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I take Revenge on my long lost brother! One crisp evening Niji Soma was asleep (right here Niji is 9 years old.) and his father Yuki was too; something woke up Niji. There was a big bang of a door slamming into a wall so he ran into his fathers’ room and saw the window open and his father dead in his bed. The window blew a cold wind which made Niji shiver. That is when he had a thought that he knew he wanted to join the military to gain strength to kill who ever killed his only father. 11 years later One scorching day a horn blew that there was a war coming between Japan and China over territory; the territory they are fighting over is Senkaku Islands. So he ran out of his bunk to get dressed he grabbed his sword and the weapons he would need to fight. Then his corporal walked in he was 5’5 short black hair and he is a neat freak. His name is Levi, he thinks of Niji as if he is his own son that he never had. So Niji walked out of his cabin but before he did Levi gave him bowed and then walked behind him. When they walked out Niji lined up with the rest of the troops and cadets to fight. Corporal Levi said to them “Be carful out there I don’t want you to die out there I want you all to go back to your families or people you love. Be very carful out there good luck guys.” Then they saluted all of the corporals then when into the van then left. When they got there they all hurried to the base hospital to fix people who got hurt. Then all or the sudden someone from China tried to kill one of Nijis buddies so Niji went up to him made him turn around and stabbed him right in the heart then he died. It has been 4 hours since this horrible war started one

hundred people already died 25 people survived from the doctors and nurses; they snuck over them and then they through a grenade on Tokyo which looked like a normal hand grenade but it has more metal to the bottom. Then they fought back and through a grenade and on Beijing which was a normal hand grenade. It was now night and some people stayed up to continued to kill people. Niji was one of the people who stayed up to continue to the fight. After the people who were sleeping; swished in to fight, then Niji and the others went to sleep. In the morning Niji woke up from a big bang of a grenade exploding. Niji fell flat on his face his nose turned to the left so he went to the base camps hospital to check his nose. His nose was only a little fractured so he only has to let his nose heal.

8 years, 1 month, 3 weeks and 5 days later

After the horrible war Niji went off to find information on who killed his father. First he went to the house (no one bought it because Yuki got murdered) he checked the handle on the house and the latch on the window. He also brought a light to see because there was no power. When Niji went to check there was nothing there so he went off to find another way. He went to his neighbours’ house to see if they saw any thing. They did they saw a man with Orange hair wearing a red shirt and black pants. He knew exactly how they were talking about; his brother Kyo. Kyo hated his father cause of his rules. Niji also knows where he lives he lives in Mount Fuji so he has to go all the way there to go defeat him and ask why he did what he did. Niji has a long journey a head of him self. On the way to there he saw a mouse on the ground Niji thought it was cute so he picked it up and put it on his shoulder. But then the bit him so then the through the

vicious mouse over the edge of Mount Fuji to the mouse’s death. Then his shoulder started to bleed so he grabbed something from his First-Aid kit to fix it up. He was almost to Kyo’s little house he was only a mile a way from there; when he was there he grabbed his sword griped it tight to not loose it. He tried to sneak in but Kyo saw him trying to sneak in so Kyo walked up to Niji and said “I see you go hurt from my pet”. Niji simply nodded Kyo tried to stab him but he dogged it he tried to stab Kyo but he went under Niji and tripped him. Then when Kyo went to kneel down on top of him Niji stabbed him in the stomach. Then Niji when to him and asked him if why he killed Yuki. The only thing Kyo said was he hated the rules and the way he treated Niji better then himself, then he died.

1month later Niji went to live with Levi till he died; when they lived together Levi always tells Niji to clean his room witch he does he gets tired of it but in the end he has to in the end.


When Niji was 9

When Niji was old enough to got to War

Corporal Levi

Kyo Soma

Yuki Soma

I take revenge on my long lost brother!  

A brother finds his father's killer in the middle of a conflict between China and Japan.

I take revenge on my long lost brother!  

A brother finds his father's killer in the middle of a conflict between China and Japan.