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"Working at Winchester Hospital, I know the care our patients receive and I know it's better, that's why I chose to receive my cancer care here." – Nurse Manager of Special Care Nursery and Pediatrics Sharon Fitzpatrick, MSN, RNC

Dear Colleagues, For more than 100 years, Winchester Hospital has been committed to advancing the health of the communities we serve, and 2013 was another great success. This year, we improved technology, now offering the most advanced MRI equipment in the industry and the most state-of-the-art laboratory specimen processing system. We’re also investing in new facilities focused on providing the best experience possible because we know that a positive experience benefits the healing process. We recently opened our Outpatient Center at Unicorn Park where our Breast Care Center, The Center for Healthy Living and imaging services are located. And we just opened our newly remodeled Walk-In Urgent Care Center in Wilmington. Beyond the technology and facilities, the care we offer is second to none. For the third time, the American Nurses Credentialing Center recognized Winchester Hospital with MagnetŽ designation; we were the first hospital in Massachusetts to achieve this designation three times; nationally only 1% of hospitals have been designated three times or more. And, we have made tremendous progress forming an affiliation with Lahey Health, which will greatly enhance the way in which we care for you. Simply put, we’re doing everything we can to ensure that the care we provide to the 360,000 area residents who come to us every year is, better. While we celebrate the accomplishments of 2013, we extend our deepest gratitude to all who continue to make Winchester Hospital the best community hospital.You all have touched the lives of our patients and there is no greater gift one can offer. Winchester Hospital is better, because of you. Sincerely,

Paul Andrews Chairman, Board of Directors

Kevin F. Smith President and Chief Executive Officer, Winchester Hospital

Richard Toran, MD President, Medical and Allied Healthcare Professional Staff

Success Factors We measure the following organizational success factors: Quality and Safety, Employee Engagement, Patient Experience, Physician Alignment, and Growth and Finance. We are grateful to all members of our team for helping us achieve such notable

QUALITY AND SAFETY We’re working hard to ensure that we continue to provide the safest care possible at all of our locations. Efforts to reduce the incidence of preventable harm for inpatients have been highly successful. We are working to take these successes and apply them to the outpatient area, making sure our patients have smooth care transitions to home (reducing readmissions). New protocols were introduced this year too. A monitoring protocol ensures the right dose every time for those taking blood thinning medication, and a catheter associated urinary tract infection protocol ensures patients do not develop related infections. We are focused on ensuring the most effective care possible for patients with heart attack, heart failure, pneumonia, inpatient and outpatient surgical care. And we have continued to develop our electronic medical record environment to ensure the most coordinated and integrated health care delivery system.


PHYSICIAN ALIGNMENT Through collaboration and alignment with our physicians, we are better able to make a difference in the health of our community. We’re ensuring that our patients have access to high-quality primary and specialty care when they need it. This year, we added new physicians to our obstetric and endocrine services. Winchester Family Physicians achieved patient-centered medical home level II recognition, ensuring care that is coordinated and keeps patients healthy. The hospital also is partnering with physicians through innovative contracts aimed at improving the quality and coordination of patient care while managing costs. Our physicians are highly satisfied, scoring in the 94th percentile for likelihood to recommend Winchester Hospital to family and friends.

PATIENT EXPERIENCE Our patients are among the most satisfied in the country, ranking us in the 94th percentile on patients’ likelihood to recommend Winchester Hospital. We are preparing to give patients access to their health information through a patient portal and by doing so allow them to take a more active role in improving their health. Our emergency department patients are having a better experience because we’ve streamlined the care process and reduced wait times using Lean tools. And we’re implementing processes to ensure that end-of-life care decisions made by our patients are followed regardless of the care setting.

GROWTH AND FINANCE EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT We know that engaged, satisfied and healthy employees are always ready to make a difference in our patients’ lives. We’re ensuring our employees stay well through programs including prevention, fitness, stress management, nutrition and weight management, and flu immunization. We’ve educated many of our employees to use Lean tools to ensure we are providing the most effective and efficient care and we have launched a comprehensive program to ensure our employees do not get injured at work.

The hospital continues to expand and update facilities to meet the needs of area residents. This past year we opened the newly remodeled Walk-In Urgent Care Center in Wilmington and Woburn-based Unicorn Park, which combines Imaging, The Center for Healthy Living and the Breast Care Center in a beautiful, patient-friendly facility. We also installed the most advanced laboratory equipment, which provides the safest possible processing of specimens. Our Business Partner and Grateful Patient programs have continued to thrive, complementing overall fundraising efforts which support patient care and hospital operations.

Child Development Center Teacher Lori Latimer

Left to right: Lahey Health President and CEO Howard Grant, JD, MD, Winchester Hospital Board of Directors Chairman Paul Andrews, Lahey Health Board of Trustees Chair Ann-Ellen Hornidge, JD and Winchester Hospital President and CEO Kevin Smith

Working Toward an Affiliation In August of 2012, Winchester Hospital initiated a process to affiliate with another health care organization. An Affiliation Steering Committee was established, composed of 42 physician, hospital and Board leaders who were charged with identifying a long-term strategic partner. In an effort to reign in the unsustainable cost of health care nationally and statewide, the health care system is going through major change. To continue delivering the most efficient, highest

level of care at the lowest cost, the hospital recognized that affiliation and consolidation offered the best strategy. After an extensive process, committee members recommended Lahey Health as the long-term strategic partner. Lahey Health was selected by the Board because of its commitment to providing high-quality care in the community and track record of financial strength.

“It was clear that Winchester Hospital and Lahey Health are moving in the same direction, have a similar culture and that the two institutions would be of assistance to each other,” said Winchester Hospital Board of Directors Chairman Paul Andrews. “We know that in the short-range we could stand alone and remain a strong, independent hospital,” he continued. “For the long-range picture, however, it makes sense to do this when we are at a point of strength.” According to President and CEO Kevin Smith, Winchester Hospital had to rethink its strategic plan moving forward. “We are an independent hospital that has proudly provided service to the community over the last 100 years. The leadership and Board of Directors believed that now is the right time to continue the journey in a meaningful, structured way with another organization.” Both organizations are committed to providing high-quality, cost-efficient, community-based care focused on effectively and efficiently managing all aspects of health – from wellness to complex care – and providing the greatest value possible to the communities they serve. Maintaining, and improving upon, the delivery of that care is paramount. Operationally, much will remain unchanged. “The same doctors will be available and patients can keep the doctor they have a relationship with,” Smith noted. “The culture of patient-centered care, staff engagement and warmth that we all know so well will also be retained and fostered. What will be different is enhanced access to specialized services Lahey Health offers and the ability to choose those services if desired. The degree of coordinated care will be unmatched.” Lahey Health, which has a solid record of financial success and stability, has committed to a capital investment to upgrade Winchester Hospital’s information technology and equipment, a critical component of a safe, effective and better health care system. The organizations will build a comprehensive system of care in a number of clinical areas, including primary care, women’s health, emergency medicine and cancer care. The combination of Lahey

Health’s specialized advanced clinical tertiary care and Winchester Hospital’s robust community health initiatives will result in exceptional levels of service and care. After a regulatory approval process, Winchester Hospital will join Lahey Health’s Board of Trustees in a shared governance model featuring equal representation from all current member organizations. Winchester Hospital will also maintain its own Board of Directors. Medical Staff President Dr. Richard Toran was co-chair and one of 31 physicians on the Affiliation Steering Committee. He points out that “physicians had an integral role in the process, and we made the correct decision to align with Lahey Health.” Moving forward, a Physician Leadership Council will be formed with eight physician leaders from each hospital. This council will meet regularly to discuss issues of physician interest relating to implementation and will report to the Board of Directors. “Affiliation is our best option,” states Toran, “and our physicians are committed to making it an exemplary success.” Kevin Smith also notes that once the approval process is finalized, Winchester Hospital will add “a member of Lahey Health” to its name. “There is a lot of trust and value in the Winchester Hospital name,” he explains, “plus the strength of the Lahey Health brand.” “This is an opportunity to learn from each other and offer better integrated care,” he continues. “Together, we can provide services far more effectively than we can separately. This supports our most central goal of keeping people as healthy as possible.”

Magnet Recognition The year began with exciting news for the Winchester Hospital community. On January 14, the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) announced the redesignation of Winchester Hospital as a Magnet hospital, its highest honor for excellence in nursing. This made Winchester Hospital the first hospital in Massachusetts to be awarded this prestigious achievement three times. (It became the first community hospital in Massachusetts to earn Magnet recognition in 2003 and was redesignated in 2008). Being the first hospital in the state to receive Magnet designation three times is an incredible accomplishment. “It is very exciting,” said Kathy Schuler, vice president of patient care services and chief nursing officer. “It’s a long process that looks at a number of areas such as patient outcomes, staff and patient satisfaction, how nurses function as professionals, benchmarks reached and opportunities for education.” Credentialing includes an intensive two-year application process and a three-day site visit. Three ANCC representatives came to Winchester Hospital “to thoroughly survey every area where nursing is practiced. They explored nursing at all levels,” explained Mary Beth Strauss, director of Magnet and special projects. “They talked to nurses, patients, community members, physicians and staff. It was our time to shine,” she added, “The goal of the site visit is to verify, amplify and clarify what was in the submitted documentation.” Evidence, which must be data-driven, was submitted for 60 nursing standards in six binders. Amazingly, everything was accepted without the need for revisions or any additional information. In the months leading up to the site visit, education sessions and mock site visits were held. When the day finally arrived, everyone was ready. Magnet designation focuses on outcomes – for patients, the organization and staff – and is organized into five components: transformational leadership; structural empowerment; exemplary professional practice; new knowledge, innovation and improvements; and, empirical outcomes. To earn Magnet

designation, it is no longer enough to simply identify accomplishments; staff are challenged to show how what they do matters and what difference it makes. The Magnet program, first established in 1994, promotes excellence in nursing and health care and provides a vehicle for disseminating successful nursing practices and strategies. It recognizes high-quality patient care, nursing excellence and innovations in nursing. Magnet recognition is an honor bestowed on a very select group. Only 393 hospitals in the U.S. – approximately 6 percent – have received Magnet designation. Of those, eight are in Massachusetts; a mere 83, or less than 1 percent of hospitals nationally, have been designated three times or more. The recognition underscores Winchesters Hospital’s commitment to and tradition of providing high-quality, compassionate care to every patient. “That tradition continues to thrive,” Schuler noted, “because of the exceptional caliber of people who work here.”

First hospital in Massachusetts to earn Magnet Recognition three times.

Infection Prevention Specialist Lesley McDermottroe, BSN, RN-BC

Left to right: Deb Sugrue, RN and Jared Couture, RN of the Emergency Department

Unicorn Park The new outpatient facility at 200 Unicorn Park Drive in Woburn opened to rave reviews this past spring. A crucial part of Winchester Hospital’s ongoing effort to provide optimal care to the communities it serves, Unicorn Park is home to the Breast Care Center, imaging services, The Center for Healthy Living, a patient specimen collection site and patient registration. The new facility offers plentiful parking, beautiful décor, natural lighting and a much larger space. “We had outgrown Baldwin Park in Woburn where we had been for 25 years,” said Robby Robertson, vice president of facilities and real estate. “We also needed to update some equipment.” Unicorn Park, located just off the highway, was designed with the patient’s experience in mind. “We talked to patients,” Robertson explained, “and included them on the design committee so we could get their thoughts and advice.” Design, engineering and construction took just nine months – start to finish. “It was challenging and exciting. Although there was a lot of anxiety about moving from Baldwin Park, the staff say it was worth it.” Interventional Radiologist Richard Toran, MD agreed. Involved in the facility’s design from the start, he noted that designing the facility to make employees happier was as important as improved patient flow. “Certainly when employees are happy, patients are happy…and vice versa. We’re getting remarkably positive feedback from patients and staff.” “We are very excited about the new large space,” said Breast Care Center Associate Medical Imaging Director Delphine Lui, MD. “A team of physicians, nurses and staff met over several months to

design a layout that reflects how we work and interact with each other regularly. We are a multidisciplinary service. It exemplifies how health care should be… interaction across disciplines with the patient in mind.” The Breast Care Center, one floor below imaging services, offers comprehensive treatment for all aspects of breast care at one location – digital mammography, breast ultrasound, consultations with surgeons, education by nurses, evaluation and care by medical and radiation oncologists, a full-time geneticist and coming soon tomosynthesis (3D mammography). The Center is designated a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence and is licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. “Imaging is right here,” said Breast Care Center Associate Medical Clinical Director Kelley Cornell, MD. “A radiologist is on site. It can all be done, as I tell people, right here in the comfort of their own backyard.” Unicorn Park also houses The Center for Healthy Living, which offers more than 30 wellness programs, education and resources. Previously called the Community Health Institute, the timing of the new name was precipitated by the move, said Director Kathleen Beyerman, RN, NE-BC, EdD. “It was a good time to rethink what we do, which is all about healthy living. We are focusing on prevention. It is not only important but essential. Prevention is the way to wellness.” “We had an amazing opportunity to completely design the space with patients in mind. In the past, we added programs but the space really wasn’t designed for it,” Beyerman explained. “Patients are amazed by the new Center. They never complained about our space at Baldwin Park but the contrast is so dramatic, they are stunned. Every day I walk in here and say ‘pinch me!’ It has exceeded all our expectations.”

Through a partnership with Shields Health Care Group, we are providing the most advanced diagnostic care for our community. Our state-of-the-art MRI suite features new Siemens 1.5T and 3T magnet scanners, which is the most advanced technology available for clinical use today. This provides our patients and physicians with the finest level of detail and clear, vivid images for better patient diagnoses and outcomes.

MRI Technologist Linda Collins

Laboratory Renovations Winchester Hospital’s laboratory is a busy place. Actually, four places: the original lab located in the hospital, a second lab at West Cummings Park in Woburn, which began operating in 2006 and where most outpatient testing occurs, and two smaller labs at the Center for Cancer Care in Winchester and the Family Medical Center in Wilmington. With a staff of 240 people, each day the labs collect or receive more than 1,000 specimens and perform a jaw-dropping 9,000 tests. An extensive courier system picks up specimens 24/7/365, making 300 drops a day on a regular basis. This year alone, the laboratory performed a total of 3.4 million tests.

To accommodate this volume, the lab footprints have gradually increased – to a total of 20,000-square feet. Yet, operations continued to be a challenge. “After outpatient testing moved to the core lab at West Cummings Park, we had more space at the hospital but couldn’t utilize it effectively as extensive renovations were required,” explained Pathology Department Chair and Medical Director of Clinical Laboratories Mark Zuckerman, MD. “It was difficult for pathologists to meet and talk with each other, which caused inefficiencies. In the clinical laboratory, climate control was difficult. Many areas were still overly congested and we weren’t as productive and efficient as possible.” In 2011, a $5 million project was approved. Design and planning began in 2012; work started this past January. In just eight months, the renovations were complete. Amazingly, the work never stopped. There wasn’t even a pause.

Laboratory Technician Cheryl Horton

According to Dr. Zuckerman, “We worked in two-thirds of the space. After each phase was done, that particular area was up and running almost instantly. There was no break in continuity of care.” “We moved from one area to another,” added Associate Director of Laboratory Services Larry Pickering “and shifted departments as necessary. It is a beautiful, amazing transformation. By efficiently moving areas around and using organization workflow principles, it seems as if we gained space although technically we kept the same footprint.” The renovations also allowed the labs to incorporate cutting-edge technology, designed for safer and more efficient processes. Bar coding, for instance, plays a key role, reducing staff involvement at the start of the process, and freeing up their time to focus on other essential duties. Automation in the lab is likely the closest health care will get to a manufacturing environment. It will automate the routine and repetitive tasks so that lab technologists can concentrate on the laboratory science that brought them into this field of study. Not only is this safer, it decreases the risk of human error. But the labs aren’t becoming all robots and automation. “The same number of eyeballs are looking at the specimens,” Dr. Zuckerman emphasized, “with doctors and technologists overseeing and reviewing all the results. If additional testing is needed, we will be able to find the specimens quicker and more efficiently.” “Typically, the specimens are handled a lot,” Pickering noted, “which can increase the chance of error. The new, sophisticated verification software eliminates many of the earlier steps.

This is the biggest change since the lab was computerized in the late 1980s. It will probably allow us to add 40 percent more volume with existing resources. The changes will result in faster, more efficient service and more accurate results with less chance of error. It enhances the whole system,” he said. “We are thrilled to have this new space, new capabilities, new infrastructure and new technology, which ultimately result in better care,” Dr. Zuckerman said. “Winchester Hospital believed in the importance of investing in the lab. We’re in an excellent position for moving forward.”

This year alone, Winchester Hospital’s laboratory department performed a total of 3.4 million tests.

Medical Technologist Heather Tavilla

Walk-In Urgent Care Center For more than a quarter of a century, the Winchester Hospital Family Medical Center (FMC) at 500 Salem Street in Wilmington has been a primary outpatient site, providing much-needed services to residents from surrounding areas. One of the FMC’s busiest areas is the Walk-In Urgent Care Center (WIUC), which continues to experience steady growth in the number of people served. Volume is increasing an average of five to eight percent a year, with an estimated 24,000 patients treated in 2013. Two major factors are driving the increase: cost and convenience. Compared to hospital emergency departments (ED), urgent care facilities can provide services at a lower cost (with co-payments similar to a doctor’s office visit) and shorter wait times. “A visit to an emergency department can cost $150 to $250 in co-pays versus $25 to $50 at an urgent care center,” said the Center’s Medical Director Teriggi Ciccone, MD. “It is estimated that 25 to 40 percent of ED visits can be handled by urgent care facilities. The turnaround time is faster than at the ED, as it should be because of the higher number of acute patients who require immediate attention for conditions such as strokes, heart attacks and appendicitis. The ED has to prioritize. Less pressing cases simply need to wait longer.” Before the renovations, the WIUC had just a small waiting room, a tiny triage room and only seven exam rooms. In order to meet the growing demand and continue to provide the best care possible, Winchester Hospital made significant structural improvements to the Center. According to Dr. Ciccone, who has also worked in Winchester Hospital’s emergency department for nine years, the improvements have increased capacity and decreased wait times. Renovations

were made with the patient’s perspective in mind. “First and foremost, was the patient experience,” he explained. “For staff, it has produced a more fluid workplace that allows us to work more efficiently.” “We looked at the path patients had to take and realized there was a lot of redundancy,” said Nurse Manager Peg Clark, BSN, RN. “From entry to exit, patients stood up and sat down eight times! We changed how people go through the system. The flow is much better.” The beautifully redesigned and expanded waiting room and reconfigured registration area offer increased comfort and more privacy. The patient care area features two additional exam rooms, further reducing wait time. A second triage room has been added, which is critical during “surge times,” such as weekends and evenings, when the WIUC may see as many as 15 to18 patients an hour. The Center has a new electronic medical record system, whereby nurses enter assessments and reports into computers located near exam rooms. “Nurses used to go sit somewhere to write out the reports,” Clark explained. “Now they are right in the hallway, outside the doorways of the rooms. Because they are nearby, they are more accessible. It has worked out really well. I think the nurses like the new system better and the patients are happier.” Among the conditions the Walk-In Urgent Care Center can treat are lacerations, wounds, fractures, sprains, basic upper respiratory infections and other common illnesses. It also can provide intravenous fluids and medications. More than ever, the WIUC is an essential community resource.

“Winchester Hospital made a commitment and rose to the occasion by investing in these critical renovations,” Ciccone noted. “The community stepped up as well, especially the incredibly generous Telemachus and Irene Demoulas Family Foundation. Their challenge grant of $100,000 inspired the community to raise an equal amount. We are also grateful to The Winton Club, Wilmington Rotary Club, Analog Devices and hundreds of individual donors who financially support and value the high caliber of urgent care we provide each and every day.”

Walk-In Urgent Care Center Medical Director Teriggi Ciccone, MD



How does a community hospital with more than 100 years of history continue to provide the community with better care year after year? Philanthropy! The generosity of our donors is a key factor in our ability to invest in state-of-the-art technology, new facilities and programs. This year donors contributed more than $3 million to ensure that Winchester Hospital was ready to deliver on its mission: To Care. To Heal. To Excel. In Service to Our Community. Our success is often measured in dollars but dollars are only a part of the impact your decision to make a gift has on the people who benefit. Loved ones’ lives are saved and they are comforted knowing they can trust in the medical care close to home at their community hospital.


Deborah R. McDonough

PRESIDENT Kevin F. Smith



Matthew Woods Jeannine Barrett

The reasons you are motivated to give are as varied as our donors and demonstrate the many ways that Winchester Hospital touches the lives of our patients and their families. Each year the list of donors grows and serves as a tribute to the outstanding physicians, nurses and staff whose efforts to care for you and your loved ones is recognized and valued. When you make a gift to Winchester Hospital you are making a direct investment in the health of your friends, family and neighbors. Each day we experience the impact of your contribution on the well-being of our patients. Their stories are intertwined with you as a donor. We are privileged to extend our gratitude to you on behalf of each and every Winchester Hospital patient.

Ann R. Blackham Donna Burke Darina Gilley Chesterton Brian J. Connor Kelley Cornell, MD Leo C. Donahue Gale Druga Patrick Fortin Elise Gardner Anthony Gattineri Karen R. McAlmon, MD Anne Neilson Ann Norberg Barbara Oddo

Deborah R. McDonough Winchester Hospital Foundation Chair

Maribeth Canning Winchester Hospital Foundation Vice President

Joan P. O’Neil Jill Pappas Susan C. Powers, RN Richard H. Salter Dennis Sargent Marvin Weiner

2013 Foundation Board Members Front row (left to right): Darina Gilley Chesterton, Arlan F. Fuller, Jr., MD, Deborah McDonough, Marlene Williamson, Susan Powers, Joan O’Neil, Anne Neilson, Elise Gardner, Karen McAlmon, MD and Jeannine Barrett Back row (left to right): Matthew Woods, Marvin Weiner, Gale Druga, Maribeth Canning, Leo Donahue, Dennis Sargent and Kevin Smith

Marlene Williamson, RN

Philanthropist of the Year: Bob and Sally Willing – Giving Circles As a young couple, Bob and Sally Willing made a deep and lasting commitment to philanthropy for their community hospital. The cumulative effects of their gifts over four decades laid the foundation for award-winning care that will endure for generations to come. Bob and Sally are firm believers in the added value of “playing to your strengths.” Bob’s particular strength, which he has shared without reserve since 1968, is investment advice. As one of the hospital’s three investment trustees, he has carefully and conscientiously helped to assist in the direction of the hospital’s portfolio. Bob is pleased to report, “Winchester Hospital’s average rate of return on investment since 1953 is 11.5 percent, compared to the Dow Jones Average of 5.6 percent for that period. This above-average investment performance has enabled our hospital to grow and fund updates in equipment and technology, continually making care here better.”

the care is at Winchester Hospital. Because I have been a patient myself a few times, I have had a chance to experience firsthand the wonderful care these nurses and doctors give their patients.” Since 1985, Sally has also been a member of The Winton Club, participating in its annual Cabaret, and Bob has assisted many times. Additionally, they have made generous gifts to Winchester Hospital, honoring Arlan Fuller, Jr., MD and Richard Weiner, MD through the Grateful Patient program and honoring Dale Lodge through Our Second Century Campaign. As a couple, there is little they would not do for the hospital. While they are reluctant to be in the limelight—and continually point out the valuable gifts of so many other hospital supporters, Bob and Sally are true stars, playing to their strengths. Their longstanding and ongoing contributions have strengthened the foundation on which Winchester Hospital stands so solidly today.

Trained as a nurse, Sally has shared her time by volunteering at the hospital since 1978. She explains, “I have seen just how special

“Bob and Sally rank among the most generous and consistent supporters of our hospital. For decades, they have been there for us. In particular, Bob’s expert financial advice has enabled Winchester Hospital to make critical investments in patient care that would not have been possible for many community hospitals without his guidance.” - Winchester Physicians Associates, Inc. President Dale Lodge

Sally and Bob Willing

Philanthropist of the Year:

Jonathan Adler, MD – Physician

Patients of Jonathan Adler, MD consider themselves fortunate, knowing they can always rely upon his professional loyalty. Dedication, industry and dependability are hallmarks of his care. This, in turn, makes them very loyal patients. Dr. Adler, a primary care physician and infectious disease specialist, has had a burgeoning practice in Winchester since 1971. Day in and day out, he has been legendary in his relentless attention to patient care, constantly pushing himself to be as available as humanly possible to provide for his patients’ needs. This outstanding work ethic has repeatedly resulted in generous gifts to Winchester Hospital honoring Dr. Adler through the Grateful Patient Program. Dr. Adler always humbly proclaims, “I am simply doing what I am supposed to do. There is nothing unique about it.” Speaking with Dr. Adler, he wastes no time in rattling off a long roll call of other physicians whom he admires for their devotion to patients as well as for their clinical expertise. He states, “I have benefited from the special combination here of an award-winning community hospital and the finest of community doctors – doctors who are so well-trained in their specialties and so good at what they do that they can go out and attract and retain new talent. Taken together, this has formed a network of care with easy access among experts, meaning our patients seldom need to search elsewhere for the care they need.” Dr. Adler continues, “My wife, Sunny, is a Gala committee member and I traditionally sing at the Cabaret. We are both proud to support the hospital in any way we can. In the more than 42 years of practicing here, I have been impressed by the physicians, nurses and management. It is important to me to know that my patients can get the advanced care they need to make them better right here in their home community.”

Jonathan Adler, MD

“Over the course of more than forty years of exemplary patient care, Dr. Jonathan Adler has become one of the iconic faces of Winchester Hospital, inspiring the support of many grateful patients. On any given day he is among the first in the physician parking lot and among the last to leave. His dedication to his patients is only confined by the hours in a day.” - Winchester Hospital President and CEO Kevin Smith

Philanthropist of the Year: Woodbriar of Wilmington and Windsor Place of Wilmington – Business Partner

Entering the lobbies of Woodbriar of Wilmington (Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation) or Windsor Place of Wilmington (Assisted Living), you are immediately struck by the generosity of space. Light streams in from all directions and elegant seating surrounds you. As a tour with Dennis Sargent, developer and administrator of the properties, proves, this expansive attention to detail extends throughout the buildings. He says, “We want all our residents and their visitors to know they are entering a place that feels like home and in which they will be treated like family. We take great pride in what we do.” It is noteworthy in this local family-run business that Sargent greets all his staff by name. Sargent further explains, “We want to provide an environment that promotes better health and wellness. Winchester Hospital shares that value. When I toured the Center for Cancer Care with other Winchester Hospital Foundation board members, that priority was clear. It makes our time-honored, fundamental relationship with Winchester Hospital a natural fit.”

care. He calls her their “customer service conscience.” Additionally, Elissa supports Winchester Hospital as an active member of the Gala committee. Sargent, meanwhile, has been the longstanding chair of the James F. McDonough, MD Golf Classic, which benefits nurse education. He notes, “There is never a dry eye in the room when you hear the Magnet nurses talk about how much the McDonough Fund has meant to them. We share Winchester Hospital’s belief in promoting the finest patient care.” He goes on to say, “I hear people at both Woodbriar and Windsor Place express an unshakable loyalty to Winchester Hospital; it is based on personal experience. That comes from taking pride in your work, putting the individual first and treating people like family. Those are values mirrored here.”

Sargent credits his wife, Elissa, who is their director of customer relations, with the push for well-designed spaces and individualized

“As a member of the Foundation board, Dennis has been an insightful advisor, bringing his passion for individualized customer service to all he does. We are fortunate to have him and his wife, Elissa, supporting the hospital through important committee work and corporate sponsorships of our events.” - Winchester Hospital Foundation Chair Deborah R. McDonough

Dennis Sargent

We Gratefully Acknowledge Our Leadership Lifetime Donors Lifetime donors exemplify a loyal group of community members who have generously supported the hospital through annual giving, tribute giving, capital giving, planned giving or through event support through September 30, 2013.


The Arthur Griffin Family Foundation

Barbara H. Bjornson, MD

Reading Co-operative Bank

Mr*. and Mrs.* Raymond J. Gosselin

Dr. Anne C. Kubik and Mr. Michael Krupka

Mr. C. Hunter Boll

Dr. Peter and Maureen Rotolo

Winchester Laboratory Associates and StrataDx, Inc.

The Lodge Family

Boston Children’s Hospital

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Rotondi

Martini Insurance Agency, Inc.

Dr. William L. Breckwoldt and Dr. Caroline Foote

Elizabeth and George L. Sanborn Foundation

Deb and Barry McDonough

Marilyn R. Capek, MD

Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Sayre

Middlesex Surgical Associates

Cardinal Health

Seaman DiCarlo Corporation

John Moriarty & Associates, Inc.

Mr.* and Mrs. K. Paul Chase

Mrs. Kay L. Shubrooks

Carol and John Moriarty

James and Veronica Chesterton Charitable Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Skates

Mrs. Carolyn Dettinger

Mrs. Elizabeth Spiller

The Winton Club

$1,000,000 – $1,999,999 Mr. and Mrs. John F. Reno Mrs. Phyllis M. Stearns Professor Emeritus Dr. John C. Wells

$500,000 – $999,999 Abbott Laboratories

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald F. O’Neil Salter Healthcare Services, Inc. Telemachus and Irene Demoulas Family Foundation The Charles Irwin Travelli Fund Winchester Mount Vernon House Yankee Alliance

$250,000 – $499,999

Bill and Joyce Cummings William F. McCall North Shore Radiological Associates, Inc.

John and Mary Murphy Educational Foundation New England Inpatient Specialists, LLC

DiGiorgio Associates

Tom and Jill Pappas

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Doe

Mr. and Mrs. Scott F. Powers

Barry C. Dorn, MD

Mr. and Mrs. John B. Roll

Excel Orthopaedic Specialists

Shields Health Care Group

Mr. Bahaa Fam and Ms. Carol L. Nowacki

Sodexo Health Care Services Stoneham Bank Mr. and Mrs. Bryce M. Tinmouth Mr. and Mrs. James R. Willing


Friends of Winchester Hospital Dr. Arlan and Alice Fuller

Mr. and Mrs. Antonio J. Tambone Drs. Richard and Ann Toran Mr. and Mrs. Michael Walsh Dr. and Mrs. Richard Weiner Winchester Rotary Charitable Fund, Inc. Winchester Hospital Medical and Allied Health Professional

Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Gulino

Winchester Emergency Medical Associates, PC

Frank M. Gunby, Jr. George S. Hebb, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Caulfield

Winchester Savings Bank

Mrs. Sue Heidbreder

Ms. Marion G. Crandall

Winchester Anesthesia Associates, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Delaney

Winchester Co-operative Bank

Dr. Richard Iseke and Ms. Margaret Pothier

Woodbriar of Wilmington/ Windsor Place of Wilmington

Mr. and Mrs. David Leathers

Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Lamson Mr. and Mrs. David G. Leland

$50,000 – $99,999

LifeLine Ambulance Services

Action Ambulance Service, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Martini

Armstrong Ambulance Service

Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan L. Adler

Mrs. Ann Blackham

A.J. Martini, Inc.

Mechanical Construction Services, Inc.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

Ms. Katherine K. Allen

Bonnell Ford

Amelia Peabody Charitable Fund

The Cedar Street Foundation


Kelley Cornell, MD


Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation

Bank of America


Jeannine M. Barrett

En Ka Society

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Belkin

Mr. and Mrs. Craig B. Gibson

Steffian Bradley Architects, Inc.

Wilmington Community Roundtable

$100,000 – $249,999

Affiliates In Foot Care, PC

Federal Heating & Engineering Co., Inc.

Mr. Kevin F. Smith and Ms. Molly Jenks

$35,000 – $49,999

Bust a Move for Breast Cancer

Ms. Sara Delano and Mr. William G. Zink Ms. Barbara J. Doyle Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Drummond Anthony and Lisa Gattineri Laboratory Corporation of America Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. LaGatta Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Laverty

Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Mucci

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Martignetti, Esq.

Mystic Valley Urological Associates, Inc.

Mass Electrical Contractors

National Development

McDermott, Will & Emery

Anne J. Neilson

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Mulvaney

Northmark Bank

Newpro, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Ockerbloom

Nixon Peabody, LLP

Owens & Minor Distribution, Inc.

Barbara B. O’Connell

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Quinn

Mrs. Katherine O’Hare

Orthopaedics Plus Parris and Associates Mr. and Mrs. Salvador Porras Reading Cardiology Assoc., PC Ms. Patricia Simboli Ms. Mary T. Sweeney and Mr. John J. McInnis Mr. and Mrs. D. Reid Weedon Wilmington Pediatrics, Inc. Woburn Lions Breakfast Club Inez K. Woodberry Trust Dr. Mark Zuckerman and Mrs. Lori Hunt

$25,000 – $34,999

Allen & Major Associates, Inc. Donald T. Amiralian, MD Boston Communications Group Bob and Donna Burke Cain Brothers & Company, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Brian Carr Commonwealth Surgical Associates Mr. and Mrs. James B. Conway Digestive Health Associates, PC

Pediatricians, Inc

Dr. and Mrs. Alan D. Edelstein

Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Raffi, Jr.

Electrical Dynamics, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Robby and Catharine Robertson

James A. Ficociello, DDS Gorgeous Fabrics Howland Development Company Mohammed Jaleel, MD Mr. and Mrs. Clarence A. Kemper Dr. Chitra Y. King and Mr. Christopher King

Dennis and Elissa Sargent Mrs. Irene Schneller Kathy and Frank Schuler Mr. and Mrs. Anthony C. Simboli Stratford Associates, Inc. Suffolk Construction

Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Kingsbury

Deborah and Joseph Tarby

Gloria E. Korta, MD

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Travaglini

Mr. Joseph A. Martignetti

Dean Tully, MD

Dr. Karen R. McAlmon and Mr. Kwame Ofori-Asante

Vacuum Barrier Corporation

Ronald McDonald House Charities

Dr. Gregory J. Weisz and Dr. Paula Fang

Lane and Ann McGovern

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn R. Welch

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Moors

Wingate Healthcare

Mr. Robert W. Murray

Woburn Pediatric Associates

Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Norberg

Woburn Host Lions Club

North Suburban Surgical Associates, PC

Dr. Dana I. Zitkovsky and Mr. Ivan Zitkovsky

Jeff and Gayle O’Grady

Mr. Marvin Weiner

Mrs. Virginia O’Grady Palomar Medical Technologies, Inc.

* deceased

Angela Tentindo, RN of the Mother Baby Unit

As a loyal and steadfast supporter of Winchester Hospital, Anne Neilson has found many ways to give to her community hospital. Since 1991, she has been an active member of The Winton Club, performing in the chorus

Heritage Society Winchester Hospital’s legacy of support was first established in 1916 when Sophronia A. Harrington made the first planned gift – a bequest – the simplest of all planned gifts.

and tambourine troop at its annual Cabaret. More recently, she began contributing by offering guidance as a board member of the Foundation. She explains, “I have carefully evaluated area nonprofits, and Winchester Hospital ranks high, deserving my support.” Anne goes on to note, “I have been very lucky in my retirement and thoughtful about

The Heritage Society recognizes those who have continued Mrs. Harrington’s tradition. Gift planning is more than a link to our past; it is the source of our current strength and the promise of a healthy future. It also provides our donors with a way to leave a legacy that perpetuates their most deeply held values. Those listed below have provided for the hospital in their estate plans. Dr. and Mrs. Albert Chen

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Martini

Mrs. Kay L. Shubrooks

Mr. Frank M. Gunby, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Mulvaney

Mr. George S. Hebb

Ms. Anne B. Neilson

Mr. Kevin F. Smith and Ms. Molly Jenks

received fabulous care at Winchester Hospital.

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence A. Kemper

Mrs. Barbara B. O’Connell

Additionally, I have observed management’s

The Lodge Family

Mr. and Mrs. Salvador F. Porras

how best to use my resources. I have known many people (myself included) who have

extraordinary dedication to its mission. That

Ms. Elizabeth Spiller Professor Emeritus Dr. John C. Wells

include Winchester Hospital in my planned

The individuals listed below included Winchester Hospital in their estate plans through a bequest or trust prior to their passing. We remain grateful for their generosity in leaving a legacy to benefit the patients of Winchester Hospital.

giving. They have earned my support. It is

Mr. Frank O. Adams

Mrs. Elsie E.C. Ferguson

Mr. Charles C. Parkhurst

gratifying to know I will be helping Winchester

Mrs. Evelyn Akeson

Mary Alice Fitch

Ms. Janet Pavliska

Hospital patients for years to come.”

Mr. and Mrs. George Aligas

Mrs. Virginia B. Gay

Mr. Arnold Picanso

Dr. William Daniel Barone

Mrs. Elaclaire Gosselin

Mr. Leo M. Pistorino

Mr. George Blackwood

Mrs. Pauline Griffin

Mr. Gregory Rodes

Mrs. Celena D. Bradlee

Mrs. Virginia Hackett

Mrs. Sandra Shepard Rodgers

Mrs. Deborah L. Broadhurst

Mrs. George A. Haskins

Mr. and Mrs. John Schultz

Mr. and Mrs. Milton E. Burns

Dr. Richard C. Heidbreder

Mrs. Margaret J. Shaw

Mr. Harrison Chadwick

Mrs. Harry P. Hood

Mrs. Florence Jope Smith

Mrs. Helen M. Coakley

Mr. and Mrs. Reese James

Mr. A.T. Traina

Mrs. Dorothy S. Coleman

James and Evelyn Jenks

Mr. George E. Wells

Mr. Arthur J. Connell

Mrs. Marion A. Littlefield

Kathryn Wholley

Mrs. Muriel B. Dawes

Mr. Donald Manzelli

Mr. and Mrs. Walworth B. Williams

Mrs. Ruth Dietz

Mr. Eugene J. McCarthy

Mrs. Marguerite Diorio

Dr. James F. McDonough

Mrs. Margaret Duca

Dr. and Mrs. Donald McLean

Eleanor Farrington

Mrs. Constance Morrill

is why I am confident about my decision to

Anne Neilson

Giving Circles The Giving Circles program recognizes the generous commitment of individuals and businesses that contributed annual gifts of $100 or more between October 1, 2012 and September 30, 2013. Over the years, philanthropy has been the cornerstone of our efforts to enhance patient care initiatives, secure state-of-the-art technology and equipment, and fund renovation projects. Unrestricted gifts received through our Giving Circles program provide the hospital with the flexibility to use these resources where needed most. $100,000+

Ms. Maureen Rosenfield

Tan Pham, MD

Maribeth and John Canning

Yankee Alliance

Philip and Kathleen Taymor

Presidio Networked Solutions

Richard and Gail Canzano

Telemachus and Irene Demoulas Family Foundation

Inez K. Woodberry Trust

Public Financial Management

Marilyn R. Capek, MD

$2,500 – $4,999

Kathy and Frank Schuler

Mr. and Mrs. Mario P. Carco

Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc.

Robert C. Carco Charitable Foundation

Dr. Joel M. Solomon and Mrs. Janet S. Solomon

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Carson

Stoneham Medical Group William M. Vanneman, Jr., MD

Darina Gilley Chesterton and Andrew Chesterton

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Walsh

John Kent Chin, MD

Winchester High School Volleyball Booster Club

Alicia and Dennis Clarke

$50,000 – $99,999


Ms. Katherine K. Allen

Analog Devices, Inc.

The Winton Club

Mr. Bill Antonelli Dr. and Mrs. Armen Arslanian

$25,000 – $49,999


Bill and Joyce Cummings

Mrs. Ann R. Blackham

Professor Emeritus Dr. John C. Wells

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Buscemi

Winchester Mount Vernon House

$10,000 – $24,999

Clara Noemi Cabrera, MD Dr. Fehmida A. Chipty and Dr. Najmuddin S. Patwa Kelley Cornell, MD

$1,000 – $2,499

Andrew Abela, DDS

Mr. and Mrs. Craig B. Gibson

Digestive Health Associates, PC

Action Ambulance Service, Inc.

The William F. McCall Family

Mr. Bahaa Fam and Ms. Carol L. Nowacki

Sunny and Jonathan Adler, MD

John and Mary Murphy Educational Foundation

Dr. and Ms. David S. Fefferman

Christian Andersen, MD

Peter Coakley, DDS Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Collins Collins Management, Inc. Robert F. Commito, MD Mr. and Mrs. James B. Conway Mr. and Mrs. Dan Corcoran Ms. Mary Ellin Costello

Donald J. Annino, MD

Dr. Michele Crage and Mr. Geoffrey Sauter

Dr. Arlan and Alice Fuller

Dr. Peter Azar and Dr. Normand Tanguay

Crew Boston

Mr. Frank M. Gunby, Jr.

B & A Maintenance, Inc.

Ms. Janice T. Houghton

Christopher W. Baker, MD

Mr. Robert W. Murray

Mr. Jay M. Finn

Mrs. Olive F. Schipellite

Freeman and Susan Fraim

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Willing Wilmington Rotary Club

$5,000 – $9,999

David A. Alessandro, MD

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Caruso

Mr. Foster K. Cummings Curbside Hospitality Judith and Henry Curtis, Jr.

KHJ Brand Activation

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Ahearn

Bay State Physical Therapy

Mr. Mark P. Kritzman

Bridgeline Digital

Dr. and Mrs. Eric Libby

Bear Hill Nursing Center, Inc. at Wakefield

Bridget Brigade Foundation

Jose M. Marcal, MD

Kathleen L. Beyerman, RN

Jean and David Donahue

Mr. William J. McMillan

The Boston Foundation

Gorgeous Fabrics

William G. McPadden, Andrea P. Bloch and Family

David A. Bross, MD

Dr. James Devellis and Ms. Ann Kelly

Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Brown

Dr. Richard Iseke and Ms. Margaret Pothier

Carol and John Moriarty

William J. Doherty, MD

Ms. Chris Brown

Robert A. Muggia, MD

Barry C. Dorn, MD

Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo, PC

Haldon Bryer, MD


Mr. Clellan O. Bunn

Najmuddin S. Patwa, MD

Bob and Donna Burke

Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Gulino

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Quinn

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph and Wendy Czarnecki Richard de Asla, MD Mr. and Mrs. Christie L. DeRosa

Dr. Donald and Gale Druga

Karen and David Leland

Gabriella Marie Rospide

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Woods

Friends of Winchester Hospital

John S. Dubrow, MD

Carla Lele

Mr. Harry A. Rothmann

Peter C. Yeh, MD

The Gatto Family

Edward Jones - Bill Sullivan Financial Advisor

Benjamin Levine, MD

Dr. and Mrs. Peter J. Rotolo

Mr. Alex Gold, Jr.

Dr. Andrew J. Escoll

The Lodge Family

Mr. Ronald A. Russo

Dr. Mark Zuckerman and Mrs. Lori Hunt

Estate of Ismail Seda Sensel

Dr. Delphine Lui and Mr. Brenden Maher

Ms. Nancy Sachetti and Mr. Vincent Swiniuch

$500 – $999

Karen and Bill Hart

C. Douglas Evans, MD

Linda M. Lutey

Mr. Richard H. Salter

Mr. Sean Ahern

Mr. Eric W. Hayden and Ms. Tove Hellerud

Excel Orthopaedic Specialists

Mabel A. Horne Trust

Salter Healthcare Services, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Sven Andersen

Joseph A. Hill, III, MD

Michael N. Fehm, MD

Dr. John Maddox and Mrs. Debra Maddox

Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Sayre

Sarah Andrew, MD Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Andrews

Dr. Virginia Hung and Dr. Wynne Huang

Justin L. and Mary Anne Magee

Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Schelzi Carolyn J. Sedor, MD

Apartment Connection USA, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Segerstrom

Ms. Theresa Baldacci

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Shapiro

Mr. and Mrs. Peter P. Bellotti

Abraham T. Shurland, MD

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce J. Bonnell

Ms. Winnie Silk

Brighton Retail

Andrew M. Singer, MD

Mrs. Janice M. Bubbers

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Skates

Dr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Carson

Mr. and Mrs. Barry Smith

Mr. Neal Chansky

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Kinton, Jr.

Mr. Walter Ciampa

Debra G. Knee, MD

Dr. and Mrs. Teriggi Ciccone

Gloria E. Korta, MD

John and Nicole Clark

Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Kozlowski

David James Cohen, MD

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Krol

Mr. Juan J. Collas Ms. Marion G. Crandall

Dr. Lieke Lee-Szeto and Mr. Tak Szeto

Ms. Laurie L. Crawford

LifeLine Ambulance Services

Ms. Karen A. Cuipylo

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Looney

Mr. Robert D. Curtin

Mr. David N. Lowther

Mr. Richard H. Curtis

Ms. Deidre C. Lyons

Helene E. Feiler, MD James A. Ficociello, DDS Mr. and Mrs. Edwin J. Fitzpatrick

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Major

Deb and Jim Fiumedora

Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Manzo

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Flaherty, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Martini Mr. and Mrs. Joseph V. Massa

Mr. and Mrs. James J. Foley

Joseph S. McLaughlin

Dr. and Mrs. Robert P. Fortunato

Erika McPhee, MD

Mr. Richard M. Foster

Sue Mizer, RN

M. J. Gallagher

Kimberly Mooney-McNulty, MD

Dr. and Mrs. George E. Ghareeb

Richard T. Morey Trust Fund

Mr. Kevin F. Smith and Ms. Molly Jenks

John T. Gosselin, Esq.

Mr. and Ms. Robert V. Mulloney

Mr. and Mrs. Roger K. Smith

Mr. Gerald S. Greeley

Ms. Sara A. Munson

Mrs. Elizabeth Spiller

Steven Greenberg, MD

Mr. and Mrs. George W. Neuner

Philip E. Steeves, MD

Lee Griffin

North Suburban Eye Associates

James Guanci, MD

North Shore Radiological Associates, Inc.

Ms. Mary T. Sweeney and Mr. John J. McInnis

Mr. John E. Guarente Dr. Jose Guerra Neal and Patricia Harte Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Hawley Mrs. Susan Heidbreder Mr. and Mrs. David Hennessey Heritage Financial Services

Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Ockerbloom

Ms. Mary Tamasi Mr. and Mrs. Bryce M. Tinmouth

Affiliates In Foot Care, PC

Ms. Joanne Grega

Ms. Marie B. Johnson Glenn and Christine Johnson Ms. Lee J. Kauffman Ms. Karen Keaney, RN Bart A. Kellerman, DPM Ms. Dorothy Kelly-Flynn and Mr. John C. Flynn

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel E. Oddo

Richard E. Toran, Jr., MD and Ann Toran, MD

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald F. O’Neil

Ms. Clementina Triglione

Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. D’Angio

M & M Landscaping

Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Orifice

Ms. Sandra A. Urie and Mr. Frank F. Herron

Dr. Marla Darling

Ms. Robin A. Marion

Mr. Bill Davis

Mr. Joseph A. Martignetti

Ms. Aileen Day, RN

Mr. Michael J. Martini

Dr. and Mrs. William C. Walsh

Edward McCarthy, MD

Orthopedic Surgery, Inc.

Mr. Robert J. Hickey

Mr. Thomas L. Pappas and Mrs. Jill M. Pappas

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Walsh

Mrs. Yu-Chi Hong-O’Rourke

Stephen and Cecily Parkhurst

Mr. and Mrs. D. Reid Weedon, Jr.

Ms. Sara Delano and Mr. William G. Zink

Mr. and Mrs. William P. Hood

Drs. Kanubhai and Smita Patel

Mr. Marvin Weiner

Ms. Karen E. Devaney

Mr. and Mrs. Maurice J. McCarthy

Mohammed Jaleel, MD

Larry and Betty Pickering

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Weiner

Leo and Deborah Donahue

Mrs. Patricia M. McCarthy

Roy A. Johnson, MD

Mr. and Mrs. J. Irving Rawding

Mr. John F. Whelton

Ms. Diane M. DuShane

Dr. Martha E. McCarty and Mr. J. Mark H. McCarty

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Kadnar

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Reno

Wilmington Health Care Center

Dynamex, Inc.

Dr. and Mrs. William D. Kenyon

Mr. John F. Rice

Dr. Philip and Barbara Ellerin

Mr. and Mrs. Melvyn Klein

Robby and Catharine Robertson

Winchester High School Football Club

Dr. and Mrs. William Korn

Ann Rolfs, MD

Mr. Peter P. Fisk

Anne M. Lang

Mr. and Mrs. John B. Roll

Winchester Hospital Medical and Allied Health Professional

Brian Lawner, MD

Maria L. Rosenfield-Darling, MD

Winchester Oral Surgery, PC

Fertility Centers of New England Ms. Kathleen M. Fitzgerald, RN Jeremiah D. Frank, MD

Mr. and Mrs. James F. McCleary Deb and Barry McDonough Ms. Elaine M. McLatchy Mrs. Alan K. Melkonian Mr. Robert D. Menucci

Rep. and Mrs. James R. Miceli

Ms. Patricia C. Selleck-Graham

Jean D. Brown, RN, MS

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Ela, Jr.

Mr. Ronald J. Milauskas

Mrs. Barbara Severance

Mrs. Judith E. Bucci

Mrs. Ruth Elio, RN

Ms. Mary E. Moloney King, RN

Donna and Pete Sherrill

Mr. Stephen Buckley

Ms. Carolyn Falzone

Dr. and Mrs. Paul F. Kelly

Mr. Guy W. Morse

William and Kathleen Smith

Mr. & Mrs. Nelson S. Burbank

Ms. Judy T. Faulstich

Dr. Bounmany Keojampa

Carrie and John Murphy

Dr. Benjamin A. Solky and Dr. Ana Solky

Dr. and Mrs. Richard H. Bush

John and Mary Felts

Ms. Stacy Kirkland

Sandy Stephens, MD

James and Kathy Butler

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Kursmark

Ms. Jillian M. Buttaro

Ms. Nancy Fennelly and Ms. Donna Guildersleeve Julie Fenner, MD

Gene and Norma Lane

Ms. Judith Nutile Nutter, McClennen & Fish, LLP Robert J. O’Brien Jr., MD Mrs. Barbara B. O’Connell Mr. & Mrs. Gerald B. O’Grady, III Ms. Marie C. Oliver Mr. and Mrs. Gerald O’Neill The Outsource Group Dr. and Mrs. Peter C. Paicos Dr. David Pangburn Ms. Lisa A. Paolillo, Esq. Pediatricians, Inc. Mr. David Portman Mr. and Mrs. Craig A. Potter

Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Stetson Ted and Mary Sullivan Mrs. Paula M. Sweeney Drew H. Taft, MD Melinda Taranto-Garnis, LICSW The Family of Peggy Rice Richard L. and Ann Marie Tilley Mr. and Mrs. Michael Travaglini Al and Pauline Tucci U.S. Bancorp Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Frank R. Virnelli Ms. Sue S. Watson

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Byrne Jackie and Tom Cail Ms. Susan J. Canestaro Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Cantillon Mr. and Mrs. Frank Carchedi Mr. and Mrs. Werner A. Carlson Mrs. Donna Marie Cefalo Mr. and Mrs. James P. Cerullo Ms. Grace Chan Mr. Joseph L. Chang Paul N. Chervin, MD

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Williamson

Mr. Michael Cima and Ms. Tina Cortesi

Wilmington Pediatrics, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Elio Commito

Women of the Moose Chapter #492

Mr. Andrew J. Connolly

Ms. Elinor Quill

Anna Zlotina, MD

Thomas Henry Costello, MD

Mr. and Mrs. E. Leigh Quinn

$250 – $499

Mr. and Mrs. John G. Proakis Prospect Hill Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Quartararo

Ms. Marianne Cortes Ms. Linda A. Coyne

Khether Raby, MD

Ms. Deborah Adams

Ms. Anita M. Cristiano

Paul Radvany, MD

Salvador Albanese, MD

Mr. Dana P. Cronan

Dr. and Mrs. Frederic M. Ramsey

Anonymous (2)

Ms. Kathleen A. Cronin

Mr. Steven C. Re

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Antidormi

Steven Donald Cronquist, MD

Ms. Lucille Reisner

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Barger

C-Suite Resources

Mimir Reynisson and Shari Agatstein

John and Leslie J. Barrett

Ms. Nancy L. Cummings, RN

Dr. Limaris Barrios

Mr. Stephen G. Reynolds

Mr. and Mrs. Don B. Dehart

Ms. Judy M. Barry

Michael Rho, MD

Ms. Patricia A. Delaney

Ms. Lorraine E. Beaupre

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Roketenetz

Mr. John S. Della Svetura

Mr. and Mrs. Ted Benton Ms. Stephanie M. Bettinelli

Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. d’Entremont

Mr. Paul Bohne

Ms. Carla Destramp

Jaedyn, Teagan, Maddox Boudreau

Mr. Shawn DiSessa

Ms. Samantha Bradbury

Ms. Ann Dooley

Edward A. Ryan, MD S. J. S. Enterprises, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. John J. Saia Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Sampson, Sr. Dennis and Elissa Sargent Shields Design Studio

Catherine and David Brewer Mr. and Mrs. Reynold L. Brown, Jr.

Ms. Maureen F. Donnay Ms. Barbara Downey Ms. Geraldine Dunleavy Dr. and Mrs. Alan D. Edelstein

Drs. Daniel and Lenna Finger Ms. Alice Fitzgerald Mr. Brian Flanagan Kimberly Q. Foley, RN Mr. and Mrs. R. Terrance Fuller Albert L. Fullerton, MD Ms. Bridget Gallagher Mrs. Janet Gallant Wood and Mr. Kevin Wood Mr. William Gately Anthony and Lisa Gattineri Ms. Jane L. Gillespie Manon Glassford Phyllis and Paul Gleason Mr. and Mrs. William F. Govostes Donald John Grande, MD Dr. Kathleen Greco and Mr. Joseph Clark Lianne and Glen Green Mr. Frederick D. Greene Kenneth and Kathleen Grisley Ms. Nancy M. Gritti Mr. John P. Harding Robert and Marylou Hardy Mr. George S. Hebb, Jr. Robert Christopher Herron, MD Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hickey Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Hodges Ms. Marcia J. Hunt Edward and Molly Johnson

Daniel and Mary LaGatta Ms. Patricia J. Langell Brian and Wendy LaPointe Casey and Robert Leber Dr. and Mrs. T. Jack Lee Leone’s Hair Design Ms. Barbara Levesque Ms. Janice L. Linhares Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus B. Linscott Mr. Thomas Lizotte Ms. Marie Lloyd Drs. Michelle L. Lock and Jesse Lock Mr. Thomas Lovell Mr. Duncan H. MacLeod Mrs. Barbara A. Mahoney The Donald M. Manzelli Family Trust Mr. and Mrs. Erik J. Marinko Mr. Mike Martell Catherine and Ronald Martin Mr. and Mrs. Robert McCarthy Ms. Fiona C. McCaughan, RN Ms. Rosemary E. McCormack Lesley A. McDermottroe, RN Mr. Harold McDonnell Mr. and Mrs. Patrick McDonough Ann and Lane McGovern Mrs. Linda I. McGowan, RN Ms. Irma M. McGuff

Brenda L. Johnson, MD

Mr. and Mrs. William J. McManus

Ms. Robin G. Kantrowitz

Mr. Bryan Meehan

Monte I. Kaufman, MD

Ms. Barbara A. Melvin

Ms. Ann T. Kearn

Gary Mendese

Mr. James F. Kearney

Mr. William J. Mills, III

Mr. Mailaja Mohammed

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Norberg

Brad and Barbara Ross

Dr. and Mrs. John M. Tomich

Ms. Elizabeth M. Andrews

Alfred and Mary Monahan

Mr. Alan J. Norris, Jr.

Glenn A. Ruhl, MD

Mrs. Sheila E. Trafton


Janis Moriarty

Ms. Jean A. O’Connor

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Salani

Mrs. Evelyn C. Trageser

Kaitlyn E. Arriel, RN

Mr. and Mrs. David B. Mortenson

Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. O’Donnell

Mr. James D. Salinetti

Luis and Ada Valles

Mr. Philip A. Arsenault

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Mourikas, Jr.

Harold and Sun Park

Mr. and Ms. Richard C. Schatzl

Ms. Denise A. Vazza

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Aslett

Mrs. Dorothy M. Mueller

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Pastan

Mrs. Emma D. Schelzi

Mrs. Laura M. Ventimiglia

Mr. John Atkinson

Mr. David Pearson

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Schoelkopf

Mr. John A. Verrengia

Mr. and Mrs. William Attwood

Isabel and Regis Pelloux

Ms. Rebecca A. Schroeder

Mr. William J. Wagner

Ms. Maria A. Badaracco

Ms. Jeanne K. Phillips

Mrs. Mary E. Shannon

Mrs. Mary M. Walsh

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest D. Balestrieri

Mr. and Mrs. William Plansky

Jeremy Shore, MD

Ms. Nancy M. Ballantyne

Salvador and Norma Porras

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Soucy

Dr. Carol Watson and Dr. Arthur Waltman

Reading Co-operative Bank

Michael Spenard, PA-C

Prof. and Mrs. Janos M. Beer

Ms. Lauren Reardon

Ms. Kathleen A. Spinelli, RN

Dr. Gregory J. Weisz and Dr. Paula Fang

Ms. Barbara Reetz

Sports Medicine North

Ms. Dianne G. Reid, RN

Mary Beth Strauss, RN

Dr. Ronald Nath and Kathy Nath

Mr. Michael A. Roberto

Mr. Edward D. Sweeney

New England Drapery and Blind

Mr. Josh Roberts

Mr. Gerald J. Taylor

Ms. Molly J. Niland

Mr. Allan G. Rodgers

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Taylor

Mr. Juan C. Roitman

Michael and Ellen Terry

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Mulvaney Mr. and Mrs. Roy J. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Murphy Ms. Viola Murphy Mystic Valley Dermatology Jody A. Naimark, MD Claire & Jack Nath Charitable Foundation

Patricia Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Kane Thompson Ms. Julieann Thurlow Dr. and Mrs. Peter N. Tiffany

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Welch Ms. Michelle A. White George and Margo Wilson Ms. Geraldine Wilson Dr. Lee and Heidi Zohn Ms. Maryann Zschau

$100 – $249

Ms. Sharon R. Abreu Colette Ahern, RN

Ms. Patricia E. Bedell Ms. Leona Belanger Ms. Katherine Belmont Vivan R. Benson Mrs. Carol A. Bergeron Susan and Thomas Berry Mrs. Joan F. Bird Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bishop Mr. and Mrs. Bengt E. Bjarngard Ms. Kerrin A. Blake

Ms. Alice Aittama

BNY Mellon Community Partnership

Mr. David M. Allen

Ms. Jill K. Bohlin

Mrs. Eugene F. Allen

Terry and Joe Bomal

Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Amate

Mr. Paul Bonasera

Mr. and Mrs. John Amato

Mr. Ralph H. Bonnell, III

Shapur A. Ameri, MD

Mrs. Patricia C. Bonnell

Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Amico

Mr. Mabrouk Boukraa

Mr. David Anderson

Ms. Sophia Bowers

Mr. Charles A. Anderson

Dr. William L. Breckwoldt and Dr. Caroline Foote Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. Brickley Mr. Thomas Brogan Harriet O. Brooks Patrick Brophy, MD Katrina and Randy Brow Ms. Daniela Brown Matthew Wesley Brown, MD Ms. Ruby A. Browne Darlene and Steve Bruen

Inpatient Specialist Bismarck Cadet, MD

Mr. Anthony M. Bucci

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Clark

Mr. and Mrs. David D’Entremont

Ms. Karen Feldman

Ms. Patricia D. Gordon

Ms. Jean C. Buckley

Tad and Nancy Cleary

Mr. and Mrs. Donald D’Eon

Mr. Robert J. Ferullo

Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Gorman

John and Diane Bujalski

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur P. Clough

Mr. Henry G. Der

Mr. and Mrs. Jane M. Fiore

Mr. Thomas Gosnell

Ms. Paula Buono

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Coakley

Ms. Kerlande Derilus

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Fisher

Ms. Adrienne Gover

Ms. Barbara A. Burke

Mr. Rafael Cobar

Mr. and Mrs. Matt D’Errico

Mrs. Sharon Fitzpatrick, RN

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon J. Graham

Ms. Mary F. Burke

Ms. Elaine Cobucci

Daniel Deschler, MD

Mr. and Mrs. James Fitzpatrick

Mr. Paul J. Graham

Mrs. Laurie P. Busa

Ms. Marilyn Cochran

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dickey

Ms. Teresa A. Fitzpatrick

Ms. Josephine M. Graney

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Byrne

Ms. Deb Coen

Ms. Judith M. Dimlich

Ms. Judith A. Flaherty

Mr. W. R. Graves, Esq.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Byrne

Ms. Carol A. Cogan

Mr. Mark R. Diorio

Mrs. Anne Flaherty-Strong

Mrs. Donald B. Greenlaw

Ms. Erin A. Cafferky

Mr. John W. Columbare

Mary and John DiRienzo

Becky Flight

Mr. and Mrs. Neil Grossbard

Ms. Ruth E. Camber, RN

The Concannon Family

David Dohan, MD

Brian and Kelly Flora

Ms. Bonnie Gupta

Anthony and Barbara Camoscio

Ms. Caren Connelly

Mrs. Maria Haddad

June Connors

Dr. Elizabeth G. Doherty and Mr. Mark Stesney

Mrs. Kelly Flora

Mr. Brian D. Campbell

Ellen and Jon Haggerty

Mr. Alfred A. Capobianco

Mr. Stephen Conrad

Ms. Janice A. Dolan

Mr. James Foley Ms. Deborah M. Fonseca

Ms. Lynn Haggerty

Mr. Edward Capone

Ms. Jane E. Cook-Campbell

Mr. Raymond Forcina

Ms. Patti Haggerty

Mr. Pasquale J. Carbone

Ms. Margaret L. Copithorne

Ms. Jean E. Forsythe

Mr. Shawn M. Hallisey

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Carleton

Mr. Edward Costigan Mr. Richard Cotter

Ms. Mary T. Donnelly

Ms. Stella Hammond

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard W. Carpenter

Dr. Kathleen and Mr. Patrick J. Fortin

Dr. David and Patricia Donohoe

Mr. Walter C. Fowle

Ms. Susan Carzo

The Honorable Carol A. Donovan

Mrs. Christen Foy

Ms. Toni-Lynn Hansen

Ms. Michelle Crawford

Mr. Patrick Doolan

Evander and Leslie French

Mr. Paul C. Casey Mrs. Brenda L. Cashman Mr. Francesco Cataldo Ms. Lisa C. Catino

Mrs. Lillian A. Craven John and Barbara Crosby Ms. Mary Crowley Ms. Denise A. Curran Mr. Ryan M. Curtin

Mrs. Catherine C. Donaghey Melissa Donais, FNP Mr. Vincent L. Donlan

Barbara J. Doyle, RN Ms. Jane Drew

Ms. Mary D’Addario

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W. Driscoll

CEP Plumbing and Heating, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. James V. D’Agostino

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Dubé

Ceppi Family

Ms. Diane M. Daley

Ms. Lucille T. Cesari

Mr. and Mrs. William M. Damour

Mr. and Mrs. George E. Chabot, Jr.

Rev. and Mrs. Earl Darlington

Ms. Jean Chastain

Mr. and Mrs. William M. Davis

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Caulfield Mr. Anthony Cavallaro

Mrs. Karen M. Chepulis Dr. Amy K. Chi Mrs. Helen Chiasson The Chidsey Children Ms. Janice T. Chisholm

Ms. Elizabeth P. Davidson Ms. Katharine A. Deackoff, RN Dr. and Mrs. George A. Deemys Mr. and Mrs. Alan J. Defreitas Ms. Louise L. DeGeorge

Kiersten H. Christensen

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene V. Del Gaizo

Ms. Kristen H. Christiansen

Mrs. Eunice F. Delaney

Ms. Gail M. Ciano

Ms. Eleanor M. Denault

Peg A. Clark, RN

Nancy Denizkurt

Chad J. Clark

Ms. Marion A. Dennehy

Mr. John Dulchinos Mr. Francis Dumornay Mr. Brian DuPont Mr. and Mrs. James J. Dwyer Nayomi Edirisinghe, MD Ms. Christine M. Edouard Mrs. Frances P. Elliott Lisa Enaire and Vito Gorrasi, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Erb Mr. Paul D. Everberg Ms. Patricia Falasca Mr. Daniel J. Farino Ms. Deborah Farnham Ms. Christine A. Favorat Nancy and Tim Feeney

Ms. Marie R. Francois Mr. and Mrs. Tom Freund Daniel Friedlander, MD Floyd Frost Ms. Loreen E. Frost Mr. John H. Fullerton Ms. Helen C. Gailis

Ms. Janet Hanlon Ms. Linda S. Hanson Don and Bonnie Harding Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Harris Ms. June Hazelwood Ms. Deborah Healy Ms. Marianne M. Heard Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Helmar Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Higgins

Mr. Robert L. Gallant

Mr. Michael G. Hinchey and Mrs. Shirley Kawamoto

Ms. Lucia R. Gargano

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Hitchcock

Mr. and Mrs. Austin T. Garvey, III

Ms. Jeanne M. Holland

Ms. Donna M. Gately

Dr. and Mrs. F. Sheppard Holt

Ms. Cheryl Gaudet, RN

Mr. and Mrs. David P. Homsi

Ms. Cheryl A. Gearin

Ms. Dorothy I. Hoyt

J. Genova

Ms. Mary Humphrey

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Gibbons, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert W. Hunt

Ms. Irina Gibbs

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Hurford

Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Gilbert

Mr. John S. Iannuzzi

George and Janet Ginivisian

Mrs. John M. Ingram

Mrs. Irene Goldstein

Jbid V. Ipek

Ms. Linda Goodemote

Mr. Chris Irving

Mr. Henry Gordeau

Cathie and Dean Jackson

Mr. and Mrs. James B. Lane

Dennis Markovitz, MD

Jake Builders, Inc.

Mrs. Laurie R. Lane

Ms. Debra A. Marr, RN

Mr. Anthony Jenkins

Shari F. Lecker, MD

Ms. Jean Mattuchio

Mrs. Roberta L. Johansen

Mr. Phillip Ledin

Ms. Arlene L. Mazochia

Ms. Christine Nabunya

Mr. James Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Nelson C. Lees

Mr. Harry Z. Nalbandian

Mr. and Mrs. Eric P. Johnson

Mrs. Genevieve B. Lenehan

Dr. Karen R. McAlmon and Mr. Kwame Ofori-Asante

Ms. Anne J. Neilson

Ms. Mary E. Johnson

Ms. Desiree L. Letellier

Mr. and Mrs. Charles McCabe

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Nelson

Robert and Carolyn Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. E. Donald Lewis

Mr. and Mrs. Donald O. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Jason M. Lewis

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. McCallion

New England Document Systems, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Brendan McCarthy

Ms. Mary F. Newcomb, RN

Mr. John Johnston

Dr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Little

Laura McCarthy Family

Mr. James T. Newton

Ms. Carolyn M. McCarty

Ms. Majorie A. Neylon

Kathy and Ted McCormack

Ms. Cornelia G. Nichols

Mr. and Mrs. Kilmer S. McCully

Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Nichols

Ms. Lorraine F. McDonough

Sandra and Donald Nicholson

William and Kathryn McDonough

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Nicolopoulos

Ms. Maureen G. McElhinney

The Noble Family

Ms. Marie E. McGarry

Ms. Dimpal C. Nunes

Ms. Linda McKenzie

Ms. Kelley A. Nunnelley

Ms. Lauren C. Mclaughlin

Ms. Dianne A. Oberle

Ms. Bernadette McNally

Karol Obremski

Ms. Maureen J. McRae

Ms. Donna O’Brien, RN

Ms. Diane Meagher

Ms. Kerin O’Brien

Pat and Bill Meahl-McGinty

Miss Lindsey O’Brien

Ms. Rebecca A. Merrill

Mr. and Mrs. John E. O’Connor

Rev. Richard C. Messina

Mrs. Mary Jane O’Donnell

Mr. and Mrs. Mario J. Miani

Ms. Julie O’Grady, RN

Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Michienzi

O’Hare Giffee Family

Mr. Peter Middlemass

Mrs. Katherine O’Hare

Ms. Mary E. Miller

Michael O’Keefe

Ms. Carol Minasian

Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Onthank

Michael and Susan Minchello

Mrs. Donna L. O’Shea

Ms. Carol Minteer

Mrs. Peggy M. Otis

Mr. and Mrs. Garrett J. Mizioch

Mr. Raymond Otter

Mr. and Mrs. Angelo M. Morandi

Mr. and Mrs. Brent E. Outwater

Mark and Nicole Morneau Maurice and Elizabeth Morneau

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew C. Overlan

John and Margaret Morrison

Roger and Janice Palmer

Mrs. Cynthia C. Morse

Ms. Patrice Pappalardo

Mr. Edward Morton

Ms. Elaine M. Paradiso

Mr. Matthew G. Muise

Mr. Harry W. Parshley

Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Mulik

Ms. Janet Paterson

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Murgia

Mr. Jonas Paul

Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Murphy

Mr. and Mrs. Leander F. Pease, III

Ms. Jennifer A. Murphy

Drs. Joshua and Sara Penn

Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Joy Mr. and Mrs. John J. Joyce Mrs. Marion P. Joyce Ms. Valerie Joyce-Santini Ms. Kerri L. Kanyoko

Ms. Pamela B. Linzer Ms. Ann M. Locke Mr. and Mrs. Buck Locke John and Joi Ann Loewy Ms. Rosalie M. Longo

Marisa Kearney, MD

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Looby, Jr.

Mr. Joseph T. Keating

Mr. and Mrs. Claude A. Lopez

Mrs. Deborah Kelley

Ms. Shirley J. Lord

Ms. Colleen M. Kelly

Robert and Diane Lord

Robert F. Kenerson, MD

Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Loria

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Kent

Mr. William J. Loring

Prescott and Barbara Keyes

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard T. Loughran, Jr.

Young and Eun Kim Dr. Chitra Y. King and Mr. Christopher King

Mr. Thomas J. Lovaglio

Mrs. Marie A. Kleponis

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Lyons, Jr.

Debra and Jack Kleynen

Mr. Bruce A. Macaulay

Mr. Philip D. Kluge

Mrs. Martha MacDonald

Aimee Knorr, MD

Mr. Alexander W. MacKenzie, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Tom Krasco

Karen W. MacKenzie, RN

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Kravetz

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel MacKinnon

Ms. Gail A. Krom

Mark A. Macklis, MD

Jayne Kruszkowski

Ellen and Don MacMullin

Mr. Anthony E. Krzeminski

Ms. Janet M. MacRina

Ms. Margaret Labedz

Mr. Ian Macrobbie

Mrs. Martha Ladd

Phil and Priscilla Maher

Mr. Hervey Laforest

Ms. Norma J. Mahoney

Dermot Lahey

Ms. Rosemary Maida

Ms. Sandra L. Laliberte

Ms. Debra J. Malone

Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Lamson

Shibly Malouf, DDS

Kate Lane

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley J. Malvarosa

Andrew Lubin, MD

Mr. and Mrs. John Manganaro Mr. Harley J. Manning Mrs. Deborah C. Marchese Mr. Dennis J. Marcucci

Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Murphy, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Paul X. Murphy

Ms. Cordelia M. Overhiser

Ms. Evelyn V. Penta

Ms. Elaine Saad

Elaine Smokler

Elizabeth Veno, RN

Ms. Michelle Perrilli

Mr. and Mrs. Sherman W. Saltmarsh

Ms. Kelley Snow

Ms. Maria L. Ventimiglia

Saltmarsh Insurance Agency

Mrs. Maryellen Solazzi

Ms. Doreen A. Vieira

Mr. and Mrs. Pierre O. Souillac

Mrs. Peter R. Vincent

Mr. Edmund Sousa

Mr. Bill Vinci

Spadafora Slush Company

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Vitale

Mr. Anthony Spadafora and Mrs. Alice Spadafora

Mr. Joseph Viveiros

David and Kristen Sparks

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Waite, Jr.

Ms. Peggy Perry Mr. Stephen Peterson Ms. Rita M. Petralia Ms. Susan M. Petrosino, RN Ms. Ann Philbin Mr. and Mrs. Alan G. Pike Ms. Joanne Piselli Mr. and Mrs. Harold D. Polen Ms. Miriam S. Pollack Kathleen A. Porter, RN Mr. Steve J. Poulos Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Powers Ms. Ann M. Powers

Mrs. Priscilla L. Samoiloff Ms. Mary Sampson Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Sandford Mr. Francis A. Sarno Ms. Joyce E. Sasso Ms. Robyn Sateriale Paula and Jay Savary Ms. Kathleen J. Savosik Ms. Patricia G. Scanlon Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Scarpone

Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Spencer Mr. and Mrs. Jim Spry Ms. Phyllis Spry Mary and Matthew Staten Ms. Susan B. Stempek Bruce and Terri Stevens

Franklin B. Waddell, MD Ms. Stephanie J. Wall Mr. Eric D. Wall Mrs. Eliza Wall Ms. Camille R. Wallace Mrs. Mary E. Walsh Ms. Margaret J. Walsh

Ms. Catherine Prillo

Benjamin Scheindlin, MD and Beth Kantrowitz

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Prizio

Ms. Kathleen Schloth

Marta Quijano, MD Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Raffi, Jr.

Mildred Schofield and Jane Regan

Ms. Alice L. Raia

Ms. Celia L. Schulhoff

Ms. Joan F. Moriarty Sullivan

Ms. Paula M. Ranieri

Mr. Brad Schultz

John J. Sullivan, MD

Ms. Diane Raposo

Ginny and Bill Scott

Ms. Barbara L. Sullivan

Dr. and Mrs. Howard W. Rashba

Ms. Alicia Selvaggio

Mr. and Mrs. Gary M. Sullivan

Ms. Leslie Rawe

Ms. Bharti T. Shah

Mrs. Kathleen M. Sullivan

Mrs. Barbara C. Reed

Ms. Catherine L. Shannon

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Surabian

Mr. John J. Regan, Jr.

Frank and Judy Shaw

Mr. Charles Sweeney

Regis College

Steven and Patricia Shea

Mr. Richard Sweeney

Mr. John P. Reilly

Ms. Rochelle A. Shea-Eckert

Ms. Alison M. Taber

Mr. Joseph H. Reynolds

Mrs. Kay L. Shubrooks

Deborah and Joseph Tarby

Ms. Brenda Ricci

Mr. Russell Sigrist

Mr. Robert S. Tarnowski

Ms. Ruby Richardson

Ms. Rosann M. Sillari

Mr. and Mrs. James H. Taurasi

Ms. Diane Riddell

Ms. Shelley Silverman

Jean and Dan Test

River University

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas J. Simione, Jr.

Kim and William Tetterton

Mr. and Mrs. Alan J. Simpson

Arthur K. Fan Tong, MD

Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Robinson

Ms. Edith M. Simpson

Hung T. Tram

Ms. Rose Marie Sinclair

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Robinson

Mr. & Mrs. James M. Traniello

Mrs. Ann M. Sindoni

Betty and Carl Tricca

Ms. Regina A. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard A. Tuttle

Ms. Sheryl A. Smith

Mr. Chester F. Tyminski

Mr. Charles F. Smith

Mr. Robert Vail

Dr. Dana I. Zitkovsky and Mr. Ivan Zitkovsky

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth D. Smith

Ms. Susan Valente

Kathy and Zeb Zybura

Ms. Michelle Smith Robin A. Smith, MD

Paulette and Robert Van der Kloot

Mr. Ross Smith

Ms. Laura K. Vanderhill

Ms. Rachael L. Smock

Ana-Cristina Vasilescu, MD

Riverside Sheet Metal and Contracting, Inc.

Ms. Andrea Rolli Mr. Frank P. Rosander Mrs. Guity Roshan Mr. and Mrs. Derek Russell Mr. and Mrs. John H. Russell Ms. Grace M. Ryan Ms. Jane E. Ryan Ms. Joyce Ryan

Mr. Glenn A. Stirling Ms. Susan E. Stone Sharon Stotsky, MD Ms. Joan M. Strobel

Ms. Tracy Tierney

Mr. and Mrs. Roy F. Walters Kerrilee Warren Brothers, RN Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Waugh Ms. Barbara Webber Mr. Paul Weiner Ms. Kathleen M. Welsh Mrs. Rosalyn W. Westra Mr. Charles E. Wheaton, Jr. Ms. Eris White Mr. and Mrs. Walter H. Wickwire Linda Wiebold, RN Ms. Bernadette G. Wilkinson Ms. Elyse A. Wilson Foote Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Winslow Ms. Margaret A. Wiseman Woburn Lions Breakfast Club Mr. and Mrs. Mark F. Wood Ms. Joanne T. Wood Mrs. Robin F. Wortmann Dennis Wright Cathy Wrotny, RN Mr. and Mrs. James H. Young Mrs. Jane L. Yusen Ms. Elena F. Zero

Business Par tners Membership in the Business Partners Program helps to ensure that patients continue to have access to the highest quality care and the latest medical equipment. The program began in 2011 as a way to bring together local businesses and corporations that have made annual contributions of $1,000 or more to support a range of initiatives at Winchester Hospital. Benefits to members include networking with the hospital administrators and physicians, wellness programs offered to businesses, invitations to events and prominent recognition on the hospital’s donor wall. As the number of Business Partners continues to grow, we invite you to join us. Left to right: Cummings Properties President and CEO Dennis Clarke and Winchester Hospital President and CEO Kevin Smith

“While numerous awards are testament to Winchester Hospital’s ability to deliver top quality health care, I have been most impressed by my first-hand experience as a patient, as well as the father of four of the hospital’s “frequent flyers.” Even more than the efficient, effective care, my family appreciates the compassionate and friendly manner in which it is delivered by every staff member on every visit, with never a single exception. Cummings Properties’ management team feels very good supporting Winchester Hospital, knowing that our colleagues and their families have access to this kind of superior care in their local community.” - Cummings Properties President and CEO Dennis Clarke National Development

Shields Health Care Group

John Moriarty & Associates, Inc.

New England Document Systems, Inc.

Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc.

KHJ Brand Activation

New England Drapery and Blind

Stoneham Bank

Dynamex, Inc.

LifeLine Ambulance Services

The Outsource Group

Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation

M & M Landscaping

Northmark Bank and Trust Company

Martini Insurance Agency, Inc.

Presidio Networked Solutions


Public Financial Management

Wilmington Health Care Center

Edward Jones - Bill Sullivan Financial Advisor

Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo, PC

Reading Co-operative Bank Salter Healthcare Services, Inc.

Murtha Cullina, LLP

Shields Design Studio

Action Ambulance Service, Inc.

Cummings Properties

Allen & Major Associates, Inc.

Curbside Hospitality

Armstrong Ambulance Service

DiGiorgio Associates


DSCI Corporation

B & A Maintenance, Inc. Bay State Physical Therapy Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Bonnell Ford Bridgeline Digital Collins Management, Inc.

Executive Health Resources Inc.

HealthCARE Management Consulting, LLC

The PFM Group Winchester Co-operative Bank Winchester Savings Bank Woodbriar of Wilmington/ Windsor Place of Wilmington Wotton’s Fleet Services, Inc.

Grateful Patient Program The Grateful Patient program recognizes gifts from patients in honor of physicians, nurses, caregivers and departments. Recipients of the award receive a silver pin commemorating the honor. Patients listed below have made donations to Winchester Hospital between October 1, 2012 and September 30, 2013. In honor of Dr. Jonathan Adler

David J. Cohen, MD Ms. Irene Constantine Ms. Elaine E. Hodgkins Mr. and Mrs.Norman Jacobs Mr. and Mrs. Melvyn Klein Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Riggs Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Sampson, Sr. Mrs. Jane L. Yusen

Dr. Donald J. Annino

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis A. Clarke

Jane Archambeault, RN Ms. Holly J. Walton

Dr. Armen Arslanian Mrs. Mary R. Vincent

Claudia Azevedo, OT Ms. Priscilla Alessandrini

The B3 Nurses and Staff Ms. Rita M. Coyne The Family of Patricia Tulley

Debra Barrett, RN Ms. Archna Agarwal

Dr. Dennis Begos

Ms. Joanne M. Deluca

Dr. Barbara Bjornson Ms. Marion M. Kelly Elvira and John Milano Mr. Joseph H. Reynolds

Kerry Blomberg, RN

Mr. and Mrs. James Taurasi

Catherine Brewer, RN

Stephanie and Walter Soule

Ms. Jennifer Caranfa, RN Ms. Dimpal C. Nunes

Dr. Leo Cass

Ms. Rita M. Coyne Irving and Dolores Rawding

Center for Cancer Care Staff

The Family of Peggy Rice Ms. Jae Roosevelt Ms. Lucille Tedesco

Carolyn Chamberlain, RN

Joan Fraske, RN

Ms. Priscilla Alessandrini

Rita Freitas

Ms. Mary Crowley

Ms. Mary Lou Brickett Ms. Denise Kelly Ms. Mary Sampson The Family of Patricia Tulley

Dr. Arlan F. Fuller

Denise Keough, RN

Ms. Archna Agarwal

Ms. Cynthia Turner Awbrey Ms. Jasmine Chen Ms. Aileen Day Lee and Tharon Dunn Ms. Diane M. Griffiths Mrs. Marion P. Joyce Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Pigott Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Riggs Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Roketenetz Ms. Jae Roosevelt Mr. and Mrs. James J. Savage Mr. and Mrs. Jim Spry Ms. Tricia Stahr Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Taymor Ms. Mary Jean Weylman* Mr. and Mrs. James R. Willing

Gennifer Davie, RN

Jodi Futernick, RN

Mr. and Mrs. James Taurasi

Ms. Sheetal Maselkar

Dr. James DeVellis

Janet Gallant-Wood, NP

Ms. Archna Agarwal Stephanie and Walter Soule

Susan Christo, RN Ms. Elisabeth Fulton

Stacey Clark, RN Mr. John B. Boyle

Dr. Kelley Cornell Ms. Mary R. Vincent

Dr. Joseph Czarnecki Mr and Mrs. Vito Maida

Sharon Daley, RN

Ms. Elaine E. Hodgkins

Dr. John W. Dickason Barbara and Ray Sousa

Dr. Donald J. Druga Ms. Dimpal C. Nunes Catharine and Robby Robertson

Claire Doherty, RN

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lafleur

Nancy Eastman, RN

Mr. and Mrs. James Taurasi

Wendy Ferrick, RN

Stephanie and Walter Soule

Dr. Daniel Finger

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Reynolds Mrs. Mary R. Vincent

The ICU Nurses and Staff

Ms. Mary Jean Weylman* Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Pigott

Dr. Philip M. Gendelman

Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Shagoury

Linda Hanson, PT

Ms. Priscilla Alessandrini

Laura Harbert, RN Ms. Archna Agarwal

Carolyn Heinz, RN

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dichiara

Stacey Holland, RN Kaushik Agrawal

The Home Care Staff Ms. Margaret Donahoe

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dichiara

Dr. Chitra Y. King

Mrs. Anne E. Armour

Dr. Debra G. Knee Ms. Virginia A. Myers

The Lifeline Staff

Ms. Evelyn D. Jeanes

Dr. Arthur F. Little

Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Shagoury

Dr. Andrew Lubin

Mr. and Mrs. Melvyn Klein

Amy E. MacDowell, RN Ms. Stephanie Sadowski

Chris Malone, PT

Ms. Elisabeth Fulton

Susan Marquardt, PT

Mr. Charles McLeman, Jr.

Debra A. Marr, RN

Ms. Sajitha Thallachery

Maureen Mills, RN

Rebecca and Abigail McVey

Karen Moraites, RN Kaushik Agrawal

Dr. Anju Nayar

Ms. Archna Agarwal

The NICU Staff

Mr. David Hinckley

Rebecca Reuland, RN

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dichiara

Dr. Peter Rotolo

Ms. Archna Agarwal Ms. Jessica McCormack

Maryellen Santarpio

Mr. and Mrs. Willam W. Powers

Dr. Joshua Sheehan

Mr. and Mrs. Melvyn Klein

Karen Sherry, RN

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dichiara

Patricia Spinazzola, RN

Jason and Theresa Bergeron Ms. Dimpal C. Nunes

Claire Spry, RN

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dichiara

Dr. John Sullivan

Mr. and Mrs. Vito Maida

Victoria Sullivan, RN

Mr. Charles McLeman, Jr.

Lisa Sullivan, RN Ms. Alyssa Disario

Melinda Taranto-Garnis, LICSW

Ms. Holly J. Walton

Dr. William M. Vanneman Ms. Joanne M. Deluca

Cheryl Walker, RN Ms. Archna Agarwal

Dr. Richard Weiner

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Willing

Cathy Wrotny, RN

Ms. Celia L. Schulhoff

Barbara Pappas, RN Mrs. Marcia F. McNees


Tribute Gifts Tribute gifts allow donors to honor or remember loved ones and friends and support the hospital. Listed are honor and memorial gifts made between October 1, 2012 and September 30, 2013.

In honor of Dr. Jonathan Adler

Mr. and Mrs. Mike W. Fossier

Barbara Ahearn

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Ahearn

Kathleen Ahearn

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Ahearn

Sean Ahern

Kathy and Frank Schuler

Dr. Mohammed Akbarian Richard Iseke, MD

All Women Everywhere Michael “Captain” White

Donald J. Annino, MD Alicia and Dennis Clarke

David Appleby

Ms. Susan Appleby

Dr. Dennis Begos Richard Iseke, MD

Dr. Stephanie Bernstein Aileen Day, RN Fiona McCaughn, RN Sue Mizer, RN

Kathleen L. Beyerman, RN Kathy Schuler, RN Maribeth Canning Mary Beth Strauss, RN

Dr. Barbara H. Bjornson Aileen Day, RN Richard Iseke, MD Fiona McCaughan, RN Sue Mizer, RN

Catherine P. Booth, RN Marlene Williamson, RN

Beverly Bowker, MD Aileen Day, RN Fiona McCaughan, RN Sue Mizer, RN

Dr. William L. Breckwoldt Richard Iseke, MD

Jean D. Brown, RN, M.S. Maribeth Canning Kathy Schuler, RN Mary Beth Strauss, RN

Matthew Wesley Brown, MD

Ms. Nancy Fennelly and Ms. Donna Guildersleeve

Dr. Bismarck Emmanuel Cadet Richard Iseke, MD Ann Marie Tilley, RN

Maribeth Canning Lianne Green Richard Iseke, MD Anne M. Lang Kathy Schuler, RN Kevin Smith Mary Sweeney Matthew Woods

Case Management Department

Dennis and Elissa Sargent

Greg Chastain

Ms. Jean Chastain

Dr. Amy Chi

Richard Iske, MD Linda McGowan, RN

Dr. Nancy Chun

Aileen Day, RN Fiona McCaughan, RN Sue Mizer, RN

Kay Deakoff, RN Richard Iseke, MD

Marion A. Dennehy

Lianne Green Bonnie Harding

Dr. David Dohan

Gastroenterology Department

Richard Iseke, MD Richard Iseke, MD

Dr. Alan D. Edelstein Aileen Day, RN Sue Mizer, RN

James B. Elliott Mr. Brian DuPont

Dr. Andrew Escoll Richard Iseke, MD

The Macinanti Family Ms. Barbara Reetz

Betty Ferrina

Donna and Thomas Cefalo

Dr. Daniel Finger

Aileen Day, RN Fiona McCaughan, RN Sue Mizer, RN

Stacey A. Clark, RN

Kathleen Fitzgerald, RN

Dr. Kimberly C. Cole Richard Iseke, MD

Dr. Thomas Henry Costello Richard Iseke, MD

Dr. Michele Crage Richard Iseke, MD

Albert and Susie D’Addario Ms. Mary D’Addario Mark and Nicole Morneau Maurice and Elizabeth Morneau

Aileen Day, RN

Fiona McCaughan, RN

Dozier L. Gardner

Dr. James Devellis

Lee Kauffman

Janine Finn, RN

Marlene Williamson, RN

Aileen Day, RN Sue Mizer, RN Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Shapiro Mrs. Helen Chiasson Mr. James Lally Mr. Robert McElhinney Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Schoelkopf

Carla Destramp

Lisa Cipriano, RN Richard Iseke, MD

Janet Gallant Wood

Marlene Williamson, RN

Daniel Friedlander, MD

Dr. Phillip Gendelman Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Shagoury

Beth A. Gerrior Lianne Green Bonnie Harding

Gerald S. Greeley Matthew Woods

Lianne Green

Bonnie Harding Mary Sweeney Dr. Thomas J. Mulvaney

Joanne Grega

Anonymous John and Diane Bujalski Marcia Hunt Robin Kantrowitz Michael O’Keefe Kathy Schuler, RN

Wanda Holt, RN

Marlene Williamson, RN

Dr. John Hutcheson Richard Iseke, MD

Caroline Ibbitson, RN Marlene Williamson, RN

Dr. Richard Iseke

Maribeth Canning Case Management Department Amy Chi Kathleen Fitzgerald, RN Lianne Green Anne Lang Kathy Schuler, RN Kevin Smith Mary Sweeney Richard Weiner, MD Marlene Williamson, RN Matthew Woods

Dorena L. Jacavanco, RN

Marlene Williamson, RN

Dr. Mohammed Jaleel Richard Iseke, MD Marlene Williamson, RN

Dr. Roy A. Johnson Richard Iseke, MD

Lee Kauffman

Kathy Schuler, RN Matthew Woods

Karen Keaney, RN

Richard Iseke, MD Mary Beth Strauss, RN

C. T. Griffith

Susan M. Ford, RN

Ms. Diane M. Griffiths

Maribeth Canning Kathy Schuler, RN Mary Beth Strauss, RN

Kathleen Grisley, RN

Dorothy Kelly-Flynn, RN

Richard Iseke, MD

Richard Iseke, MD

Ellen Haggerty

Dr. Chitra Y. King

Marlene Williamson, RN

Dr. Robert P. Fortunato Richard Iseke, MD

Dr. Arlan Fuller

Aileen Day, RN Mr. and Mrs. R. Terrance Fuller Richard Iseke, MD Karen and David Leland Ms. Martha M. MaDan Fiona McCaughan, RN Sue Mizer, RN Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Shapiro

Lianne Green Bonnie Harding

Bonnie Harding Lianne Green

Aileen Day, RN Fiona McCaughan, RN Sue Mizer, RN

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. King

Lauren Hinckley

Ms. Jan Inglis

Marilyn Holmes

Richard Iseke, MD

Mr. David Hinckley Russ Carriker

Dr. Gloria E. Korta

Frank R.Virnelli, MD After devoting 42 years to serving the Anne M. Lang

Maribeth Canning Lianne Green Richard Iseke, MD Mary Sweeney Kathy Schuler, RN Kevin Smith Matt Woods

Pamela B. Linzer Richard Iseke, MD

Dr. Arthur F. Little Richard Iseke, MD

Dale Lodge

Maribeth Canning Lianne Green Richard Iseke, MD Anne M. Lang Kathy Schuler, RN Kevin Smith Mary T. Sweeney Matt Woods

Linda M. Lutey

Maribeth Canning Kathy Schuler, RN Mary Beth Strauss, RN

Anne MacDonald

Fiona McCaughan, RN

Dianne B. Macleod, RN Marlene Williamson, RN

Managed Care, IPA and Highland Management (EMR & OPI) depts. Lee Kauffman

Katie McManus, RN

Marlene Williamson, RN

Sue Mizer, RN

Maribeth Canning Fiona McCaughan, RN Kathy Schuler, RN

Mary E. Moloney, RN Maribeth Canning Richard Iseke, MD Kathy Schuler, RN Mary Beth Strauss, RN

Timothy Morvant, RN Marlene Williamson, RN

Mother Baby Unit Geri Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. Brickley Richard Iseke, MD

Ms. Irma M. McGuff Alfred and Mary Monahan Mrs. Laura M. Ventimiglia

Virnelli’s retirement with a lasting tribute gift to our hospital. Friends, physicians and patients permanently honored Dr. Virnelli

honor the special relationships between our hospital and the physicians, patients, businesses and individuals who make up our shared community. While Dr. Virnelli enjoys the fruits of his labor in a well-earned retirement, a beautiful plaque mounted outside a patient room remains as a visual reminder of his enduring impact and of the special bond between patient

Oncology Nursing Staff

and physician that he so ably exemplified.

Ms. Carolyn Falzone

Dr. Martha E. McCarty

Gerald F. O’Neill Marybeth O’Sullivan Lisa A. Paolillo, Esq. Drs. Kanubhai and Smita Patel

Marlene Williamson, RN

Richard Iseke, MD

Patrick & Daniela McDonough

Susan M. Petrosino, RN Richard Iseke, MD

Ms. Mayra Rojano Ms. Michelle Smith

Karen A. Pettigrew, RN

Linda McGowan, RN

Larry Pickering

Marlene Williamson, RN

these groups joined together to commemorate Dr.

Josephine O’Connor*

Richard Iseke, MD

Mary McGreal, RN

relationships. It is not surprising then that all

Kerin O’Brien, RN

Jean and Bill McCall

Richard Iseke, MD

care as well as respectful staff and colleague

name. Naming opportunities are always available as a timeless way to

Richard Iseke, MD Ms. Irma M. McGuff Alfred and Mary Monahan Mrs. Laura M. Ventimiglia

Ms. Margaret A. Wiseman

Lesley A. McDermottroe, RN

reputation for the highest quality patient

Donna O’Brien, RN

Matt Woods

Richard Iseke, MD

Dix Street in Winchester, had earned a

by dedicating a patient room in the main campus hospital in his

Ms. Ruth E. Mantone

Catherine Martin National Development

His plastic surgery practice, located on

Deborah Murphy

Dr. Dennis Markovitz Richard Iseke, MD

R. Virnelli, MD retired in June of 2013.

Dr. Thomas J. Mulvaney

Marjorie S. Mizer

Richard Iseke, MD

Winchester Hospital community, Frank

Marlene Williamson, RN Lee Kauffman

Dr. Khether Raby

Richard L. and Ann Marie Tilley

In honor of Frank R. Virnelli, MD Mrs. Patricia C. Bonnell Josephine and Ann Catalfo Richard d’Entremont, MD Dr. and Mrs. Alan D. Edelstein Philip Ellerin, MD Ruth and John Flynn Kimberly Foley Mr. and Mrs. R. Terrance Fuller Dr. and Mrs. Paul F. Kelly Mr. and Mrs Steven P. Koppel Carla Lele Lane and Ann McGovern Gloria and Merrill Mezikofsky Mr. Jeffrey Miller Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. O’Brien, Jr.

Gerry and Joan O’Neil Barry S. Paul, MD Pediatricians, Inc. Regis and Isabel Pelloux Ms. Joanna Pywell Mildred Schofield and Jane Regan Frank and Judy Shaw Elizabeth Spiller Terri and Bruce Stevens Kathleen F. and Donna M. Sullivan Peter Tiffany, MD John M. Tomich, MD William Vanneman, Jr., MD Dr. Gregory J. Weisz and Dr. Paula Fang

Dr. Paul Radvany

Ms. Lorraine F. McDonough Richard L. and Ann Marie Tilley

Christine M. Randazzo

Jennifer Scofield, RN Marlene Williamson, RN

Laura Scott

Dr. Joseph B. Taylor Richard Iseke, MD Linda McGowan, RN

Lianne Green Bonnie Harding

Ms. Irma M. McGuff Alfred and Mary Monahan Mrs. Laura M. Ventimiglia

Caitlin Thurston, RN

Sarah A. Rapoza, RN

Donna Sherrill, RN

Richard Iseke, MD

Marlene Williamson, RN

Tina M. Razzaboni, RN Marlene Williamson, RN

Steven C. Re

Anonymous Diane Bujalski Marcia Hunt Robin Kantrowitz Michael O’Keefe

Lori Rega, RN

Marlene Williamson, RN

Donna L. Robbins, RN Marlene Williamson, RN

AnnMarie Roberts, RN Marlene Williamson, RN

Robby Robertson Maribeth Canning Lianne Green Richard Iseke, MD Anne M. Lang Kathy Schuler, RN Kevin Smith Mary T. Sweeney Matt Woods

Kathleen M. Rogers, RN Marlene Williamson, RN

Maribeth Canning Richard Iseke, MD Kathy Schuler, RN Mary Beth Strauss, RN

Tara Shuman Anne M. Lang

Ed Siegal

Mr. Greg Chastain

Pamela Silva, RN

Marlene Williamson, RN

Barbara Smith, RN

Marlene Williamson, RN

Carrie A. Smith, RN

Marlene Williamson, RN

Kevin Smith

Maribeth Canning Lianne Green Richard Iseke, MD Anne M. Lang Kathy Schuler, RN Mary T. Sweeney Matt Woods

Ellen L. Stockbridge, RN Marlene Williamson, RN

Mary Beth Strauss, RN

Eddy Rospide Lee Kauffman

Maribeth Canning Richard Iseke, MD Kathy Schuler, RN

Dr. Peter Rotolo

Cathy A. Strong, RN

Roberta A. Russo

Brenda Sullivan

Anna Russo Strasnick

Ted Sullivan

Thomas Russo

Mary T. Sweeney

Richard Iseke, MD

Mr. Ronald A. Russo Mr. Ronald A. Russo Mr. Ronald A. Russo

Eric Sanderson

Cummings Properties, LLC

Lori Schatzl

Richard Iseke, MD

Kathy Schuler, RN

Maribeth Canning Lianne Green Bonnie Harding Richard Iseke, MD Lee Kauffman Anne M. Lang Kevin Smith Mary Beth Strauss, RN Mary T. Sweeney Matt Woods

Marlene Williamson, RN Marlene Williamson, RN Richard Iseke, MD Maribeth Canning Lianne Green Richard Iseke, MD Lee Kauffman Anne M. Lang Kathy Schuler, RN Kevin Smith Matt Woods

Dr. Normand A. Tanguay Richard Iseke, MD

Deborah Tarnowski, RN Marlene Williamson, RN

Jerry Taylor

Marlene Williamson, RN

Tribute Gifts In memory of Diane Accardi

Dr. Richard E. Toran, Jr.

Janet O’Connor

Dr. William Vanneman

Ms. Anne H. Everett

Maria L. Ventimiglia, RN

Stanley and Karen Ivas Dr. and Mrs. Howard M. Ledewitz Janis and James Ofria Mr. Michael Pilla Reading Veterans Association, Inc./American Legion Post 62 Mr. and Mrs. George Riccardelli

Ms. Joanne M. Deluca

Ms. Irma M. McGuff Alfred and Mary Monahan Mrs. Laura M. Ventimiglia

Jill Votano, RN

Marlene Williamson, RN

Dr. Franklin B. Waddell Richard Iseke, MD

Stephanie J. Wall

Lianne Green Bonnie Harding Richard Iseke, MD Thomas J. Mulvaney, MD

Dr. Richard Weiner

Richard Iseke, MD Marlene Williamson, RN

Dr. Gregory J. Weisz Richard Iseke, MD

Marlene Williamson, RN Maribeth Canning Richard Iseke, MD Kathy Schuler, RN Mary Beth Strauss, RN

Dan Willis

Lee Kauffman

Winchester Hospital Labor and Delivery Susan M. Petrosino, RN

Winchester Hospital Nursing Supervisors and Staffing Office

Ms. Janet V. Spanknebel

Matthew Woods

Maribeth Canning Lianne Green Richard Iseke, MD Lee Kauffman Anne M. Lang Kathy Schuler, RN Kevin Smith Mary Sweeney

Dr. Dana I. Zitkovsky Richard Iseke, MD

Dr. Mark Zuckerman Richard Iseke, MD

Matt Woods

* deceased

Adolph A. Alla, Jr. Thomas A. Aucella Sr.

Mary Bennett

Mr. & Mrs. Steven Adams Ms. Elizabeth Bardis Ms. Shirley Cohen Ms. Mary Lousie Daly Frank, Christine, Denise & Michael Dattilo Sue & John Davis & Family Paul & Elizabeth - Anne Davis Robert & Carol Davis Ms. Pushpa Lele Jocelyn Lewis Mr. & Mrs. John Maratta Mass Dept of Workforce Dev. co-workers Ms. Penelope McIntyre Ms. Ashley Melnik Saro and Elizabeth Minassian Mr. & Mrs. John Morine Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Mossali Mr. & Mrs. Earl Posey Sean & Michelle Quinlan Dr. Walker & Joyce Shields Ms. Betty Stockwood Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Tauro Mr. & Mrs. David Titelbaum Ms. Anne Tortorici Visiting Nurse Assn. of Middlesex-East Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Vossmer

Jean Benoit

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Beaton

Bill Blackham

Mrs. Ann Blackham

Mark W. Blair

Mr. and Ms. Robert V. Mulloney

Keith Bond

Mr. Justin P. Allen Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Crawford, II Lynda and John Diamond Ms. Mary Dimaiti

John and Jean Doherty Ms. Renee Gallagher Ms. Myra Hugg Ms. Laura Lovetere Ms. Lori S. Medeiros Mr. Charles Shirley Mr. & Mrs. Gene Spirko Eli and Muriel Talkov Mr. and Mrs. Paul T. Tenney The Partners and Staff at Grant Thornton, LLP

Thomas Boyd, MD Dr. John J. Sullivan

Mary Amelia Bresette

Ms. Irma M. McGuff Alfred and Mary Monahan Mrs. Laura M. Ventimiglia

Annette Bunn

Mr. Clellan O. Bunn

Shuren Cao Lei Cao

Nicholas Carrozza

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Bishop Mr. & Mrs. James Butler Ms. Elena Carnabuci Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Ciaccio Classic Upholstery Ms. Joan Daley Ms. Kristen Daley Mr. Robert D’alto Mr. Bryan Daum Mr. Wilson David Mr. & Mrs. Leroy Folsom Mr. & Mrs. Linwood Folsom Mr. Michael Giordano Ms. Jean E. Kaufman Mr. & Mrs. Fred Lanney Mr. Nicholas Lanney Mr. & Mrs. Albert Miano Ms. Josephine Miano Mr. and Mrs. Leonard P. Ouellette Mr. Justine Palermo Ms. Melissa Pozzi Ms. Judy Pugatch Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Sansom Sheryl Smith Mary Thompson Mr. Paul Tivnan

Sarah V. Cefalo

Louise Cefalo Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Hurley

Justina M. Cicirelli

Daniel Friedlander, MD Mr. & Mrs. William Short Lorraine and Rich Thorpe

Virginia Cleary

Mr. Robert L. Gallant

Elaine Coliano

Ms. Nancy Fleming

Sgt. Paul Connolly

Ms. Denise A. Sweeney

Phyllis M. Coyle

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Murgia

Bernard Crowley

Ms. Jane E. Sletterink

Helen L. Dacey

Joanne M. Deluca, CPA Ms. Suzanne Lutter Ms. Marion R. Pitaro Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Trafelet

Theresa D. Dalba Betty A. Ananian

Carol D’Angio

Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. D’Angio

Truman S. Dayton

Ms. Kristin Ahlman Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Bigelow Ms. Seta A. Buchter and Dr. Christina G. Buchter Mr. and Mrs. John Corf Brooks and Lucena Cowgill Ms. Linda Fermery Mr. Paul Fitzpatrick Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Gallant Ms. Gail H. Gardocki Mr. & Mrs. Arthur F. Gast Phyllis and Paul Gleason Edward and Beverly Hammond Ms. Katherine Hammond Mr. Russell Hoyt Ms. Marie Kelleher Mr. Kevin Kennedy Mr. & Mrs. George W. McCarthy Mr. John Mitchell Anne J. Neilson Ms. Eleanor O’Malley Ms. Susan Relihan Mr. Oscar Roman Ms. Kathleen Ruane Ms. Dorothy Seatter Mr. & Mrs. Palmer Smith Elizabeth Spiller Ms. Nancy Stuart Berta J. Swanson T & K Asphalt Services, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Wilder The Winton Club

Helen A. Devaney

Ms. Karen E. Devaney John Devaney Ms. Karen E. Devaney

Gilbert Donaldson Mr. William Cormay

Albert F. Donnelly

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Carney Charles Street Association Cynthia and Harvey Creem The Downing Committee Fire Chief’s Association of Massachusetts, Inc. Mr. and Ms. Charles D. King Mr. and Mrs.Philip L. Mahoney Mr. and Mrs. John L. O’Brien Ms. Susan M. Sirois Mrs. Adeline M. Sweeney Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Winchester

Margaret Drennan

Ms. Florence M. Black

Virginia Driscoll

Ms. Rosanne Anderson Margo and Jim Brophy Aldo and Phyllis Cappuccio James and Carolle Carey Judy and Bob Carter Phyllis Chapman Marie Coppola Credit Agricole Ms. Deborah Cronin William and Eileen D’Entremont Family of Cornelius Driscoll Dino and Ernestine Fusco Doreen, Jenny and Amy Gordon The Grants Mr. John, III Myrna and Larry Kesselman Phyllis and Harlan La Vine Linnane Insurance Agency Mr. & Mrs. Paul Nazzaro Norwalk Hospital CP3 Nurses Novavax, Inc. Penny and Wayne Rogers Mr. Joseph Samuel Ms. Donna Trentsch

Mary Dwyer

Ms. Karen Anderson Ms. Ann L. Callahan Ms. Josephine Donovan Bob and Sue Duran Ms. Donna Foley Mr. & Mrs. Charles Haggerty Edward and Molly Johnson Ladies Golf League Ms. Rita McCarron Ms. Linda McCarthy and Family Ms. Catherine O’Brien Ms. Jo Ann Stringer Ms. Barbara Taranto Mr. & Mrs. David Wright

Nelson C. Fontneau, MD

Simon Nicolas Levetin

Ruth Freeman

Irene Linehan

Dr. John J. Sullivan Elizabeth Spiller

Brenda Gagliardi

Mr. Michael Caso Mr. Anthony Cucinatti Marolyn and Paul Devitto Mr. Joseph Dinarello Mr. Samuel E. Gagliardi Ms. Pauline Halfpenny Mr. Paul Kaloostian Mr. James Richardson

Kathleen Gibbons

Duncan H. MacLeod

Jacqueline Maloney

Normand E. Girard

Ms. Laura Baliestiero Ms. Loretta Barrasso Alicia & John Bourdon Glenn and Heather Brigham John and Jeannie Chanley Clifford/Hoffman Associates Mr. Robert Cole Group #3 Ms. Rosemarie Harris Phyllis Hayes Lab Furniture Installations and Sales, Inc. Mr. Robert Langley Christopher and Ellen Lyons Jimmy and Donna Maloney O’Keefe Plumbing and Heating, Inc. Mary and Joe Rea

John M. Otis

John J. Galvin

The Winton Club

Fred Gianelli

Ms. Jacqueline M. Maguire Mr. Peter Leone

Jane Haggerty

Mansfield and Robbins Plumbing and Heating, Inc. Ms. Andrea Rolli

Grietje Hansma

Mrs. Lucie Delorme

Ellen Patricia Harrington Ms. Ellen M. Harrington Mr. John M. Harrington, Jr.

Ruth Hitt and Anneliese Loewy Joi Ann Loewy

Mario Incatasciato

Hans and Ruth Lang

Ms. Karen Cole Ms. Elizabeth Daly

Kenneth D. Morse

Patricia J. Langell

Mrs. Charlotte Erwin Ms. Virginia C. Moriarty Mr. Angelo A. Napolitano and Ms. Patricia A. Napolitano Ms. Laura Van Sant

Stephen Flaherty

Barbara A. Ferullo

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Eldridge Ms. Roslyn LeRette Albin Mellon Mrs. Joanne Murray

Winchester Hospital Breast Care Center

Janet E. Gallella

Mr. Robert J. Ferullo

Ms. Susan M. Rodriguez

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Grace Deangelis Ruth Deangelis Catherine Francis Andrew & Katherine Kundrot James Linehan Robert Linehan John S. Lombard William Madden Cynthia Muldoon Mr. & Mrs. James Muldoon North Reading High School Sunshine Fund Mr. and Mrs. James E. Regan Jennifer Regan Michele Risti Ellen Saunders The Old Reading Battery

Edward Morgan

Jeannine Barrett Ms. Angelina Cardillo Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Contreas Ms. Joyce Crum Ms. Elizabeth Delorey Mr. John Difrancesco Ms. Mary R. Doucette Mrs. Kristen F. Gannon Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Gollihur Ms. Michele Iantosca Mr. & Mrs. James Lapointe Mr. & Mrs. Michael Manduca Mr. Nino Manduca Ms. Diane Marr Kerri McCloskey Mr. & Mrs. Richard Naylor Tom and Susan O’Connor Mr. James R. Palman Mr. and Mrs. Philip G. Quinn, Jr. Street Financial Services Mrs. Sharon Touchette

Ms. Maria Barbanelli Rose and Carmelo Bonfiglio Mrs. Rose Carguilo Ms. Barbara E. Caruso Century Bank and Trust Century Bank Sunshine Club Ms. Evelyn Gibb Ms. Gloria Moreland Gemma and Robert Pellegrino Mr. & Mrs. Richard Schwartz Ms. Judy Walsh Ms. Heidi Williams Joseph Jackowicz Karen and Guy Dagostino Ms. Eileen Marsan John and Judy Miskell

Anthony Fernandes

Marc Levetin

Anne M. Lang

Barbara Langell Miliaras Judith M. MacLeod

William H. Marshall

Adelaide Breed Bayrd Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Paul Alper Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Crosby Mrs. Marjorie D. Lander Mrs. Lois C. Lockwood Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Ross Mr. H. Allen Stevens Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Wallman

Patricia Ann McSorley

Ms. Bernadette G. Wilkinson

Walter Merewether Ms. Marion M. Kelly

Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Albiani Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Amico Mrs. Paul N. Anderson Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Harold J. Baumann Mr. and Mrs. Ray Boulanger Mr. William G. Coughlin Mr. and Ms. William A. Eynon Phyllis and Paul Gleason Mr. Fred Hueber Mr. and Mrs. Gregory P. Irvine Cathie and Dean Jackson Roy A. Johnson, MD Mr. and Mrs. Steven G. Krenik Mr. and Ms. William R. Lewis Mr. and Mrs. John C. MacDonald, III Lane and Ann McGovern Mrs. Edward J. McMellen Ms. Jane C. Meehan Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. Nichols Ms. Elizabeth Oakes Mr. and Mrs. Edward O. Otis, III Ms. Judith Otis Mr. James S. Park Mr. and Mrs. Frank T. Pedulla Mr. and Mrs. Wayne A. Perkins Ms. Mary-Phylis Post Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Powers Ms. Liz K. Sheff Berta J. Swanson Mr. John B. Williams, Jr. The Winton Club Mr. Robert T. Wogan and Ms. Joan M. Wogan

In memory of (continued) Alda Palermo

Denise Dibello Ms. Cheryl Hackett Ms. Margaret Photiou D. Waldroup

Ms. Joyce E. Salamone Ms. Anne M. Sbraccia The Schelzi Family Mrs. Marion E. Stone and Ms. Phyllis Stone

Rachel Palmer McCarthy

Marie Sammarco

Ms. Jane Drew

Abbie Pearson

Mr. David E. Pearson

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Ms. Rosemary Camacho-De Sousa Ms. Ann McCarthy Mr. & Mrs. Richard McQuinn Ms. Loretta C. Schuck Mr. & Mrs. David Wright

Dorothy Pierce

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Joan Puopolo

Mr. Gary Ainsworth Janet Blair and Robert Mulloney Mr. and Mrs. Todd J. Brissenden Ms. Diana Crimmins Gael Desmond Ms. Nancy Esty Florence Fasulo High Output, Inc. IATSE Local 481 Ms. Christine Jackel Ms. Dorothy Krekorian Ms. Connie Leoncello Reading Fire Fighters Association Ms. Marianne Sample Mr. and Mrs. John Sano Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Solimini Stephen and Cheryl Surette Alison Thomas Lorne and Anne Thomas Mrs. Peter R. Vincent

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Mr. & Mrs. Rick Ames Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Bernazzani Angelo & Carol Borrelli Ms. Christine Cannava Col. Paul Cannava Ms. Barbara Dwyer Mr. Roger Ford James Galante Ms. Catherine Hurley Kaman Industrial Technologies Corp. Ms. Joan Labrosse Mr. & Mrs. Alan McCoy Ms. Virginia Mucci Mafalda Pascucci Ms. Carol Passacantilli Ms. Carolyn Tompkins Mr. & Mrs. Richard Wahlman Phyllis Walters Mr. and Mrs. Willard L. Williams

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Rick and Susan Berkman Ms. Jennie Butera Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Calareso Mr. Earl C. Corbett Mr. & Mrs. Gaspare Drago, Jr. Ms. Elizabeth Fulginiti Ms. Nicole Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Carl J. Mackiewicz Mr. Thomas Mackiewicz J.M. Magliozzi Tom, Silvia, Lucille, Ray and Monique Magliozzi Mr. Peter Tympanick Ms. Shirley Wiggins

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Barbara Severance Jeannine Barrett BSP Trans Inc Mr. Christopher Campbell Ms. Linda Cogswell Ms. Adeline M. Dagata Deirdre Dagata Mr. & Mrs. William J. Devereaux Mr. & Mrs. Brian Driscoll Ms. A. P. Foley Ms. Jane Gagnon Ms. Merita Habipi Mr. & Mrs. Charles Haggerty Mr. & Mrs. Peter Jamieson Marie B. Johnson Ms. Patricia M. Klosowski Ms. Betty Krechmer Ms. Christine Loomis Robert and Diane Lord Ms. Susan S. Machnik, RN Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Murphy Northmark Bank Ms. Susan Rodburg Mandy B. Sawicki Mr. & Mrs. Gregory D. Scott Ms. Ellen S. Slack Leigh Spignese Mrs. Jean Sweeney Mary Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Walters Mr. & Mrs. James R. Willing Winchester Hospital Ms. Rosalie Woods Ms. Janaki Yoganathan

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Ms. Helen Anbinder Mrs. Charlotte Erwin The Eventful Group Irwin and Nancy Kofsky Winnie and Rocky Russo Ms. Joan Steel Ms. Katie Weinstein Robert and Cythia Wood

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Aberjona Post #3719 VFW Ms. Joan Blinn Mr. Anthony Ciaccio Mr. John Ciaccio Barbara and Bob Davis Ms. Kathy Gagen Ms. Mary Hambly Ms. Geraldine Hennessey Edward and Molly Johnson John and Helen Jordan James and Cynthia Kavanaugh Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Keating Connie and John Maney Ms. Anne O’Connell Winni Paskerian Ms. Margaret A. Perenick Leo and Bernadine Piecz Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Powers Mrs. Laura A. Rasmussen Mike and Chris Rasmussen Ms. Leanne Rich Saltmarsh Insurance Agency Lawrence and Agnes Salvatore Mr. Richard Stirling Mr. Frances Strange The Belisle Family Ms. Angela Vozzella

Herman E. Zybura

Kathy and Zeb Zybura

McDonough Golf Classic The James F. McDonough, MD Golf Classic filled the fairways of Winchester Country Club on a lovely September morning with 138 enthusiastic golfers who donated more than $190,000 to the McDonough Nurse Education Fund. Since its inception in 2004, the James F. McDonough, MD Golf Classic has raised more than $2.2 million under the leadership of our chairman, Dennis Sargent, his loyal committee and the fabulous team at the Winchester Country Club. Through the generosity of our golfers, donors and sponsors, we have been fortunate to accomplish the following: financial support for 33 employees who have transitioned into registered nurse (RN) roles; financial support for 40 employees currently enrolled in Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) programs and will graduate between 2013 and 2017; reimbursement to more than 200 RNs who achieved certification in their specialty areas; collaboration with Simmons College to create RN to BSN, RN to Master of Science in Nursing and RN to Master of Healthcare Administration programs benefiting more than 20 nurses; partnership with Salem State University to provide RN to BSN program, with currently 30 nurses enrolled in the on-site program. Winchester Hospital is committed to continually investing in and developing a well-educated, well-prepared nursing workforce. Nurse Manager Deborah Smith, who is pursuing her Masters in Healthcare Administration, explained to the golfers what the fund has meant to her and other beneficiaries, “The McDonough scholarship has helped many nursing students achieve their dream, whether it is entry into their profession, or to further their education to promote positive outcomes for our patients at Winchester Hospital. I am touched to represent those who have received advanced degrees as a result of the generosity of the golfers who participate in the tournament.” Left to right: 2013 Golf Classic Winners Jack Sullivan, Ryan Skoglund, Lester Felege and Nick Siudela of New England Rehabilitation Hospital



Lahey Health

Marilyn Capek, MD J & M Brown Company, Inc. Orthopaedics Plus Seaman DiCarlo General Contractor, Inc. Stratford Associates, Inc. Drs. Richard and Ann Toran



DiGiorgio Associates, Inc./ Monitor Builders, Inc.


Armstrong Ambulance Service athenahealth Bank of America Merrill Lynch Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Boston Children’s Hospital Commonwealth Surgical Associates Cornerstone Advisors Cummings Properties, Inc. Deb and Barry McDonough Drs. Fuller, Iseke, Weiner, and David Leland Healthcare Services Management John Moriarty & Associates, Inc. Laboratory Corporation of America LifeLine Ambulance Service MEC and MEC Technologies Mechanical Construction & Services, Inc. New England Rehabilitation Hospital Owens & Minor Parris & Associates Presidio Networked Solutions Salter Healthcare Services, Inc. Sodexo Steffian Bradley Architects Suffolk Construction Summit Healthcare Services W.B. Mason Company Winchester Hospital Radiation Oncology Services Woodbriar of Wilmington/ Windsor Place of Wilmington

Action Ambulance Service


Caldarola Design Associates, PC


Donoghue, Barrett & Singal, PC


PROGRAM SPONSOR The Outsource Group

McDonough Fund recipient Deborah Smith, RN, BSN, NE-BC



Winchester Hospital’s 11th annual One Shining Night Gala was held on November 9, 2013 at the Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel. More than 620 guests attended the black-tie event and enjoyed a fabulous reception and dinner, along with dancing to the Bo Winiker Band. Hank Morse, the auctioneer, engaged our enthusiastic and generous guests in some friendly competitive bidding for exotic vacations and the coveted Cook for the Cure gourmet dinner, courtesy of our physician chefs! The more than $500,000 raised from the One Shining Night Gala will benefit Winchester Hospital’s Breast Care Center, which has a new home at 200 Unicorn Park in Woburn and was designed to offer expert care to patients and their families in a comfortable, nurturing environment. Jeannine Barrett, chair of the Gala, and her dedicated committee deserve our sincere gratitude for their tireless efforts on behalf of our patients.

Kelley Cornell, MD & Christine Brown Delphine Lui, MD & Brenden Maher Deb and Barry McDonough Mr. and Mrs. Gerald F. O’Neil

GALA COMMITTEE Sunny Adler Araz Arslanian Jeannine Barrett Donna Burke Theresa Burns Maribeth Canning Kelley Cornell, MD Wendy Czarnecki Cindy DeRosa Deb Donovan Sue Heidbreder, RN Brian Lawner, MD Delphine Lui, MD Karen McAlmon, MD David Portman Susan Powers, RN Elissa Sargent Pixie Tinmouth Eike Traina

IN-KIND DONORS We are grateful to the following for their in-kind donations

Each year the Breast Care Center provides 11,000 patient consultations, Hannaford and Dumas 25,000 screening and diagnostic mammograms, 7,000 ultrasound breast Peterson Party Center Atlas Liquors imaging and invasive procedures, and 600 stereotactic breast biopsy Mahoney’s Garden Centers procedures. At this new location, our surgeons, radiologists, oncologists, Source4 GALAXY SPONSORS nurses and support staff have the opportunity to work with the latest in Cummings Properties imaging and medical technology to provide state-of-the-art diagnosis Lahey Health and treatment to patients. SHINING STARS Left to right: Gala Chair Jeannine Barrett, Breast Care Center Associate Medical Clinical Director Kelley Cornell, MD and Breast Care Center Associate Medical Imaging Director Delphine Lui, MD

John Moriarty & Associates Winchester Laboratory Associates and StrataDx, Inc.


North Shore Radiological Associates, Inc. Peterson Party Center Steffian Bradley Architects Suffolk Construction


Ann Blackham and Ann Norberg Bonnell Ford Boston Children’s Hospital Middlesex Surgical Associates* Mr. and Mrs. Gerald F. O’Neil Winchester Co-operative Bank Wingate Healthcare Woodbriar of Wilmington/ Windsor Place of Wilmington


88 Montvale Avenue Realty Trust Action Ambulance Service, Inc. Dr. Jonathan and Sunny Adler Affiliates in Foot Care, PC Armstrong Ambulance Service Jeannine Barrett Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Digestive Health Associates Dr. Donald and Gale Druga Eaton Vance Corporation Excel Orthopedic Specialists* Dr. Arlan and Alice Fuller Anthony and Lisa Gattineri Gorgeous Fabrics Drs. Virginia Hung and Wynne Huang Integro Dr. Rick Iseke and Margaret Pothier Kindred Hospital Boston North Shore Drs. Chitra King, Stephanie Bernstein and Daniel Finger Drs. Brian Lawner, Delphine Lui and Ann Rolfs Karen and David Leland Lifeline Ambulance Service Dale Lodge Dr. Delphine Lui Martini Insurance Agency Deb and Barry McDonough Mintz Levin Cohn Ferris Glovsky and Popeo, PC Murtha Cullina, LLP and Allen & Major Associates Mystic Valley Urological Associates New England Inpatient Specialists O’Brien Dermatology Associates Palomar Medical Technologies Pediatricians, Inc. Dr. Peter and Maureen Rotolo Salter Healthcare Services, Inc.* Shanahan Real Estate Group Kevin Smith and Molly Jenks Sodexo Health Care Services Stoneham Bank Stoneham Medical Group Michael and Brenda Travaglini Wilmington Health Care Center Winchester Anesthesia Associates Winchester Emergency Medical Associates Winchester Hospital Radiation Oncology Center Winton Club Friends W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc. * Sponsored more than one table

The Winton Club Support At its annual meeting in May 2013, The Winton Club presented Winchester Hospital President and CEO Kevin Smith with a donation of $130,000. Of this amount, $120,000 was earmarked for the Ambulatory Surgery Center and $10,000 for A Caring Place, both located at 620 Washington Street in Winchester. “The Winton Club is proud that our partnership with Winchester Hospital has lasted more than a century. I think our long-standing relationship with Winchester Hospital has sustained because we share the same outlook on caring for our community and putting the goal of service first. The hospital is a vital organization, which the Winton Club is pleased to support with our fundraising efforts,” stated The Winton Club President Barbara Oddo. The Winton Club raises funds from two main sources – the hospital Gift Shop and its annual Cabaret. Its members volunteer throughout the year in the Gift Shop and also hold a Holiday Fair each November. “Patients and staff love the variety of items and the shop’s convenient location off the main lobby,” Oddo said. “And we were voted the No. 1 Gift Shop in Winchester by the 2013 Readers’ Poll!” Equally important is the Cabaret, held each January and enjoyed by more than 1,000 people over its five-night run. “Our Cabaret is truly a labor of love. Winchester Hospital staff and members of the Winchester community and surrounding towns participate in or attend the show. It’s a great feeling to see the outpouring of support!” The Winton Club looks forward to another year of working with Winchester Hospital and a second century of service to Winchester and surrounding communities.

Left to right: Winchester Hospital President and CEO Kevin Smith, The Winton Club President Barbara Oddo and Winchester Hospital Foundation Vice President Maribeth Canning

Winchester Hospital’s Magnet Nurses’ Charitable Fund makes it possible for Regis College nursing students to work with residents of Rosie’s Place in Boston.

Magnet Nurses’ Charitable Fund “Nurses helping nurses” is the simple but powerful mission of the Magnet Nurses’ Charitable Fund. The Fund’s strong tradition of local, national and global education, outreach and philanthropy continued in 2013. The Professional Nurse Development Council oversees distribution of the funds and decides, by consensus, which worthy causes and organizations will be supported. Recent activities included medical mission trips to Guatemala, Haiti, Uganda and Honduras (for the second consecutive year), and funding for the Peru Healthcare project. The Fund also supported the Oklahoma Nurses Foundation for tornado relief, and the Regis College Wellness Center at Rosie’s Place, the sanctuary for poor and homeless women in Boston. Since 1994 student nurses have been providing health services to guests at Rosie’s Place as they practice the art of compassionate care in a welcoming, non-judgmental environment. Nurses at Winchester Hospital created the Magnet Nurses’ Charitable Fund in 2006 in order to provide a philanthropic platform to support its mission. Since its inception, the Fund has raised nearly $99,700.

Corporator List Jonathan L. Adler, MD Sunny Adler Daniel S. Ahearn Anthony F. Albiani Ann Marie P. Anderson Paul J. Andrews Donald J. Annino, MD Patricia Annino, Esq. Mary Ellen Armstrong James E. Barger Jeannine Barrett Dennis Begos, MD Ann R. Blackham Paul Bohne Steven C. Bonnell William Breckwoldt, MD Ellen F. Brown Janice M. Bubbers Maribeth Canning Gail Canzano Daniel M. Carson, MD Deborah Carson Paul C. Casey Audrey L. Caulfield William E. Caulfield David C. Chamberlain, Jr. Paul N. Chervin, MD Darina Gilley Chesterton Teriggi Ciccone, MD Dennis A. Clarke Peter D. Collins P. Timothy Connolly Brian J. Connor James B. Conway Kelley M. Cornell, MD Marion G. Crandall Joyce M. Cummings William S. Cummings Henry J. Curtis, Jr. Richard H. Curtis George A. Deemys, DMD Sara Delano Richard A. d’Entremont, MD Cindy DeRosa James DeVellis, MD Domenic DiGiorgio

Throughout the years, David Dohan, MD John F. Doherty, III David Donahue David F. Donohoe, DDS Carol A. Donovan Barry C. Dorn, MD Barbara J. Doyle Gale Druga James Dwyer Andrew Escoll, MD Bruce R. Fador Bahaa Fam Helene Feiler, MD James Ficociello, DDS Jay M. Finn Jane M. Fiore Patrick J. Fortin Robert P. Fortunato, MD Evander French, Jr. Karl Fryzel Arlan F. Fuller, Jr., MD Albert L. Fullerton, MD Anthony Gattineri Louis J. Gentile, Jr. George E. Ghareeb, MD Mary Stuart Thomas Gillespie Phyllis R. Gleason John T. Gosselin, Esq. W. Robert Graves, Esq. Lee Claire Griffin John E. Guarente Frank M. Gunby, Jr. Patrick C. Hall Mabel S. Harris Neal J. Harte Susan Hartmere Eric W. Hayden George S. Hebb, Jr. Robert Hickey Suzanne R. Hill William P. Hood Janice T. Houghton Dorothy I. Hoyt John Hutcheson, MD Richard M. Iseke, MD Catherine A. Jackson Daniel J. Johnedis, Esq. Glenn Johnson James A. Johnson, III Marie B. Johnson Roy A. Johnson, MD

Paul Kaplan Paul F. Kelly, MD Raymond J. Kenney, Jr. Barbara W. Keyes Thomas J. Kinton, Jr. Daniel P. LaGatta Edward F. Lamson Marsha H. Lamson James Lane Anne Lang Brian D. LaPointe Jason Lewis Arthur Little, MD Dale M. Lodge Robert Lord Justin L. Magee James A. Major Judith A. Manzo Nance Martin John C. Martini Michael J. Martini Karen R. McAlmon, MD William F. McCall, Jr. Deborah R. McDonough P. Barry McDonough Ann W. McGovern James R. Miceli Vinod K. Misra John J. Moriarty Helen Morley Robert A. Muggia, MD Thomas J. Mulvaney, MD Peter Murphy Lawrence M. Murray, Esq. Anne J. Neilson Kathleen M. Neuner Donna O’Brien Anne J. Ockerbloom Richard C. Ockerbloom Barbara B. O’Connell Catherine C. O’Connell Barbara Oddo Gayle C. O’Grady Gerald B. O’Grady, III Gerald F. O’Neil Joan P. O’Neil Ann M. Orifice Margaret E. Otis Brent E. Outwater Thomas Pappas Stephen R. Parkhurst James Peterson Stephen P. Peterson, Esq. Joseph A. Piantedosi, Jr. Margaret K. Plansky

Stephen L. Powers Susan E. Powers Frank E. Previte Charles L. Raffi, Jr. Christine M. Randazzo John F. Reno Suzanne M. Reno Earton C. Robertson, MD William J. Robertson, Jr. John B. Roll Margaret M. Roll Joy Rossettos Maureen A. Rotolo Peter J. Rotolo, MD Elizabeth Sabounjian Richard H. Salter Marcia S. Saltmarsh Sherman W. Saltmarsh, Jr. Dennis S. Sargent Richard H. Sayre Margaret P. Schleicher Kathy Schuler, RN Peter J. Segerstrom Nannette Shanahan Kay L. Shubrooks Mary A. Skates Kevin F. Smith Elizabeth Spiller Neal F. Splaine Joan Frances Sullivan John J. Sullivan, Esq. Mary T. Sweeney Normand Tanguay, MD Joseph R. Tarby, III Joseph B. Taylor, MD Frank Tempesta Ellen E. Terry Julieann M. Thurlow Richard Toran, MD Michael Travaglini Franklin Waddell, MD Jane C. Walsh Marvin Weiner Richard Weiner, MD Gregory Weisz, MD Marlene Williamson James R. Willing Sally Willing Matthew Woods Robin F. Wortmann James H. Young Michael C. Zaslow, MD Dana Zitkovsky, MD Mark Zuckerman, MD

volunteers like Robert Dowling (pictured here) have been a driving force at Winchester Hospital. This year alone, 800 volunteers donated more than 64,000 hours at the hospital and off-site locations.

2013 Medical Staff Leadership Officers President Richard Toran, MD

President-Elect Dana Zitkovsky, MD

Secretary-Treasurer William Breckwoldt, MD

Assistant SecretaryTreasurer Dennis Markovitz, MD

Family Medicine



Andrew Escoll, MD

Suzanne Grevelink, MD

Holly Gallivan, MD

Obstetrics & Gynecology


Plastic Surgery

Robert Muggia, MD

Jonathan Hall, MD

General Surgery


Dennis Begos, MD

Peter Paicos, DPM



Franklin Waddell, MD

Monte Kaufman, MD

Hand Surgery

Pulmonary Medicine

David Alessandro, MD

Najmuddin Patwa, MD


Radiation Oncology

Chitra King, MD

H. Katherine Kim, MD



Karen McAlmon, MD

Sharon Stotsky, MD


Thoracic Surgery

Paul Chervin, MD

Shalini Reddy, MD



Franklin Waddell, MD

Arthur Little, MD


Vascular Surgery

Chiefs of Service

Phillip Gendelman, MD

William Breckwoldt, MD

Breast Surgery

Oral Surgery

Kelley Cornell, MD

Andrew Abela, DDS

Franklin Waddell, MD

Orthopedics James DeVellis, MD

Pathology Mark Zuckerman, MD

Pediatrics Normand Tanguay, MD


Chairperson of Departments Anesthesiology John Hutcheson, MD

Anesthesiology Associate Chair

Robert Fortunato, MD

Radiology Associate Chair Steven Greenberg, MD

Surgery Dennis Begos, MD

Keith Long, MD

Emergency Medicine Gregory Weisz, MD

Emergency Medicine Associate Chair Dana Zitkovsky, MD


Members at Large 2nd Year of 1st Term – Thomas Costello, MD 2nd Year of 1st Term – Martha McCarty, MD

Nominating Committee Chairperson Robert Fortunato, MD

Cardiology Paul Radvany, MD

David Dohan, MD

2013 Winchester Healthcare Management, Inc. and Winchester Hospital Board of Directors Chairman



Dale Lodge

Ex-officio Members

Paul Andrews

Matthew Woods

Jonathan Adler, MD

John Martini


Barbara Oddo Winton Club president

Assistant Clerks

James Conway

Deborah McDonough

Kevin Smith

James Ficociello, DDS

Robert Fortunato, MD

Richard Ockerbloom


James Young

Eric Hayden

Peter Rotolo, MD

Janice Houghton

Richard Sayre

Arthur Little, MD

Joseph Taylor, MD

Joseph Tarby, III

Vice Chairman Jane Walsh

Michael Travaglini

Robert Lord Friends of Winchester Hospital president Richard Toran, MD president of medical and allied healthcare professional staff

For more information or to view Winchester Hospital’s 2013 annual report video online, visit or scan this QR code.

Produced by: Winchester Hospital Communications and Public Affairs Department Design: Shields Design Studio Photography: Atlantic Photo - Boston, Diane Davies and Bill Ryerson Printing: Hannaford & Dumas Pictured on the front cover are Breast Care Center Nurse Jane Archambeault, RN, CBCN and Patient Registrar Richard Ford at Winchester Hospital’s new Unicorn Park facility in Woburn.

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2013 Winchester Annual Report  
2013 Winchester Annual Report