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My name is Shianne Sue Belden. I was born March 23, 1997. As of right now I am 15 years old and doin’ my best to live life to the fullest. I have blue eyes and blonde/brown hair. My height is 5’ 6”, and were going to keep my weight a secret. I live out in the country ad love it. I am a country girl and obviously not ashamed of it. I have a brother name Dakota and a half sister named Candi. I also have two step brothers, Ross and Tyler. Neither of them are part of my life though. I got my permit on my birthday this year passed with an 80%.Yay go me! Anyways, I have too many horses to count, same way with goats. I also have chickens and turkeys, but they are not my favorite so I could live without them. My house is a hundred plus years old, and when we get it remodeled it with be BEAUTIFUL. I have my ears pierced 7 times all together, 3 on the bottom of each and my left cartilage. I have two pairs of boots. Ariats and Tony Lamas. I’m a girl so I also have a bunch more pairs of shoes, but my boots are my favorite. I wear them almost 24/7. Once in a great while you can catch me wearing a pair of Nike tennis shoes. Or maybe some Nike slip-ons. My phone and computer are a big part of my life. I listen to country music all the time. Luke Bryan’s Drunk On You is one and only one of my many favorites. I like any of the Scotty McCreery and Jason Aldean songs. Taylor Swift is my least favorite lets just say she sucks! Everyday I wear mixed-matched socks. I also wear a Scotty McCreery bracelet on my right arm and a I <3 Boobies! bracelet on my left arm. Never take them off and that’s about life for me!

1) Everything Happens For A Reason. 2) Forgive The Unforgiven 3) Nobody Said Life Would Be Easy, they Just Promised It Would Be Worth It. 4) We All Make Mistakes In Life, It Didn’t Come With An Instruction Book. 5) Friendship Is Just A Word, But We Give It A Meaning. 6) Life Has No Backspaces. 7) Strangers Are Friends Waiting To Happen. 8) Some People Have This Thing Called Normal So Glad I’ve Never Heard Of It. 9) Live! Laugh:) Love<3 10)Don’t Worry About People In Your Past There Is A Reason They Didn’t Make It To Your Future.

A Sound My Life A Sound TrackTrack Of MyOf Life 1)Drunk On You- Luke Bryan 2)Daddy’s Hands- Holly Dunn 3)Banjo- Rascal Flatts 4)Water Tower Town- Scotty McCreery 5)Time Marches On- Tracy Lawrence 6)She’s Country- Jason Aldean 7)Down On The Farm- Tim McGraw 8)Asphalt Cowboy- Jason Aldean 9)Barefoot Blue Jean Night- Jake Owen 10) I Swear- John Michael Montgomery 11)You Had Me From Hello- Kenny Chesney 12) Sexy and I Know It- LMFAO 13)You Don’t Know Her Like I Do- Brantley Gilbert 14)God Gave Me You- Blake Shelton 15) The Rose- Conway Twitty 16)I Don’t Want This Night To End- Luke Bryan 17)Kick It In The Sticks- Brantley Gilbert 18)Somethin’ Bout A Truck- Kip Moore 19)Made In America- Toby Keith 20)Something To Be Proud Of- Montgomery Gentry

You Don’t Know Us Like That

Shianne Belden was born on March 23, 1997 to Ronald Belden and Jamaka (Neel) Quinn, in Saint Joseph, MO, where she grew up almost all her life and attended a few years of school. Shianne attended her freshman year at Benton High School. She never actually got to finish school and become what she wanted to be. On March 28, 2012, Shianne was in a motorcycle accident with her step father Daniel Quinn. She didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t make it threw the accident, but her step father did. He ended up with a broken leg, arm, and neck. Heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s healing slowly, but surely. Shianne babysat for Christina Salvatore. Not every weekend, but a lot of the time. She loved being around smaller children and having her time on the farm in Weatherby, MO with her grandma, Bonnie. She loved riding horses, playing with her goats, and she also had a thing of going to Cameron every Saturday or Sunday with her grandpa, Roger. Shianne was survived by a brother, Dakota Belden. a half sister Candace Mortoff, Mother Jamaka Quinn, and step father Daniel Quinn, grandmother and grandfather Roger and Bonnie Neel, several aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, other relatives, and close friends.



Date of Birth: March 23, 1997 Place of Birth: St. Joseph, MO Height: 5” 6’ Weight: 220 lbs. Occupation: Mouthy Teenager

Hair: Dark brown and blonde highlights Eyes: Blue Sex: Female Race: White Nicknames: Shi, Shorty, Sis

The Bank Of Mom Is Offering A $200,000 Reward for information leading the arrest of ***SHIANNE BELDEN***

Last seen in the hood fighting her own battles from running her mouth to others because they were going back and forth.

Originated from England. Some of the Belden family moved to Ireland. The new world beckoned as many of the settlers in Ireland, known as the Scotch/Irish, became disenchanted. They sailed aboard the armanda of sailing ships known as the “White Sails” which piled the stormy Atlantic. Some called them less romantically, the “coffin ships.” Amongst the early settlers who could be considered kinsmen of the Belden family.

Of everything in the world, what would I like to be doing? Where would I like to be the most? Who would I like to be with at this moment? Considering that I’m only one person I can only be at one place at one time. Also I can only be doing one major thing. Sometimes I can multi-task, but that don’t always work. The person I’d like to be with right now is a little ways away, but someday soon I will get to be back in his arms, feeling his touch, tasting his kiss, seeing his gorgeous face, and smelling his Adidas cologne. So the answer to what would I like to be doing, and where would I like to be? Well it is very simple. I’d like to be sitting on the front porch with my glass of iced tea, my hair still wet from my bath, in his sweatshirt with my bare feet. Hoping that if he hurries he will get to see the colors on my skin from that sunset and my face with my love waiting on him. Which he hopes he get to see. That’s not the only thing I want to be doing or where I’d like to be. There are many other places I’d like to be, many other things I’d like to see, and many other people I’d like to be with. These may be some of the heartaches that are just starting and never ending. If I could go back to another time and answer these questions, what would my answers be? Hmm that’s a good question. I think I’d have to say I’d like to be back at the beginning of freshman year, with some of my closest friends: Jessica Nagel, Jaycie Peters, and a couple others I’m not very close to anymore: Dallas Blanton, and Baylee Schubert. I wish I could’ve kept all my friends as close as Jessica and I are, but hell we all know things happen. I would mainly want to be Jessica, because somewhere in the middle of the year she finds out she is moving to Orgeon, MO. It almost broke my heart. I had to think about what I was going to do without her next year. We finally decided we were going to spend almost every weekend together! If we could, we could. We have this thing of calling dips on guys. If we see a guy we think is cute we call dibs and that pretty much means back off I want him. Most of the time we don’t talk to them, but we might get a sudden urge to go up to one. Not very ofter though, me and Jessica have an end of the year trip planned to go to World’s of Fun. We are going with my parents just to have a fun day and hang out before she has to leave.


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