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                As  the  weather  gets  progressively  warmer,  it  cues  the  fast  approaching  peak  golfing     season.       In   this   issue,   we   kick   off   the   golf   season   with   a   good   read   on   the   exciting     2013  Masters,   as  we  relive  the  non-­‐stop  action  and  the  dramatic  ups  and  downs.  The       atmosphere   in  Sheshan  is  also  filled  with   anticipation   as   we   prepare  for  our  Junior     Elites’  p  articipation  in  the  junior  tournaments  in  America,  and  many   more  events  for     our  members.   So  here’s  to  an  amazing  golf  season  ahead  as  we  head  into  Summer!             LOW  LI  TING  刘莉婷                   Club  Updates     Pg  2-­‐10     “This  yea Notices,   Tee-­‐times   and   Club     r   more  dra ’s  Championship  h ma  and  c a   events     ontrovers d   a  Hong  K y   t han     ong  Soap       O p e r a ”     Golf  News   Pg  11-­‐16     Modern  Masters                     Pg  17-­‐18   Sheshan  Golf  Learning  Center     Sheshan   Junior   Golf   Team       Prepares  for  America’s  Biggest       Junior  Tournaments             Rule  of  the  month     Pg  19     Ball  at  Rest  Moved  –  Rule  18                   w   loving  his  ne   tt o c S   m a d   A     green  jacket.  




Promotion for

Golfers’ Lodge The Lodge at Sheshan International Golf Club is having an exclusive members-only promotion, with a generous 20% discount off room rates on top of a waiver of the 15% service charge.

Golf Lodge Room Rates: Room Category

Usual Rate

Special Rate

Lodge Single

RMB 600 + 15%

RMB 480

Lodge Deluxe

RMB 800 + 15%

RMB 704

Lodge Golf View

RMB 1080 + 15%

RMB 864

Lodge Premier

RMB1280 + 15%

RMB 1024

Terms & Conditions: Promotions ends 30th September 2013. Promotion is only valid for booking by members. Members booking on behalf of other guests must provide details of the guests residing in the room upon making the booking. Each member is only entitled to one booking each month for the promotion period, which cannot be acumulated over the months.

CLUB UPDATES Course Maintenance  

As the  temperatures  have  warmed  up,  the  grass  has  quickly  returned  to  a   beautiful  green  on  most  of  the  course  and  the  fairways  have  recovered   nicely  from  the  cold  of  winter.  The  greens  also  recovered  very  well  from   aeration  and  are  now  smooth  and  starting  to  speed  up.       When  the  ground  temperature  warms  up,  the  summer  paspalum  grass   begins  to  grow  faster,  replacing  the  winter  rye  grass.  In  order  to  help  this   process,  it  is  necessary  to  verticut  and  aerate  to  give  more  space  for  the   new  grass  to  grow.  The  rough  was  verticut  in  April  to  help  the  process   and  the  tees  and  fairways  will  be  done  in  May.       We   will  start   to   see  more   and   more   leaves   on  the   new   trees  around   the   golf   course   and   the   warm   Spring   weather   is   bringing   out   flowers   and   different   colors   of   bushes   and   trees.   May   will   be   one   of   the   prettiest   months  at  Sheshan  and  we  hope  that  you  will  be  able  to  get  out  and  enjoy   the   great   weather   and   fantastic   scenery.   As   always,   we   appreciate   your   understanding   about   any   disruptions   in   play   and   look   forward   to   more   great  conditions  on  the  golf  course.  

  Yours  Sincerely,   Gavin Eckford Director  of  Golf  

CLUB UPDATES Tee Time  Schedules:  April  2013  


First Tee  Time:  06:28     Last  Tee  Time:    16:36  (9-­‐Hole  Play)                                                                                                                            14:36  (18-­‐Hole  Play)        


First Tee  Time:  06:28  –  08:20                    11:32  –  13:24                             Last  Tee  Time:    16:36  (9-­‐Hole  Play)                                                                13:24  (18-­‐Hole  Play)      

CLUB UPDATES No-­‐Show and  Cancellation  Policy  Reminder     Dear  Member,     As  the  peak  golf  season  has  arrived  once  again,  we  would  like  to  take   this  opportunity  to  remind  all  members  about  the  cancellation  and   no-­‐show  policy.  These  rules  are  in  place  to  ensure  that  we  can   accommodate  as  many  members  as  possible.  As  listed  in  the  member   rules,  tee  times  for  weekdays  must  be  cancelled  with  at  least  24   hours  notice.  Tee  times  for  Saturday  must  be  cancelled  before   5:00pm  on  Thursday  and  for  Sunday  must  be  cancelled  before   5:00pm  on  Friday.       If  you  book  a  tee  time  and  do  not  show  up,  members  may  be   responsible  for  paying  for  the  cost  of  the  entire  tee  time.     We  appreciate  your  understanding  that  these  policies  are  in  place  to   ensure  that  we  can  accommodate  as  many  members  as  possible,   especially  on  weekends.        


Schedule of  Events     Absolute  Golf  Challenge   24th  May  2013   Shotgun  Start:  1:00pm    

CLUB UPDATES TaylorMade Demo  Day    

12th May,  Sunday.  11:00am  –  4:00pm.     Sheshan  Driving  Range    

TaylorMade will  have  all  of  their  latest  equipment  to  try  at  Sheshan  on   Sunday,  May  12th,  11:00am-­‐4:00pm.  Take  a  look  at  what  the  Tour  Pros   are  playing  and  let  the  TaylorMade  Professional  staff  custom  fit  their   products  to  improve  your  game.  Test  your  current  equipment  against  the   newest  products  from  TaylorMade  to  see  if  you  can  help  you  shoot  better   scores  with  the  right  equipment.    

TaylorMade R1  

TaylorMade Rocketbladez   TaylorMade   RBZ  Stage  2  

1 2

            By Gavin     Although   we  are  fortunate  in  Shanghai     to  be  a  ble  to  play  golf  all  year,  the       is  much  more  conducive  to   weather     doing  s   o  in  the  Spring.  The  grass  begins     to  grow,     we  can  take  off  our  winter   coats,    and  the  sun  begins  to  make  more       appearances.   This  time  of  the  year  is     great  i  n  golf  and  it  also  marks  the  lead     up  to  t  he  first  Major  Championship  of     the  year,   The  Masters.  After  last  year’s       finish  with  Louis  Ousthuizen’s   exciting     Albatross   during  the  final  round  and       Bubba     Watson’s  infamous  hook  wedge     from  the   trees  to  win,  2013  had  a  lot  to     live  up     to.                                 Corner  at  Augusta  National  Golf   Amen     Club  


Modern Masters   Eckford Augusta  National  Golf  Club  has  so  many   defining  features  that  let  us  know  that   we  are  unmistakably  watching  The   Masters.  From  it’s  perfectly  manicured   fairways  to  it’s  lighting  fast  undulating   greens,  blooming  azaleas  to  patented   pine  needles  lining  the  trees,  Augusta  is   truly  unique  in  so  many  ways.  The   tournament  history  is  rich  and  this   event  may  be  the  most  dramatic  in  all   of  golf  leading  in  to  the  “crowning”  of  a   Champion  with  it’s  coveted  Green   Jacket.  This  year  was  no  exception.    

Blooming flowers  at  Augusta  National  Golf   Club  

1 2

factor  in  the  growth  of  The   One  big  

Masters     and  Augusta  National  has  been     technology.   When  the  Big  3  (Jack       Arnold  Palmer,  and  Gary   Nicklaus,       were  vying  for  the  Green  Jacket   Player)     in  the  e   arly  1960s,  television  was  black     and  white.   At  the  time,  TV  was  new  to       the  world   and  this  opened  the  doors  for       to  get  their  first  look  at   millions     Augusta     National.  It  was  a  glorious  time     in  golf    as  three  of  the  greatest  of  all   time  w   ere  in  their  prime  and  provided       with  one  exciting  Masters   golf  fans     after  a  nother.  Around  1970,  TV  started     to  move     in  to  color.  This  provided     with  an  opportunity  to   Augusta       showcase   it’s  perfect  conditions  and     elevated     the  legend  of  Augusta  National     to  another   level.                            

Arnold Palmer  (1960)  

Although the  golf  course  has  been   lengthened  to  combat  today’s  long   hitters  and  equipment  changes,  much   of  the  aesthetics  remain  as  they  did  in   the  1960’s.  Somehow,  exciting  finishes   have  managed  to  keep  us  on  the  edge  of   our  seats  year  after  year  which  is  a  true   testament  to  the  storied  Sunday  Back  9   at  Augusta.  The  most  recent  change  in   technology  that  has  elevated  Augusta   National  once  again  is  the  advent  of  HD   Television.    

Gary Player  (1978)  

Jack Nicklaus  (1975)      

1 2

Shades of  green  get  deeper,  the  pine   needles  take  shape  and  the  azaleas   explode  off  the  screen.  It  has  also   allowed  us  to  see  the  incredible   amounts  of  elevation  changes  that  run   throughout  Augusta’s  fairways  and   greens.  Modern  technology  has   enhanced  the  Masters  experience  to  a    

point where  one  can  almost  smell  the  

was in  position  to  make  the  cut  with  

freshly mown  grass  on  Sunday  

a good  second  round.  Considering  

morning. It  has  given  us  the  

he doesn’t  hit  the  ball  very  far,  

opportunity to  see  how  truly  difficult  

Augusta played  very  long  and  he  

Augusta National  can  play  with  rolling  

was forced  to  hit  fairway  woods  and  

hills, uneven  lies,  and  seemingly  

hybrids in  to  a  number  of  holes  but  

impossible putts.    

his short  game  and  mental  strength  

helped him  along  the  way.  During  

This year’s  Championship  had  more  

the second  round,  he  was  penalized  

drama and  controversy  than  a  Hong  

1 stroke  for  slow  play.  This  penalty  

Kong Soap  Opera  and  will  be  

was within  the  rules  of  the  event  

remembered as  much  for  it’s  peculiar  

although it  is  rarely  ever  utilized.    

rulings as  it  will  for  incredible  golf.  

At the  time  of  the  penalty,  this  

The first  big  story  was  14  year  old  Guan   moved  him  outside  of  the  cut  line   Tianlang  from  China  who  became  the  

which would  have  been  a  

youngest player  in  Masters  and  Major  

devastating result.  Fortunately  he  

history. This  is  incredible  on  it’s  own  

managed to  make  the  cut  with  a  75  

but after  an  opening  round  of  73,  he  

and surprised  everyone,  including   me.  

1 2

all faded  away  come  Sunday,  it’s  one  of   the  interesting  twists  that  Augusta   always  tends  to  bring.       The  night  between  round  2  and  3  really   sparked  things  up  as  Tiger  Woods   Guan  Tianlang  presented  with  Low  Amateur   Trophy  

accidentally took  a  bad  drop  after  his   ball  on  the  par  5  -­‐15th  hole  hit  the  

More impressive  than  his  fantastic  play   flagstick  and  bounced  in  the  water.  He   was  his  poise  with  the  media.  He  was  

should have  dropped  in  the  same  place  

very impressive  in  every  interview  and   to  re-­‐hit  but  instead  moved  2  yards   truly  did  a  wonderful  job  of  

further back  and  tried  from  there.  

representing China  on  the  world  stage.  

There was  a  lot  of  discussion  about  

Everyone around  China  should  be  very   being  disqualified  but  in  the  end,  he   proud  of  Guan  and  we  should  expect  to   was  given  a  2  stroke  penalty  and   hear  a  lot  more  from  this  rising  star  for   moved  from  -­‐3  to  -­‐1  overnight.   years  to  come.  He  would  also  go  on  to   make  the  cut  at  the  Zurich  Classic  two   weeks  later  on  the  PGA  Tour.     Although  Guan’s  youth  was  big  story,  so   was  the  age  of  the  older  generation   appearing  on  the  leaderboard.  55  year   olds,  Sandy  Lyle  and  Berhard  Langer   were  both  under  par  after  2  rounds  and   53  year  old,  Fred  Couples  was  tied  for   the  lead  after  2  rounds.  Although  they    

Tiger disappointment  after  shot  hit  the  pin   and  rolled  into  the  water.  

1 2

Once the  controversy  cleared,  the  stage  

Masters and  this  putt  moved  him  one  

was set  for  the  usual  exciting  Sunday  

shot ahead  of  Cabrera  to  -­‐9.    

finish at  Augusta.  There  were  a  number     of  players  in  the  mix  to  fight  for  the  

As Angel  Cabrera  was  already  in  the  

coveted green  jacket  but  only  a  few  

fairway at  18,  he  was  well  aware  of  

remained in  contention  until  the  very  

Scott’s brilliant  putt  and  knew  that  he  

end. Tiger  played  well  but  couldn’t  get  

would need  a  birdie  to  force  a  playoff.  

many putts  to  drop  and  in  the  end,  the  

With another  aggressive  swing  from  

unfortunate break  from  the  days  before   the  impressive  Argentine  known  as   could  not  be  made  up  and  he  would  

“El Pato”  (“The  Duck”  in  Spanish),  he  

finish in  a  tie  for  4th  at  -­‐5.  The  final  3  

stuck his  iron  shot  to  3  feet  from  the  

players with  a  chance  were  Australians,   hole.  The  crowd  erupted  and  Scott  and   Adam  Scott,  and  Jason  Day,  as  well  as  

Cabrera would  head  back  to  the  18th  

Argentina’s Angel  Cabrera,  a  two-­‐time  

tee for  a  playoff  at  -­‐9.    

Major winner.       Day  narrowly  missed  a  birdie  putt  on   18  that  would  have  tied  him  with  Scott   and  Cabrera  at  -­‐8  and  his  run  was  over.   Scott,  in  the  group  behind,  hit  his  8  iron   on  18  to  around  25  feet,  pin  high  to  the   right.  Cabrera  was  in  the  final  group   and  hit  a  perfect  tee  shot  on  18  down   the  right  side  of  the  fairway.  Scott   stepped  up  and  made  his  birdie  putt   and  the  excitement  was  electric.  No   Australian  golfer  had  ever  won  the  

Cabrera celebrating  his    putt   on  18,  which  forced  a  playoff   with  Scott  

1 2

After both  making  par  on  18,  the  next   hole  would  be  the  difficult  par  4  -­‐10th.   They  both  hit  perfect  tee  shots  and   Cabrera  hit  a  solid  second  shot  to  20   feet  from  the  pin.  Scott  answered  with   a  beauty  of  his  own  to  around  12  feet   right  of  the  flag.  When  Cabrera   narrowly  missed  his  birdie,  it  gave   Adam  Scott  the  putt  for  his  elusive  first   Major.  He  calmly  read  the  line,  took  a   practice  stroke  and  buried  the  putt  in   the  center  of  the  cup.      

Adam Scott  looking  good  in  green.  

The Masters  has  and  always  will  be  one   of  the  greatest  tournaments  in  the   game  of  golf  and  today’s  technology  has   blended  beautifully  with  the   tournament’s  history  to  make  it  even  

better. Although  Augusta  will  continue   to  be  somewhat  of  a  mystery  for  most   of  us  outside  of  1  week  every  year,   watching  from  home  has  never   brought  us  closer.    With  another   incredible  finish  at  Augusta  filled  with   drama,  excitement,  controversy  and   exceptional  golf,  the  golf  season  is   officially  underway.  We  will  however   have  to  wait  a  while  for  the  next  Major   which  will  be  the  US  Open  at  Merion   Golf  Club  in  mid-­‐June.      

Loud cheer  for  Scott  as  he  wins   his  first  Major.    

Sheshan Junior  Golf  Team  Prepares  for   America’s  Biggest  Junior  Tournaments   By Cyrus Janssen  

As parents  make  final  preparations  for  this  year’s  summer  holiday,  Sheshan  Golf   Club’s  Junior   Team   is  continuing  our  final   preparations  for   this  year’s  summer   trip  to  America.  Leaving  China  on  July  5th,  Sheshan  Professionals  Cyrus  Janssen   and  Robbie   Sherwin  will  take  our  group  of   12  Sheshan  juniors  to  America  for  an   exciting  two  weeks  of  junior  golf  in  Southern  California.    

In this  month’s  article   we  would  like  to   give  our  membership  an  insider’s   guide   to  the  two  tournaments  our  team  will  be  participating  in.  

July 7th-­‐12th  –  San  Diego  Junior  Masters    

Founded in   2008   the   San   Diego   Junior   Masters   is   held  annually  the  week  before  the  Callaway  Junior   World   to   prep   players   for   the   major   event.   The   event   has   experienced   tremendous   success   over   the  past  5  years  and  in  2012  featured  over  492  players  from  25  countries.  The   event   is   held   on   4   different   golf   courses   throughout   the   San   Diego   area   separating   juniors   into   8   different   divisions.   Winners   of   each   division,   both   boys   and   girls,   receive   a   special   exemption   into   the   Callaway   Junior   World,   considered  the  premier  junior  tournament  in  the  world.  

July 15th-­‐19th  –  Callaway  Junior  World    

With over   60   years   of   history   the   Callaway   Junior   World   has   established   itself   as   the   pinnacle   in   junior   golf.   Last   year’s   tournament   featured   over   1,200   participants   from   over   56   countries   around   the   world.   The   Callaway   Junior   World  Golf  Championships  is  the  largest  international  event   in   the   world   and   is   unique   for   its   international   representation  and  cultural  diversity.    

One of  the  biggest  years  for   the   Callaway  World   Junior   was   in   1984  when   the   following  players  won:   David  Toms  (Boys  15-­‐17),  Ernie  Els  (Boys  13-­‐14),  and   Tiger   Woods   (Boys   9-­‐10).   In   addition   Phil   Mickelson   finished   second   to   Ernie   during  that  tournament.  Of  course  all  of  these  players  went  on  to  enjoy  Hall  of   Fame  careers  on  the  PGA  Tour.  

Sheshan’s team   of   12   Elite   Junior   Players   represent   the   most   talented   level   of   tournament   players   and   we   are   proud  to   become   the   first   Mainland   Chinese   Club   to   support  and  send  a  team  of  children  overseas  to  compete  and  represent  the  club.      

We would  like  to  thank  our  Sheshan  Junior  Elite  Program  sponsors  PING  and  Nike   Golf   and   we   look   forward   to   sharing   the   details   of   our   trip   with   the   entire   membership  as  the  trip  draws  closer.      

Stayed tuned  for  next  month’s  newsletter  as  we  profile  each  of  the  12  juniors  who   will  be  traveling  to  America  this  summer.  

Ball at  Rest  Moved  –  Rule  18    

Ball moved  when  taking  a  practice  swing   If   you   take   a   practice   swing   and   accidentally   move   your  ball   in   doing   so   this   does   not   count   as   a   stroke,   and   you   must   put   the   ball   back   with  1  penalty  stroke.  If  you  do  not  put  the  ball  back  you  will  incur  2   penalty  strokes  for  playing  the  ball  from  the  wrong  spot.    

Ball moved  after  Address   If   a   player’s   ball   in   play   moves   after   they   have   addressed   the   ball   (other   than   as   a   result   of   a   stroke),   the   player   is   deemed   to   have   moved   the   ball   and   incurs   a   1   stroke   penalty.   The   ball   must   then  be  replaced  and  the  shot  can  then  be  played.    

Ball moved  by  another  ball   If  a  ball  in  play  and  at  rest  is  moved  by  another  ball  in     motion  after  a  stroke,  the  moved  ball  must  be  replaced.    

E-newsletter May 2013 #2 English  
E-newsletter May 2013 #2 English  

E-newsletter for April 2013, English version