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About Us

Michelle du Plessis

Jacques du Plessis

director and co-founder

director and co-founder

(M.Arch Prof)

(M.Arch Prof)

Welcome to Shft Shft was founded by a team of professional architects to assist industry experts and consumers with renovations. Our aim is to provide a better way to renovate by reducing risks and common project pitfalls to ensure a hassle-free experience. We are developing a business service that offers you an intelligent way to reach appropriate customers and gain pre-qualified jobs that match your company needs, attributes and goals. We develop project frameworks, streamline client relations, oversee and monitor essential workflows and provide customer feedback to help improve your overall performance. We are committed to delivering better projects to our Shft Experts while fostering productive working environments, allowing teams to focus on the important task at hand – the business of renovating. |The Shft Team|

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Shft aims to bring simplicity, transparency and fair value to all our projects. We are looking to partner with individuals and companies who share our vision of a better way to renovate.

Shft Services how we can help you

At Shft we understand that maintaining a balance between securing new work, serving your current customers and managing your business can be a constant challenge.

Expert Network

Active Marketing

We are growing an exclusive network of quality industry experts to support and enhance our renovation service.

We do the marketing and secure the projects so you can focus on your current jobs, knowing we are working to find your next one.

Pre-qualified Projects

Project Analytics

We work to understand your business requirements and connect you with jobs that match your profile, saving you time and reducing risk work.

We monitor project processes, gather customer feedback and provide essential analytics to track, measure and improve your performance over time.

Guaranteed Payments

Cash Flow

We manage project invoicing and facilitate payments to ensure you receive your money timeously on the successful completion of project milestones.

For qualifying projects, we can provide financial assistance to help manage your cash flow and keep your projects running smoothly.

Why Shft essential membership benefits

Connect with pre-qualified renovation projects Reach the right customers for your business Win/Win model - pay for your active projects Exclusive closed network of industry experts Active marketing of the Shft brand Control the type of projects you receive Streamline your current and future workloads Feedback and analytics to improve job workflow Expand your business footprint and customer reach No joining fee or monthly membership fees Guaranteed project payments

Looking to win new jobs, reach the right customers, achieve a competitive advantage and streamline project workflows?

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SHFT Limited

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2016 Š Shft is a trading name of SHFT Limited | A Private Limited Company registered in England and Wales under the number 10232567.

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