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{ mar 2014 } 三月电子通讯

EDITOR’S NOTE 编者寄语 As the winter frost subsides and we welcome warmer weather, hereʼs some good news – weʼre resuming operations on Mondays, so hereʼs another day in the week you can hone your skills at Sheshan. Also, our Sheshan Juniors did spectacularly at the Guangdong USKG Junior Golf Championship, moving closer to earning valued invitations to compete in the 2014 Callaway World Junior Championshipʼs in San Diego, California this summer. Before we end off, hereʼs a question – do you know what the ruling will be if your ball has been placed on the ground, but moves before you hit the ball? Find out all these and more in this issue! 告别冬季飘雪,迎来春天暖意,燕儿带来了 一个好消息-接下来的周一开放我们将重新开 放球场,所以,带上你的行囊开启又一季的 高球体验吧!此外,我们佘山青少年在广东 USKG 青少年高尔夫冠军杯赛上的优异表现获 得了今夏即将在圣地亚哥举行的 2014 卡拉威 世界青少年冠军赛邀请。你是否也有在击球 前,球自己移动了脚步?让我们在这期一起 来找寻答案! Lim Yin Hwee 林昀憓 | Editor

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CLUB NOTICES | March Tee Times 2013 年 3 月开球时间表


CLUB NOTICES | Monday Course Reopen 每周一恢复正常营业


CLUB NOTICES | Course Maintenance Update 球场维护动态


SHESHAN GOLF LEARNING CENTRE | More Success for Sheshan Juniors 佘山青少年的又一次成功


Rule of the month | Is It A Penalty If Gravity Appears To Be The Cause Of Your Ball Moving After Address? 你是否也有在击球前,球自己移动了脚步?

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March 2014

Tee Times 2014 年 3 月|开球时间

Tee Time Schedule 开球时间表 Weekdays 工作日 First Tee Time 第一个开球时间 Last Tee Time 最后一个开球时间

07:16 15:30 (9-hole play); 13:16 (18-hole play)

Weekends 双休日 First Tee Time 第一个开球时间 Last Tee Time 最后一个开球时间

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07:00-08:28 11:24-13:16 15:30 (9-hole play); 13:16 (18-hole play)

March 2014

Notices 2014 年 3 月|通告 Monday Couse Reopen 每周一 恢复正常营 业 尊敬的会员及嘉宾: 敬请留意 2014 年 3 月 17 日开始球场每周一恢复正常营业。 Dear Member and Guest, Please be informed that the course will resume operation on Mondays from 17th March 2014 onwards.

佘山高尔夫管理层 The Management Sheshan Golf Club 2014 年 2 月 28 日 28th February 2014

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Course Maintenance Update Dear Member and Guest, As   Spring   approaches,   we   will   finally   start   to   see   some   warmer   temperatures.   With   warmth   comes   growth,   and   the   golf   course   will   once   again   start   to   become   more   and   more   green.   The   dormant   grass   will   change   back   to   its   normal   color   and   the   fairways   and   rough   will   become   lusher.  Also,  the   divots  taken   over  the   winter  will  also  start  to  heal  slowly.       The   new   bunkers   are   already   in   play   and   the  new  turf   around   them   will   be   ready   to   play   at   some   point   in   March   as   well.   The   front   portion   of   14   green   should   be   mainly  healed   and   ready  for   action  as   well  so   we  can  begin   to   enjoy   the   golf   course   fully   with   the   new   changes.       6 | sheshan e-news

March should   also   mark   the   end   of   most   frost   delays   as   overnight   temperatures   should   stay   well   above   0  degrees.       Look   for   aeration,   top-­‐dressing   and   Bermuda   grass   replacement   to   start   to   take   shape   in   the   Spring.   These   practices   can   be   a   little   intrusive   to   play   on   occasion,   but   they   are   absolutely   necessary   in   order   to   get   the   golf   course   in   its   best   conditions.   The   Bermuda   replacement   will   keep   the   golf   course   greener   more   during   the   year   and   really   make   the   golf   course  look  great.       With  warmest  regards,   Gavin  Eckford   Director  of  Golf    

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球场维护动态 亲爱的会员和嘉宾,     春天回暖,日渐温情的气温也开 始显现。因此,我们球场也将再 一次以崭新的“绿”貌对大家开 放。休眠的草种慢慢苏醒穿上新 衣,球道和练习场渐渐让人心醉 。春风拂过,治疗着冻伤了的草 皮。     新改建的沙坑已开放,其周围的 草坪也在为 3 月的崭现蓄势待发 。14 号洞果岭的前半部分还需要 进一步修整,期待以新颜让大家 体验到更佳的高尔夫魅力。     3 月末,球场依旧会面临午夜时 0 度左右的天气遭受霜降影响。    

为了迎接春季,我们将会进行通 风、施肥和百慕大草的更替等措 施,使球场更佳完善,为此给您 造成的不便,请多谅解。球场也 将会由百慕大草的更替而愈发生 机。     真挚的祝福,   盖文   高球总监  

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More Success for Sheshan Juniors 佘山青少年的又一次成功 By: Robbie Sherwin | 作者:罗 比 Following on from the success our Sheshan Juniors had at the recent HSBC China Junior Open, a number of our best juniors travelled to southern China again to compete in the 10th Guangdong USKG Junior Golf Championship. This is an important tournament in the junior golf calendar - the tournament has an added incentive that the best performers receive an invitation to compete in the 2014 Callaway World Junior Championship’s that will be held in San Diego, California during the summer. 8 | sheshan e-news

The week proved another successful one for the Sheshan Juniors with Ye Lei posting scores of 75, 72 and 75 to win the 13-14 year old girls division. Also in this division, Lu Jing Wen played some good golf and finished in third place in her division, this means that Lu Jing Wen could also possibly get an invitation to the World Junior. But the Sheshan juniors were not finished there - Chao Yi Jing played some great golf to have scores of 73, 73, and 70 in

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the final round. The final round saw Chao Yi Jing move into the winners circle in the 11-12 year old girls division and also secure her place in the Callaway World Junior Championships. She will compete in the same division in July along with Lu Yu Wen who had already qualified through her great performance at last year’s World Junior where she finished in second place. With a number of our promising juniors likely to be invited to the championships due to their performances over the previous year, Sheshan will again have a strong presence at this marquee junior tournament in California played in the middle of July.

继我们佘山青少年们在 HSBC 中 国青少年公开赛上取得成功,我们 从佘山青少年们中组成了一支精英 队一同再次前往了中国南部,去参 加第十届广东 USKG 晴好年高尔 夫冠军杯赛。此次比赛是青少年们 行程中相当重要的一环- 表现突出

的选手将会收到在今夏圣地亚哥举 行的 2014 年卡拉威世界青少年冠 军赛邀请。 本周另一个令人称道的就是佘山青 少年叶雷在 13-14 年龄组中获得了 75、72、75 杆的好成绩。同样,在 此赛区中,卢靖雯以优异表现夺得 第三,这也就意味着她将可能收到 来自 2014 卡拉威世界青少年冠军 赛的邀请 但是佘山青少年们还未结束他们的 赛途-曹怡静 73、73、70 杆。最后 一轮中,曹怡静在 11-12 年龄组中 名列前茅,这也为她获得邀请更垫 一块基石。她将在 7 月同在去年世 界青少年冠军赛上有优异表现的卢 钰雯一起完成同样赛区的比赛。 一些具有潜力的青少年们也将因为 自己的突出表现而受邀参加,佘山 将在 7 月中旬出席此次青少年比 赛。

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Rule of the Month 本月规则

By Gordy Walker | 作者:高迪

Is It A Penalty If Gravity Appears To Be The Cause Of Your Ball Moving After Address? 你是否也有在击球前,球自己移动了脚步? THE SITUATION | 情况 Your ball is on the putting green and you’ve lifted it, cleaned it and replaced it. After reading your putt, you are ready to play. You place your club on the ground immediately behind the ball. But before you hit the ball, it rocks and falls forward, moving ⅛ of an inch. What is the ruling? 你将球攻上果岭,在看准击球线后你 准备开始击球。你把球杆之余球的后 方。但是在击打前,它突然移动了 1/8 英尺。在这种情况下,会被罚杆吗?

ANSWER | 答案 Rule 18-2B – Ball At Rest Moved – After Address states that once you have Addressed Your Ball, which you did when you grounded the club immediately behind the ball, you are deemed to have caused any movement that occurs. In 2012, an Exception was added to this Rule which states that if it is known or virtually certain that some other agency caused your ball to move, you are not penalized for the movement and must proceed appropriately under the Rules (see also Decision 18-2B/11 – Ball Moved By Another Agency After Address). This 10 | sheshan e-news

Exception was added to cover situations such as a ball that is moved by wind on a blustery day. 规则 18-2B-球静止后因其它原因移 动,当迅速将球杆放在球后造成球 的位移,也将会视作犯规。在 2012 年,这种情况被列入到这个规则当 中,一些国家规定在明确的条件下 造成球位移,球手将不受惩罚。( 在决策 18-2B/11-球静止后因其它原 因移动可见)。这包括由暴风造成 的球位移。

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However, what if it isn’t windy at all? Can you claim that gravity caused your ball to move? The answer to this question is found in the new Decision 18-2B/1 – Ball Moves After Address; Movement May Have Been Due To The Effect Of Gravity. The Decision states, “The effects of gravity do not satisfy the Exception to Rule 18-2b. The Exception only applies when it is known or virtually certain that the player did not cause his ball to move. In order to meet this standard, it must be known or virtually certain that some other observable factor (e.g., wind, water or an outside agency) caused the ball to move. Otherwise, the player is deemed to have caused the movement and Rule 18-2b applies.” Since gravity is not considered to be an “observable” factor, the Exception to Rule 18-2b cannot apply.

然而,如果不是风的缘故?能说 是球由于重力的原因而移动吗? 这个问题的答案在决策 18-2B/1静止后球的位移;由于重力原因 造成的移动,中可以看到。决策 中说道,“重力的影响在规则 18-2B 中是不被赞同的。仅适用 于能判断的非球手所为,导致球 的移动。为了满足这个标准,它 必须是一些能被判断的外因(如 :风、水或者一个外部机构)导 致的球位移。另外,球手被认为 是状况的发生者适用于规则 182b。”由于重力并非肉眼所见, 这种例外就不适于规则 18-2b。


Therefore, when your ball moves after address and there is no observable outside factor involved, you are penalized one stroke and must replace the ball. Remember, when your ball is teetering on the edge of a small bump or a severe slope in the green, be very careful or consider putting without grounding your golf club.

因此,当你当你的球在静止后依 旧移动,并且没有肉眼可看到的 原因,就须罚一杆并更换新球。 记住,当你的球徘徊在某地边缘 或者在果岭上严重倾斜,就需要 谨慎击球。

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Sheshan Golf Club E-newsletter | March 2014  
Sheshan Golf Club E-newsletter | March 2014  

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