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            The   air    in   Sheshan   is   electrifying   as   the   peak   golf   season   goes   into   full   swing   with     more   members   playing   on   the   course,   and   non-­‐stop   activities   and   events.   In   this       issue,  w  e   drum  up   your   excitement  with  previews   of  the  many   amazing   activities  we     have  planned  for  you  in  the  coming  months.  Of  course  not  forgetting  the  little  ones,     with   the     school   holidays   coming   up   soon,   start   planning   now   with   the   2013   Sheshan     Summer     Camp.   What   are   you   waiting   for,   start   planning   your   golfing   holiday   with     Sheshan     today!           LOW  LI  TING  刘莉婷                 !"#$%"#$#&$' Club  Updates     Pg  2-­‐8     "#$()&*+,$# (1(23+4$4 &/03+4$"56") "$.&)/,$0&)$(+$ Notices,   Tee-­‐times   and   Club     3"+7"$#-3%$%   *11")   events             Golf  News   Pg  9-­‐11     International  Golf                     Pg  12-­‐13   Sheshan  Golf  Learning  Center     2013   Sheshan   Summer   Golf       Camp             Rule  of  the  month   Pg  14     Ball  Hits  the  Flagstick  or         Person  Tending  It  –  Rule  17-­‐3       *& &1"2,3&,"4     &"#*./&%+*0 7 * %,   -% &, * %+ %& * &%"" !"#$%&'"()   +-.&+",-360 &5,60&)",'&%





Promotion for

Golfers’ Lodge The Lodge at Sheshan International Golf Club is having an exclusive members-only promotion, with a generous 20% discount off room rates on top of a waiver of the 15% service charge.

Golf Lodge Room Rates: Room Category

Usual Rate

Special Rate

Lodge Single

RMB 600 + 15%

RMB 480

Lodge Deluxe

RMB 800 + 15%

RMB 704

Lodge Golf View

RMB 1080 + 15%

RMB 864

Lodge Premier

RMB1280 + 15%

RMB 1024

Terms & Conditions: Promotions ends 30th September 2013. Promotion is only valid for booking by members. Members booking on behalf of other guests must provide details of the guests residing in the room upon making the booking. Each member is only entitled to one booking each month for the promotion period, which cannot be acumulated over the months.

CLUB UPDATES Course Maintenance    

It’s that  time  of  the  year  again  when  the  weather  goes  from  fairly   cool  to  very  hot  and  humid  in  a  short  period  of  time.  Due  to  this   extreme  change  in  weather  there  is  a  lot  of  maintenance  that  needs   to  be  done  in  order  to  ensure  a  healthy  golf  course.       The  temperature  change  starts  the  summer  paspalum  grass  growing   again  although  the  rye  grass  can  currently  also  grow  at  these   temperatures.  This  means  that  we  need  to  do  a  lot  of  verticutting  and   aeration  on  the  fairways  to  give  space  for  the  paspalum  grass  to  take   over.  If  we  didn’t  do  this,  the  rye  grass  would  quickly  turn  brown   once  the  summer  hits.         Weeds  also  become  a  problem  when  the  temperatures  vary  a  lot.  Our   Golf  Course  Maintenance  department  will  do  their  best  to  eliminate   the  weeds  as  quickly  as  possible  but  it  does  take  time  to  do  so   thoroughly.    

CLUB UPDATES Course Maintenance     The  bent  grass  on  the  greens  does  not  like  heat  and  humidity  which   means  that  we  will  start  to  see  signs  of  Fairy  Ring  on  the  surfaces.   We  will  do  our  best  to  minimize  the  effects  with  aeration,   topdressing,  external  fans  and  watering  procedures.  We  will  also   have  some  potentially  unusual  pin  placements  to  try  to  keep  the   holes  on  the  healthier  parts  of  the  green.  This  will  mean  that  there   will  not  be  a  pin  rotation  as  we  normally  see  throughout  the  year.   Also,  the  putting  green  holes  will  be  replaced  by  external  flags  as  we   did  last  year.       As  always,  thank  you  for  your  understanding.     Yours  Sincerely,   Gavin Eckford Director  of  Golf  

CLUB UPDATES Tee Time  Schedules:  June  2013  


First Tee  Time:  06:28     Last  Tee  Time:    15:32  (9-­‐Hole  Play)                                                                                                                            13:32  (18-­‐Hole  Play)        


First Tee  Time:  06:28  –  08:20                    11:32  –  13:24                             Last  Tee  Time:    15:32  (9-­‐Hole  Play)                                                                13:32  (18-­‐Hole  Play)      


Schedule of  Events         Sheshan  –  TMCC  Interclub  Challenge   10th  June  –  16th  June  2013       ASC  Golf  Challenge   21st  June  2013   18-­‐Hole  Shotgun  Start:  1:00pm    

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          By Gavin         Golf  can     be  described  as  a  variety  of   things    and  each  person  will  tend  to  see       in  a  different  light.  One  word   the  game     that  can     definitely  be  used  to  describe     golf  is    “International”.  It  is  safe  to  say     now  that   golf  is  played  in  a  vast       of  countries  around  the  world   majority     and  with     golf  entering  the  Olympics  in     2016,  t   he  international  interest  will     continue   to  grow.  China  is  certainly     part  of     the  international  family  of  golf     and  they     have  just  hired  on  one  of  the     best  international   players  of  all  time  to       help  their   Olympic  hopes.                                                

International Golf  


Although most  Professional  golfers  log   a  lot  of  airmiles  to  play  tournaments   around  the  world,  there  are  a  few   names  that  stand  out  as  more  travelled   than  others.  Gary  Player  was  the  first  to   break  out  around  the  world  and  the   South  African  “Black  Knight”  did  so   when  it  was  much  less  convenient  to   travel  than  it  is  today.  It  is  estimated   that  Player  has  travelled  more  than  25   million  kilometers  over  his  60  year   career,  which  is  much  more  than  any   other  athlete  in  history.  Following  in   his  countryman’s  footsteps,  Ernie  Els  is   renowned  for  globetrotting,  having   won  tournaments  in  most  continents   around  the  planet.  Finally,  Greg   Norman  or  “The  Great  White  Shark”  is   also  a  great  ambassador  for   international  golf.    As  Australia’s  all-­‐ time  best  golfer,  Norman   won  89  times     all  around  the  world  over  3  decades.    

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around the  world  or  one  of  the  trips  

that Sheshan  organizes,  golf  and  

travel complement  each  other  

beautifully. Over  the  next  few  

months, our  team  at  Sheshan  will  be  

taking members  to  play  golf  in  4  

Greg Norman  

Very recently,  Greg  Norman  was  asked  

different countries.      

by Golf  China  to  be  an  advisory  coach  to   First  is  the  Annual  Interclub   the  China  National  Golf  Team.  With  

Challenge with  our  friends  at  Tanah  

great honor,  he  accepted  and  will  now  

Merah Country  Club  in  Singapore  

be working  with  China  to  enhance  their   with  a  stop  in  Kuala  Lumpur  (KL)   program,  with  the  2016  Olympics  as  

along the  way.    We  will  have  the  

the ultimate  goal.  He  will  be  working  on   opportunity  to  play  5  great  golf   golf  coaching,  fitness  programs,  and  

courses including  Kuala  Lumpur  

qualification processes  with  the  

Golf and  Country  Club,  with  whom  

Chinese team  in  the  hopes  of  helping  

we have  arranged  an  access  

China achieve  great  results  at  the  

agreement with  as  a  sister  club.  The  

upcoming Olympics  in  Rio.  “I  am  

rounds in  KL  will  be  a  great  warm-­‐

extremely proud  and  it’s  going  to  be  an  

up for  our  match  against  Tanah  

incredible journey”  said  Norman.    


One of  the  great  things  about  being  a   member  at  a  Club  like  Sheshan  is  the   ability  to  blend  golf  and  travel  together.   Whether  it  be  through  relationships  we   develop  with  other  premier  golf  clubs   Tanah  Merah  Golf  Club  in  Singapore  

1 2

beginning  of  July,  PGA  coaches,   At  the  

Cyrus Janssen  and  Robbie  Sherwin  will   lead  a  group  of  11  elite  junior  members   to  San  Diego  for  a  golf  camp  and  some   international  junior  competitions.   While  in  California,  the  kids  will  get  a   chance  to  play  Torrey  Pines  where   Tiger  Woods  won  his  last  Major  at  the   2008  US  Open  and  a  number  of  the  kids   will  also  play  the  Callaway  World   Junior.  This  is  the  biggest  junior  golf   tournament  in  the  world  and  it  will  be   great  to  see  Sheshan  well  represented.                 Top:     Torrey  Pines  in  San  Diego,   Right:  Cllaway  World  Junior    

larger Chinese  influence  in  Vancouver,   a  number  of  our  members  have  ties   there  and  we  are  really  looking  forward   to  taking  advantage  of  amazing  sights,   natural  landscapes,  and  fresh  mountain   air.                  

Vancouver, Canada  

Golf is  very  unique  in  that  the  game  is   played  with  the  exact  same  rules  all   around  the  world.  The  international   element  to  golf  is  one  of  my  favorite   aspects  of  the  game  and  I  have  been   fortunate  enough  to  get  to  see  a  lot  of   the  world  through  the  game  of  golf.  The   international  spotlight  will  once  again  

Finally, at  the  beginning  of  August,  I  

be on  Shanghai  and  Sheshan  as  the  

will be  taking  a  group  of  members  to  

WGC-­‐HSBC Champions  returns  to  its  

play golf  in  the  scenic  setting  of  my  

original home  and  I  can’t  wait  for  the  

home country  of  Canada  as  we  travel  to   world  to  see  it.  I  for  one  am  very  proud   Vancouver  and  Whistler  for  some  great  

to say  that  Sheshan  International  Golf  

views and  better  golf.  As  there  is  a  

Club is  truly  International.      

Sheshan Golf  Learning  Centre  June  News  –     2013  Sheshan  Summer  Golf  Camp    

Summer is  quickly   approaching,   so   start   planning   your  childern’s  summer   golf   activities   with   the   Sheshan   Golf   Learning   Center.   Sheshan   PGA   Professionals   Cyrus  Janssen  and  Robbie  Sherwin  will  be  leading  these  4-­‐Day  summer  camps.   Cyrus  and  Robbie  will  conduct  the  first  summer  camp  July  1-­‐4.  Our  intermediate   summer   camp   will  be   a   golf   specific   camp   focusing  on   developing   golf   skills   and   include  (2)  nine  hole  playing  lessons.      

Other  camps  for  beginners  and  intermediate  golfers    

will be  available  throughout  the  summer.  For  more  

information  regarding  pricing  and  to  enroll  your  child    

in this  year’s  Sheshan  summer  camp,  please  contact  

Sheshan’s  Head  Professional  Cyrus  Janssen  for  more    


• Sheshan Family  Member  Price:  RMB  4,000   • Sheshan  Non-­‐Member  Price:  RMB  5,000   • Juniors  must  be  a  Sheshan  family  member  to  be  eligibale  for  the  member   price   • Juniors  whose  parent  has  an  individual  membership  are  not  eligible  for   the  member  price   • Each  Sheshan  Junior  Family  Member  is  eligible  to  bring  one  non-­‐member   guest  during  the  summer  camp    

Email Address:   Cell  Phone:  137-­‐6121-­‐7794    

2013 Sheshan  Summer  Golf  Camp  –  Intermediate  Golf  Camp   July  1  -­‐  4   2013 年佘山夏令营-中级夏令营 7 月 1 日到 4 日  


TUESDAY   周二  



09:15-­‐ 09:30

Arrival &   Registration   到来报名  

Arrival Time   到来  

Arrival Time   到来  

Arrival Time   到来  

09:30   -­‐09:50  

Stretching &     Warm  Up   运动热身动作

Stretching &   Warm  Up   运动热身动 作  

Stretching &   Warm  Up   运动热身动作  

Stretching &  Warm  Up   运动热身动 作  

TPI  Athletic   09:50   Training  Session   -­‐10:20   运动培训

TPI Athletic   Training   Session   运动培训  

10:20-­‐ 10:30

Break Time  &  Rest  休 息  

10:30-­‐ 12:00  

Setup Review  &   Fundamentals   准备动作 Full  Swing   Training   全挥杆教学

12:00-­‐ 13:00

Putting &   Chipping   Fundamentals   推杆及切杆教学

14:00-­‐ 15:30

Short Game   Contest   短杆比赛  

Bunker &   Pitching   Fundamentals   Short  Game   Contest   全挥杆教学  

Full Swing   Training     (Driver  &   Woods)   全挥杆教学   一号木及木 杆  

Lunch &  Break  Time  午 饭和 休息  

13:00-­‐ 14:00


Full Swing   Training     (Irons  &   Wedges)   全挥杆教学   铁杆及挖旗 杆  

TPI Athletic   TPI  Athletic   Training  Session   Training   Session   运动培训   运动培训  

Play Sheshan   Golf  Club  9   Holes   9 洞教学  

Full Swing   Training   全挥杆教学   Short  Game   Training   短杆教学  

Play Sheshan   Golf  Club  9   Holes     9 洞教学  

Daily Activities  Finish/Student  Pick  Up  Time  结 束  


Ball Hits  the  Flagstick  or  Person  Tending  It    –  Rule  17-­‐3  

If  you  play  a  stroke  on  the  putting  green  and  your  ball  hits  either  the   flagstick  (regardless  of  whether  the  flagstick  is  in  the  hole  or  it  is   lying  on  the  putting  surface)  or  the  person  tending  the  flagstick,  you   will  incur  a  2  stroke  penalty.  The  ball  then  has  to  be  played  as  it  lies.             However,  if  you  have  played  the  stroke  from  off  the  green  and  the   ball  has  hit  the  untended  flagstick  in  the  hole,  you  will  not  incur  a   penalty.  

E-newsletter June 2013 #2 English  

E-newsletter for June 2013, English version