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June 2012


NOTE FROM  THE  EDITOR   Do   you   feel   it?   The   warmth   on   your   skin,   the   additional  spring  in  your  step?     This  June,  we  are  welcoming  the  advent  of  summer   with   style   and   color!   Join   us   as   we   take   in   the  

COURSE RATES  FOR  DRAGON  BOAT  FESTIVAL     Please   be   informed   of   the   course   rates   for   the   upcoming  Dragon  Boat  Festival  from  22nd  to  24th   June.      on  Page  2  

creeping summer   heat   and   our   new   column   in   this   issue   –   ‘What’s   In   The   Bag?’   –   which   looks   at   the   different   clubs   our   resident   Sheshan   golf   Pros   carry.   Delve   into   our   usual   updates   and   schedule   a   visit   down  to  the  club  to  soak  it  all  in.  There  is  no  better   way  to  spend  the  season;  cheers!  

ON  THE  RADAR:  RICKIE  FOWLER     Of  skill,  style,  and  colours:  we  follow  the  recent   success  of  up-­‐and-­‐rising  star,  Rickie  Fowler,  as  he   took  home  his  first  victory  on  the  PGA  Tour   decked  out  in  –  you  guessed  it  –  his  signature   colourful  apparel.    

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Annabelle Chen  曾欣霖  

WHAT’S IN  THE  BAG?       Our  new  column  series!  Take  a  peek  into  the  golf   bags  of  our  resident  Sheshan  golf  Pros  and  check   out  the  kind  of  clubs  they  use.  We  raid  Teaching   Professional  Robbie  Sherwin’s  bag  in  this  issue.      


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    JUNE  TEE  TIMES  &  SCHEDULE     Keep  yourself  updated  on  the  tee  timings  and   event  schedule  for  the  month  of  June  2012.    

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Course Maintenance  Notice   Sheshan  Golf  Club  is  continually  improving  the  conditions  and  aesthetics  of   the  golf  course.  For  this  reason,  there  are  a  number  of  projects  underway   on   the   golf   course   currently.   We   thank   you   for   your   understanding   and   apologize   for   any   inconvenience   that   might   be   caused   by   these   improvements.     Many   of   you   must   have   noticed   the   first   golf   course   project   where   a   number   of   new   trees   are   being   planted   along   the   left   side   of   the   18th   fairway.   As   the   Fragrant   Camphor   Trees   are   certainly   in   play,   they   will   provide   an   additional   challenge   for   members,   guests,   and   even   the   Tour   Pros.  The  trees  frame  the  hole  well  and  will  look  even  better  as  the  leaves   begin  to  fill  in.     New   embankments   are   also   being   built   along   the   water   line.   This   second   project   is   noticeable   on   the   finishing   hole,   along   the   right   side   of   18th,   as   well   as   other   water   hazards   throughout   the   course.   The   embankments   will   make  a  beautifully  defined  line  between  the  grass  and  the  water  and  look   very  natural,  sharp,  and  clean.     We   are   also   continually   doing   drainage   work   around   the   golf   course   to   improve   the   drainage   for   when   it   starts   to   rain.   Most   recently,   we   have   done  work  in  front  of  the  9th  green  and  we  will  continue  to  keep  improving   the  drainage  system  throughout  the  course  to  ensure  that  it  stays  as  dry  as   possible.   With   the   rainy   season   approaching   quickly,   we   are   looking   forward  to  seeing  the  improvements  with  the  drainage  as  well  as  the  other   projects  currently  underway.   Yours  sincerely,  

Gavin Eckford Director of  Golf   PGA  of  Canada  




Course Closures   In   order   to   keep   the   golf   course   in   the   best   shape   possible   during   the   hot   summer   months,   the   golf   course   will   be   closed   on  Mondays  beginning  on  the  25th  of  June.  It  will  remain  closed   on  Mondays  until  the  3rd  of  September.     Please   also   note   that   the   golf   course   will   be   closed   for   annual   over   seeding   from   the   10th   of   September   to   the   12th   of   September,   reopening   as   normal   on   the   13th   of   September.   Sheshan   Golf   Club   thanks   all   members   and   guests   for   your   understanding  and  we  apologize  for  any  inconvenience  caused.  




CLUB NEWS   Celebrating  4  Holes-­‐In-­‐One  at  Sheshan!     By  Gavin  Eckford  

Depending on  who  you  ask,  the  odds  of  getting  a  Hole-­‐In-­‐One  for  the  average   golfer  is  around  12,000  to  1.  Incredibly,  we  have  had  4  Holes-­‐In-­‐One  in  the   time  frame  of  just  one  month  at  Sheshan.  Many  golfers  go  through  their  entire   lives  without  getting  any  and  some  lucky  golfers  have  had  a  number  of  them   over  the  years.  It  is  always  exciting  for  everybody  present  when  Hole-­‐In-­‐Ones   happen  and  when  that  little  white  ball  disappears  in  one  stroke,  it  is  always  an   amazing  site.  

Congratulations to our 4 amazing shot makers for getting their Holes-In-One! Gu Bei  Chun  was  the  first  of  the  bunch  and  made  a  Hole-­‐In-­‐One  on  the  4th  hole   on  the  10th  of  April.  Only  two  days  later,  Yang  Xiang  Hai  holed  a  shot  on  the   lengthy  par  3,  12th  hole,  on  the  12th  of  April.  A  few  weeks  later  on  the   treacherous  17th  hole,  Yang  Ze  Qiang  celebrated  May  Day  in  style  with  a  “1”  on   the  scorecard  on  the  1st  of  May.  Finally,  Mao  Chang  Shan  saw  his  ball   disappear  on  the  4th  hole  on  the  13th  of  May.   As  if  a  Hole-­‐In-­‐One  isn’t  exciting  enough  on  its  own,  all  of  these  special  shots   won  JSWB  Furniture  coupons  ranging  from  100,000  to  300,000  RMB  for  their   efforts.  Congratulations  once  again  to  all  of  our  winners  and  we  wish  you   happy  shopping!    




On The  Radar:  Rickie  Fowler   By  Gavin  Eckford   On Sunday, May 6th,  Rickie  Fowler  took  home  his  first  victory  on  the  PGA  Tour  after  taking  down  D.A.   Points   and   World   #1,   Rory   McIlroy,   with   a   birdie   on   the   first   hole   of   a   3   man   playoff.   This   was   an     impressive  win  for  a  very  young  man  at  the  Wells  Fargo  Classic.  Fowler  took  on  Quail  Hollow  Golf  Club   along  with  the  likes  of  Tiger  Woods,  Phil  Mickelson,  Lee  Westwood,  and  many  more  of  the  world’s  best.     Originally  from  California,  Fowler  has  had  a  great  amateur  career  through  the  junior  ranks  and  in  to  his   college   days.   He   turned   Professional   in   2009   and   was   awarded   the   PGA   Tour   Rookie   of   the   Year   in   2010.   Rickie  Fowler  finished  T25  at  the  2010  HSBC-­‐WGC  Champions  at  Sheshan  International  Golf  Club  and  is   easily   recognizable   in   his   now-­‐famous   signature   Sunday   orange.   His   brightly   colored   Puma   attire   is   in   honor  of  his  college  team,  the  Oklahoma  State  Cowboys.  His  flair  on  the  golf  course  has  made  him  a  true   fan  favorite  and  his  bright,  colourful  style  is  distinctive,  but  it  is  his  golf  game  that  is  most  impressive.     Fowler   has   had   a   number   of   great   finishes   over   the   years   and   even   won   a   OneAsia   event   last   year   at   the   Kolon  Korea  Open,  beating  out  Rory  McIlroy  who  once  again  finished  in  2nd  place.  As  many  young  golfers   come   on   tour   with   a   lot   of   promise,   very   few   amount   to   a   big   name   players   but   it   is   clear   that   Rickie   Fowler  will  be  a  name  to  watch  in  golf  (and  fashion)  for  many  years  to  come.      

Golf Style: Then and Now

When golf   was   originally   played   many   centuries   ago,   men   would   wear   jackets   and   ties   on   the   course.   The   attire   has   since   evolved   into   what   we   see   today   with   many   more   sport   and   fashion   brands   are   breaking   in   to   the   golf   market.   With   flashy   colors,   European   cuts,   and   vibrant   patterns,  Puma  has  some  of  the  most  recognizable  clothing   on   Tour.   Other   notable   Tour   names   wearing   the   stylish   apparel   include   Johan   Edfors   on   the   European   Tour   and   Lexi  Thompson  on  the  US  LPGA  Tour.  Although  there  are  a   number   of   other   Professionals   under   the   Puma   umbrella,   Rickie  Fowler  is  certainly  the  most  famous.     Rickie’s   win   was   perfect   timing   as   we   launched   our   Puma   line  in  the  Sheshan  Pro  Shop  that  very  same  weekend.  The   stylish   European   apparel   looks   great   and   performs   well   too.   Come   in   to   the   Pro   Shop   and   have   a   look   at   the   full   range   of   Puma   attire   from   shorts   and   golf   shirts   to   belts,   caps,  and  shoes!        


To be  continued…   6  


On The  Radar:  Rickie  Fowler   Other  than  his  signature  Sunday  orange,  what  other  eye-­‐catching   attires  does  Rickie  Fowler  get  up  to?  Let’s  take  a  look!  




WHAT’S IN  THE  BAG?   What’s  In  Robbie  Sherwin’s  Bag?   By  Gavin  Eckford  

Welcome to our new column! Over the next few months, we will take a look at the golf bags of our resident Pros here at Sheshan to show what clubs we play.

Many golfers   tend   to   buy   clubs   “off   the   rack”   meaning   that   they   don’t   get   properly   fit   for   the   clubs.   Getting   the   wrong   lie,   loft,   and   shaft   combination   makes   a   very   big   difference   to   ball   flight   and   consistency.   Often   times,   two   very   similar   swings   will   produce   very   different   shots   if   the   clubs   are   wrong   for   a   player.   Professionals   are   very   particular  about  specifications  and  it  is      

always interesting   to   see   what   clubs   the   Pros   carry  in  their  bag.     Most  golfers  should  be  fit  into  shafts  that  are   relatively  soft  and  light  as  to  help  the  ball  get   higher   in   the   air,   go   farther,   and   straighter   with  average  swing  speeds.  Professionals  and   those   with   fast   swing   speeds   generally   use   stiffer  and  heavier  shafts  in  order  to  keep  the   ball  flight  lower.    

For this   month,   we   will   take   a   look   at   our   resident   New   Zealand  Professional,  R obbie Sherwin .     In  Robbie’s  bag  we  find  an  assortment  of  Ping  golf  clubs.  Many  of   us   watched   Bubba   Watson   win   the   Masters   using   a   pink   driver   and   Robbie   has   the   same   club,   although   in   a   more   traditional   color.  He  plays  the  9.5  degree  G20  Driver  with  a  Graphite  Design   Tour  AD  DI-­‐7  X  shaft.  The  G20  Driver  is  designed  to  launch  high   for   maximum   distance   in   the   air,   generate   low   spin   to   flatten   the   ball  flight  and  increase  roll,  and  with  a  high  MOI,  the  club  face  is   very  forgiving.      


To be  continued…  



For Irons,  Robbie  uses  Ping  S56s  with  KBS  X  Stiff  shafts.  These  clubs  have  great  feel  and   it   they   are   good   to   shape   the   ball   in   different   directions.   Again,   the   X   stiff   shafts   are   designed   to   keep   the   ball   flight   a   little   lower.   These   irons   are   not   the   most   forgiving   clubs  for  off-­‐center  hits  so  they  are  generally  recommended  for  Professionals  and  low   handicaps.  All  of  Ping  irons  are  cast  but  these  have  the  feel  and  look  of  a  forged  iron.   For   more   forgiveness,   Robbie   recommends   the   Ping   G20   irons   as   they   have   a   lot   of   perimeter  weighting  making  the  iron  stay  very  stable,  even  on  off-­‐center  hits.       For  a  putter,  Robbie  uses  the  Ping  My  Day  Karsten  series.  This  classic  design  putter  has   heel  and  toe  weighting  to  keep  the  clubface  stable  and  square.  As  this  is  a  heavily  heel   shafted  putter,  it  works  best  with  strokes  that  arc  more,  or  where  the  clubface  opens   and  closes  more  during  the  stroke.  A  thin  satin  top  line  gives  the  My  Day  a  great  classic   look  on  the  greens.      

Here is a complete list of what’s in Robbie Sherwin’s bag: Driver: Ping  G20,  9.5  degrees,  Graphite  Design  –  Tour  AD  DI-­‐7x  Shaft   Fairway  Woods:  14  &  18  degrees,  Fubuki  70x  Shaft   Irons:  Ping  S56,  3iron-­‐Pitching  Wedge,  KBS  Tour  X  Shaft   Wedges:  Ping  Answer  54  &  60  degree,  KBS  Tour  X  Shaft   Putters:  Ping  My  Day,  Karsten  Series,  34”    





Golf:  A  game  of  34  rules   but  many  variables  

Dropping and  Re-­‐Dropping   By  Robbie  Sherwin  

Dropping means  to  let  a  ball  drop  from  shoulder  height  with  the  arm   stretched  horizontally.  The  place  where  you  drop  is  not  to  be  nearer  to  the   hole.  You  are  always  permitted  to  clean  a  ball  which  is  to  be  dropped.   Ø The  ball  must  be  dropped  a  second  time,  without  an  additional  penalty,   if  it  rolls  into  one  of  these  positions;      

Ø If one  of  the  situations  from  1-­‐7  occur  when  the  ball  is  dropped  for  a  second   time,  the  ball  must  be  placed  on  the  spot  where  it  hit  the  ground  when  it  was  re-­‐ dropped.  If  the  ball  does  not  stay  in  this  position,  it  must  be  placed  at  the  nearest   point  where  it  does  not  roll  away.   Ø *If  situation  8  occurs  the  ball  must  be  re-­‐dropped  until  it  no  longer  hits  the  player   or  his  equipment.    

Summary Drop  twice  then  place  the  ball  –  unless  the  player  or  his   equipment  are  hit.    

10 5  

To be  continued…  


GOLF RULE  OF  THE  MONTH   Golf:  A  game  of  34  rules   but  many  variables  

Incorrect Drop   If  you  have  dropped  the  ball  on  the  wrong  spot  or  in  the  wrong  manner  but  have   not  yet  played  the  ball,  you  are  allowed  to  pick  the  ball  up  without  penalty  and   drop  it  correctly.  If  you  have  already  played  the  ball  the  following  penalties  apply.      

Dropped  on  the  wrong  spot     2  stroke  penalty  for  playing  from  the   wrong  spot      

Dropped  in  an  incorrect  manner       1  stroke  penalty  for  dropping   incorrectly  (e.g.  not  dropped  from   shoulder  height  or  with  the  arm  not   stretched  out)      

Enjoy your  best  game  this  season!   11  



Summer is quickly approaching !

Start planning  your  childen’s  summer  golf  activities  with  the  Sheshan  Golf  Learning  Center.  Sheshan  PGA   Professionals  Cyrus  Janssen  and  Robbie  Sherwin  will  lead  these  4-­‐Day  summer  camps.  Cyrus  and  Robbie   will   conduct   the   first   summer   camp   July   3rd   –   6th   2012.   Our   intermediate   summer   camp   will   be   a   golf-­‐ specific   camp  focusing  on  developing  golf  skills  and  include  (2)  nine  hole  playing  lessons. A  

n e WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY w 周三 周四 周五   Arrival Time Arrival Time Arrival Time a 到来 到来 到来 d d Stretching & Warm Stretching & Warm Stretching & Warm Up Up Up i 运动热身动作  t 运动热身动作   运动热身动作   i TPI Atheltic TPI Atheltic TPI Atheltic Training o Training Session Training Session Session 运动培训 运动培训 运动培训 n   Break Time & Rest 休息 t o Bunker & Pitching Full Swing Training Full Swing Training Fundamentals (Irons & Wedges) (Driver & Woods)   t 全挥杆教学 全挥杆教学 Short Game Conetest h 铁杆及挖旗杆   一号木及木杆   e 全挥杆教学   Lunch & Break Time 午饭和休息 f Full Swing Training a Play Sheshan Golf Play Sheshan Golf Club 9 全挥杆教学 m Club 9 Holes Holes i Short Game Training 9 洞教学 9 洞教学 l 短杆教学 y Daily Activities Finish/Student Pick Up Time 结束 !  

2012 Sheshan Summer Golf Camp – Intermediate Golf Camp July 3 - 6 2012 年佘山夏令营-中级夏令营 7 月 3 日到 6 日 TUESDAY 周二


Arrival & Registration 到来报名 Stretching & Warm Up

09:30 -09:50 运动热身动作 TPI Atheltic Training Session 09:50 -10:20


10:20-10:30 Setup Review & Fundamentals 准备动作 10:30-12:00

Full Swing Training 全挥杆教学



Putting & Chipping Fundamentals 推杆及切杆教学 Short Game Conetest

14:00-15:30 短杆比赛 15:30


To be  continued…  



Where passion  fuels   better  training  

Sheshan Family Member Price: RMB 4,000 Sheshan Non-Member Price: RMB 5,000

• Juniors must be a Sheshan family member to be eligible for the member price. • Juniors whose parent has an individual membership are not eligible for the member price. • Each Sheshan Junior Family Member is eligible to bring one non-member guest during the summer camp.  

Other camps  for  beginners  and  intermediate  golfers  will  be  available  throughout  the   summer.  To  register  your  child  for  the  Summer  Golf  Camp  and  other  programmes,   please  contact  Sheshan  Head  Professional  Cyrus  Janssen  at  or  137-­‐6121-­‐7794  for  more  information.  





   Weekdays                                                                                          First  Tee  Time  –  06:28        Last  Tee  Time  –  15:32  (9-­‐Holes),                                                                        13:32  (18-­‐Holes)  


           Weekends/Holidays     First  Tee  Time  –  06:28  –  08:20                                                                    11:32  –  13:24    


Last Tee  Time  –  15:32  (9-­‐Holes),      

                       13:32  (18-­‐Holes)  





Ø COURSE RATES     (DRAGON  BOAT  FESTIVAL  ON  JUN  23RD)       June  22nd,  Fri:  Weekend  Rate   June  23rd,  Sat:  Weekend  Rate June  24th,  Sun:  Weekend  Rate   Thereafter:  Revert  to  Normal  Rates      




CLOSES on  Mondays  starting   June  25th  until  September  3rd  

OPENS from   Weekdays:  06:30   Weekends:  06:15     CLOSES  half  an  hour  before  sunset  

CLOSES from  10th  –  12th   September  for  annual  over   seeding    



E-newsletter June 2012 #2 English  
E-newsletter June 2012 #2 English  

E-newsletter for June 2012, English version