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Selecting a gift on Valentine’s Day has a tried and tested process and that is what we all have been following since ages. However, it is time to bring a slight change in the same, especially when the need to express love has increased in this era of complicated relationships.

We expect more from our better half or boyfriend and do not tolerate any laxity in the expression of love. Incidentally, with time, even they have learnt to prove themselves to be the best. While buying flowers from florists on the day of Valentine is still a norm, there are others who give a little extra effort to prove their feelings. They plan well in advance.

So, here are some tips to get the best bouquet for your Valentine, while you still have some time left.

• If you are planning to send some exotic flower, you better hurry up. There are a number of people who are thinking just like you and most likely, they would also plan on sending something exotic to their beloved. Order in advance and book your bouquet so that you do not have to cut a sorry face on the day of the celebration.

• Show your love in public. Your valentine will surely appreciate the fact and will flaunt it with pride. Ensure that you have his/her office address and get a huge bouquet of red roses delivered to that place. After a moment of embarrassment, he/she will surely appreciate your gesture and know that you really love him/her.

• Ensure that you send a bouquet in vase or basket for work flowers so that they remain fresh for days to come.

• Choose the number carefully. Sending one dozen roses means “be mine”, two dozen means “I’m yours” and three dozen or more says “I am head over heels”. Let it be a surprise for your valentine and his/her colleague and let them count the numbers to be doubly surprised at the end.

• Romantic Flowers Bouquets for Valentine’s Day( ) are generally made of roses. Try something new this time. Make it an ensemble of carnations or lilies and highlight the other aspects that you love in your valentine

• If you have planned a dinner date with your Valentine and wish to surprise her, get a bouquet of white lilies delivered to the restaurant and ask the manager to set it on the table reserved for you.If that doesn’t bring a billion dollar smile on her face, nothing will.

• Buying just flowers for her is old-fashioned. Send flowers online and go through the various deals that the sites provide. These flowers are either accompanied by chocolates or teddy bear. Choose one of those deals and make her happy.

• Keep in mind what she likes in flowers. If she does not like roses that may even trigger a fight ending your day in shambles. Also, check whether she is allergic to flowers. You surely do not want her to land in the hospital if she is allergic to pollens in flowers. In that case, plan something else minus the flowers.

Still confused how to organize for a surprise for your valentine? Consult a reliable online florist and gift store like Gift a Love and get the best gifting options to suit your budget and your valentine’s taste. All the best!

How to order online valentine  

Selecting a gift on Valentine’s Day has a tried and tested process and that is what we all have been following since ages. However, it is ti...

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