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March 2012



It is a time of farewells and new beginnings


in this issue as Sheshan says goodbye to Please be informed that golf operations would close on 26th and 27th March 2012 for coring purposes. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

our Director of Golf, Jeff Palmer, and welcomes a new golf instructor, Robbie Sherwin, to the family. Meanwhile, as the

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weather starts to turn warmer, pick up some handy tips (pg. 6 & 7) to help you


around the golf course as you enjoy the

‘Goodbye’ is one of the hardest things to say; our Director of Golf, Jeff Palmer, leaves his last words in a farewell letter to the Sheshan family.


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Annabelle Chen SHESHAN GOLF LEARNING CENTRE Let’s welcome a new addition to Sheshan! Robbie Sherwin, originally from New Zealand, is currently a British PGA ‘AA’ member and will be joining the Sheshan Golf Learning Center as our new golf instructor. on Page 8

MARCH TEE TIMES & SCHEDULE Keep yourself updated on the tee timings for the month of March 2012. on Page 10 & 11 1 1

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March 5th, 12th, 19th (Mondays) – golf operations close March 26th (Monday) – golf operations close from 12:30 onwards March 27th (Tuesday) – golf operations close for coring

With the golfing season now upon us, we are now experiencing a greater number of members and guests on the course, which naturally creates increased stress levels to the course, and in particular, the greens. In our efforts to be proactive and avoid the risk of grass loss and disease in the bent grass greens this summer, please be informed that we will adopt the same practice as last year of closing the golf course on Tuesday, 27th March 2012. This day of closure will allow the course maintenance team the ability to carry out our bi-annual coring of the greens and any special works they need to do on the course to ensure that the greens are kept in excellent condition. All golf operations will close on this day. Coring, or Hollow-tyning, is a process that is required on all golf courses to aerate and relieve compaction of the soil underneath the grass. For two (2) weeks following this coring exercise, we seek your understanding that the greens would be slow during this period, as is to be expected. Please accept our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience that this day of closure causes and I thank you for your support as we work together to make sure that Sheshan continues to be rated as the best maintained golf course in Shanghai.

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My Memorable Stay at Sheshan

The only constant in life is continuous change and so it is with a heavy heart that I announce my departure from Sheshan International Golf Club. My wife Karin and I have decided to go back home after many years of being away, returning to Victoria, BC Canada to be near to our family. I will continue in the golf business there and I hope to apply the skills that I had learnt at Sheshan to my new venture in Canada. One of my regrets about leaving Sheshan is that I leave behind a wonderful team of staff and a fantastic membership. Not only has Sheshan been the most reputable and successful club that I have worked at, it has been the most beautiful and challenging golf course as well. But what I will remember the most is the culture at Sheshan and the team work that we all exhibited over my two years here. Sheshan International Golf Club reflects our Chairman, Richard Cheung’s belief in quality, integrity and excellence. Our culture is steeped in hard work, dedication and striving to be the best. Our GM, Roger Foo, taught me to never compromise the standard and to push myself every day to find the answers to operational questions. For this I thank both Chairman Cheung and Roger Foo for instilling in me these qualities. Leading this golf operations staff has been one of the most rewarding professional and personal experience that I have had. The pro shop, porter, locker room, starter, cart center, driving range and caddie programs are all world class because of the people who dedicate their lives to making Sheshan a better place. I salute my team and thank them for their unwavering friendship over the past two seasons. I would also like to thank the membership for their support for upholding the values of the club and for treating the staff with kindness and respect. The members at Sheshan are not like members at other clubs; they are more like members of a great team. They are very proud and respectful of the club, the staff and the game of golf. I am honored that the members have accepted me and shown patience as I have tried to learn the language and culture. It has been the biggest privilege of my career to have served the members of Sheshan and I have made many lifelong friends as a result. I am absolutely convinced that this is the best club and best membership in the world and I will miss all of you dedicated golfers. I will truly miss all of you and will always remember my time spent training staff as well as teaching and serving the membership at the club. My dream is to come back to Shanghai to visit often and hopefully host Sheshan visitors in beautiful Victoria, BC for golf and friendship. If there is anything I can ever do for any of you, please feel free to contact me at I will always treasure my time at Sheshan and wish the entire Sheshan family the best in the future.

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GOLF TIPS Golf: A game of 34 rules but many variables

Enjoying a Better Game By Jeff Palmer Golf in China has grown a lot in the past ten years and I am amazed at how quickly players are becoming educated in the finer points of the game. But I still have a lot of players who ask me about the Rules of Golf because there are so many different “opinions” on the actual rules. Here are a few tips that will help you around the course:

TIP #1

If you think your ball may be lost or out of bounds, always play a “provisional ball.”

TIP #3 TIP #2

If a player’s ball in play moves after he has addressed it (other than as a result of stroke), the player is deemed to have moved the ball and incurs a penalty stroke. The ball must be replaced, unless the movement of the ball occurs after the player has begun the stroke or the backward movement of the club for the stroke and the stroke is made.

You may take free relief from a man made obstruction such as a cart path or irrigation control box by finding your nearest point of relief and dropping within one club length no nearer the hole.



To be continued…


Golf: A game of 34 rules but many variables

TIP #4 Help the caddies repair ball marks! As members we all want the course to look great for our guests and to be very playable for us. Grab yourself a ball mark repair tool, repair 2 or 3 ball marks while waiting to hit your next putt and you notice a great improvement in the course conditioning.

TIP #5

Buy a rule book and read it! This is an incredible book and full of knowledge. I recommend visiting as well for quizzes, interpretations and decisions on the rules of golf.

These quick tips will allow you to enjoy the game as well as help the golf course flourish.

Enjoy your season! 7 7

SHESHAN GOLF LEARNING CENTER A new addition to the family!

Hi my name is Robbie Sherwin and I am delighted to have the opportunity to introduce myself to you as a new golf instructor at the Sheshan Golf Learning Centre. Originally from New Zealand I am currently a British PGA ‘AA’ member and have been residing in Shanghai since July 2009. With over 20 years’ golf experience and 10 years as a professional, I have dedicated myself to becoming the best golf instructor I can be and look forward to helping Sheshan members improve their standard of golf and, as a result, their enjoyment for the game of golf. I join Sheshan having previously worked at two internationally recognised golf academies and I am excited about being able to share my knowledge and expertise with Sheshan members in the future. Since moving to Shanghai, I have had the opportunity to coach some of Sheshan’s most talented junior members and most recently, I worked with Hunter Mahan at the 2011 WGC HSBC Champions tournament where he finished in T7 position with a score of 274, 14 under par. From March 1st I will be available for golf lessons at the Sheshan Golf Learning Center, I look forward to meeting you and helping you improve your golf. Regards, Robbie Sherwin British PGA ‘AA’ member

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SHESHAN GOLF LEARNING CENTER Where passion fuels better training

“Titleist Junior Program debuting this spring in Sheshan!” By Cyrus Janssen 2012 marks the start of my 4th season here at Sheshan. It is a great honor to be your Head Golf Professional and I look forward to another great year of golf together. As we start the season I want to share some exciting news about a new partnership with the #1 company in golf, Titleist.

Starting this year, I will be a brand ambassador for Titleist China. It is a great honor to represent Titleist and I am especially excited for this sponsorship as it will bring tremendous value to our members. Sheshan Golf Club now has the opportunity to create the first Titleist branded junior golf program in China! This is exciting news and it will be a tremendous opportunity for all junior members. This past month, I traveled to America to attend a workshop with Dr. Greg Rose and Dave Philips, the co-founders of the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI). I spent two days training with them, gaining the knowledge to now become the only certified TPI Junior Coach in Shanghai. Starting from the end of March, we will launch the Sheshan TPI Junior Programs. In total we will have three groups based on ages & abilities:   

Sheshan Junior FUNdamentals Group (Ages 5-8) Sheshan Junior SMASH Group (Ages 9-12) Sheshan Junior Elites (Ages 12+)

We look forward to welcoming all junior golfers into our new programs. It is the mission of the Sheshan Golf Learning Center Junior Programs to develop athletes first, create competitive golfers second, and produce a love for the game of golf along the way. We look forward to seeing you all at soon at the Learning Center!

9 9



Weekdays First Tee Time – 07:16 Last Tee Time – 15:30 (9-Holes), 13:16 (18-Holes)

Weekends/Holidays First Tee Time – 06:52 – 08:36 11:24 – 13:16

Last Tee Time – 15:30 (9-Holes), 13:16 (18-Holes)




 IRISH OLD HEAD GOLF CLUB March 20th, 21st 12 pax, 09:30 With single tee start 18-hole shotgun

 COURSE CLOSURE March 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th, 27th * 26th

& 27th: Course closed for two days for coring

 LAGUNA GOLF CLUB  March 21st 32 pax, 11:30

DRIVING RANGE OPEN from Weekdays: 06:30 Weekends: 06:00

CLOSES half an hour before sunset



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E-newsletter Mar 2012 #1 (English)  

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