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CLUB NEWSLETTER September 2011

NOTE FROM THE EDITOR A month closer to the 2011 WGCHSBC Champions, and the Sheshan atmosphere is already buzzing with excitement! This issue, we provide you with a short write-up on undergoing preparations leading up to the annual tournament.


GOLF COURSE MAINTENANCE With winter approaching near, the Sheshan greens will need to undergo winter rye grass over-seeding in order to preserve its lush beauty! Here’s a short summary of the course maintenance schedule.

In addition, we share facts to golf you’d probably not have otherwise known! Cheers to a good month of September!

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NUMBER 1 PLAYER Keep yourself updated on how Luke Donald is soaring so far! In the competitive world of golf, can he sustain his position as number 1? Let’s find out!


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Ashley Yeo SHESHAN GOLF ACADEMY Golf ; It’s a healthy sport!

Course Maintenance for the month of September

Our youths fight to become the next McIlroy. Join our Head coach, Cyrus Janssen, as he updates us with the training process. Continued on Page 5


2011 Winter Grass Over-Seeding Project Schedule The winter rye grass over-seeding project will commence on September 13th, Tuesday, and complete on September 15th, Thursday. During this time there will be some disruptions to regular playing times and conditions for the Club members. Please see the detailed schedule below.


Maintenance Project

Tuesday, Sept 13th,

Full 18 holes will be closed all day. This will allow the maintenance team the opportunity to begin the verticutting and mowing of all holes on the front and back 9. This will take a full uninterrupted day.

Wednesday, Sept 14th Full 18 holes will be closed all day. This will allow the

maintenance team the opportunity to complete the verti-cutting and mowing of any holes on the back 9 that they did not get finished on Tuesday, and allow them to complete seeding, topdressing and watering in the new seed on the back 9. At the same time this will give the front 9 seed a full day to be watered and advance germination prior to golfers going back on it.

Thursday, Sept 15th

Full 18 holes will be closed all day. This will allow the maintenance team the ability to continue watering the grass to ensure good germination prior to the golfers going back on it.

Friday, Sept 16th

18 holes open and return to regular tee times from this day on.

NEWS World No. 1 Soars!

English-man, Luke Donald, may have been the World’s No. 1 golfer for a little over 14 weeks, at least a full 6 weeks ahead of Martin Kaymer’s mere 8 weeks of being on top the podium, but he isn’t ready to it let go. His score of 5-under 66 on Day 1 of the Deutsche Bank Championship clearly says that Donald is here to stay. Whether he will play the coming WGC-HSBC Champions we do not know, but what we do know is, that his lead in the world golf rankings is becoming increasingly large. Though Rory McIlroy, at the World No. 5 seed, has his own secret weapon of achieving the World No. 1 spot one day – girlfriend, and World No. 1 tennis star, Caroline Wozniaki, he acknowledges that it will not be easy. He says that it will not be soon, with Luke Donald being ‘quite a long way ahead’. But the young gun is certain he will one day, make it to the top of the game. With shared visions and aspirations as girlfriend-tennis player Wozniaki, McIlroy is sure his turn for World No. 1 will come. Donald currently holds strong reins to the top seed, but how would it last?

HEALTH TIPS SWING TO THE RHYTHM OF HEALTH We all have the passion for it, and we know how fun and engaging a leisure golf game may be. But did you know how much goodness is in a game of golf besides all those forementioned? Golf is a sport, so is a game of chess. Unlike the mind wrecking latter, a game of golf keeps you fit physically, enabling you to lose calories while having a bask in the sun. Neil Wolkodoff, director of the Rose Center for Health and Sports Sciences, Denver, Colorado, did a simple study on how golf benefits health. The following are the results that he attained through the study. On the average, a golfer playing 9-holes on foot burns about 721 calories. Obviously if one goes through 9-holes using the golf cart he would burn less of about 411 calories instead. This effectively means, if one plays 36-holes in a week, he will burn about 3,600 calories. This is way more than the needed 2,500 calories burn to keep in good health and lower risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer! And you would never have thought using a caddie would reduce your calorie loss by about 100! But of course, at Sheshan, our caddies’ top-notch service is hard to give a miss!

Besides, walking on the golf course throughout your game, not only allows you lose the maximum amount of calories, it also gives a possibility of a better score. This is because when one walks the entire course, he becomes more aware of each obstacle and each factor that comes into play on the course. In the time he takes to reach the ball, he has ample time for better judgment, and better adjustment will follow the next shot. Gear yourself up to lose some calories the next game you have at Sheshan! Cheers, to better health and a better game!

THE SHESHAN GOLF SCHOOL Golf; A game of 34 rules but many variables

Latest News As the Shanghai summer comes to an end, we would like to welcome back our members and students from their summer holiday vacations. Schools will be starting again soon and we have some very exciting news for all our junior golf members at Sheshan. Starting on September 17th the Sheshan Golf School will launch a series of six junior tournaments to be played Saturday afternoons at Sheshan.

Where passion fuels better training with Cyrus Janssen

It is our goal to provide a platform for our emerging juniors to improve their level of golf. Juniors will compete in this competitive league earning points each week as they complete. At the end of the sixth tournament, the top 8 players based on the points list will come together for a Junior Golf Championship to determine the 2011 Junior Player of the year. The Golf School looks forward to welcoming all Junior Members to compete in this fun and exciting new league. For additional inquiries please contact Sheshan Head Professional Cyrus Janssen for more information.

Round of the Month Every month the Sheshan Golf School will feature a different student and highlight one of their outstanding rounds they recently posted. This month’s “Round of the Month” features 9-year old Sheshan member Hiroshi Tai. Originally from Singapore, Hiroshi has been a student of the Sheshan Golf School for over 1 year now. This past summer he traveled with his family to America to play in various tournaments including the World Masters of Junior Golf in Las Vegas. During the final round of the 3-day tournament, Hiroshi shot his personal best tournament round by making seven pars, one bogey, and one birdie for an even par round of 37. During the final day of the competition Hiroshi felt some pressure as he was paired with three excellent players but with his even par round he managed to record the 2nd lowest final round score of the tournament. Congratulations to Hiroshi on his excellent round!

THE SHESHAN GOLF SCHOOL Throughout the summer we have experienced our fair share of thunderstorms and lightning. Many people do not even know that severe weather situations are all covered in the Rules of Golf. Here are some key rules that address these conditions:

Golf; A game of 34 rules but many variables

SEVERE WEATHER RULE #1 Although bad weather on its own isn't reason enough to discontinue play, you may stop without anyone's permission if you believe there's danger from lightning, hail, etc. -- but you must report having done so. (Rule 6-8a)

SEVERE WEATHER RULE #2 If wind moves your ball after you've addressed it (defined as taking your stance and grounding your club, except in a hazard), take a one-stroke penalty and replace the ball. If wind moves your ball before you address it, play the ball from its new position. No penalty. (Rule 18-2b; Decision 18-1/12)

SEVERE WEATHER RULE #3 If either your stance, swing or ball is interfered with by casual water from heavy rains and your ball isn't in a water hazard, you get free relief. Take a drop within one club-length of the nearest point of relief that's not closer to the hole. If the ball was in a bunker, that spot must be in the bunker, otherwise it can't be in a hazard or on the putting green. (Rule 25-1)



 COURSE CLOSURE September 19th, 26th 2011 (Every Monday)

 DRIVING RANGE CLOSURE September 15th, 22nd, 29th 2011 (Every Thursday, 17:00 onwards)

 ADDITIONAL COURSE CLOSURES September 13th - 15th 2011 (Winter Grass Over-Seeding) October 24th – 30th 2011

 CHIPPING GREEN CLOSURE September 14th, 21st, 28th 2011 (Every Wednesday, 13:00 onwards)

 MID-AUTUMN FESTIVAL September 12th 2011 (Monday, Course Open)



Weekdays First Tee Time – 06:36 Last Tee Time – 15:32 (9-Holes), 13:32 (18-Holes)

Weekends/Holidays First Tee Time – 06:20 – 08:20 / 11:32 – 13:32

Last Tee Time – 16:00 (9-Holes), 13:32 (18-Holes)

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