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Birthday Party Shirt In Russia big city Moskva is living three best friends. Jessie invited Ivan and Michael to his birthday party. Jessy will be 28 years olde. Michael is 22 years old. Ivan is 25 years old. Michael came with a Russian celebration shirt on. What is celebration shirt? Men wear these shirts on celebration days like when they go to church and when friends are married. The celebration shirt has red line on the middle with green dots, it has the same design on the arms the same also on neck. The fabric of the celebration shirt feels so smooth. Jessie opened the door to Michael and he was so happy. After Michael came and Ivan arrived they gave Jessie nice presents. When Michael takeoff his jacket Ivan and Jessie start so much laughing. Then Michael saying:- “Why are you guys laughing at me ?” Then Ivan start talking:- “Because dude you came in a celebration shirt.” Michael start saying:- “I came in a celebration shirt because: When you start growing from the kid 14 years old to the 25 years old, when you are to be married you have to wear this shirt.” Then friends start to understand him. Jessie start talking :- “Lets go celebrate my birthday party.” On the next day the three best friends go to the store and buy celebration shirts for Ivan and Jessie. Then friends were so happy about those celebration shirts. After that they came home to wear shirts. Even Jessie and Ivan wear shirts at birthday parties, churches and more. Next year at Michael’s birthday

party the two friends also wear those shirts. They was living for so long in Russia big city Moskva.

The Birthday party shirt  

A young person in Russia introduces his friends to the traditional celebration shirt.