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luh dps Returning Returning to  the  basic  concept  of  light  as  a  source  of  heat,  I   created  a  lamp  design  inspired  by  the  use  of  fire.  I  used  the   floor  lamp  base  of  an  Ikea  fixture  to  create  the  skeletal  frame   for  my  new  fixture.  The  placement  of  the  light  bulbs  on  the   frame  helped  guide  where  I  intended  on  having  the  flame  travel   from  the  base  to  the  tip.  I  sketched  a  rough  sketch  of  the   flame  and  drafted  literal  pieces  based  on  how  the  flame  ap-­ peared  in  pencil.  I  made  the  model  out  of  white  foam  core  and   peared glue,  The  entire  fixture  is  held  by  a  concave  groove  on  the  un-­ derside  of  the  top  piece  which  sits  on  the  top  of  the  fixture   pole.

$xhw}dofrdwo As the name   implies,   the   armature   piece   is   inspired   the   the   Aztec   As   winged  serpant,  Quetzacotl.  The  design  is  meant  to  mimic  the  scale-­ar-­ moured  hide  of  the  serpent  body  with  the  feathered  accents  of  the   wings  on  the  upperarm.  I  divided  the  design  into  three  main  parts:  the   shoulder,  upper  arm,  and  forearm,  then  cut  out  each  piece  in  brown   card  stock.

qlpdo&wxglhv Studying animals  has  always  been  something  I  considered  to  be  a  funda-­ mental   site   of   understanding   for   bodies   of   movement   and   biomorphic   design.  The  three  shown  in  the  panel  are  examples  of  recent  drawings   i’ve  done  with  graphite  pencils.

)lvrqv I  always   invisioned   the   intellectual   process   being  a  series  of  seives  within  the  mind.  This   is  my  idea  of  how  our  eyes  perceive  and  our   mind  interprets.  This  was  made  using  graph-­ ite  pencils.

'zridfh This This  was  portrait  study  I  did  for  a  highschool   art  class.  Portrait  studies  are  very  one  dimen-­ sional  in  their  nature,  which  is  why  I  wanted   to  add  an  element  of  shock.  Inspired  by  the   idea  of  artificial  inteligence,  I  tried  to  invision   what  the  face  of  the  machine  would  look  like.   I  used  graphite  pencils  to  draw  this  picture.

peldqfhqdo|vlv This This is  an  assignment  I  completed  for  Professor  Garvey’s  In-­ dustrial  Design  Analysis  class  for  the  winter  term  of  2014  at   Carleton  University.  The  objective  was  aimed  at  getting  us  to   understand  the  environment  in  which  products  are  made  and   why  products  have  specific  formal  characteristics.  The  page   I’ve  shown  is  an  analysis  of  a  single  product  that    changes  in   different  environments

×××-×"×'× !×"+×+,,+,×!"+   The  hair  dressers  chair  is  used  for  one  single  pur-­ pose,  washing  hair,  and  is  why  it  is  made  only  to  ac-­ complish  that  one  task.   •The  black  colours  creates  a  professional  looking  ap-­ pearence  that  is  both  ideal  for  cleaning  and  a  busi-­ ness  atmosphere •The   cushioned   leather   material   makes   makes   the   chair  optimal  for  comfort  and  easy  to  clean •the  leaning  angle  of  the  chair  is  incredible  wide  to   provide   the   best   user   body   position   while   washing   hair   •  the  washing  sink  is  literally  built  into  the  back  of   the  seat  for  convenience  



The  bus  is  a  high  traffic  environment  that  is  used   by  a  large  demographic  of  people  and  the  designs  are   made  for  the  universal  concept  of  the  user.

This  seat  is  built  and  made  for  one  single  purpose  

•plastic vinyl  seat  covers  are  used  for  easy  cleaning   and  hygeine   •the  thin  cushioning  provides  comfort  for  short  peri-­ ods  of  sitting •colour  remains  gender  neutral  and  matches  the  ex-­ terior  of  the  bus   •the  reinforced  plastic  frame  is  built  to  withstand  a   large  range  of  weights •the   design   remains   simple   and   without   obtrusive   features   for   the   conveience   of   quick   sitting   and  

and for   a   small   demographic   of   users.   The   seat   works  is  built  for  two  audiences,  the  child  and  the   parent/gaurdian. •the  size  and  shape  of  the  seat  is  made  to  accomo-­ date  use  by  a  small  range  of  children •the  complicated  seat  straps  create  ideal  physical  re-­ straints  to  prevent  tampering  by  children •the  red  markers  create  easy  signifiers  for  setup  and   removal •the  design  is  built  to  fit  a  standard  car  seat  size •the  seat  is  created  for  optimal  comfort  

luvkls I grew  up  playing  a  lot  of  fantasy  video  games  so  I’ve  always  had  inspiration  for  creating   things  of  that  genre.  Taking  after  the  airships  I  saw  in  many  of  them,  I  made  a  version  of  my   own.  I  used  the  shape  of  a  conch  shell  as  my  inspiration  for  the  ship  and  made  the  model  out   of  foam  core.  The  curvilinear  details  are  made  out  of  construction  paper.

!xowlsoh huvshfwlyhv

 After After doing  one-­point  perspective  studies  in  our  senior   art  class,  I  started  playing  around  with  the  concept,   but   with   more   than   one   point   of   orientation.   I   first   made   a   graphite   sketch,   outlined   it,   and   used   Copic   markers  to  fill  in  the  color.

&hohqd Graffiti has  always  been  a  real  interest  of  mine,  It  reminds  me  a  lot  of  creating   type  faces  and  fonts  which  is  why  I  drew  my  name.  I  drew  a  basic  sketch  and   used  a  series  of  black-­liners  to  trace  out  the  letters  in  different  weights,    and  then  

*dwhufrorxu Watercolours are  a  fairly  new  medium  for  me,  but  i’ve  really  come  to  like  them.   The  way  the  pigments  blend  is  very  forgiving  and  leaves  a  lot  of  room  for  ex-­ perimentation.  The  three  following  paintings  are  some  of  my  favorite  pieces   that  use  a  range  of  colour  palettes.

iulhv Of Of all  the  practical  things  I  assumed  could  use  improve-­ ment,  I  chose  the  fry.  The  everyday  struggle  of  eating   ketchup-­less  fries  when  on-­the-­go  plagues  many,  so  I   thought  this  could  be  qn  elegant  solution  to  that  prob-­ lem.  By  using  a  few  extra  square  inches  of  card  stock   you   could   potentially   save   thousands   in   thin   ketchep   cups.  

&wrudjher{ghvljq Using a  series  of  cut  out  foam  core  sheets,  I  made  a  storage  box  to  hold  some  of  the  things  I  keep   on  my  desk.  I  wanted  to  make  it  functional,  but  dynamic  to  juxtapose  against  the  planar  surface   of  my  desk.  I  wanted  the  box  to  have  as  many  detachable  surfaces  and  areas  of  storage  as  possi-­ ble  which  is  why  the  top  of  the  lid  can  be  used  as  a  jewllery  dish  and  the  base  is  detachable.

uhvv One of  my  mother’s  first  jobs  was  as  a  seamstress  and  she  used  to   teach  me  how  to  draft  basic  patterns.  This  is  a  basic  A-­line  dress  with   six  component  pieces  that  I  measured,  sketched,  and  drafted  to  my  mea-­ surements.  The  dress  style  itself  was  inspired  by  the  porcelain  dolls  I  had   as  a  child.

hqflodvh I have  a  bit  of  a  penchant  for  geometrical  shapes,  particularily  triangles  which  is  why  I   used  it  as  my  base  shape  to  design  a  pencil  case.  The  case  itself  is  made  out  of  foam   core  and  tacky  glue.  The  shape  is  wide  enough  for  both  erasers  and  pencils,  and  is  long   enough  to  fit  the  length  of  all  my  pencils.  The  angular  nature  of  the  case  makes  it  a  great   straight  edge  as  well.  

rqvwuxfwlrq dqgsurgxfwvnhwfkhv These These are  some  of  the  sketches  i’ve  done  for  construction  and  product  in-­ vestigations:  On  the  right  hand  side  is  a  series  of  perspective  sketches   based  on  chair  and  eye-­wear  design,  underneath  that,  I  have  a  set  of  two   drawings  based  on  a  study  of  ancient  arch  construction,  and  on  the  left,  I   have  a  design  for  a  “Cube  Living  space”.  The  Cube  was  an  assignment  for   Professor  Garvey’s  Industrial  Design  class  and  was  based  around  premise   of  living  in  a  4.5x4.5x4.5  m  space  and  making  the  most  of  it.

!hglhydodvwoh This was  a  project  I  did  for  my  History  class  in  High  school,    we  were  asked  to   draft  a  plan  and  contruct  our  own  interpretation  of  a  10-­14th  century  castle.  I   drafted  the  design  myself  and  constructed  the  castle  out  of  corrogated  card-­ board.  The  entire  structure  spans  a  meter  in  length,  width,  and  height

qg After completing  my  castle  project,  I  revisted  it  as  a  final  farewell.  For  the  longest  time,  this   was  what  I  considered  the  pinnacle  of  my  work.  As  part  of  my  resolve  to  always  work  harder   and  always  keep  designing,  I  decided  to  let  it  go  out  with  a  bang.   Thank  you  for  taking  the  time  to  look  over  my  portfolio,  I  appreciate  the  opportunity  and  look   forward  to  studying  here  in  the  coming  school  year.

Industrial Design Portfolio  

A mock-up of my entrance portfolio for a Bachelor of Industrial Design.