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September ‘12

                                                                                                                                                                                                      Great   pleasure   to   greet   you   with   a   brand   new   facelift   to   our   newsletter!   In   this   re-­‐   invigorated  issue,   we   bring  you  the   latest   happenings  in   the  world  of   golf   and   around     Sheshan     Golf   Course   this   hot   summer.   As   fireworks   concluded   the   London   2012     Olympic  games,  we  herald  a  new  era  for  golf  in  the  international  sporting  scene.  For       the  first  time  since  the  year  1904,  golf  will  be  featured  as  a  competitive  sport  at  the     2016   Rio     de   Janeiro   Olympics!   On   this   a   similar   note   back   home,   Sheshan   Golf  Club  is   honored     to  be  at  the  forefront  of  nurturing  and  inspiring  a  new  generation  of  Chinese     golfers  to          t   ake  on  this  new  challenge!             DANIEL  WONG  王和涵                   Pg  2-­‐5     Club  Updates         Notices,  Tee-­‐times  and  Club  events         Pg  6-­‐7     Golf  News       Battle  of  the  best  at  the  PGA  Championships  2012!         Pg  9     Round  of  the  month       Watch   our   Sheshan   Junior   Elite   siblings   at   the   US       Kids  Golf  World  Championship!         Pg  10-­‐11   Sheshan     Golf  Learning  Center       TPI  Weekend  Junior  Program  is  back!         Pg  12     Rule  of  the  month       What  to  do  when  a  ball  is  ‘unplayable’?         Pg  13-­‐14     Equipment     Oakley  makes  headway  in  the  world  of  golf.  




Club Updates

      Course  Maintenance  Bulletin           As   a   result   of   natural   grass   growth,   an   accumulation   of   soil   and       decomposed   matter   –   known   as   thatch   –   occurs.   Thatch   build-­‐up   causes     the  grass     to  suffer  as  it  can  restrict  the  flow  of  air,  water,  and  fertilizers.  In   order  t  o  remove  the  unwanted  layer  of  thatch,  it  is  extremely  important  to     aerate  our  grass.  Our  roughs,  tee  boxes,  and  the  fairways  were  aerated  in     August     and   the   greens   will   be   scheduled   for   similar   treatment   in   September.             Along   with   the   aeration   of   the   greens,   we   will   start   the   process   of   over     seeding     from  the  10th-­‐12th.  This  will  help  the  rye  grass  to  return  as  quickly     as  possible  as  the  weather  starts  to  cool  down.  We  will  definitely  see  the     benefits     come  winter.           Replacement  efforts  to  re-­‐plant  Paspalum  grass  at  Holes  1,  2,  6,  9,  12  and     18  have  been  undertaken  to  rid  the  unwanted  Bermuda  grass.  Patches  of     uneven     new   grass   might  be   encountered  during   play   but   such   endeavor   is     important   for  the  course  to  be  a  consistency  of  the  grass-­‐type.         New  turf  has  been  laid  in  many  of  the  damaged  areas,  especially  the  high       traffic  areas  on  many  of  the  Par  3s.  On  top  of  that,  it  has  also  been  grown     th along  the     left  side  of  18  Hole  rough  enhancing  the  playing  conditions.         Due  to    the  typhoon  that  hit  Shanghai  in  mid-­‐August,  a  number  of  trees  had     fallen   casualty   to   the   heavy   rains   and   high   winds.   Reconstruction   works     have   managed   to   put   a   majority   of   the   trees   back   into   position   with   the       utilization  of  bamboos  to  provide  support  for  the  fallen  trees.  As  always,     we   thank   you   for   your   understanding   and   apologize   for   inconveniences     any  of  t   hese  projects  may  cause.         Yours  s  incerely,     Gavi n Eckford     of  Golf   Director          

Club Updates

Tee Time Schedules: September 2012


First Tee  Time:  06:36     Last  Tee  Time:    15:32  (9-­‐Hole  Play)                                                                  13:32  (18-­‐Hole  Play)  


First Tee  Time:  06:20  –  08:20                                                                11:32  –  13:32     Last  Tee  Time:  16:00  (9-­‐Hole  Play)                                                                                                                            13:32  (18-­‐Hole  Play)  

Club Updates

Schedule Of Events: September 2012   Club Events Titleist  Golf  Challenge  

7th Sept  Friday,  13  00hrs   18-­‐Hole  Shot  Gun  start  (Golf  and  Dinner)    

ASC Golf  Challenge  

28th Sept  Friday  13  00   18-­‐Hole  Shot  Gun  start  (Golf  and  Dinner)  

Course Closure

Over seeding  on  10th(Monday),  11th  (Tuesday)     &  12th  (Wednesday)    

Gavin     Championship   is   the   fourth   The   PGA     and   final   Major   of   the   year   featuring   a     good   mix     of   classic   old   and   new   style     golf  courses.  This  year’s  affair  was  held     at   The   Ocean   Course   at   Kiawah   Island     th th on  the  8    –  11  Aug.         The   tournament   opened   in   Day   1   with     calm  conditions   that   are  unusual  along       the  South  Carolina  coastline.  With  little     wind  and     a  soft  golf  course,  the  opening   scores    were   surprisingly   low.   Rory   McIlroy     shot   a   bogey-­‐free   67   and   was     tied   for     the   lead   with   former   PGA   Champion   Vijay   Singh.   Day   1   ended       with  a  mix   of   chances   amongst  the  best     golfers     including   Tiger   Woods   and     Adam  Scott.                            


PGA Championship 2012: Man versus Nature! Eckford

Day 2   played   very   differently   as   the   winds   picked   up   and   Kiawah   Island   certainly   lived   up   to   its   name.   41   players  in  the  field  shot  80  or  higher  on   the   second   day   and   2   players   even   failed   to   break   90.   It   was   more   than   a   competition  between  players,  but  also  a   test  of  true  golfing  skill  against  Mother   Nature  and  her  weatherly  tricks.     On  a  day  where  the  best  players  in  the   world  averaged  78,  Vijay  Singh  opened   up   a   comfortable   lead   with   69   shots   while  only  4  others  managed  to  keep  it   under   Par   72   in   these   difficult   conditions.  

Much like   his   impressive   2011   US       Open   8   shot   victory,   McIlroy     dominated   on   Sunday   and   was   able     to  become  the  first  UK  golfer  to  hoist       the   Wanamaker   Trophy   since     Tommy   Armour   in   1930.   Firing   an     incredible  bogey-­‐free  66  to  close  out       the   Championship,   McIlroy   cruised     to,   yet   again,   an   8   shot   victory,     posting   a   winning   score   of   -­‐13   a     Moving     Day   saw   stormy   weather   that   clear   reminder   of   what   great   talent   brought     the   day  to  an  early  end  causing   this  young  Irishman  possesses.     28   players   to   have   to   return   to   the       course   early   on   Sunday   to   finish   their     3rd   round     and   carry   on   with   the   final     well.     round  as         McIlroy     was   4-­‐under   on   his   3rd   round     when  play  was  halted   by  bad   front  nine     conditions   but   he   picked   up   where   he     left  off  e  arly  Sunday  morning  to   take  an   outright     lead  in  to  the  final  round.               Ocean Course, Kiawah Island     • Ranked as the #1 Hardest Golf   Course in America by Golf Digest.       • Designed by Pete Dye, infamously   nicknamed “Pete Dye-abolical” is   synonymous with building difficult   and unforgiving golf courses.  




US Kids Golf

        Cyrus Janssen     Held   at   the   prestigious   Pinehurst    best  score  of  69  (3  under  par)  for  18     Golf     Resort  –  host  course  of  the  1999   holes  to  finish  the  tournament  in  11th     2005   US   Opens   –   the   US   Kids   place.   Younger   sister   Yoko   also   and     Golf   World   Championship   is   one   of   finished  her  summer  campaign  strong     the     largest   international   junior   golf   and   steady,   recording   her   3rd   Top   10     tournaments   every   summer.   This   finish   of   the   summer   with   a   6th   place     year   we   were   elated   to   have   two   of   result.   A   round   of   applause   to   both     our   Sheshan   junior   members   –   Hiroshi   and   Yoko,   for   their       siblings   Hiroshi   and   Yoko   Tai   –   achievements.     compete  in  the  tournament.   The  duo       looked   set   to   end   their   summer   Hiroshi   and   Yoko’s   achievements   at       campaign   on   a   high   at   the   the   US   Kids   Championships   come     Championship.   neither   from   their   rankings   nor   the         competition   results.   Every     Hiroshi’s   performance   during   the   tournament,   regardless   of   the     final   round   of   the   tournament   was   outcome,   is   another   step   forward   for     outstanding.   Despite   him   entering   these  Junior  Elites  towards  becoming       the   third   and   final   round   at   27th   experienced   and   mature   golfers.   In     place,   Hiroshi   handled   the   pressure   the   world   of   sports,   victors   are       exquisitely   and  recorded  a  personal   special  individuals  set  apart  from  the     others   due   to   their   solid   set   of     positive   values.   It   is   with   such       mentality  that  here  at  Sheshan,  we  set     out   to   nurture   and   develop   every     junior   golfer   into   athletes       encompassing   the   virtues   of     sportsmanship!                

World Championship

Chong Q  ing  Junior  Invitational   Victor  Zhou:   1st  place           Hank   Haney   JIGT   Asian   Circuit   Chong     Qing  Qualifier       Victor  Zhou:   1st  place           No.7   China   Citic   Bank   Junior   Golf     Challenge     Eastern  Qualifier   Victor  Zhou:   1st  place           World   Junior   Invitational   Callaway     (California)     Yoko  Tai:     9th  place  out  of  51   Daphne  C   hao:  13th  place  out  of  70   Tina  Lu:    19th  place  out  of  70     Hiroshi  T   ai:  22nd  place  out  of  115         US   Kids   European   Championship     (Scotland)     st Yoko  Tai:     1  place         US   Kids   World   Championships     (Pinehurst,  North  California)     th Yoko  Tai:   6  place  out  of  44     Hiroshi  T   ai:  11th  place  out  of  147                            

Roll of  Honor  

San Diego  Masters   Daphne  Chao:  7th  place     Veritas  World  Junior     Daphne  Chao:  2nd  place   Jane  Lu:  7th  place   Tina  Lu:  2nd  place     Taylormade   World   Masters   of   Junior   Golf   Hiroshi  Tai:  15th  place   Yoko  Tai:  2nd  place     Shanghai  Junior  Golf  Tournament   Jane  Lu:  3rd  place  in  Team  C     Veritas  World  Junior  (US)   Tina  Lu:  2nd  place     HSBC  National  Junior  Golf  Championship   (Chongqing)   Angelina  Ye:  1st  place  in  Team  D     HSBC  National  Junior  Golf  Championship   (Shanghai)   Angelina  Ye:  1st  place  in  Team  C    

SHESHAN GOLF LEARNING CENTER The Sheshan  TPI  Weekend  Junior  Program  is  back  by   popular  demand!     Join  us  this  September  together  with  Sheshan’s  very  own   team  of  Golf  Professionals  Cyrus  Janssen  and  Robbie   Sherwin  for  a  weekend  of  golf  classes!    

for 5 h Hig ! g i b A boy g i b the

On p l a yt h e w a y ing like towar a P ds ro!

The   program  will  continue  for  another  two  sessions  starting  again  on    the  weekend  of  September  8th  &  9th.  Session  One  will  be  held  in     September   and  October.  Session  Two  will  be  held  in  November  and       December.         These     group  classes  are  offered  at  rate  of  RMB  1,200  for  (1)  session  or   RMB     2,200  for  both  sessions.  Each  session  consists  of  (6)  one-­‐hour     group  lessons.     (Group   classes  are  divided  into  two  levels  depending  on  age  and       proficiency)     • Intermediate   Classes  (Ages  9-­‐12)  are  held  on  Saturdays  from  15:00-­‐   16:00  or  Sundays  13:00-­‐14:00       • Beginner   Class  (Ages  5-­‐8)  are  held  on  Saturdays  from  16:00-­‐17:00         For  additional  information  or  to  register  your  child  for         Sheshan  TPI  Weekend  Junior  Program,  please  contact:         Sheshan  Head  Professional  Cyrus  Janssen     13761217794        

If you   ever   find   yourself   in   a   situation   on  the  g  olf  course  where  you  feel  that  it     is   impossible   to   hit   the   next   shot,   then       you  have  the   option  to  declare  the   ball     unplayable.   As   the   player,   you   are   free     to   decide     if   the   ball   is   unplayable   (it     necessarily  have  to  involve  the   does  not     marker).   You   then   have   three     possibilities   to   drop   the   ball,   each       a  1-­‐penalty  stroke.   incurring       If,  when  dropped,  the  ball  rolls   back  to     the   unplayable   position   or   is   in   a   bad     position     for   any   other   reason,   there   is   nothing     you   can   do   about   it.   It   either     has   to   be   played   as   it   lies,   or   it   can   be     declared   unplayable   once   again,       another  penalty  stroke.   incurring          PS:  The  other  option  is  you  can  try  and     play  the  ball  from  where  it  lies  as  what       Langer  did  at  the  Fulford  Golf   Bernhard   Club  in  E   ngland!!                


4. Take a drop within 2 club-lengths, 1 penalty stroke. 5. Take a drop on the backwards extension of the line from the hole to the ball, 1 penalty stroke. 6. Take a drop at the position of the last shot you played (if it was a tee shot you can tee it up again), 1- penalty stroke.

r Bernhard German Golfe at B&H Langer 1981 International


By Gavin Eckford     Oakley     had   its   humble   beginnings   in   Southern   California,   1975,     specializing   in   producing   anti-­‐slip   motorcycle   handgrips   for   racing.   This       ingenious   technology   provided   the   fundamentals   for   the   shift   into     production   of   sports   goggles.   Since   then,   Oakley   has   become   one   of   the     biggest     and  most  recognizable  names  in  the  eyewear  industry.             Normal  sunglasses  have  curved  lenses  that  result  in  distorted  positioning   of  the  g   olf  ball,  making  it  difficult  for  golfers  to  play  consistently.           Fresh   on   the   shelves   in   Sheshan   is   the   latest   line   of   Oakley   eyewear,     custom-­‐made  to  provide  protection,  functionality,  and  performance.           Blocks  out100%  of  UVA,     UVB,   UVC   rays   and     harmful   blue   light   up   to     400  nm  wavelength       HYDROPHOBIC       technology  provides     waterproof,  anti-­‐slip,   Golf  specific  G-­‐Lens     anti-­‐oil  and  ergonomic     reduces  glares  and   design   increases   visual  contrast         High   SWITCHLOCK     Definition  Optics   (HDO)   lenses  ensure   technology  allows     undistorted     vision  and   interchangeability  for    improve  cognition– golfers  to  use  the    coordination  on  the   appropriate  lenses  to     course.           suit  light  and  course     conditions.                    

Apart  from   its   quality   eyewear,   Oakley   is   diversifying   its   presence     athletic   performance   apparel,   shoes   and   accessories.   Oakley   towards     sport   products   remain   the   top   choice   for   the   best   athletes   in   world   that       runners,  skiers  and  of  course,  golfers.       includes           The   all-­‐new   Oakley   Golf   Series   features   the   moisture-­‐efficient   Hydrolix,     flexibility  enhancing   Oakley  Factory  Lite  and   Red  Code®   shock-­‐absorbent       technology   ensures  the  ultimate  performance  for  golfers.           Most   recently,   Oakley   sponsored   athlete   and   World   #1   golfer,   Rory       McIlroy,  took  home   the  Wanamaker   Trophy  after  winning  the   2012   PGA  

Championship, bearing  the  trademark  “O”  with  pride!        

Oakley made  its  debut  in  China  in  March  2012,  and  at  Sheshan  Golf  Course   we   are   proud   to   be   amongst   the   exclusive   few   to   present   our   members   and  guests  with  Oakley’s  latest  array  of  quality  eyewear  and  golf  products.     Visit  our  Pro  Shop  today  to  try  on  the  Oakley  Golf  Series!    

E-newsletter September 2012 #2 English  

E-newsletter for September 2012, English version

E-newsletter September 2012 #2 English  

E-newsletter for September 2012, English version