladThe Bligh Government has been stone to a Chinese company. copping more criticism over its decision Not surprisingly, that has stirred up to sell its coal tracks and freight busilocal central Queensland businesses who ness as one entity - this time, from two were already excited at the prospect of key Federal Government Ministers. Shell’s takeover of Arrow Energy. The Federal Resources Minister The opportunities the LNG indus- Martin Ferguson has gone as far as try will bring to the region are mind- calling the decision a “recipe for disboggling and industry groups will aster” and urging the Super 14 coal have their work cut out for them companies who want to buy the coal ensuring local support businesses can tracks to put their bid on the table. profit from the investment. You’ll find all these stories - and The Governor of Wyoming has more - inside our latest edition. also been in Queensland - and if


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Page 3 - Shift Miner Magazine, 29th March 2010



83rd EDITION. 2010

83rd EDITION. 2010

Ferguson: QR sale “recipe for disaster” MORE pressure is mounting on the Bligh Government over its decision to sell off Queensland Rail’s coal tracks and freight business as the one entity - after two key Federal Government Ministers launched scathing attacks on the planned float. The Federal Resources Minister Martin Ferguson told the ABC’s 7:30 Report the decision was a “recipe for disaster” and he urged the state’s major coal companies - who want to buy the track component of the business - to put their bid on the table. “I think the bid could over time represent a better return to the Queensland budget,” Mr Ferguson said. “But perhaps more importantly, if we don’t get this right, we’ll hold back exports, which will undermine royalty receipts for the Queensland Government.” It’s the second time Mr Ferguson has taken a swipe at the sale in the past fortnight. At the Australia China Business Council’s networking day, Mr Ferguson said he had “huge issues” with the plan for Queensland, while praising rail reforms in the Hunter Valley and the privately run Pilbara iron ore system in Western Australia. His concerns have been echoed by the Fed-

LONG HAUL: The State Government vows to push ahead with the QR sale despite mounting criticism

“I think the bid could over time represent a better return to the Queensland budget.” eral Infrastructure Minister Anthony Albanese. Mr Albanese has suggested Queensland needs to look at other examples, and has queried whether, in its current shape, there is enough incentive for the new com-

pany to invest for growth. “We need to look very carefully at the lessons of Telstra and other entities where you’ve had vertical integration,” Mr Albanese told the ABC.

But the Premier Anna Bligh has dismissed comparisons with the telco sale. “Running a business like Telstra is extraordinarily different to running a coal transport company,” she told the ABC. “Telstra provides a service to every household and every home and the bargaining power of a pensioner up against Telstra is a very different thing than the bargaining power of a Rio Tinto or BHP with a transport company to get their coal to market.” The Queensland Treasurer Andrew Fraser remains adamant the sale will go ahead in its current form, although he has said he would be willing to sit down with Mr Ferguson and discuss the details. Mr Fraser has also questioned whether the coal companies are genuine about making a bid, an allegation that’s been quickly dismissed by their chief negotiator and former New South Wales Premier Nick Greiner. “Well the Queensland Treasurer, with great respect, is making it up,” Mr Greiner told the 7:30 Report. “He must think that people have got nothing better to do... and frankly he doesn’t do himself any good by trying to make it a political bun fight.”

Why Wyoming matters to Queensland LAST week the Governor of Wyoming was in Queensland. Why should you care if the Governor of an obscure American state was touring around? Well Brokeback Mountain was filmed in Wyoming - but if you’re not a trivial pursuit nerd that’s probably not going to float your boat. More importantly, Wyoming has a lot of coal and its Governor wants to find out how to make it clean. In fact, when it comes to clean coal, Governor Dave Freudenthal is kind

of a big deal. He’s currently working with a task force set up by President Barack Obama to deliver a federal strategy on carbon capture and storage (CCS). Governor Freudenthal has a vested interest in CCS - his state is the biggest coal producer in the US, producing 467 million tonnes a year for use in 97 states. He doesn’t want to see thousands of local jobs lost as the world marches towards a “greener” outlook that trades carbon and demands cleaner technologies. Sound familiar?

That’s why he was in Queensland, keen to swap information and work collaboratively towards ensuring the future of the coal industry by advancing CCS technology. Mr Obama has made it clear he wants 10 demonstration CCS projects online in the US by 2016. Governor Freudenthal told news agency AAP that Australia has a key role to play in developing that technology. “What we are really looking for are some opportunities for co-operation and collaboration with the university sector, the government sector and the

private sector,” he said. “I think the realisation that people need to focus on is that it really doesn’t matter whether it’s figured out in Wyoming or Queensland or wherever, somebody’s got to figure it out and the technologies need to be broadly available.” “Because coal is such an abundant resource in the US and China and India and Australia that it is going to be part of the energy mix, the question is how do we make sure we do that in a way that is sensitive to a broad range of concerns ... (and) as it relates to climate policy.”


A STRING of local deals and mergers could be on the agenda as mining businesses seek new ways to service the needs of the emerging liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry in Queensland. Last week’s announcement that BG Group had signed a $60 billion deal to ship LNG from Gladstone to China, came hot on the heels of Shell’s plans to purchase Arrow Energy. Those developments have strengthened the resolve of many central Queensland companies to start preparing for the changing industrial needs of the future. Both the Gladstone Engineering Alliance (GEA) and the Mackay Area Industry Network (MAIN) have already begun making sure they can assist local businesses. In Gladstone, GEA’s project manager for the “Tender Readiness” program John Smits says the announcements are exciting. “The LNG announcements this week mean that there are fantastic opportunities, but the one thing that businesses have to be aware of is the pre-requisites for submitting tenders,” he said.

“Even the crumbs from these major projects will be big ones, but you need to be proactive to ensure that you are tender ready, otherwise you will miss the boat, if you will excuse the pun.” “Building partnerships is going to be an important part of how we supply the needs of the future, but obviously there are a range of complicated legal issues to be worked through when putting a group of companies together.” “Things like what happens if one partner in the project doesn’t meet their part of the deal?” “That’s why we are running this tender readiness program with all the major coal seam gas players.” The GEA has already launched its first event with the Queensland Gas Company (QCG), and more than 200 people came along. Mr Smits said last week four QCG executives flew to Gladstone to meet 53 people representing 37 businesses to discuss health and safety issues. In Mackay, MAIN has a similar initiative to develop partnerships and syndicates called the “Consortia Project”.

While the program has been particularly focussed on what the emerging LNG industry will require, it also has a continued focus on what the expanding coal industry will require. MAIN co-ordinator Renee Meares said the Consortia Project was unmasking the skills and innovation of the local industrial sector. “The actual innovation that’s occurring in Mackay is unbelievable,” she said. “I don’t think people realise whats happening, just what sort of innovation is in the companies that are based here, people just don’t realise.” “What we need to do now is get that message out, so that these companies can thrive and therefore Mackay will thrive.” While both these initiatives are available to members of the respective networks, other business not part of the networks are encouraged to get involved. The GEA can be contacted on (07) 49729060, while MAIN can be contacted on (07) 49575040.


A $60 billion deal has been signed between Britain’s BG Group and a Chinese company to ship liquefied natural gas (LNG) from Gladstone to China. It’s the biggest trade deal in Australia’s history and the world’s first fully termed sales contract for LNG sourced from coal seam gas. ‘‘This deal makes Australia the world leader in the coal seam gas-based LNG industry and it brings us one important step closer to opening up a new LNG province on Australia’s east coast in Queensland,’’ said the Federal Resources Minister Martin Ferguson. The state-owned China National Offshore Oil Corp (CNOOC) has struck a 20-year deal with BG Group to buy 3.6 million tonnes of LNG per annum from the company’s Curtis Island project off Gladstone. Production won’t begin until 2014 and is the whole project still has significant environmental and regulatory hurdles to jump before it can get the go-ahead.

FAST NEWS FREE UNI? Year 11 and 12 students who might have ruled out university as an option, are being encouraged to try it out at CQUniversity. The university is holding a week-long live-in experience in Rockhampton during the June school holidays - and it will cover the cost of the accommodation, travel and meals. The aim is allow students from low income backgrounds and rural and isolated areas to have a taste of university life and see if they are interested. For more information call Catherine Spencer on 4930 9456. .....................................................................

ROYALTIES REQUEST The Queensland Resources Council wants the State Government to talk to industry before it makes any changes to royalties in the next financial year. QRC chief executive Michael Roche said many companies are worried the government thinks that they have a “limitless ability to pay more and more in royalties, taxes and charges”. In a pre-budget submission to the Treasurer, the QRC has also called for funding of exploration support services Smart Exploration and Smart Mining to be continued. .....................................................................

COUGAR IGNITES Cougar Energy has ignited its Kunioon coal seam at the company’s flagship underground coal gasification plant at Kingaroy in south-east Queensland. Gasification will now be ramped up and over the next six months data will be collected for a pre-feasibility study. The company is investigating the economics of using a small scale plant to take gas from the project in a pre-production phase to generate power to run the site. Page 4 - Shift Miner Magazine, 29th March 2010


Workplace & Motor Vehicle Accidents Medical Negligence & Asbestos Claims

Page 5 - Shift Miner Magazine, 29th March 2010



83rd EDITION. 2010

83rd EDITION. 2010

In-house training the key to labour shortage A LABOUR market researcher says the resources sector must start training more of its own people if it wants to be able to meet expected demand. Rodney Stinson has studied labour market trends for 30 years, and says mining and industry should return to the days of inhouse training. “The sector no longer sets out to train its own workers as a matter of course,” he told Shift Miner Magazine. “The exception is underground mining which has a very particular set of safety requirements, but elsewhere in the sector they are pulling in people who have been trained elsewhere.” Mr Stinson said in the late 1980s BHP in Broken Hill trained more apprentices than it needed for its own requirements. “It was a purposeful policy, it was one of the last private companies that felt it had a social obligation to train local youth.” “But it is my understanding that this is

no longer the case.” “Instead what you see is the poaching of experienced and qualified workers from other industries.” “They are not training sufficiently for demand and that is why they are recruiting from interstate and overseas.” But the chief executive of the Queensland Resources Council Michael Roche said the skills shortage was affecting the entire Australian economy and was not peculiar to resources. “Targeting particular industries for training responses ignores the reality of a shifting economy and the increasing mobility of the Australian workforce – and in that respect, resource skills are in the global marketplace,” he said. “The fact that Australia is engaged in a population growth debate is indicative of the fundamental nature of the issue.” Mr Roche said root and branch reform is what is needed to address the problem. “That starts with addressing the decline

in the take-up of mathematics and science in our schools through to refocusing the vocational education and training system so that it is more responsive to industry needs on a state by state, region by region basis.” He defended industry’s role in training, saying there is already a large direct investment by minerals and energy companies into skills and education through initiatives such as the Queensland Minerals and Energy Academy and partnerships with universities. But Mr Stinson argues that if the sector ignores the problem it will only shoot itself in the foot. “The wage break outs are already occurring.” “If you have a larger supply to draw from then you don’t need to increase the remuneration and working conditions to the extent that is being demanded.” “In terms of general labour market considerations - if you want to get rid of untenable labour demands you need to increase labour supply.”

UQ’s first female mining engineer lecturer THE University of Queensland (UQ) has appointed its first female lecturer in mining engineering, in what’s been touted as another step forward for gender diversity in the resources sector. Dr Penny Stewart, a UQ mining engineering graduate, has had an impressive career specialising in rock mechanics in underground metalliferous mines across Australia. Among her many career achievements, Dr Stewart has undertaken research projects for the Australian Centre for Geomechanics at The University of Western Australia, and the UQ’s Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) Mining. Dr Stewart has also worked on Brisbane’s North-South-Bypass Clem 7 Tunnel assessing temporary ground support during excavation of the low-cover sections under the South-East Freeway. “Dr Stewart’s appointment follows the record number of female mining engineering graduates entering industry this year,” said the Queensland Resources Council’s chief executive Michael Roche. “Dr Stewart will be an inspirational role model to young women pursuing mining engineering at UQ,” said Dr Peter Knights, UQ’s BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance Chair of Mining.

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Mining camp Goliath projects a ghost town lurch forward HOW can a fully rennovated mining camp in the heart of the Bowen Basin sit vacant when, by all accounts, business is once again booming? That’s the mystery that has a Coppabella mining camp’s owners scratching their heads. Two hundred en-suite rooms at QRI Services Coppavillage are empty for the first time in more than a decade. QRI Services general manager Rakesh Shankar said the situation is puzzling. “Coppavillage is a state-of-the art accommodation, with extensive facilities including a gymnasium and pool,” he said. “Occupants enjoy fresh meals prepared in an on-site commercial kitchen, have access to laundries and a recreational venue.” The rooms have been vacant since mid2009 when major contracting company Theiss chose not to renew their contract due to a contractual agreement with BMA. Mr Shankar has said he is looking for tenants working in the surrounding mine

GHOST TOWN: 200 rooms at Coppavillage have been vacant for 9 months

and would be happy to arrange a site inspection for any interested parties. “I find it hard to believe it’s so difficult to fill these rooms,” he said. “I would urge anyone working in the mines surrounding Coppabella to give me a call and arrange a time to inspect the facilities.”

SOME of the largest developments in Queensland’s mining history have taken major steps forward this month. The most advanced of them, Aquila Resources’ massive Belvedere proposal west of Moura, has passed its pre-feasability study and work will now begin on a more in-depth feasibility study for the project. Aquila has indicated the cost of building the project would be around $3 billion, while the operating costs would be around $70 a tonne. In its pre-feasibility report, it found the best way to mine its 1000 million tonne coking coal resource would be a longwall mining system. However, the project would need considerable new infrastructure including new railway lines to allow coal to be exported out of Gladstone. This issue will be looked at in more

Aquila Resources’ proposal west of Moura, has passes it’s pre-feasability study FOR the first time, a koala has been discovered breeding on a rehabilitated mine site in central Queensland. Hillary the koala was first captured by University of Queensland researchers late last year on land that had first begun rehabilitation at the Blair Athol mine a decade ago. She was fitted with a GPS collar to record her location every two hours, and recently researchers found her curled up in a small eucalypt with a two-month old in her pouch. “When we mapped the movement data from Hillary’s collar it revealed she had been living solely in the rehab area for the past four months,” said UQ researcher Sean Fitzgibbon. “She must have given birth while in the area.” Rio Tinto’s Blair Athol mine, near Cler-

Old mine site breeds success Off Shift Specials at Capricorn Resort Yeppoon

BLUE eyes will get you noticed - that’s something the 40-tonne bright pink “Big Bertha” dragline bucket will have to get used to. But the big lady is not just a pretty face - she has helped raised $80,000 for the fight against breast cancer. Despite the wet weather, more than 1000 people filled Mackay’s Harrup Park recently for the “Dig Deep for Charity” day organised by CQMS Razor and BMA. The day included a celebrity cricket

match, industry lunch, live charity auction, and of course the opportunity to have your photo taken with the big lady herself. All the money will go to the McGrath Foundation to put more breast care nurses into rural areas, including Mackay. With her charity debut behind her, Bertha went straight to work at BMA’s Norwich Park mine. This week she’ll begin munching through blasted rock to move over 6000 tonnes of overburden every hour.

Sunday to Thursday special from



detail in the next, more comprehensive, feasibility study. Meanwhile, Hancock Coal chief Gina Rinehart says her company is in discussions with several other companies regarding the possibility of sharing rail infrastructure to service the new Galilee coal mining province near Alpha. Notably, however, she said there had been no discussions with mining magnate Clive Palmer whose nearby “China First” project has been getting considerable media attention. Last week Mr Palmer announced that he was on the cusp of finalising a $6 billion loan from the Export Import Bank of China which would allow him to develop the $9 billion project. Hancock Coal officially opened its offices in Brisbane last week.

Friday & Saturday nights from



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mont, is one of Queensland’s oldest coal mines - and environment officers have been progressively restoring land after mining for years. Dr Fitzgibbon said the implications of the latest discovery extended beyond the mining sector. “Blair Athol mine is setting a fantastic example not just to other mining companies who are required to rehabilitate land, but also to urban and industrial developers, agriculturalists, pastoralists, and government land managers,” he said. “This finding clearly demonstrates the enormous potential that exists to restore cleared land to koala habitat.” “Hopefully this approach will be increasingly adopted in areas such as south east Queensland where koala populations are crashing.”

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83rd EDITION. 2010


Qld looks into NSW explosion concerns an explosive catastrophic event,” a recent Safety Bulletin read. “The consequence of an explosion is unacceptable, with multiple fatalities, significant damage to the mine, consequent loss of production, employment and public confidence.” “There have been several mine explosions in history where a DES may have been the source of ignition.” But the spokesman for the Queensland Mines Inspectorate said its inspectors constantly monitored diesel engines in use underground. “Our mechanical inspectors routinely

look at flameproof engines as part of their normal inspections and they will continue to do so,” he said. He also pointed out that NSW has about three times the number of underground coal mines and, as a result, a lot more flameproof vehicles. In analysing the reasons why the diesel engines were failing, the review found that in nearly 60 per cent of cases the problem was to do with the safety shutdown circuit. The faults are occurring across all brands and types of EPDES, however poor design and maintenance were major contributing factors.

Jobs the MAIN goal THE first 30 participants of the Mackay Area Industry Network (MAIN) Get Set for Work program graduated in Mackay recently. The program allows MAIN to guide young people at risk of unemployment into careers in the engineering sector, and is run with the help of State Government funding. MAIN Training and Development Coordinator, Karen Jackson, said that many of the participants had been successful in securing employment or apprenticeships with each participant now having a strong sense of direction and focus for their future.

“Out of our 30 participants, seven have gained full_time employment, five of those in full_time apprenticeships with one as a schoolbased apprentice,” she said. “Two other participants are in full_time training and a large portion has returned to school with a much stronger focus on setting and achieving their goals.” Participants were involved in undertaking accredited engineering training as well White Card and First Aid training. Job preparation skills were also heavily emphasised during the training.

What’s your name? Suzette Edwards

Where are you from? Born and raised in Perth, Western Australia. I now spend my time working as a model based in Sydney.

What’s the worst job you’ve ever had? I believe in only doing things you enjoy and that make you happy! When I really think about it I have not had one! I even did door to door sales back in the day and it was fun at the time! How do you spend your Sundays? I spend my Sundays with friends and family. We go fishing, cook BBQs and there is always a drink involved!

“Over the past three years, 465 explosion protected diesel engine systems (EPDES) have failed in NSW.” BRIGHTER FUTURE: These young people are now on the road to employment thanks to a course run by MAIN

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83rd EDITION. 2010

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Page 8 - Shift Miner Magazine, 29th March 2010

Page 9 - Shift Miner Magazine, 29th March 2010

around town

around town

83rd EDITION. 2010

83rd EDITION. 2010


Moranbah locals have deep pockets when it comes to a good cause. The Anglican Church held a cent sale at the Moranbah Workers Club recently, to raise some much needed funds.  Local Chantelle Watt organised a fundraiser for Ronald McDonald House - with live entertainment, a sausage sizzle and activities for the children.

Sally, Jessica, Ryan and Peter Murphy

The Lions Youth of the Year Quest held its regional judging in Blackwater recently. Some of the region’s rising young stars showed off their talents.


Youth of the Year entrants Monique Buikstra represented Bluff Lions Club, Laura Bowen represented Blackwater Lioness Club, Chairperson Blackwater Lion Niall Greer, Samantha Sequeira represented Springsure Lions Club and Jessica Murphy represented Emerald Lions Club.

Samantha, Richard, Cynthia and Alexandra Sequeira

Showng support also were Pauline Gollschewsky, Betty Ward & Jacelin Moore

Natasha & Reece Batchelor with friends Mady Parson, Mariah Turpin & Rebecca Jackson also enjoyed the fundraiser

Robyn and Michael Bowen

Lyn and Les Crossman

Rebecca Brosnan and Liz McGrath

Mick and Liz Gilligan

Jeannette Fletcher (with Jenny Hooper and Shirley Pidgeon) receiving her 10 years service award for service to the club.

Blackwater Touch Association made a donation to the Lioness Club - here the cheque is presented to Treasurer Estelle Serio and President Jenny Hooper by Gary Holt.


Roy and Val Vesey and Rosemary Buikstra Youth of year regional  judging

Kerryne Weir, Diane Dickson & Allison Huizer came along to show support for their local church

Kaz Hanks from Funnyfaces4kids entertained the children at the Ronald McDonald fundraiser with balloons singing & games!

Mark, Ella and Will Stone with their balloons at the Ronald McDonald fundraiser

Under cover wear consultant Sarah Williams came to show her support to the Ronald McDonald fundraiser - she donated her earnings to the cause.

Anglican church treasurer Stacey Todan along with Lyn Merritt helping out with the cent sale fundraiser held for the Anglican Church

And the winner is.... Jessica Murphy with Bluff Lions club President Roy Vesey

Logan Gadd with his Dinosaur painting painted by Sarah Rutherford

Rachel Rutherford From Lorraine Linen donated her earnings to the Ronald Mc Donald House


Blackwater Lioness Club recently celebrated its 32nd birthday! Here’s the cake!

Public Speaking Award winner Samantha Sequeira with Bluff Lions President Roy Vesey

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Page 10 - Shift Miner Magazine, 29th March 2010 Shift Miner magazine – bringing the mining community closer together Page 11 - Shift Miner Magazine, 29th March 2010



83rd EDITION. 2010

83rd EDITION. 2010

Mr Moody bares all! Head start for MORANBAH State School students passed the hat around the playground and raised more than $1500 to see one of their teachers shave their head. It was all part of Crazy Hair Day to raise money for the Leukaemia Foundation. Year Seven teacher Ben Moody promised to shave off his head if more than $1000 was raised by staff and students - and with a total of $1562.35 donated to the charity he was forced to come good on his word. Students and staff chanted and cheered as Mr Moody’s multi-coloured locks were shaved off. Luckily, he had a pro to carry out the task - office adminstrator Jackie Rudken is a former hairdresser. Meanwhile, 51 mine sites signed up for this year’s World’s Greatest Shave Mine Challenge.

Dysart students

HAIR FASHION: Clown Aidan Bitcon and punk rocker Callum Lemke

Jess & Jess take out mining scholarships TWO central Queensland school girls North Rockhampton High’s Jess White and Emerald’s Jessica Murphy - have each been awarded a $2500 mining scholarship. The pair are two of six students from across the state that have won a Queensland Minerals and Energy Academy (QMEA) pathway scholarship. The scholarships were set up to encourage young people to take an interest in resources-related subjects.

“Jess White, who is interested in pursuing a career as an electrician, has shown that she already has what it takes to succeed in our industry,’ said the QRC’s Micahel Roche. “She has grown up in a family of electricians and has already carried out work experience at Ergon Energy and Stanwell Power Station, and has been on tours of Moura and Blackwater coal mines.” “She is also studying a certificate 1 in

engineering at TAFE.” The other Jess - Emerald’s Jessica Murphy - received the scholarship on the back of winning the junior category of the QRC’s Resources Award for Women recently. Moranbah teacher Leanne Colthup has also been recognised for bringing science to life for her students at Moranbah high school. She received $500 prize for leadership in teaching.

“With a skills shortage looming, particularly in science and maths-based professions, it’s important for young people to become excited about these topics and understand the careers they can lead to in our sector,’ said Mr Roche. Among her achievements, Ms Colthup has developed an earth science unit designed to lead students into senior earth science, which included a range of resources related to the minerals and energy sector.

Only a dozen have held their shave day with bad weather forcing many to postpone the event until next month. It’s hoped that more than half a million dollars will be raised for the Leukaemia Foundation.

AHEAD OF THE PACK: Dysart students get first-hand training for trade and operator roles in mining while still at school

BRIGHT SPARKS: Moranbah students Connor Burrows, Jordan Norgate, & Mitchell Maidment get into the spirit of Crazy Hair Day

BALD MOVE: Mr Moody shaves it all off for a good cause

WHEN he’s working, Jason Probyn is the mine supervisor of BMA’s Saraji mine. When he’s rostered off, Jason is teaching Dysart school students what they need to know to get a head start in the mining industry. Jason runs the certificate course called an RIO - Resources and Infrastructure Operation - at Dysart High School; theory is taught at school and on-the-job training is carried out at Saraji mine. He said the aim of the course is to make students aware of the trade and operator careers in mining. “Students who complete the course gain an understanding of the importance of safety, and the value of planning for effective work delivery, and what is

required of them as a quality apprentice,” he said. The certificate course runs for five months and involves six modules ranging from workplace health and safety to planning, organisation and how to communicate in the workplace. Students are also required to successfully pass an Open Cut Generic Mine Induction and complete a 5-day work placement on a mine site or workshop. “These students are getting first-hand experience on a mine site,” said Jason. “This helps students understand the theory that they learn and achieve their career goals.” BMA supports the course through funding and supplying the high visibility shirts and PPE for each student.

Emerald’s Jessica Murphy shows off her scholarship

OUTSTANDING: Rockhampton’s Jessica White receives her award from the Education Minister Geoff Wilson and the QRC’s Michael Roche

Dysart gets dirty to help get clean MORE than 15 bags of rubbish were picked up by BMA employees and Dysart community members on Clean Up Australia Day in the Bowen Basin town. Twenty people helped to clean up rubbish from local shops, parks and roadways

- and impressively more than half of the collected rubbish has since been recycled. “Clean Up Australia Day keeps improving in Dysart and is a great environmental project that we can all get involved in,” said local organiser of the day, Lee Maddox.

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Page 12 - Shift Miner Magazine, 29th March 2010

DIRTY WORK: Dyart locals clean up their town

Page 13 - Shift Miner Magazine, 29th March 2010



83rd EDITION. 2010

83rd EDITION. 2010

Need to know... Mackenzie drilling QME close to sold out The Queensland Mining and Engineering Exhibition (QME) in Mackay is close to being sold out - and there’s still four months to go - according to organisers. There are currently more than 450 exhibitors registered over 11,000 square metres of space. The three day event begins on July 27th at the Mackay showgrounds.

Coal to China to double, triple to India The head of Rio Tinto’s iron ore operations says he expects demand for steel in China to double in the next 10 years, and triple in India, implying huge increases in demand for steel making coal. However, given China is the world’s largest producer of coal it remains to be seen how much will come from Australia. China has massive coal resources of its own, but quality and price issues saw a surge in Chinese demand for Australian coal last year.

Endocoal looks for private investors Endocoal is hoping to raise around $17 million through an initial public offering of shares on the Australia stock exchange. The company claims to have more than 5000 square kilometres of tenements across the Bowen Basin and at least 10 projects under exploration or development.

Macmahon gets $180 million contract For the first time in its history engineering business Macmahon Holdings will build and operate a coal handling and preparation plant (CHPP). The move into operational duties is part of a $180 million contract it has signed with Syntech Resources to develop a large coal mine in the Surat Basin. Production is expected to begin at the end of this year, producing 1.4 million tonnes in the first stage, eventually ramping up to more than 10 million tonnes in stage 2. Macmahon says it will employ 140 people for the work.

on paper profit JUNIOR explorer Stanmore Coal is receiving encouraging signs from investors as it drills for coal in about six areas across the Bowen and Surat Basins. Most recently it has started drilling along the Mackenzie River in an area south-east of Ensham mine, west of Blackwater. The company is trying to prove an open cut coal mine might be viable some time in the future. However, with very little drilling done so far it could be a while before it is known exactly how much coal - and what sort of quality - lies beneath. Further south, the company says it is expecting to find a bigger resource than it first thought at the “Range Project” in the Surat Basin. The “Range Project” is located about 75 kilometres south of Taroom, and the company believes that by April it will have

drilled enough holes to estimate an inferred resource of around 50 million tonnes. However, given that an “inferred resource rating” is the rating given when minimal drilling has been done to back the estimate up, time will tell as to the viability of that coal deposit. Despite it being early days, the Australian Stock Market is feeling reasonably optimistic with Stanmore Coal’s share price at the time of print sitting around 75 cents per share. Given all the company’s directors have the option to buy the shares in about three years time for 24 cents they are sitting on a significant paper profit. Stanmore Coal is also exploring areas on the southern side of the Capricorn Highway at Blackwater, to the west of Dysart, and north of Moranbah.

“Given all the company’s directors have the option to buy the shares in about three years time for 24 cents they are sitting on a significant paper profit.”

48 billion reasons to invest local THERE has been a surge in confidence among people and businesses in the Mackay, Isaac and Whitsunday region in 2010, as the global recession slowly fades away. The latest regional development register compiled by the Mackay Whitsunday Regional Economic Development Corporation (MWREDC) has revealed that the number of possible or probable developments in the area has risen by nearly five per cent since November last year. The report said a total of $48.7 billion worth of projects were either under study,

committed to, under construction or recently completed. The lion’s share of that development expenditure was categorised as mining related, however the development of ports, railways, manufacturing and construction were also major contributors to the final

estimates of development expenditure. While the numbers are incredible given the forecasts of 2009, it should be noted that nearly 70 per cent of that planned expenditure is listed as “under study” meaning there is considerable work to be done before the cheques are written.

“While the numbers are incredible given the forecasts of 2009, it should be noted that nearly 70 per cent of that planned expenditure is listed as “under study” meaning there is considerable work to be done before the cheques are written.”

Running parallel to this are the latest confidence survey results that have found that in the Mackay and Whitsunday region 90 per cent of business people are feeling confident about their future. Nearly a third feel more confident than they did 12 months ago.

MWREDC CEO Narelle Pearse said there is a general level of optimism. “We have seen a number of projects resume construction and residents are beginning to feel more secure in their chosen profession,” she siad.

Three’s a crowd in Alpha BANDANNA Energy (BE) is launching a pre-feasibility study into a 15 kilometre open cut mine at Alpha in central Queensland. The mine would be similar both in size and location to the massive China First Project being proposed by Queensland’s richest man Clive Palmer, which is right next door to another huge proposal by mining magnate Gina Rinehart. According to BE, an original concept study of the mine has suggested it would have a life span of 43 years. The first stage would be an open cut mine with five pits, each three kilometres long; and in stage 2 the mine would go underground, and operate for approximately 23 years. However, like all the other projects at Alpha, the proposed mine is still a long way off because of enormous infrastructure hurdles. One of those hurdles would be the construction of a 500 kilometre railway line to the Abbott Point Coal Terminal near Bowen. In an investor presentation to the Aus-

“The massive proposal would be similar both in size and location to the very high profile China First Project being proposed by Queensland’s richest man Clive Palmer.”























email: 16 Robison Street North Rockhampton Queensland 4701

Page 14 - Shift Miner Magazine, 29th March 2010



Phone: 07 4922 3322



Delivering in Utes,Vans,Body trucks and Semis We understand the cost of delays in mining and Industry




For all your urgent and general freight requirements.

p 07 4927 3789 f 07 4927 3705 m 0408 625 532

ANOTHER CONTENDER: Bandanna coal is the third miner to seriously explore the Galilee Basin near Alpha



Servicing the mining industry for over two decades.

tralian Stock Exchange this month, BE said it would be looking to do further exploration at its Springsure Creek and Arcturus deposits. Both these desposits fall into an area around Rolleston which the company describes as the “golden triangle”. Together, these deposits have indicated resources of about 80 million tonnes of coal. While Arcturus is still in the concept stage, Springsure Creek has been partially drilled, with further drilling planned. The company’s most advanced project is the Dingo West proposal - it is vey close to both rail and road infrastructure and is just to the west of the Dingo Roadhouse. The inferred resource for this mine - which is a speculative estimate based on minimum drilling - is about 90 million tonnnes. With financial help from Macarthur Coal, the company is continuing to drill in the area to determine how much coal is available for mining. BE has another eight coal mining tenements which are still in the exploration stage.








• 37,000 directly employed (after GFC) – Over $80 million in wages paid weekly – core readership between 20 and 50 years old

NOW IS THE TIME TO BUILD YOUR BUSINESS PROFILE Distribution points SMM Thangool Airport (Biloela) SMM Moura Newsagency (sold) SMM Moura Coal n cattle dining room SMM Moura Kotti Doon SPQ Dawson Highway SMM Moura ESS Town Camp (Attn Donna) SMM Biloela White Cockatoo SPQ dining hall SMM Biloela news (sold) SMM Theodore Newagency (sold) SMM Dingo Roadhouse (sold) SMM Bluff SPQ SMM Bluff Family Store (sold) SMM Blackwater Newsagent (sold) SMM Blackwater Hotel Motel Dining room SMM Blackwater Rosewood SPQ SMM B/water Curragh nth Const. Camp SMM B/water Curragh town camp SMM Village on Blain Blackwater SMM Rockhampton Airport SMM Central Park Newsagency (sold) SMM Shift Miner c/- 214 Quay St SMM Paragon Food (sold) SMM Ensham Contractors camp

SMM Tannum Sands Fish Shop SMM Gladstone Airport SMM Emerald airport SMM Emerald Lodge SMM Emerald Plaza News (sold) SMM Boom Welding SMM Tieri Hotel Motel dining hall SMM Tieri SPQ SMM Tieri Contractor SPQ SMM Capella Ampol (sold) SMM Clermont Newsagency (sold) SMM Clermont Mine ESS SMM Ensham Staff SPQ SMM Middlemount Vitrinite Village SMM Middlemount Foxleigh Village SMM Middlemount Newsagency (sold) SMM Capricorn mining Camp Dining room ESS SMM Mac Dysart dining hall SMM Dysart Golf Course SPQ SMM Dysart Pub SMM Moranbah Caltex Sevice station (sold) SMM Moranbah Mobile food van (Sold)

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Contact us: P: (07) 4921 4333 M: 0428 154 653 E: Page 15 - Shift Miner Magazine, 29th March 2010

stuff to the editor

global idiots

83rd EDITION. 2010

Stuff to the Editor Our front page story about possible changes to Workers Compensation and its impact on miners and other workers concerned some of you: I had no idea they were thinking about changing workers compo. Why doesn’t the government ever tell people about what they are up to. It seems like there are a lot of changes at the moment to things like workers compo and QR and a lot of people are really angry. Wayne, Mackay

Q. How did this happen? A. The ready to launch chain broke so the tailgate wouldn’t open. As the tray went up the weight made the front come up. No-one was hurt. Sent in anonymously



Monday 15th


m d - www.s Operate

O NO COMP ned Locally Ow


she’s pink, She’s big, aritable ch s e’ sh d an

who are of miners two-thirds to the MORE than job and can’t return comthe injured on common law not make changes industry could s under suggested claim d. pensation r Queenslan losses Cove sharp ted to Work r has repor neyThe insure and the Attor on years two paper over the past discussion released a General has it. several recom ways to fix paper lists ssion , includThat discu Cover’s board s by Work iums and prem mendation oyer sing empl ion claims ing increa compensat number of threshold. limiting the the the eligibility Valery says by increasing Jim EU’s for minBut the CFM disastrous n would be second optio try workers. workers ing and indus for people, real issue to impact “This is a potential ion has the der,� he said. compensat Queenslan it would on every single e went ahead chang al work“But if this s for manu r implication and other people have majo rs means mine ers and that the in industry.� sts lifting who work paper sugge total The discussion 10 to 15 per cent old to a huge knock out claims thresh t, which would impairmen perclaims. that of 85 number of lates calcu EU over the The CFM try workers injured indus have been manently would not ensa67 per cent on law comp past year make a comm sed change. eligible to propo , under the than most s miner tion claim is worse for es result in The situation often injuri rs because industry other worke return to the unable to ia. them being work� criter strict “fit for because of

If they did this it would just be another S TAYLOR * ,-" way that the little guy gets screwed. Get CITORS SOLI hurt, can’t work, no compo. Ron, Rock- AL INJURY CLAIMS PERSON hampton



d Edition March 82n

E N I M T F I H S land mining

The Queens

rce of local

t sou munity’s bes




News soar Coal prices tracts in new con  page 4 News ns QR sale ture 5 ugly  pag News k mine Norwich Par ustry’s manager ind 6 e best  pag Business ing Bounty Minwork looking for  page 12

a. She has been Meet Big Berth

funds helping to raise

s in Mackay. t Care Nurse for more Breas page 15.

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rd to put forwa have been final decistions that nt, and no that sugge Governme der injury - the State ple, a shoul made. to subfrom return For exam sion has been have until next week secretary r from prevent a rs paper, de a mine would not Stakeholde discussion ss , would exclu nse to the their respo in the proce ing to work job back. into mit e involved fall to get their peopl Attores al able injuri sever being believe the ering what es and Miner they issue. If you’re wond old - it includ have told Shift an open mind on the per cent thresh l has es that are 8 the 10 to 15 ney-Genera back injuri inued page cont knee and ers. der, work shoul manual only ce among changes are commonpla these ent, ,/ ,-\ At the mom


/9", ,-" /"

The Partners: r - LL.B John Taylo Hons - BEc/LL.B Sharon Smith Worsley - LL.B

Craig  ĂŠ

 ll  Greg Carro

/ ĂŠ* ÀʇÊ° ÂœÂ…Â˜ĂŠ/>ĂžÂ?Âœ ĂŠÂœÂ˜Ăƒ ĂŒÂ…ĂŠÂ‡ĂŠ VÉ° -Â…>Ă€ÂœÂ˜ĂŠ-“ˆ Â?iÞʇÊ°

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tters Money Ma perty prices Prestige pro e 21 in CQ Âť pag

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ĂœĂœĂœÂ°ĂŒ>ĂžÂ?Âœ /°Vœ“°>Ă• Â‡ĂƒÂœÂ?ˆVÂˆĂŒÂœĂ€Ăƒ ˆÂ?JĂŒ>ĂžÂ?ÂœĂ€Ăƒ ÂŽ>Ăž i“>ˆÂ?\ʓ> ĂŒĂ€iiĂŒĂŠ>V ĂŠ Ă€ÂˆĂƒL>˜iĂŠ  /iĂ›iÂ?ÊÓÉ£Ç 7",ĂŠ

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83rd EDITION. 2010

/ /


global idiots IN AUSTRALIA - Tassie police are trying to work out how a giant inflatable Easter egg was stolen from roof of a shopping centre - and who took it. The five-metre high egg went missing less than 24 hours after it had been blown up and atttached atop a Coles Supermarket in Hobart. The last person to see the egg was a customer who left the shop at 6pm. Where it is now, is anyone’s guess. IN THE UK - they have a lot of trouble with kids wearing hoods causing trouble that’s why they ask for hoods to be removed in public places like shopping centres. But now an employment centre has been forced to apologise to a man for throwing him out because he refused to remove his hood. Turns out he’s a Jedi believer and it’s against his religion to do so. But this is one Jedi knight who wants to make a point: not happy with the apology he plans to sue the centre for discrimination.

IN CHINA - if a full body massage doesn’t relax you, try the next best thing: bee sting therapy. That’s right, in China live bees are placed on pressure points on a patient’s body and then they, well, they sting you. Just like acupuncture really, but instead of a needle you have a bee sting. The practise actually dates back 3000 years and has been legal since 2007 - doctors claim it helps people with diseases like rheumatism and arthritis and can help circulation, reduce inflammation and ease pain. Not sure I’ll be rushing off to try one. IN IRELAND - you’d expect to be able to wander into a pub and enjoy a pint of Guinness. But the country’s famous watering holes are reeling from their worst financial year on record because of a deep recession and serious unemployment. Pubs have been closing at a rate of one a day, and more than 15,000 people have lost their jobs as a result. It’s all because Ireland’s per capita alcohol consumption fell 9.6 per cent last year, and is now 21 per cent lower than the all-time peak back in 2001.

ESTA ANCING Sounds like there are too many people CONVEY 16 LAW x 4957 20 2944 Fa long till mining is done remotely in bludging off the system and that’s why Phone 4957How ckay reet Ma isbane St Sounds like it is moving fast in WA. it’s costing too much. T.S, Emerald Level 2/ 17 BrCQ? F.T, Moranbah Last edition had a recipe for triple If robots are gunna run the mines they’d chocolate mud cake that one mum better start retraining us to be able to fix tried out at home: em! Pete, Gladstone I made that triple choc mud cake for my Frank’s love advice on dating older little girl’s birthday. It was delicious! - or younger women - is something There was none left, everyone had secthis reader can relate to: onds. Trish, Mackay u ors-solicit www.tayl -solicitors il@taylors email: ma

Remote control mining in WA has Queenslanders wondering when automation will come here:

Frank, you’re right. Nothing better than a cougar - till they get their claws in ya and then you’re stuffed! Red, Mackay

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Get moving in 2010! GET ready to start a new, healthier lifestyle... one step at a time. Workplaces in central Queensland are being urged to join in with the “Step-byStep Workplace Challenge� that kicks off on Wednesday 7th April. For 12 weeks, teams of seven will try and walk 10,000 steps every day. At the end of each week, those steps will be tallied up, converted to kilometres and plotted on a virtual map of Australia - to see how far people have walked and which team is in front! The friendly competition, aimed at increasing workplace fitness, is an initiative of CQ Health Assess. It’s the first time the challenge has been

run, and they want your workplace to join. “It’s happening everywhere, we are living fast paced life and everything is moving at an alarming rate and we are not looking after ourselves as well as we should be,� said CQ Health Assess co-ordinator Ann-Maree Brightman.. She is encouraging miners and other industry workers to get on board. “If you work behind a desk or sit all day behind the wheel of a car or truck then it’s really important you get out and move.� “Even if you have an active job you use some muscles more than others so it’s a good idea mix it up.� For more information check out the website

Frank the Tank’s

“Streakin� good love advice Dear Frank I’m not doing so well financially lately and I can’t afford to woo the ladies. Can you give me some tips on how to do things on the cheap and not come off stingy? Dave  Dear Dave, Unfortunately, no. I can’t. You see, I have found in my years of experience the level of love and attention you receive from any female is directly proportional to the amount of money you have.

I call it, Frank’s Theorem of Love and Money. So far I have been unable to find any institution willing to recognise this and award me an honorary Doctorate‌ including several Nigerian universities. Nevertheless, I back my theory and as a result, Dave, you are out of luck when in comes to wanting to do things on the cheap.  But don’t worry as there is a solution to your problems: make more money. And I will help you with this. Now, the term ‘Get Rich Quick Scheme’ tends to conjure up negative images, especially when used at a retirement village or at a group session for gambling addicts. To be fair, there certainly are a few charlatans out there, and I should know, I’m probably the only man to fall victim to as many fraudulent investment

Sensible Susan Dear Dave, The cheapest things are normally the most romantic. Â A walk on the beach, a trip to the museum or a picnic at the

schemes as I have started up. But this is not one of those times. I want to talk to you and the fine readers of Shift Miner about a “revolutionary idea� which I have purchased from the good people at Shelf Company Pty Ltd. It is very simple: you are allocated a certain brand of products to sell, a small percentage of your sales goes to the person who signed you up and a certain percentage of that goes to the person who signed them up, and so on. Shelf Company Pty Ltd assured me this was not a pyramid scheme. Completely different! The lovely salesman advised me that it was a “Triangular Wealth Generator�.

You will note that the “Triangular Wealth Generator� is completely lacking a third dimension, and is therefore, not a pyramid scheme.  But it is not a matter of just wanting to be involved Dave. You need to have “synergy�, “get-up-and-go�, be “cutting edge� and have “blue sky thinking�.  I have no idea what any of these things are but the charming salesman at Shelf Company Pty Ltd assured me that despite knowing me for literally minutes it was plain to see I had them in spades!   So Dave, if have all of these things then I encourage you to be a success story like me and mortgage you house to be “a part of the most exciting profit maximising engine in history�. And that my friend, is straight from their brochure.   Yours,  Frank park.  All girls love these things. I would recommend not mortgaging your home to invest in a one man company whose only employee is a salesman with a clip on pony-tail.  Like Frank has done.   Yours, Susan

If you have a question for Frank and Susan Email Us at:

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5 minute fiction

Off shift 83rd EDITION. 2010

by Bernard S. Jansen

Legend In His Own Lunch Box


HOUSE FOR SALE STANTHORPE 9.188 acres freehold Fully furnished, w stock proof fencing 240v power Wood burning Heater 2 x 8000l water tanks security bars on all windows, gas electric hot water, 3 TV channels Creek through Property $215,000 neg. Phone: 0427694495

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Page 18 - Shift Miner Magazine, 29th March 2010



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8 1 4 3 2


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20. Palm cereal 21. Not possessed 22. Sleigh 23. Strangest 26. Raise spirits of

# 75







4 9 5 6 3 2 8 1 7

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6 8 7 1 5 4 3 9 2

2 1 9 5 6 3 7 8 4

5 6 8 2 4 7 1 3 9

7 4 3 9 8 1 6 2 5

8 5 4 3 7 9 2 6 1

9 2 6 8 1 5 4 7 3

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“So, how’s business Nathan?” asked Julie. Nathan had been her boss until he’d left to start his own company just over a year ago. Julie had stepped up to take his old role as Maintenance Superintendent of Freshwater Coal. Nathan was a bit of a diamond in the rough, but she still cared enough to ask how things were going. Nathan smiled and smoothed his hand over his mostly-bald head. “Fantastic,” he said. “Can’t get the men or materials to meet demand.” He added with a bit of a smirk, “You must be pretty jealous, huh Julie?” Not again. She’d thought Nathan was just cruising around site, flying the flag and trying to win some more work. Instead, he was starting his “small cog and big wheel” routine. Julie was sick of it. “Why would I be jealous, Nathan?” she asked. “I know what it’s like in that job,” said Nathan. “You’re a small cog in a big wheel, inside an even bigger machine. It’s the same with all the multinationals. Unless you’re head of Australian operations on a million bucks a year, you’re a nobody.” “And you’re not a nobody, I suppose?” Nathan looked shocked at the thought. “Of course not. I’m numero uno: the man in charge. I run my own company, and I’m my own boss. I’m not hidden away in a big corporation reporting to numb-skulls any more.” He pointed vaguely towards the administration building. “No, now your hidden away in your own company.” Nathan’s jaw began to hang a bit low. Julie had never talked to him like that when he was her boss, of course. Poor bloke; she almost felt sorry for him. “It’s not like you’ve become an international super-star.

You’re a legend in your own lunch box. You’ve got ten blokes working for you now, right?” “Eleven, actually.” Nathan pulled on his goatee. “Fine. With supervisors, planners, engineers, trades and others, I have 23. What’s your annual turnover: one and a half million dollars?” Nathan’s forehead was covered in sweat. “Just under $1.7 million.” “Great. My budget this year is $18 million. How much of your work this last twelve months came from just my department? Fifty per cent?” “More like forty,” said Nathan. His face was red. Julie thought it was probably more like sixty, but she let it go. “That means that I’m your boss 40 per cent of the time, and I can sack you at any moment by only inviting quotes from other suppliers. You’re not your own boss: your customers are your bosses now.” Nathan looked like he’d had enough. “Look, what’s your point,” he said softly. “My point?” said Julie. “My point is that there’s nothing wrong with being a lowly superintendent, or a fitter, or an operator in a multinational mining company. I – we – like to be a small part of something big. That doesn’t make our part any smaller than yours. You’ve chosen to be a big part of something small. If what you’re doing makes you happy, that’s fine. Just don’t assume that the rest of the world is insanely jealous and wants to be like you. And please, don’t try to put me down for what I’ve chosen to do.” Julie smiled, then added, “Especially when I’m 40% of your boss.” Nathan slunk out of her office. They got on fine after that.

Bernard S. Jansen is 31, married has three young boys. He lives in Emerald, works as an engineer at a local coal mine and is active in his local church. Read more of Bernard’s writing online at or email him at

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83rd EDITION. 2010

83rd EDITION. 2010

Best camping Bait shop Banter spots in CQ

IN a nutshell, the cyclone has made fishing very difficult from Gladstone to Bowen for obvious reasons in the last fortnight. However with the weather improving, and most of us with cabin fever, here is some advice about what might be worth trying in region.

GLADSTONE Michael from the Compleat Angler says that if you can find a spot out of the wind, there are actually plenty of barramundi, mangrove jack and crabs around. In particular, look for the freshwater running off into the salt water at places like the Lake Callamonda overflow because there have been good barramundi catches reported. With the freshwater continuing to flow into estuaries crabs are still around in the usual places. Anyone wanting a prawn for Easter might have reason to be optimistic with

reports that good sized prawns are emerging - not because of cyclone Ului - but because of heavy rains earlier in the year.

MACKAY In and around Mackay, Wayne at Barra Pro says the smaller creeks like Murrays, Constance and Alligator will be the place to try with the salty water flowing back in after the cyclone. Bigger systems like the Pioneer will take longer to flush through. He says prawns were small going into the cyclone, so probably nothing likely to change there - although they should have some size about them in a week or two. If you are chasing barramundi, give the dams a try, but look for the fresh water inflows and keep a good eye on water temperature. In the estuaries you can still catch barra around the fresh water inflow.

Tide Times MACKAY Gladstone

CRABBERS TAKE NOTE Inverted crab dillies also known as witches’ hats will be banned in Queensland from 2 April 2010. Fisheries resource manager Mark Light-

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1802 1.55

0413 0.39 0456 0.39 0538 0.54 0620 0.84 0036 5.67 0118 5.31 0208 4.90 1008 6.12 1048 5.94 1129 5.61 1209 5.15 0703 1.24 0752 1.67 0853 2.05 1636 0.18 1713 0.19 1748 0.35 1822 0.65 1251 4.62 1337 4.09 1440 3.66 2235 5.88 2315 5.97 2355 5.90

Mon 5 Tue 6 MACKAY Gladstone

It is a similar story in Yeppoon as it is in Gladstone and Mackay. Anglers looking for fish over coming weeks should focus their attention on those places least affected by heavy fresh water inflows. Reports from Lee at the Secret Spot in Yeppoon say prawns and crabs are around, and there have been some good whiting off Farnborough Beach, but in the shallowest water. The Causeway has an influx of catfish at the moment, but there are still some barramundi for those that are lucky. The best advice is to make sure your tackle box, boat and rods are all in order for when the blue skies return, hopefully sometime around Easter.

owler said the ban was in place to combat ‘ghost-fishing’ and reduce entanglement and death of non-target marine species. “Inverted dillies are made of a light gauge mesh, which can easily entangle marine species such as turtles, sharks, rays and fish,” he said. “It is difficult to release these species and female and undersized crabs from this mesh unharmed.” “Inverted dillies are light weight in their construction and have a tendency to drift and become lost.” “They then continue to ‘ghost-fish’ until they become buried or breakdown.” The phasing out of witches’ hats was announced back in December 2008 as part of an overhaul in recreational and commercial fishing rules for inshore fisheries. If you have a good photo or fishing yarn send it through to our resident bait chucker-

Your weather forecast

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Sat 10 Sun 11

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1950 4.34 2026 4.62 2056 4.84 2125 5.03

Page 20 - Shift Miner Magazine, 29th March 2010

Cyclone Ului damages coast and floods rivers Week 1 - Tropical Cyclone Ului caused havoc for the Central Coast and the Coalfields. When it crossed the coast at Airlie Beach the category three system packed wind gusts of over 200kph. Then it moved inland as a rain depression over Collinsville (just under 100mm) before decaying over western Queensland. In a 24 hour period Clarke Range recorded 425mm and Mackay 145mm as the Pioneer River flooded rapidly with 9 metre rises at Mirani Weir . The 240km rain band also indirectly flooded the Isacc River at Yatten with a 10 metre rise. The massive force of 8 metre waves pushed over 9,000 tons of rock onto the Hamilton Island runway. Now, a weak monsoon trough from the

Top End into the northern Coral Sea is still evident on weather charts. This is associated with coastal showers which may reach the north eastern Coalfields as brief afternoon showers. Cooler autumn mornings with mist/fog will be a feature. An upstream trough could produce isolated afternoon thundery showers in the southern Coalfields mid to late week. Boaties - the four-metre seas with peaks over eight metres have now abated. Expect moderate winds 11-15 knots in the south and 15-20 in the north, with peak seas to 1.8 metres. Squally showers with gusts to 25 knots could be a hazard in the Whitsundays. Week 2 - The monsoon is still active over the Top End, giving some credence to the possibility of Tropical Cyclone “Paul” forming around Easter. It may coincide with the forming of a low in the eastern section of the monsoon trough. If it forms well within the 160 degrees longitude in the Coral Sea; expect moderate south easterlies. If it forms further east then the winds could be lighter. That may give boaties a small window of opportunity (check that Rundle and Creal Reef are under 13 knots), just ahead of a fresh SE surge by mid week for the Capricorn Coast. This could be heralded by a squally isolated storms about the Coalfields. Watch the tropics closely!

THE Easter long weekend is almost here, and for lots of Queenslanders that means one thing - a camping trip. Depending on who you’re camping with, it can be as simple as throwing a couple of swags into the back of the ute and going bush - or a week-long process of neatly packing up and compartmentalising everything from food to insect repellent to blow up matresses to surfboards. Here in CQ there really is a perfect spot for everyone, whether you are getting away for a few days or a few weeks, camping with kids or mates, and needing nothing except a few sticks for a fire or wanting a toilet and shower.

Agnes Water & 1770 This is the perfect spot for people who want to spend a few days in the sun on one of Australia’s most beautiful beaches. It’s also the only place you’ll find a decent wave this far north. The road from Miriam Vale to Agnes is now sealed so the drive is an easy one even with kids and car full of gear. There’s fishing, surfing (you can even learn to surf) and places to buy groceries or eat out if you don’t want to eat baked bean jaffles every day.

Eungella The poor old Pioneer Valley, near Mackay, did cop a battering thanks to Cyclone Ului - but campers should still be able to enjoy a weekend away. This is the place to go if you want to rug up at night, and boil your billy under the stars. There are rainforest walks and plenty of

wildlife for the kids - with platypus spotting sure to while away a few hours.

5 Rocks One of CQ’s best kept secrets, 5 Rocks is a place that can only be accessed with a 4WD and a keen sense of adventure. The road is off the beaten track as you head out to Byfield, near Yeppoon, but you will have to let your tyres down because you are in for at least 40 minutes of sand driving. The end destination is a remote and beautiful spot right on the edge of the Shoalwater Bay military training area. This is a trip best done with mates, and you’ll need to bring all your own food and supplies.

Seaforth This is one for the whole family - but you have to book in your spot to be able to enjoy it at Easter. There is a camping site right on the water and it is perfect for the family who loves fishing and taking the boat out there’s also a swimming enclosure for the little ones. You have to be happy to share your space with others - it is always crowded at holiday periods but has the kind of friendly atmosphere that makes a camping trip what it is. So there really is no excuse to stay home this Easter - get out and about and enjoy some of the great spots CQ has to offer!

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Tuesday 6th April



g your



s.s to gig

Monday 29th March Dysart The Jolly Collier Bingo 7pm

Thursday 1st April Blackwater Blackwater Hotel Motel April Fools Disco Airlie Beach KCs Bar & Grill Keaton Emerald Maraboon Tavern Karaoke World Championship

Saturday 3rd April Blackwater Blackwater Hotel Motel Karaoke with Steve “O” Airlie Beach KCs Bar & Grill Alice & Joel Rockhampton The Criterion Velocity Dysart The Jolly Collier Live entertainment Emerald Maraboon Tavern Dale Ferry

Sunday 4th April Dysart The Jolly Collier Live entertainment Airlie Beach KCs Bar & Grill Jimmy Watts

Monday 5th April Dysart The Jolly Collier Bingo 7pm Airlie Beach KCs Bar & Grill Jimmy Watts

Airlie Beach KCs Bar & Grill

mai er@g

Brian Frazer

Wednesday 7th April Airlie Beach KCs Bar & Grill Jason Bull

Thursday 8th April Emerald Maraboon Tavern Karaoke World Championship Airlie Beach KCs Bar & Grill Jason Bull

Friday 9th April Blackwater Blackwater Hotel Motel Disco Nights Airlie Beach KCs Bar & Grill Mark Roberts Rockhampton The Great Western Free practise bullride The Criterion Velocity Emerald Maraboon Tavern DJ Messiah Dysart The Jolly Collier DJ Shaun

Saturday 10th April Blackwater Blackwater Hotel Motel Karaoke with Steve “O” Airlie Beach KCs Bar & Grill Mark Roberts Rockhampton The Great Western CRCA 4B’s Rodeo The Criterion Velocity Emerald Maraboon Tavern Shoeless Joe Dysart The Jolly Collier Live entertainment

Sunday 11th April Moura Coal n Cattle Hotel Local band “Downtime” Airlie Beach KCs Bar & Grill Alice & Joel Dysart The Jolly Collier Live entertainment

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Your Health 83rd EDITION. 2010

83rd EDITION. 2010

For adventure on the go!

EXPERT ADVICE For those too busy or embarrassed to ask the important questions about their health Last edition we started to look at which foods that are good for you - and how to interpret food labels so you are not so confused about what you are eating. Here’s some more advice to help make your grocery shop easier - and healthier. When I’m in the supermarket I often watch people look at the foods on shelves with such amazement, because the labels on these foods can claim so many outrageous exaggerated truths. I would like to give you my Number 1 Tip when you go food shopping next time. It could even save you money and time. I call it ‘THE PERIPHERAL SHOP’. Firstly: 1. Take yourself a trolley and as you walk into the supermarket head for the bakery section and buy yourself a loaf of wholesome multi-grain bread. 2. Move on to the fruit and vegetable section, you should load your trolley here with a variety of colourful foods rich in vitamins and nutrients. Your trolley should be fifty per cent full with these foods before heading on.

3. You may now wish to buy yourself some fish or fillets of chicken in the deli section (leave the processed deli meats where they are – trust me, they really are no good for you or your health).

6. Now, you may wish to head down the aisles, but the only products you really need from these aisles are rice, pasta, cereals, tins of tuna or salmon, crackers, possibly tins of chopped tomatoes, house cleaning and personal hygiene items. By doing the ‘Peripheral Shop’ your food shopping is complete with next to no preservatives – just ask yourself, do you really trust a food that can sit in a box for three years & still have an expiry date of 2013… Hmmmm. Keep it simple and keep your foods fresh. Until next time, stay healthy, stay informed!

Tammy Farrell is a registered nurse, nutritionist and author of ‘The Real Man’s Toolbox – A DIY Health Manual for Men’. Tammy grew up in the Hunter Valley with two brothers in the local coal mines. In 2007, she started to give health talks in the Hunter, and that’s when she began compiling the book, helping hundreds of men answer questions about their bodies.

Time Management

Fresh tabouli salad Serves 10 Tabouli is a great Middle Eastern side salad dish to accompany any sort of Mideast meal, BBQ, grilled meat or fish. Perfect for both vegetarian and carnivores alike as it’s packed full of flavour, light, fresh and healthy. A great suggestion is to serve it as mezze with hummus, baba ganoush and toasted Lebanese bread. INGREDIENTS: ¾ cup dried (burghul) cracked wheat 3 cups water 1 cup chopped onion 2 tomatoes ½ cup finely chopped mint 1 ½ cups chopped parsley (about 1 bunch) 3 tablespoons lemon juice 1 teaspoon chopped garlic A large pinch of salt (to taste) Pepper (to taste)

Management of Priorities

METHOD: In a medium sized mixing bowl place cracked wheat and water. Allow to stand for 1 hour, stirring occasionally. Drain well, place into a large mixing bowl. Cut tomatoes in half and using a dessertspoon scoop out inside, now cut tomato skin into small dices, add to bowl. Chop parsley and mint; add to bowl with lemon juice, onion and garlic. Salt and pepper to taste, mix well. Refrigerate. TIP: Cracked wheat is Low GI, meaning it’s a slow-release carbohydrate. This means it keeps you fuller for longer by causing a slower rise in blood sugar levels than other carbohydrates such as white rice and couscous.

Name: David McLean CALLING all adventure lovers – the Jayco Base Station is back, the way to load up all your toys and get away for a wild weekend. The Base Station is a whopping 11 square metres of garage storage space which can fit motorbikes, surfboards, water skis and all other outdoor toys - all you’ve got to do is attach it to the back of your car and haul it to wherever your heart desires. Jayco Marketing Director, Andrew Ryan, said that the new Base Station is the perfect recreational vehicle for extreme holidaying. “There’s never been a better excuse for an action-packed trip, there’s plenty of room for the bikes and boards, without encroaching on your living space.” “The best thing about the Base Station is that it can sleep up to eight people, which means no man or woman needs to be left behind.” For those who value aesthetic appearance, the Base Station comes with five different graphic options. The interior is complete with updated upholstery covers, easy-to-clean vinyl floor-

ing, full height kitchen splashbacks and choice of colour options for benchtops. The unit is tough enough to withstand even the wildest trip away with mates. Cabinet fronts are screwed, not stapled. Aluminium framing is used in high-traffic areas. New curved corner extrusions provide added strength. “The 2010 Base Station is a result of the 35 years of research and development which has gone into all of Jayco’s RVs,” said Andrew. “With its tough frame and hot-dipped millennium chassis, the Base Station is designed to last.” Standard features on the new Base Station include a fully equipped bathroom with toilet and shower, a four burner gas griller/ oven and rangehood. The Base Station also comes with a wide range of optional features, including an external barbecue and awning, creating the perfect place to while away an evening with mates. Check it out at your nearest Jayco Dealer or visit

Daryl Watson Engineering

Zest Eatery | 1300 622 222 Open 4.00pm – 8.00pm daily

People Management . Project Management . Focus on goals

Live & Work: I live in Bajool and work as a builder in Rockhampton Type of Car: 1948 Chev Fleetliner. This one caught my eye when I saw it for sale in Brisbane. What are you doing to it: Lots! Widened the rear mudguards 3 inches. Frenched headlights. HQ door handles fitted. Electric windows. Hidden hinges and gas struts on the boot lid. Supercharged 305 Chev. Jag rear end. New rear roll pan with recessed numberplate. Custom tail lights. At the moment I think it will be painted a Cherry Black colour.

What is easy and what is hard: Easy giving the orders of what I want done. Hard - paying for it! Would you ever sell it: Everything is for sale at a price.

CUSTOM S S A L G E R B I F ould be?

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body styles. We can supply a range of 1934 Chev to h ug ro th et ck bu T- Anything from a ckup. adster, sedan and pi between. - Including coupe, ro work and anything in sis as ch ls, ne pa , es - Fibreglass bodi

The MAC Villages Coppabella, Dysart, Middlemount, Moranbah & Nebo

Plan - Organise - Delegate - Control

“Craig Martini Time Management Diary” Visit website: or Call (07) 5471 3222 Page 22 - Shift Miner Magazine, 29th March 2010

Motor Enthusiast

HAULIN’ TOYS: Take off on your wild weekends with one of these - enough room for all the mates and all your toys

4. The next stop is the meat section, where you should be purchasing your lean cuts of beef, lamb or pork. 5. Continue to move along towards the dairy section where you can purchase your milk, yogurts and cheeses. (Have you noticed you have remained on the periphery of the supermarket and all of your foods are fresh and colourful and hopefully nutritious?)



A new generation of accommodation

ZestieEating_tabouli23-03-10.ind1 1

23/03/2010 3:05:50 PM

M: 0448 243 343 E:


(07) 4926 6244 u .a om .c ss la g re b www.customfi .

Queensland owned and operated since 1999

Page 23 - Shift Miner Magazine, 29th March 2010

Sheltering workers since 1947


OVER the past few weeks more than one million Queenslanders have received land valuations across 23 local government areas. A letter arrives in the mail, letting you know how much your unimproved land was last valued at, and what that figure is now believed to be based on the changes in the local property market. Across the state it has been a mixed bag - some ups and some downs across residential, commerical and industrial properties - depending on what’s been happening locally. But if your land valuation has gone up for your home - does that automatically mean a rates rise this year? Not necessarily. Rates are set by your local council and while valuations are an important consideration there are a number of other factors that are taken into account. If you’re feeling disappointed that your property has actually decreased in value - at least it will mean a reprieve when it comes to paying land tax. What if you don’t think your valuation is accurate? You can lodge an objection, but you

must provide information to support your claim and lodge it with the Department of Environment and Resource Management within 45 days of receiving your valuation. UP OR DOWN? How much is your land worth?

QBSA Act Licence No 701337

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From next year the way valuations are worked out will be changed from the “unimproved value” methodology to the “site valuation” methodology. This will bring Queensland into line with other states and reflects what can actually be seen from the street. Wondering how you fared? Have a look at the table to see the trends in Queensland.

*When audited by the CAB

Residential property values increased 18%, rural property values were unchanged and commercial property values decreased 2%

Gold Coast



265 265

Residential property values increased 13%, rural property values remained the same, commercial property values decreased 3% and industrial property values increased 37%

Townsville Residential property values increased 33% and commercial property values increased 32%

Residential property values increasing 81%, rural property values increasing 39% and commercial property values increasing 10%

South Burnett Residential property values increasing 44% and commercial property values increasing 75%.

Fraser Coast Residential property values increased 1%, rural property values were unchanged and commercial property values decreased 13%.

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The Whitsundays

Residential property values increased by an average 11% while commercial property values decreased 5% and industrial property values decreased 3%


0H Proudly Audited by

Phone 07-3412 8616

Brisbane City

Numbers You Can Trust* M A G A Z I N E


Residential property values decreased 5%, commercial property values decreased 16% and industrial property values decreased 23%

Directly opposite the opposite beach with ocean, Directly the beach withisland, ocean, island, SPECIAL SPECIAL Miners Special harborviews. & hinterland 1/2 star1,luxury harbor & hinterland 4 1/2views. star 4luxury 2, or 1, 2, or $ .00* $ .00* bedroom, selfapartments. contained apartments. 3 bedroom, self3 contained Your gateway to Great Keppel Island! Your gateway to Great Keppel Island! is per based night based *Price is *Price per night on on family family of 4. of 4. Family Package Includes: Conditions apply. Offer Family Package Includes: Conditions apply. Offer for longer stays. availableavailable for longer stays. nights in a 2 bedroom/2 apartment ( 2 nights in a (2 2bedroom/2 bathroombathroom apartment ( Beachfront position, Lagoon Pool ( Beachfront position, Lagoon Pool Return Ferry to GreatIsland Keppel Island ( Return Ferry( Transfers to Transfers Great Keppel For details or to book contact 07 4913 8300 For details or to book contact 07 4913 8300

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Land values up, rates & taxes up?


Since 1947, ATCO Structures & Logistics has been manufacturing quality products for sale or hire.

the reputation of being the world’s

83rd EDITION. 2010




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Page 25 - Shift Miner Magazine, 29th March 2010


Considered putting the Gee Gee in Investing? THE great Australian horse Makybe Diva made around $14 million in prize money over her racing life. Her mother had been bought in foal for about ÂŁ60,000, but she herself as a foal was passed in at auction. Another great Australian horse “Gunsyndâ€? was purchased by a group of mates from Goondiwindi for $1300. It went on to make around $300,000. Moral of the story? A horse can be a cracker of an investment if you get it right. Of course, in reality, these horses were the miracle investments of modern racing history - and it wasn’t just the luck of the draw - a lot of training went into the results. Despite this, buying a horse can be as good an investment as any other and you can have a lot of fun along the way. According to the general manager of the Central Queensland Thoroughbred Breeders Association Adrienne McCosker, there are a number of ways to start investing in horses. “You can join a large syndicate by purchasing a share in a yearling, or you can approach a trainer or bloodstock agent to buy a yearling for you (and your friends), or buy a yearling outright,â€? she said.

“Probably the most cost effective method is to get a group of 10 people together, work out an amount you can spend on a yearling and approach a trainer or a bloodstock agent to make the purchase for you.� While investing in horses is higher risk

get a real experience every time your investment progresses through its career,� she said. “You can go to the racetrack and see your horse being saddled up by the trainer, paraded and then of course racing.� “All this can be shared with family,

BREEDING SUCCESS: The White family’s “Mundi Gully� is an outstanding locally owned and trained two-year-old

that investing in bricks and mortar, it does have advantages and joys that you just don’t get from a rental house. According to Mrs McCosker an investment horse can be a great leisure activity between shifts. “When you are mining, racing is a great alternative to conventional investments in that you

friends and business associates.� Away from all the glamour of the race track, training a horse doesn’t happen overnight and there are of course risks like injury and or non performance. Fortunately some of those risks can be reduced through insurance, and like all investments there are some costs that can

be claimed against your tax - but you should seek independent financial advice about this. Typically the time between buying a horse and seeing it race is usually about 8 months, depending on the individual horse. Prices start around $3000, but that too can vary depending on the look and pedigree of the horse. The one-off cost of getting the horse educated is about $1500, while training costs start at about $35 a day depending on the reputation of the trainer. Then there are the ancillary costs associated with training such as farrier (shoes), vet, track fees, and trackwork rider fees, and the monthly training cost in a regional centre is usually between $1500- $2000. So if those prices are within the budget, maybe you should head down to the Capricornia Yearling Sale on Sunday 11th April. Over the past 28 years the sales have produced some great horses including “Arcup� the winner of last year’s Capricornia race that has racked up $90,000 in prize money - not bad for a horse that was bought for $5000. For sales details call Adreinne McCosker at QTBA 0434 359 931, or for professional advice from one of the region’s leading trainers call Neil Boyle on 0411 120 429.


“Is now a good time to purchase an investment property?�


Call Terry Ph. 07 4947 6269 AIRLIE BEACH Mob. 07 4947 6269 AND WHITSUNDAY E: REAL ESTATE 2 X DUPLEX



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Fishermen’s Paradise! Unique opportunity to purchase a 607 square metre residential block 50 metres from the boatramp. Bitumen road access. Electricity and telephone available. Garage and rainwater tank on site. The last one of only 12 beachfront blocks. Located one hour by road from Mackay.

Woodgate Beach, Bundaberg region

Beachfront Land Carmila Beach


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$325,000 Contact Owner: 0417-645268

Page 26 - Shift Miner Magazine, 29th March 2010 * Conditions apply

Ross O’Reilly 0418 757 097

Kev Doolan (07) 4939 6411 0408 192 883 ID# 20P0089

Page 27 - Shift Miner Magazine, 29th March 2010

Shift MIner Magazine_SM83  

Shift Miner Magazine published 29th March

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