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Introduction: In this project we are required to design a “perch� for a community group which is the garden community. In the proccess of designing the perch we underwent a turning point which transfered our design concept from a functionality emphasized perch to a more likely aesthtically concerned perch. And this folio presents a few design that from the very start to the final prototype.

Explaination: It is the first design I made. The idea is to make the chair as simple as possible and able to store the gardening tools temporarily so there is a rack beneath the seat and the tools can be put on it.

Explaination: This design focus on to make the bench easy to assemble so the benches are constructed with a few pieces. With a certain shape of the bench there is no need to having legs in the back, but the problem is that it is unsure that if it is strong enough.

Explaination: This is another design of making the bench easy to assemble. One bench can’t stand but when two(or more) of them are connected by a connect unit they can hold each other and not falling down.

Explaination: The exploring of having plant box in the back of the bench and the detail of how seat going to be look like.

Explaination: In this page I started to think of to grow plant within the perch and exploring the shape of it.

Explaination: I try to design a stool that based on the butterfly chair.

Explaination: Consider of gardener always need to work with knee on the ground the concept of let them sitting low and working came out. The box is capable for three gardeners and with the blocks that stringed together it has the softness that make it comfortable to sit for a bit long time.

Explaination: Low seats that inspired by the beach chair.

Explaination: To continuing the design that inspired by the beach chair. With the function of tools storage space or foldable that can be carried around when it’s folded.

Explaination: The method that hold the chair in shape, the angle also can be changed.

Explaination: The concept is to combine the tool box and the stool together. And this page is about how the box transform to a stool.

Explaination: A further exploration to solve the problem that the stool is not stable because when it should be able to transforming then the legs are always movable and I can’t figure out a simple way to solve it so I ditched it and move to another idea that hang the bench on the apple crate plant box which is Jessica’s.

Explaination: From Gabriel’s maps I realized that the Pop up patch is a part of Fed square so I was wondering maybe I need to grab something from it so I put the geometric shapes on the back of the bench to correspond the style of Fed square buildings also I thought it would be great to have a plant box on the side of it.

Explaination: Exploration of design the bench that can be expanded when there is more people need to sit down.

Explaination: Exploration of design the bench that can be expanded when there is more people need to sit down.

Explaination: Since we have a plant box with the bench, the water collecting system are mentioned so we had a initial design of collecting rain water and channel it to the plant box.

Explaination: When I know that there is no enough material for the benches I tried to minimize the material we use. With the concept of saving material, easy to assemble and having a plant box that I had before, the new design came out. It has two main pieces and two metal rod legs. It has strings and a little plant box on its back, so when the plants grow up they would adhere to the strings then becomes a part of the chair.

The render picture of the chair

Explaination: The final design development from Chris’s idea. It’s basically two piece holded and fixed by legs. And there are some explpration of different shapes of the legs.

Hard board models THese are the initial experiment of the designs and from the models we can see if it is worth to have a futher development.

Foldable chair

Tool box Stool

Tool rack stool

Expandable bench

Bench around the flower bed

Legless bench

The Plant box bench

Final Design

Explaination: The whole design is developed from Chris’s idea and after a few experiment we found that we need atleast three planks to fix the legs so the chairs wouldn’t shake violently. The black and red is a really classic cololr combination, the reason we use this combination is that black gives a feel of sinking down or peace in internal and the

red planks makes the chair outstanding but not dazzling and the wood texture works well as the transition between two colors, and-at last but not least-it also remains the feeling of nature so it would be able to fuse into the garden.

Final mock-up

Final Product Body making After picking up material and parts from hard ware shop we started to build the chair in workshop.

Color and tuxture The experiments of adding color with charcole, we smash the charcole into powder and spread it on the wood but it did not turn out really well so we tried just rub with charcole bar but the color is still thin and makes it looks dirty. So we then used acrylic paint and paiting brush.

Acylic works pretty well, when it dries the texture of wood remained which is what we wish to happen.

Paint the seats and the backs of the chair in black.

red paints on those planks.

Reflection: In this project i gained a few thing in the proccess of designing the chair: 1. it is important to have communication with our target group and we should be able to find out what our clients actually need from the things they want because sometimes there are differentces between what they actually need between what they want. 2. Learn to be a listener. 3. Argument is always good for the proccess. 4. I really love these guys. Ifeel the passion of designing from them so no matter how they fight i still think it is a good thing.

The perch_Shibing Yang