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Learning Resources  Conference  2012:  

Discovering New  Horizons  in  the  Digital  Landscape   Thursday  8th  November  2012    

The JISC  Regional  Support  Centres  (North  West  &  Yorkshire  &   Humber)  are  proud  to  present  this  year’s  annual  Learning   Resources  Conference  2012,  with  keynote  speaker  Dr  Andrew   Eynon.       The  focus  of  this  year’s  conference  will  be  on  the  proliferation  of   digital  technologies  and  their  potential  for  transforming  the  way  we   deliver  learning.       Who  it  is  aimed  at?       The  Learning  Resources  Conference  2012  is  targeted  at  librarians,   information  professionals  and  learning  technologists  who  are   looking  for  new  ways  to  exploit  appropriate  technology  to  promote   resources  and  support  learning  effectively.       Venue    

                                  This  year  the  conference  will  be  held  at  the  prestigious  Museum  of   Science  &  Industry  in  Manchester  (        

Description       All  staff  have  an  instrumental  role  to  play  in  embedding  core  digital   skills  in  order  to  empower  students  and  peers  with  the  skills  and   confidence  they  need  to  use  digital  technology  safely  and   effectively,  not  only  to  support  their  learning  but  also  in  the   workplace  and  everyday  life.    Whether  it’s  developing  critical   thinking  skills  when  searching  and  reviewing  web  sources,  raising   awareness  about  sharing  and  acknowledging  information  online,  or   championing  digital  inclusion  by  offering  24/7  access  to  online   sources.       This  event  will  provide  delegates  with  a  range  of  interactive   workshops  where  delegates  can  explore  how  digital  technologies   are  being  developed  to  provide  a  responsive  and  exciting  library   experience.       There  will  also  be  an  exhibition  area  for  delegates  who  want  to   keep  abreast  of  the  latest  developments  with  e-­‐resources  and  an   opportunity  to  network  with  suppliers  and  peers.     Keynote     Dr  Andrew  Eynon  (Library  &  Learning  Technology  Manager,  Coleg   Llandrillo)     Sample  Workshops       1)  Get  Connected  -­‐  Using  Google  tools  to  work  together  –  Mark   Ayton     If  you’d  like  an  efficient  way  to  collaborate  with  remote  colleagues,   survey  the  needs  and  perceptions  of  your  customers,  or  have  a   “social  space”  to  keep  learners  informed,  Google  tools  can  provide   an  easy  solution.      

This workshop  will  provide  hands  on  experience  of  Google  Docs  for   collaboration,  Google  Forms  for  conducting  surveys  and  an   introduction  to  Google  Sites.     2)  23  things,  an  introduction  -­‐  social   networking  tools  for  CPD  –  Anthony  Beal     23  things  is  a  programme  which  encourages   librarians  /  information  professionals  to   investigate  social  media  tools  for   themselves  and  to  discover  their  potential   for  continuing  professional  development   (CPD)  by  using  them  and  reflecting  on  them.   It  provides  a  supportive,  online,  network  of   fellow  professionals  with  common  interests.     During  the  workshop  you  will  have  an  opportunity  to  examine  the   programme,  how  it  could  work  for  you  and  some  of  the  tools   covered.  There  will  also  be  a  chance  to  reflect  on  and  discuss  the   potential  benefits  of  social  media  in  CPD  and  in  your  work  role.     3)  A  Belt  and  Braces  Approach  to  Promoting  Safe  Behaviours  in   the  Library  –  Deborah  Judah     This  workshop  will  provide  an  overview  of  how  the  RSCs  can   support  you  with  issues  around  e-­‐Safety  in  the  library.  In  small   groups  you  will  explore  a  variety  of  contextualised  scenarios   ranging  from  how  to  address  cyberbullying  to  reinforcing  safe  and   responsible  behaviour  in  learners  and  there  will  also  be  the   opportunity  to  share  good  practise  with  peers  on  how  to  address   common  issues.     4)  "Do  your  book  issues  weigh  the  same  as  3  elephants?"  –  Colin   Taylor  (Rotherham  College)     Inspired  by  the  trend  in  ‘Infographics’  Rotherham  College  learnt   that  their  gate  entries  last  year  matched  the  population  of  Iceland,    

and it  would  take  someone  347  years  of  full  time  work,  if  they   alone  did  all  the  study  in  the  service  during  that  time,  and  that  their   book  issues  were  taller  than  2  Empire  State  Buildings!  Find  out  such   amazing  facts  about  your  service  and  how  this  can  be  used  for   marketing  both  to  students  and  management.     5)  eBooks  &  eResources:  Where  do  we  go  from  here?  –  Emily   Armstrong  &  Chris  Skerrow  (Hull  College)     In  this  workshop  Emily  Armstrong  &  Chris  Skerrow  from  Hull   College  will  talk  about  their  experiences  with  eBooks  and  lead  a   group  discussion  on  eBook  usage  and  promotion  -­‐  what  works  well   and  how  do  you  know  it's  working?     6)  Managing  your  Digital  Footprint  –  Scott  Hibberson     The  days  when  our  personal  and   professional  lives  were  clearly   defined  ended  with  the  advent  of   social  media  when  we  started  to   leave  digital  footprints  all  over  the   internet.    Now  many  staff  and   learners,  often  managing  multiple   digital  identities,  are  struggling  to   establish  boundaries  and  develop   positive  digital  identities  that   promote  safe  and  responsible   behaviour  online.  This  workshop   looks  at  how  staff  and  learners   can  manage  their  digital  identities   by  exploring  the  benefits  and   pitfalls  of  applying  social  media  to   teaching  and  learning.              

LR Conference 2012  

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