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What’ in a Domain? However, some of home networks will be domains, quite unimaginable years ago expect in the geekiest of household .(I confess: we have had one for a few years.) First , what’s the difference between a workgroup and domain based network? A workgroup is two or more computers networked together. A workgroup is often called peer-to-peer network because the computer are all peers to one another. No one machine is in a domain, on the other hand, the networked computers have a definite hierarchy in the computers are either servers or clients. Domains have a unified security policy set on the domain controllers and users on clients machines are authenticated by a server whin logging on. The usual rule of thumb is that workgroups ate manageable up to about ten computers. After that a domain is recommended. However. There are valid reasons for setting up a domain-based home network instead of a workgroup. Why set up a Domain at Home? Let’s say you have a high speed,always on internet connection and want all your computers behind a highly firewall, but for a highly-configuredable firewall and top of theline internet connection optimizer, you will want Microsoft internet security and acceleration server. ISA protects your network from hackers, improves internet performance for clients on your network, and controls clients access to the internet. If you operate your own web server, ISA lets you keep that server behind the firewall and insulated from the wide world of hackers, However,


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