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Ref: RHS426/24102/ PARTtt/(S1)

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Date:14th January, 2008

Chairman/ F o u n d a tiHounma n rtaA riiadGa n mbia Global Energy P 0 BOx4507 BAKAU RE:BAKADAJI HEALTH CENTRE I wrtleto acknowledge receipt of yourletterdatedDecember 2}th,200Ton theabovestated subject. On behalf of theDepartment of Statefor Health & Social Welfare, I wouldliketo express our gratitude sincere forvourcontribution to thehealth sector andin particular fortheamount of work being doneattheafore-mentioned health centre. In thesamevein,youarekindlyinvited to meettheauthorities at thisDepartment of Statefor discussion on the relationship between the Department of Statefor Health& Socral Welfare (DOSH&SW) andFoundation Humanitarian Aid(FHAG). whilelooking forward toa fruitfulcollaboration, please acceptmy kindregards


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