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Salvo Design Platform for Circular Design

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Westerstraat 187 1015 MA Amsterdam The Netherlands PHONE

+ 31 (020) 7071724 + 31 0618280440 EMAIL WEB SALVODESIGN.INFO

12, 2012 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Salvo Design website launch !

A new inhabitant has moved into the online neighbourhood of design and sustainability. ! Its first name is ‘Salvo’, picking up on salvaged materials. This comprises a wide range of discarded items that are chosen by artists and designers as main source for creative work. Such resources include inner tubes, oil drums, glossy magazines, men’s ties - just to name a few. ! Join Salvo with Design and you’re invited to its new home address: ! We publish works that meet two conditions: the use of reclaimed material for over eighty percent of the final products, and the design itself is innovative and creative, and at times our selection has top-notch aesthetics that make their way to design festivals and museum collections. !

Salvo Design’s online gallery includes:

· Decades-long active pioneers in sustainable design like Tom Thiel (Germany), Piet Hein Eek (The Netherlands) or Boris Bally (USA). · Acknowledged and award-winning designers, such as Ryan Frank (SA/UK), Vibrazioni (Italy), Gursan Ergil (Turkey). · Above all, emerging talents, which earn their own page on Salvo Design: Pascal Costiou (France), and Maria Westerberg (Sweden).

Salvo Design Platform for Circular Design



Westerstraat 187 1015MA Amsterdam The Netherlands PHONE

+ 31 (020) 7071724 + 31 0618280440 EMAIL WEB SALVODESIGN.INFO

The gallery is backed up by four blogs, each focusing on a different theme. Circular Design has news on the re-use of raw, often waste, material, we invite readers to learn about the Salvo Classics, and see what we trace and celebrate in New & Outstanding. We also write on change making design in collaboration with local communities on World Projects, like bags made from discarded plastic water sachets in Accra, Ghana. ! Salvo Design is an online platform founded in 2012 by Wanda FĂŠlice, social trend watcher , and art writer. She lives in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), and Ubud, Bali (Indonesia). She is open for collaboration in salvo design consultancy, curation and editorial contribution. You can contact her directly at !

We are inviting you to our home: and join our journey to a more beautiful and more sustainable world.

Designers on the Salvo Design platform Project 99 Beautiful concept and looks. I like the eighty percent concept. No greenwashing but real sincere sustainable products. Vanderbijl We're proud to be part of Salvo Design. Gursan Ergil I am very pleased to be in your site. Tom Thiel I like your website, it is interesting and well made. Baggerman Bureau I'm very glad Precious Waste is featured on your site. I didn't know of Salvo Design before. It's very inspiring for me to see the other projects you've collected. I'm happy my work is part of it.

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