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feature. Stefan Sagmeister / Art Director

T a i c C o n v e n t i o

17 D & L N E W S Beijing based Architects MAD has completed its first projec in Taiwan Taichung Convention Center. Taichung requires a metropolitan landmark that can go beyond the local to renew urban life and redefine the cultural landscape of the city, launching Taichung into the arena of world class cultural cites. The center is compiled by several mountain-like buildings with photovoltaic panels exterior that blends smoothly into the landscape. Images copyright Š MAD

h o n

u n g C e n t e r 5

by MAD MAD is leaded by the young Chinese Architect, Ma

American Institute of Architects Scholarship for Advanced

Yansong. Originally from Beijing, Mr. Ma received his

Architecture Research in 2001 as well as the 2002 Samuel

Master of Architecture from the Yale University School of

J. Fogelson Memorial Award of Design Excellence. In

Architecture in 2002. Prior to founding MAD in 2004, he

2008, his built works, Hongluo Clubhouse was nominated

worked as a project designer with Zaha Hadid Architects

as one of the 100 designs by the London Design Museum

in London and Eisenman Architects in New York. He also

and he was also nominated as one of the 20 most

taught architecture at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in

influential young architects today by ICON. Ma has been


awarded for "style awards for architecture and design" by

Ma was the winner of 2006 Architecture League of

South China Morning Post in Hongkong in 2008.

New York Young Architect Award. He also received the


D & L




D & L





To m D i x o n l a u n c h e s S h o p a t T h e D o c k a s p a r t o f L o n d o n Design Festival. Shop will also showcase a series o f p r o d u c t s f r o m t h e n e w 2 0 0 9 c o l l e c t i o n : U t i l i t y.

17 D & L

Over 1800 sqft the new Shop permanently displays the full Tom Dixon collection alongside Tom Dixon by George Smith upholstery pieces. As Tom says “At last… we have found a


new home – and not just any old showroom, but a more characterised and appropriate space we could not have dreamt of. Deep in the heart of West London, at the top of Ladbroke Grove past the flyover, by the market on the canal is the new Tom Dixon Epicentre – a showroom with a pop up restaurant attached.” Designed by Studio Toogood, the new ‘Shop’ concept as seen in Milan is translated through a warehouse installation within the Wharf Building at Portobello Dock. / via Dezeen Photographs are by Nina Morris



D & L




D & L




D & L



Image Copyright © Tom Dixon

17 D & L N E W S


Bering Strait

Paris-based Architecture has revealed their idea for the

walls cut through the adjacent bodies of water, held

Bering Strait Project. They have won the 2nd Prize in the

apart with bracing, which at times is habitable. Each wall,

competition and showed their stunning idea to the world.

10 meters wide, respectfully provides train and vehicle

Instead of a bridge or a tunnel for the strait, they decided

infrastructures at its apex. The massive structure requires

to create an active project sensitive to the conditions of

simplicity, a trait only achieved with a direct line that

the site.

connects the two sides of the strait. For more information,

Due to the straits relatively shallow water levels; the

please visit their official website.

proposed structure is able to descend to the bottom of the ocean, with only a few meters floating above the water level. The structure works in compression. Two parallel



D & L




Manhattan Gallery

17 D & L N E W S



D & L



The successful Art campaign by HUGO Fragrances

Since its launch in February 2008, HUGO Create has

has turned Manhattan into an amazing outdoor gallery.

quickly made its name in the creative communities around

Celebrating the richness and diversity of today’s creative

the world. The iconic nature of the HUGO Man bottle has

scene, the hand painted outdoor gallery is a platform for

inspired thousands to create their own interpretation of the

top notch creative talents who submitted works in the

HUGO universe. Today, the HUGO web gallery includes

HUGO Create contest.

over 35,000 visuals in a broad range of styles & techniques - from photo manipulations to vector illustrations and

analogue artworks. For more information & works, please visit their website.


D&L gallery is a platform that Design&Life™ provides

Please also visit our BLOG for more interesting news

for artists or designers who would love to show

! (English / Chinese)

their works to people from more than 50 countries

* Because the platform is free of charge, please

around the world! Besides free of charge, we will

understand that all applications must go through the

also interview the artists on our issues and introduce

selection of Design & Life ™.

them & their wonderful pieces to our readers. There

We will contact you once yours is chosen. Each

will be a link to their websites after the online show

exhibition period will be 1 month.

so people will find them easily afterwards. We might not have the most fancy website, but we believe

D&L gallery is the most efficient choice to show your

works! Take the chance & show off now! Please contact us for more detail :


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Stefan Sagmeister

All images COPYRIGHT


© S T E FA N S A G M E I S T E R

Thank you for the interview.

What is your recent project?

Please introduce yourself to the readers.

A documentary film. Unfinished.

My name is Stefan Sagmeister, I am an Austrian designer living in New York.

Who or what brand would you love to collaborate with?

When did you decide to be a designer?

Coca Cola and King Crimson.

Why? When I was 15. I wrote little articles for a small

What is the most challenge object (project)

magazine and discovered I like doing the layout

for you so far?

for it better.

Do you mean object or project? Object: The design for the trophy for the Vilcek award

When is the best timing for you to work on

proofed technically very sophisticated. And it

your designs?

was worth it.

At all the difficult things (thinking, concepting etc) I am by far the best in the morning.

17 D & L x Stefan Sagmeister



D & L


Stefan Sagmeister


Vilcek prize trophy This Vilcek Prize award trophy was created for a major new award program honoring outstanding achievements of foreign-born Americans within the fields of the visual arts and biomedical research. The first winners are artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude as well as cancer researcher Joan Massague. The trophy represents a visualisation of the pinnacle an individual or group can reach, each trophy is individually designed and cast for the winner.

Which project was the most impressive one for you so far? Why? By far the most interesting project I have been involved in the last years is a series of typographic works came out of a list I found in my diary under the title:

Things I have learned in my life so far. Everyone of these pieces was published, so far they appeared as French and Portuguese billboards, a Japanese annual report, on


German TV, in Austrian magazines, as a New

The series have been influenced by my grandfather (who was educated in sign painting and I grew up with many of his pieces of wisdom around the house), by American artist Jenny Holzer as well as the rustic wooden signs available in tourist stores all over my hometown of Bregenz in Austria.

D & L

York direct mailer and an American poster campaign. The book features 16 individual booklets (16 pages each) inserted into a die cut slipcase, allowing for 16 different covers in the bookstore and infinite


variations in the reading experience.

Stefan Sagmeister

Left, next spread / Things I have learned in my life so far. Astonishingly, Stefan Sagmeister has only learned twenty or so things in his life so far. But he did manage to publish these personal maxims all over the world, in spaces normally occupies by advertisements and promotions: as billboards, projections, light-boxes, magazine spreads, annual report covers, fashion brochures, and, recently, as giant inflatable monkeys. In this presentation Sagmeister throws his diary, a lot of design, and a little art together with a pinch of psychology and a dash of happiness into a blender and pushes the button. It tastes surprisingly yummy.



D & L


Stefan Sagmeister



D & L


Stefan Sagmeister

Everybody always thinks they are right Design and Typography: Stefan Sagmeister, Matthias Ernstberger Illustration: Monika Aichele Production: Joel Mangrum, Sportogo Inc. Client: Six Cities Design Festival, Scotland Coordination: Ailsa MacKenzie, Stephen Roe, Stuart Gurden Documentary photography: Inverness: John Paul, all other cities: Mark Hamilton Date: 2007 Size: various, 6 giant inflatables



D & L


Stefan Sagmeister


Everybody Always Thinks They Are R i g h t 17 D & L x Stefan Sagmeister


17 D & L

Which city is your favorite and why?

You know, just last week, I went with my girlfriend to see an architect who

I have been here(NY) now for 18 years

showed me his archive. Now an architectural archive is totally different from

altogether. And it's still my favorite place in the

a graphic designer's archive. The materials they have are strange plastics,

world. Last year I lived for 3 months in Berlin

concrete, industrial fabrics, just a lot of material. So immediately I think

that I also quite liked. But I only realized when I

maybe I can use it in graphic design. Different professions influence your

was back in New York how much I missed it.

own profession in a much more interesting way than always sticking within

I think that maybe my chief love about New York is that so many people are from other countries. And that makes everybody quite open to meet new people.

ones own profession.

You see, I come from Austria where everybody is from Austria; most people grew up in Austria.


Everybody acquired his or her friends in high school or university. So once you are 30 or 40,

Stefan Sagmeister

you don't need to make new friends. But in New York, everybody comes from somewhere else. So there are a lot of people who want to know people. If you're willing, you can meet a lot of people. And you'll meet not just graphic designers, you can meet directors, architects, publishers, writers, politicians, a very wide range. And because you can meet them, you see how they are, and you realize these guys are not so much smarter than you. You can do that too. So it's much easier for you to go your own way because you're not stuck with the same group at all times.

Who is your favorite designer or artist? Makoto Saito. James Turrell.



D & L


Stefan Sagmeister


Style=Fart. But how would you describe your style?

I am not so sure about the entire style=fart idea anymore. I found thatattention to style can make the delivery of good content easier, so why not pay

attention to it. I also found that by changing our own style on every project we stayed much

on the surface stylistically and were in danger of ripping off styles developed by other people.

I still find work that is gorgeous but has nothing behind it fascinating at first and see it go stale quickly (like talking to a good looking dumb person).

o 49


D & L


Stefan Sagmeister

Do you like music? Which one is your favorite album or band?

Music Design is, besides design, one of my other big interest in life. Its more

interesting to go to meetings with Lou Reed and David Byrne than spending my

time with marketing managers. CD covers normally don't get thrown away. Many CD's are distributed internationally and printed in large quantities. I am very tall, so I love working on something very small.


17 D & L x Stefan Sagmeister Levi's, The Strongest Thread When Levi's asked us to design a poster for the 501, we simply took a picture of their jeans–but not before deconstructing them down to the individual threads and buttons, and then reforming the pair and incorporating the sentence "This is a pair of Levis, sewed with the strongest thread", conveniently found on the inside pocket of the jeans.


17 D & L x Stefan Sagmeister Do you cook? What is your comfort food?

What is the best moment of your life? And what is

No. My favorite comfort food is Tiny Bau, a

the worst moment?

Shanghainese Soup dumpling with pork and crabmeat.

The best recent moments were spent at 6:00am on my couch in Bali watching the sun come up and planning the day, with a cigar and a big pot of coffee. The worst recent moments were spent after my girl friend and I broke up.


Have you learned more things after your "Things I have learned in my life so far" book? Yes.

That going up to p and making the firs is a great way to li Things_to_do


Invitation Card for the AIGA Atlanta lecture Design: Stefan Sagmeister

D & L

Client: Aiga Atlanta Date: 1999

x Stefan Sagmeister

people st step ive. 57

Apostrophe poster This poster was part of a series of punctuation symbols, where each symbol was celebrated on a poster designed by a different designer. We wound up with the apostrophe, whos job it is to eliminate a letter. Hence the warm gun...


D & L


Stefan Sagmeister


17 D & L x

How can a graphic designer save the world? By doing good work that has the possibility to make someone's life just an itsy bitsy bit better.

Stefan Sagmeister

Six double page spreads for Austrian Magazine. Together they read: Everything / I do / always / comes / back / to me. These are dividing spaces, each opening a new chapter in the magazine. Each month the magazines commissions a new studio with the design. We started with backgrounds, found them in clothing wholesalers and at one of our clients, the wall paper company Wolf-Gordon. Then we found different objects to make type out of at the butchers, in Chinatown and in the grocery and hardware stores. Found some more stuff in the camera and in Photoshop. Found ourselves.



D & L


Stefan Sagmeister


Worrying solves Nothing

We created the saying for the O.K Centrum in Linz.

I used to lie awake at night brooding over problems that

Austrian schoolkids built the maxim out of 25,000 black

came up during the day. It kept me from sleeping, it was

and 35,000 white cloth hangers. Four hangers were

not enjoyable, and most importantly, I never arrived at

bound together with wire fasteners to form a square;

a solution for anything-a remarkably effective way to be

six of these completed squares formed a cube; and the


cubes in turn formed pixels, creating the typography. Each letter stands about 10 feet (3 meters) high, with the

So I stopped. I now actively try to get my mind to

entire sentence configuring a 125-foot- (38-meter-) long

concentrate on something else when I go to sleep.

block, a lacy typographic sculpture placed parallel to the

When my daytime worrying gets bad, I try to envision the

building's facade on the Spittelwiese, a pedestrian zone

worst-case scenario: What is absolutely the most terrible

in the center of Linz.

outcome possible? This often turns out to be the loss of a client or some other professional setback, which, when I think about it for a second, is not that tragic after all. It rarely means death.

What is the next step for you? Finishing the documentary film. Could you choose one important object from your every day life & tell us why you love/need it? My dad's watch. Because it was my dad's. What is your advice for those who want to be a designer?

17 D & L x Stefan Sagmeister

Look for a design company that does the kind of work you want to do. Try really hard to get a job with them. Work your ass off. Then start your own place. Its a great job. What inspires you the most? One of my most frequent sources of inspiration is a newly occupied hotel room. I find it easy to work in a place far away from the studio, where thoughts about the implementation of an idea don't come to mind immediately but I can dream a bit more freely. What does "Design" mean to you?

Definition bore me. What does "Life" mean to you?

See answer above.

Sideshow_business_card Lenticular on business cards for the New York based production company Sideshow. When tilting the card the word "SIDE" changes into "SHOW" by turning the letters "I" (becoming "H") and "E" (becoming "W").



P r o m o t e


What We Like We love good design, design that is both practical & beautiful. Design that enriches your life & brightens every day.

16 D & L O b j e c t s

item 01.

Spinning Light

Designer Benjamin Hubert has designed a second collection of lamps

for Danish brand Unique Copenhagen at 100% Design. Spinning Lights

Designe: Benjamin Hubert

are inspired by the process of metal

Manufacturers: Unique Copenhagen

spinning and intend to emphasise this

technique, utilising aesthetic references

to toy spinning tops. The lamps consist of a lacquered spun aluminium shade, counterbalanced with an injection moulded PVC fitting to extend the transition between shade & cable. / via Dezeen



D & L

O b j e c t s


item 02.

16 D & L

STANDARD Fragrance

O b j e c t s

Designe: Artek

In October 2009 Artek and Comme

Manufacturers: Comme des Garçons

des Garçons will launch their joint

creation, the STANDARD fragrance. The name derives from Artek’s standard thinking, based on Alvar Aalto’s original idea of systems and standards in furniture design. The unisex fragrance was created in line with Artek STUDIO's brief on combining synthetic and natural elements. The final scent was developed by Christian Astuguevieille, perfume creator at Comme des Garçons. The result is a blend of Finnish Labrador Tea, Twinflower Linnea Borealis, metal and rust in the base notes and fennel, ginger, lemon, musk, saffron and cedarwood in the top notes. / via Designboom


item 03.

C o f f e e Ashtray

The name of project is “a cup of coffee”. Some people has habit that putting coffee grounds to the ashtray, so

Designe: Ryohei Yoshiyuki

that it takes the smell. From that habit, designer Ryohei Yoshiyuki has designed

Manufacturers: ------

ashtray “a cup of coffee” which out of

coffee beans after we made coffee. The coffee is meant to absorb the smell from the cigarette ash.

16 D & L O b j e c t s


The theme of TDW 2009 is Love Green It is a our continues theme that-Love things, Love people, Love the earth- In 2009 we focus on the love for the earth, and approach this event with the Love Green theme. What we can do now is to begin something from the our own every day living for our loving earth. We believe Green Design emerges as the love to our land, society, nature and to the earth through this event. TOKYO DESIGNERS WEEK 2009 Open days / 2009 Oct, 30th (Fri)~Nov 3rd (Tue�Holiday) Hours / 11:00~20:00 *�until Anniversary the 3rd Nov. Venue / Main venue -Meiji JinguGaienKaigakanmae 2-3 Kasumigaoka machi


Shinjuku Tokyo 100 % Design Tokyo/Container/Student exhibition Areas of Tokyo city -SHOP EXHIBITION participant shops Organized by / Design Association NPO


Sausages & eggs 1/2 recipe by Small

17 D & L 1 / 2 r e c i p e

Sausages & eggs 2 sausages 2 eggs salt pepper Olive oil

Your morning call. If I have a chance to open up a restaurant, there would be an all-daybreakfast-style one. Fried eggs, sausage, toast, butter and jam, and a bitch of coffee are my most can’t resist food in the world. This receipt is one pot dish, and so easy to cook. You can enjoy it in the morning time or after work during weekday. Half-baked eggs and the sweetness of caramelized sausages is the perfect match.


17 D & L 1 / 2 r e c i p e

How to Cook? 1. Add one inch of water and sausage to the pan, medium heat and covered to cook for 10 minutes. 2. Cut sausage into bite size 3. Add oil and sausages to cook until a little brown 4. Add eggs and cook for 30 seconds 5. Sprinkle pepper and salt

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